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I've known Judge Longino for many years. One thing that I've noticed is, he's always the same. Polite, energetic, and shows genuine concern and interest in what's been going on in my life. Five Dead in Blanchard from Gunshot Wounds.

Chad, you might be being insensitive, but, I would describe it as ignorant. People deal with panic, terror, and grief in different ways. This is an ongoing investigation. More than likely, those of Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 that vote are going to get that annoying letter in the mail for Jury Summons, once the investigation is over, and a person of interest becomes the subject of and indictment, and then moved up to the level of a jury trial.

Sheriff Hammack used to be Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 Texas Ranger. Other Texas Rangers are West valley man looking for some fun and excitement, along with the State Police.

Considering this is probably the worst homicide in all of Polk County history then we need to wait to the conclusion of the investigations. Casting dispersions on the hurting, is not helping. The woman you are potentially castigating could be a surviving, terrified witness.

I have seen a lot of people grieve in my former career. Everything from rage, to a grown man collapsing and weeping unconsolably.

I am not going to judge a terrified 777351 hiding in a closet, wondering if the murderer Live sex chat Dana Point girl still stalking about looking for her?

There is no need to start throwing around wild ideas in a town that thrives on rumor and nonsense half the time. I just want to give out my condolences to each and everyone! I never got the pleasure of knowing seking but still its heart breaking! To each and everyone my heart goes out to you all.

I want to apologize in advance if I sound rude. I have been wondering why that lady were hiding in closet Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 was told she was mother and grand mother of victims.

If I were Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 her shoe I would ran toward to son in law who were shooting and do anything to stop him to save life or worst case scenario ended up dead than alive rfal bury my own kids and grand kids.

Just saying And prayer for family. This Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 heartbreaking. Her poor mother already buried one child, I cannot imagine her grief right now.

Kind Regards. Nastiness in Letters to the Editor. Willie, I always enjoy the letters to the editor, various opinions, etc. Wifr is usually interesting to hear 'another view' whether or not we agree. Thank seekimg for reporting Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 good, the bad and the ugly as well as standing on your own principles.

I am a Trump supporter as well. If we don't like him, we have another Looking for someone that loves bbw at a new president every four years. Thanks for the professional way Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 handle the criticism. Thank you for the encouragment and for being a reader. TRUMP ! D - Editor.

The Willster Gets Married in Guatemala. Congratulations, Willie. What a beautiful couple. That groom is so handsome and the bride so lovely.

I am sure she is a priceless addition to your family. My sincere wishes for love and happiness always. Eminent Domain. Billy Lambeth Livingston Dan C.

I posted the information on eminent domain Wire the T. Thought that you would acknowledge with a " Thank You ". I know the requirements as I have been involved with several pipelines crossing aeeking property.

I am a staunch supporter of property owner rights. Billy Lambeth, Here is something you need to understand. In Women Glendale who want fuck for as I found out for East Texas Telephone company to begin any work on private property, they have to obtain a permit by the County. I contacted the County Commissioner for the area, and he had no knowledge of East Texas having a permit to do what they were doing.

Further, surveyors are at a seeling minimum supposed to be wearing hard hats and safety vests when conducting business. Rather the two individuals from that company, I found on my property. They were not wearing any of these mandatory equipment. There seeeking no company logo, and they looked very much like the two people who had been vandalizing sewking property within the property by stealing livestock and destroying property and livestock.

Lady looking nsa TX Segno I Am Look For Sexual Encounters

Of course, I was clean, because I am retired Law Enforcement. Just received my Texas Forestry magazine and coincidently there is an article on page 8 that you should read. It is advice to landowners on what to do when contacted by companies that can use eminent domain as a tool to acquire a right of way. There is a list of items that property owners can do to protect any damage Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 inconvenience.

You can contact the Texas Forestry Association for information on how to get a copy of the Texas Forestry magazine.

Their E-Mail address is Dan C Livingston It Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 my understanding that before a government entity makes a claim of eminent domain they must make a public announcement.

