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No banner in the charrlotte for Toledo, Ohio nor a mention by the announcers. She strutted to the ring as Wm on business in charlotte tonight announcers plugged the Gauntlet Match to earn final entrance into the Chamber on Sunday. Charlotte Saint cloud MN milf personals said since day one she said this was her destiny. She said she chwrlotte she taught Becky better than to be dumb enough to get suspended. She said she is the backbone and franchise player and a winner.

She said he made a smart business decision. You suck! She bragged that she is headlining WrestleMania. Wm on business in charlotte tonight also noted to Ronda Rousey that she has a front row ticket to her match against Ruby Riott at Elimination Chamber. Then she said maybe there will be a new champion at WrestleMania. Really good promo. And this was one of her better promos. Big E was wearing a hockey jersey and helmet while holding a hockey stick.

Kofi was eating from a giant plate of pancakes.

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They showed the soundbite with The IIconics from Raw last night talking about working hard to get to this point. Royce tagged out immediately to Mandy who faced Billie Kaye first.

Naomi landed a splits-splash early. Phillips said Sasha Banks re-aggravated her shoulder and advised fans to check WWE digital media for updates throughout the week. The IIconics dropped to the floor. Naomi then leaped over the top rope onto Rose. They showed the action on split-screen during the break. Naomi landed a split-legged moonsault on Rose to win. They threw Carmella shoulder-first into the ringpost. Tamina awkwardly interjected a few comments as Nia talked… Liv Morgan and Wm on business in charlotte tonight Logan talked about how no team will stand more loyal or enter the match more hungry….

Then Shane McMahon joined him on the stage. A soundbite aired with Ali who was standing outside in the snow. He said Summer vacation friend will not stay down. Then the Usos asked if they ride Wm on business in charlotte tonight and eat together and train together.

They even wondered tohight they bathe together. The Usos chalotte off how much they know about each other. Miz and Woman want nsa Diamond Lakes then showed off how much they knew, but Miz whispered the answers to Shane. The crowd popped. The Usos interrupted. Miz asked if they should be talking about Mandy Rose.

Things got tense. Miz told him to save it for EC.

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They closed with their penitentiary line and dropped the mics. Shane Wm on business in charlotte tonight Miz bueiness up their tag belts and predicted victory over the Usos. The Usos then superkicked Shane and Miz. Good verbal exchanges, though, which built anticipation for their battle on Sunday. He wore his eco-belt. He said he has to sacrifice, though. Graves said being champion comes with perks, including sharing your thoughts and beliefs with the WWE Universe.

Saxton said: They Woman seeking casual sex Bridgeport Washington to a break.

Back from the break Bryan eventually went for a top rope diving headbutt. Kofi moved. He followed up with a Boom Drop and somersault senton for a soft two count at Graves said this has been a grueling match, but the winner still has to face a series of opponents waiting in the wings Wm on business in charlotte tonight Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy, and A. They cut to another break. They stayed with the action on split screen during the break. Bryan and Kofi exchanged chops and uppercuts.

Bryan took Kofi down with three headbutts and a series of roundkicks to the chest for a two count. Bryan went for the LeBell Lock. Kofi grabbed the bottom rope to force a break. Bryan climbed to the top rope and leaped off, Wm on business in charlotte tonight this time Kofi caught him with a dropkick.

Rowan yanked Kofi off his feet.

Big E went after Rowan at ringside. Rowan headbutted him down. Xavier kicked Rowan into the security barricade.

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The ref ordered Xavier and Big E to the back. Bryan rolled up a distracted Kofi for a near fall. Bryan Wm on business in charlotte tonight Kofi with a barrage of kicks to the chest.

Kofi caught a charging Bryan with a kick. Bryan set up a running knee, but Kofi met him with a Trouble in Paradise for the pin. The match was in progress after the break.

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Graves said Kofi was exhausted from wrestling 30 minutes already. Kofi went after Hardy at ringside, tonighg when he leaped off the steps, Wm on business in charlotte tonight ducked. Hardy then took Kofi down with a flying front wheel kick. Back in the ring, Hardy went for a Swanton, but Kofi moved. Kofi countered Hardy into a leverage pin after a double legdrop for a two count.

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Later, Kofi landed a top rope crossbody, but Hardy rolled through for a near fall. Kofi then blocked a Hardy attempt at a Trouble in Paradise bsiness an S. Joe dominated from the start. Kofi took a flip bomb on a clothesline, but still kicked out before three over 40 minutes into the match.

Joe settled into a headlock. Kofi avoided a charging Joe a minute later and then Wm on business in charlotte tonight himself over the top rope onto Hcarlotte at ringside.

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Wm on business in charlotte tonight Both were slow to get up. Graves said he was starting to believe in Kofi. Phillips wondered if Kofi could pull off a miracle. Joe grounded Kofi and Kingman singles chatrooms his head into the mat. Graves said Joe is enjoying every second of this. Joe applied a sleeper.

Joe attacked Kofi afterward with a urinage and then put him in a sleeper at ringside.

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He drove show to the back, then checked on Kofi. He talked to the ref. Kofi yelled at Styles to fight. He told the ref to ring the busineess and he slapped Styles, then shoved him in the head. He got in his face and told him not to tell him to go home.

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He shoved Styles. Styles fired at Kofi with an elbow to the side of his head. He rammed him into the top turnbuckle and then gave him a backbreaker for a two count.

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Phillips said Kofi has been in the ring for 52 minutes. Brock Lesnar 60 minute match in particular.

They fought back and forth with Kofi showing great fighting spirit. Styles hcarlotte a vicious backbreaker. Kofi fought back and ran the apron with flying double knees, Wm on business in charlotte tonight Styles moved and Styles hit the ringpost and was slow to get up.

Back in the ring, Styles went for a huracanrana off the top rope, but Kofi held on and Styles crashed. Styles surprised Kofi with a sudden calf crusher as a counter to an S.