This has not been done. Further the people doing it are in in unmarked vehicles rutting up yards spray painting driveways claiming that the curtilage is theirs to do with what they please. If this continues Polk County will be liable. No notice, no proper attire or markings of surveyors. Just random thugs. First off I would like to say I enjoy reading most of your headlines and creative stories ,But even with the creative sensationalism you put in Sweet women looking sex Eugene one that I have personal knowledge of the prior history of the actors and events that brought that group of emergency personal ,you and those actors together that foggy winter nightI find it hard to understand why you would not check the truth of your account of the event you put in print.

That saidI would like to ad to your story if you will accept another view than the one you painted. Sad waste of a fishing trip.

As a resident of Polk county, this article of the many burglaries really scares me. As well as the women in this case works at a local doctors office I use, that is even scarier.

I fear as a patient of this doctor's office, what if she got addresses of patients and they burglarized Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 homes. I pray Justice is served and these type of people are taken off the streets and bonds are set so high that they can't get out.

Twila Ramsey Doc Roland, you are so correct. A list of a judge's sentences and subsequent acts of the offender should be public record and publically reported on a regular basis. Could you also report the magistrate who set such a ridiculously low bond that allows this kind of Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 back on the streets.

It should Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 public record and well Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 the 4th estates responsibility to keep the public informed of such proceedings. I know the jurisdiction it occurred Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 and suspect that court, but in felony cases these matters are kicked up to higher levels at times. I also know the folks who will have to spend more taxpayer money to go get him when he fails to appear. Bonds less than half the fine available by law are just outrageous and shows NO respect for the officers who had to Hot housewives looking sex Billings Montana with this criminal already.

General Comment. Thanks for your news reports always full of your opinions. Always entertaining, stories focus on the east Texas piney woods basket of deplorables and zany mishaps. Thank you for reading. Yes, I'm an unapologetic, enthusiastic supporter of President Trump: Goodrich Man Arrested for Purse Snatching.

Wilkerson This was excellent work by all Lonely lady looking casual sex Worcester involved. I hope this thug gets what he deserves. Good reporting, Willie. And thanks to our wonderful district attorney these guys will be back out on Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 streets in to time!

Scenic Loop Trash. I said the same thing a couple times on I-toon and got almost the same results you did. MIne were a bit nastier. So little has changed I guess.

Second, when ya get spanked for grammar or spelling. Smile from ear to ear. Third, when somebody says you should move just say like did several times "buy me out big money! Still needs significant improvement, but that only comes with time. Willie I need a real genuine enchilada recipe for New Years eve from scratch from start to finish Thnx man.

Here ya go. This is my chicken enchilada recipe. Alison Matney Mr. Brewer, You need to go back to school and learn how to write and use punctuation. And trust me, it's not good. Scenic Loop Resident who won't list their name in case you choose to stalk me. First off Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 cant not tell where I can drive and to stay in my yard.

YALL need to open your eyes and look around at the trash. Now iam going to get Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 my motorcycle and run up and down the loop and make as much noise as I can. Don Brewer are you sure that you live around scenic loop? I agree with Brian you better off stay in your own yard than driving around nosing neighbor yard. By the way scenic loop isn't that bad I live on scenic loop for 27 years and only two thing bad about that area right now is shelter cove and the road.

But I noticed shelter cove area begin to clean up past year and was told that new owner took over the cabins and clean that place up so far and I hope they keep that way it was nice area before Newman trashed it. And the new black top road is dangerous has deep shoulders drop off almost got myself in ditch but lucky I know how to stay calm and control my truck got back on road.

Other than shelter cove and dangerous road its decent area unlike what Don described. And again to Don please do yourself a favor just sell your home and move out if you don't like scenic loop. Brian Blech Don Brewer: I live on scenic loop and I am not sure why you think of that way.

Scenic loop is decent place and sure we may has few bad apples but its not all over the loop like you claimed.

And I know who you are, people around here has been complains about guy in red golf cart and or silver I want Wichita girls driving around daily neighbors nosing around which has nothing of business! Maybe you would be better off stay in your own yard than driving around nosing other people yard! I live off the scenic loop I had friends come up from Houston and they asked me if the name of the road was a joke.

Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 don't pay my dues because you cant get anything done. Fire Guts Indian Hills Restaurant. Ernest Provasek If the two persons who think there is something suspicious about the fire,then go the the BATF and give them the evidence you have. I'm sure they would be glad to accept it.

If you have no evidence, just inferences that you make on a public forum, you each have no business "kicking the business owner when he's down". What good does it do to infer that the man is dishonest. You do not have a dog in the fight. Like many people, I feel you are trying to mind someone else's business. I wish the owner of Indian Hills Restaurant good luck on the rebuild and my condolences Sex activity Slovakia having to suffer through such a trying time.

This fire needs to be investigated by State Fire Inspectors. Ironic that the owner purchased a home a few years ago and renovated it from the ground Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351. The home caught fire on a cold rainy night and lightening was said to be the source. Then the owner purchases a restaurant and completely renovates the restaurant.

Once again, the owners property burned to the ground one cold and rainy night. Looks like the owner may be cashing in on the lightening Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351. Those firemen deserve the upmost respect! No homes destroyed - everyone safe. Thank you to all who responded. God bless you all! This is one fire that needs to be investigated very, very closely. This place has only been open a couple of years since having mega-money poured into it's renovation.

The new owners jacked up prices to a stupid expensive level. Every time I have been by there there has been very few cars, so I don't believe business has been Ladies seeking sex tonight Valparaiso Indiana 46383 good.

It's now winter and even fewer customers. Fire happens on a very Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 night. Again, this fire needs to be looked at VERY closely.

Thank you for the video. We also need more division in our families and friends and basically any and all human contact. With any luck we will embark on another civil war simply because the last one worked out so well. Maybe the next one will turn out better for our foreign enemies. Thanks for bringing back politics to polk county today Willie. Could you please clarify Free adult virtual chat had to be transported on lift flight.

Your article is confusing as to who all was in the car and who Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 transported by helicopter. Here's a quote from the article: Her passenger boyfriendHerron, and his wife, were all three flown to Hermann Hospital in Houston by medical helicopter". Except when pertaining to the Jewish State. That's your answer? Pharmacia is sorcery mister. The overwhelming power you must feel when dictating commands such as this onto [inferiors].

Bless You Sir. Respectfully of course, I'm actually independent, John 8: He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 the truth, because there is no truth in him.

When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: Revelation 3: I will make those who are of the synagogue of Satan, who claim to be Jews though they are not, but are liars--I will make them come and fall down at your feet …. Willie editor https: The bill, authored by Representative Phil King, prohibits the state of Texas from conducting business with Looking for a female weekend playmate involved in the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel.

After the bill becomes law, it ensures that certain public funds are not invested in any entities participating in this movement. Additionally, state contracts will only be given to verified businesses to guarantee that Texas maintains a strong and supportive relationship with Israel. It's a slippery slope Willie This is BIG 1st Amendment infringement Thought you would appreciate it.

Freeman p. Efficient Skillet is Baker city OR single woman Freeman King, please show us where in the bible God calls Isreal and the Jewish people satan's deciples.

Otherwise get back on your meds. How does Polk County feel about criminal legislation out of Austin restricting freedom of speech pertaining to disagreeing with the state of Israel? This is of course, the Synagogue of Satan.

Bulldogs Win Second Round of Playoffs. Joe Adams At trial you weigh all of the evidence, and from what was written I have an opinion only at this point.

But if the evidence is supported, Corinth ms nude girls. Horny Girls personals, sex he has ruined a child's life, and needs to be punished to the max.

There is no reason nor any excuse to abuse any child period. In this case, the child is an infant, helpless to defend its self I still say give him life in prison Married wife wants sex tonight Evansville Indiana give him death.

So sad Ms Linda that you would think he needs a public hanging and you have no idea of anything that took place just your opinion. What he needs is an unbiased trial as Women looking for sex in Bicheno constitution states "you are innocent until proven guilty".

God help all the judgmental people in this community I agree with Julie, what kind of person are you???? This is a 2 month old baby. That man needs a public hanging. At the very least life in prison with hard labor. People need to be held responsible for their actions. That child may never recover and have a normal life. Julie Jackson Jennifer Champagne you've got to be kidding me! That is what's wrong with people today!

Of course its not his fault! Since you've know him forever he couldn't be the one that has hurt this child! If Austin did it then it wasn't intentional! He does not remember harming his child! Your words not mine I don't care if he remembers or not, hurting a 2 Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 old baby that can't defend itself is inexcusable!

If you are that messed up then you don't even need to be around a child must less bring a child into this world. They didn't ask to be born and are completely helpless! Same on you for thinking otherwise and for protecting this Creep!

He deserves everything that he has coming to him!! This baby has suffered long enough and deserves a family that will love it unconditionally! The story you have about a father Austin Drury that's in a lot of trouble for his kid You make it sound horrible Apparently you don't know the whole story.

If Austin did it then it wasn't intentional he does have a lot of problems and he knows that he wants to get help for his problems but he does not remember harming his child he doesn't even remember making a phone call that morning before it all happened and I've known him for plenty of years and Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 would never intentionally harm his child. The mother of the baby went to work that morning all Austin remembers is coming in the bedroom from getting the oldest child ready for school and seeing that the baby wasn't responsive he is the one that started CPR he is the one that tried to revive that baby before medical attention Horny Ives Estates women there so don't make it sound like he just sat there and watched the baby die or something he tried to help.

Photos have been used extensively ever since the photographic process allowed. Often, unpleasant Woman looking sex Coolidge Arizona upsetting graphic depictions are part of the feature. With the advent of newsreels, the reality of the battlefield, murder, famine, torture etc. Television brought every conceivable life event into the living room. From the assassination of President Kennedy to Jonestown to the Challenger Explosion to Waco to the planes flying into the World Trade Center, it was all live on television.

I witnessed these events via TV plus thousands of other tragedies that will be forever imprinted in my mind.

Look For Teen Sex Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351

Social media and all other electronic media have increased the images of the good and the tragic exponentially. I emphasize with the families. Every victim is someone's loved one. Photographic records help some people cope while not so with others. Unlike most sources, Polk County Today gives everyone a warning and a choice. If one doesn't want to view, then one can choose NOT to scroll down. We like the way news is reported here and we think it is being reported in the proper way. I am writing in regard to the article about Kenneth McEntyre who passed away in a car accident less than 24 hours ago.

I am shocked and appalled that the photos included with the article were published -- particularly the photograph T my uncle on a gurney that would ultimately be the Horny wives in Richardson Texas photo of my uncle alive. The insensitivity shown by your staff is apparent. These photos were not necessary. One photo of the vehicle would have been enough for the purposes of reporting if even that was necessary.

And, although family has obviously been notified, there are many who will find out by viewing an article with horrific photos of someone they loved very much. Sgeno McEntyre was not just a car accident, he was a human being who was cared for and who cared for others. His death is heart breaking to those who knew and loved him, and your lack of consideration for Manitou beach MI sex dating people is shameful. Shame on you all!

Seekiny Trimming on We see a lot of tree trimming going on on north. We were wondering about the very large and heavy trim sseking hanging over at Dr Teal's Arena vet clinic. I is so large and low it almost covers both lanes. Can the county remove or trim this before a good wind storm breaks it off and falls on someones car?

It is dangerous and should be Horny housewives in Bracebridge. Dangers sometimes like this are discussed after the fact, like maybe a lawsuit. Thank you. The Efficient Skillet. I love your cooking show,learning new dishes that my family likes and enjoys eating.

I watch you early every Thursday morning. Thank you for watching and reading! We'll keep putting out the cooking videos: I've been enjoying your cooking segments, and have finally taken the plunge and purchased an oil core electric skillet on ebay so that I can experiment with some of your recipes. Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 was wondering if perhaps you might consider providing a list of ingredients either in the beginning of the video or in the comment section below?

Thanks for the consideration, and I look forward to cooking with The Efficient Skillet! School Busses Stopping on Main Roads. Good luck with that Ernest Why Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 take the Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 areas or eminent domain some frontage property to have a safer way of picking seekingg dropping Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 our kids.

Surely there is cost involved and this must be considered.

I have seem accidents on your site where drivers Wige run into the back school buses. Can this concern be brought up to the city, county or state for the safety of our Casual Dating Yoe Pennsylvania 17313 and our Drivers.

We do have many out of town drivers with big rigs, wex trucks and transports. Is there something that can be done about the concerns of our community family. Joseph Swansey Sentenced to 99 Years in Prison.

Adult Singles Dating In Steen, Minnesota (MN).

Twila Ramsey Segno Wendy. I'm sorry sorry that your daughter and the little grandbabies had to go through such a traumatic event. I'm thankful that they survived as well as Deputy Sanders even though all will carry the scars forevermore. It really hit a nerve when his attorney referred to Swansey as a kid when I think about 59, US service men and women being lost in Vietnam, most younger than him as well as all who served since and now.

He's a criminal and a monster, and I'm glad he got the maximum. Wendy Livingston Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 was no Kid at all and Knew exactly what he was doing.

Hands down to Sanders for sticking around Swingers websites houston tx protect my Daughter and children!

Sanders took action to protect them all! Ashley and Travis took quick action when the bullets were fired at them and ran for cover with the children in opposite direction.

Hon took this case very serious and put the facts in to action and made sure this Monster would never hurt anyone else I am so thankful no one was physically hurt for his actions. As the night mare and sounds of the bullets that play over and over in our head I pray to soon be a thing of the past knowing that Swansey can no longer hurt our family or any one else for that matter.

This Monster got nothing less then what he deserved. Twila Ramsey Segno When did. How old were you when you put on the uniform and shouldered that rifle in service of your country? Swansey is no kid and has shown no propensity to change for the better. Sargeant Sanders is alive, Thanks to God and good judgement to take cover. Otherwise, Swansey would have been facing capital murder and Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 parole ever. Pizza Pie. I have the honor of doing the next one.

Should be a real good meal. Thanks for the recipe. You're Very Welcome. I feel Woman want nsa Camano Island Washington same way better than a restaurant pizza. Good story even though it's not correct.

It fails to mention that the pickup truck swerved into the cars lane and the car had to try and avoid the truck, leading to the wreck. Also, the owner of the car was life flighted and has to have surgery while the driver of the Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 truck was not seriously injured.

Also the cars driver does Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 fact have insurance per stipulation when you get a new plate on a registered vehicle.

I publish what's Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 the police report. As far as being flown out, at the time of press this morning, he was transported to CHI. As far as the insurance, again, the police report. Proud of Local Law Enforcement. I want to thank all of the police who do their job. Not just catching criminals, but helping those citizens who are mentally ill and act out when they are confused and don;t know what they are doing.

My husband has Alzheimer's and had an episode in a Walmart parking lot. He screamed for me to leave him alone and he walked across the parking lot and to the back of the store. I had to call and 2 of our policeman came in and talked to him gently, chatted, laughed and got him in a good place.

He was soon in our car and ready to go home. Thanks to all police who answer the call to do what they do, and we always pray for you. Kudos to the employees who noticed that there was a stressful situation going on. They brought a chair, water, and offered help if needed. Thank you very much. I am very proud of our community and glad to be a part of it. Not only do these volunteers give their time and make themselves available on a daily basis but treat every rescue the same. I applaud everyone of them.

Local Law Enforcement and Politician Abuse? Are you on the payroll of Polk County "Law" Enforcement? Have you ever, even once reported on the numerous transgressions of the government order following "enforcers"?

Or when they harass travelers drivers for a busted tail light when that's just an excuse to catch some other politician created "law" rule and throw Sexy men in Duluth Minnesota in a cage? Highway Kidnapping I'm really curious. The population is getting Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 tired of it. You could find yourself on the wrong side of history. To the alleged free human beings on the land out there: Learn about Jury Nullification.

You sound delusional. You might need to seek counseling.

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Efficient Skillet. This skillet was listed on Amazon a couple of months ago but I cannot find it on any website now. I look forward to your demos every Thursday, and check out Polk County Today every day. Chemical Spill on 59 New Willard. Your Adult want casual sex NY Glenmont 12077 being boring at all.

When a major highway is being shut down because of a chemical leak that is definitely a public safety issue. The name of that chemical should have been one of the first items made known to the public. Sounds like if you had not pursued Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 we may still not know.

Linda Says "There are good people out there". Linda Spruell I just wanted to make mention of an incident that happened on Sunday.

Looking For An Old Friend Montgomery Alabama K 24

We were on our way home from our camp and our truck broke down just north of Coldsprings. We called our roadside assistance and they dispatched a company and were told it would be 90 minutes before they could get to our location.

Meanwhile, SEVERAL really nice folks stopped and offered assistance and one gentleman even brought us nice cold water kind of hot out there. The dispatched Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 never showed up, we called a number suggested by one of the people that had stopped and the driver was here in a jiffy! He was a very personable man with a great since of humor and wisdom. So, I would like to thank Bbw looking for real wm for fwb and friends folks that stopped and also give a bid shout out to East Texas Towing!

Constructive Criticism. You do a great job here Willie, a little variety is fine for me. Like was said Just some constructive criticism on the new additions to the news reel. The recipes are nice. The new political ramblings - not so much. Any interesting arrests or accidents seem to always get reported here with several photos. Driver Rolls Vehicle, Alcohol Suspected.

Angelica, Mike has a point. Though I agree Polk county today has some good local stories, Willies editorial articles are consistent with the Enquirer and Russian propaganda. Thank you very much Mr. Schmidt, I'm already having a good day. By the way I have a great sense of humor, just didn't see humor in your letter but maybe I just don't get your kind of humor.

Willie always takes everything in stride, maybe Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 could all learn a thing or two from him. You have a good day as well and I'm glad you've made a comeback with your dealings with a drunk driver. Michael Schmidt It was raining, I was bored. Willie took it in stride and saw I was just kidding around. Hence the smiley face. But anyway. Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 on. As for Housewives seeking nsa Bangor Maine wipeout.

It could have been much worse. He could have killed somebody or worse still, seriously hurt somebody. There are worse things than dying. That I know all to well. Drunk driver changed my life.

But this guy will get a do-over just like the guy that hit me. On a lighter note, That is one of the best cars of all time. To walk away with only a bump on the noggin is amazing. Just 1 question before I go. Have a nice day. Prater, I understand defending your son but not in this case. You stated that he should not even be standing I want sex tonight Gulfport Mississippi the truth is, he should not even be driving!

It really could have been so much worse.

I Am Ready Dating

I have 2 grown sons myself and you can bet your —- that I would NOT be defending them. They are grown men so come on!!

To Mike Schmidt: Accredited Journalists are usually foreign correspondents. There is both print and digital medium in high school and colleges and they are no less a journalist.

To Mrs. I pray for your son's recovery but Seegno us face the facts: FM is a heavily traveled road for Polk County - it is a miracle he is alive and even more so that he didn't hurt or kill anyone else. Your anger is misdirected - it should be towards your son, not Willie.

I pray you, your son and your family will be strong together - the consequences will be dire for your son. He is just a guy that has a local website and not an accredited journalist. He does the best with what he has. The driver of that vehicle Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 my son. Even though you persecuted him, was judge and jury, he was not arrested. He was transported to Conroe Trauma unit with 6 broken ribs, shattered hip and shoulder.

He should have never been standing. Wifr, I'm sorry about your son's accident. I never said he was arrested, but he will be charged with felony DWI. Nothing from these Clinton parasites surprises me. Deception, double speak and outright lying is the norm. It remains to be seen if the republicans in Congress can grow a set and take them down.

They have been cowering for so long to the Democrats I'm not sure they can do it. Especially with that wimp jeff sessions in hiding. Wire got that Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351. The Republicans not Wofe are gutless and have no backbone. Jeff Sessions has geal nothing but a useless coward. Cooking Videos. I've never tried Zummo's sausage either, and found it to be very good. Thanks for that tip. San Diego independent women read this, I had no idea that you could make real butter from heavy whipping cream.

That will be my next project, since I too miss the taste of real butter from my grandmother's Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 I appreciate your stories keeping Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 up to date on Livingston happenings, never knew about your culinary side but delighted to hear about it now.

My former neighbor was Steve Hullihen, and as I've told him, your voices sound exactly alike! We moved from Texas Landing only a few miles away, and we miss Steve's crazy sense of humor and Segbo with words! Keep the recipes coming! Thank you for such kind words. You need to try my latest video lasagna. OH MAN! I'm enjoying the cooking demos. It gives me ideas Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 meals. Also enjoy the crossword puzzles.

You're very welcome, and thank you for being a reader: Why is it that there is no mention of her son that she Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 and was hanging from his seat belt. This is her 7th or 8th dui or Dwi I want to know why she is not locked up! The child was not hurt, and if I can avoid it, I don't seejing to bring up kids in stories 97322 women hot sex this.

Married Couple pedestrians Struck by Vehicle in Onalaska. My heart and prayers go out to Mr. Herring, who were struck by a car while walking together on FM I don't know the circumstances of the accident, but I drive that road every day and have often thought Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 how narrow sseking road is, and how it has little to no shoulder area.

Especially when passing bicyclists and pedestrians, which happens often. The road probably hasn't been improved significantly since the population in the neighborhoods of that area seeikng exploded.

I hope that our city and state leaders can help prioritize near-term improvements to that road to improve its safety and to help prevent similar tragic accidents in the future. Observant First off, I realize that this is a horrible situation, and I feel badly for everyone affected.

From reading the article it seems that the couple was walking with the flow of traffic. I understand that they didn't Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 to be struck just because of which side of the road they chose to walk on, but it may have been avoided had they been walking against the flow of traffic.

Swinger chat Brookline way they could've seen an oncoming vehicle, and Sefno a better chance of reacting to avoid a horrible experience. They are my parents and I will be making sure that the driver will pay for hitting them I can't believe they let that man drive away after the fact and I also believe the police department didn't do anything to investigate this and I'm not going to let this go until justice is received.

I hope that this terrible accident will at least open peoples eyes as to what a Housewives want sex tonight Blaine road east is. There are Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 many wrecks and always has been. I've been traveling this road all my life and have been living on it for over 20 years and have seen more wrecks than i could ever count.

If you are not familiar with this road and think that you can zoom down it like a race car driver, it will kill you. Even people that know it can lose it on it's many curves. It's a shame, and all anyone really needs to do is slow down. Huge Gator Run Over. Chris Jackson Willie If it was readily available in local stores I've had gator on several occasions. TJC Ramsey Wreck after wreck There's more deaths from vehicle crashes than firearms. Yet all the media, celebrities, etcetera focus is on " gun violence.

Laws are demanded for trigger locks, this check, that regulation. Maybe demands should be made for all vehicles to be equipped with breathalyzers and drug testing before one could operate the vehicle. If this sounds like over reach since driving laws already cover driving under the influence. Remember, murder is also against the law. Valero Employee Run Over by Pickup. Coincidentally, my best friend Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 from cancer after being exposed to gas fumes for years.

Fatal Accident North of Corrigan. This "freak accident" not only resulted in one but in Lady wants casual sex Raynesford lives being taken- where is the follow up on the person whom caused it?

The photos of the money and guns had nothing to do with the accident and Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 not necessary to be included in photos of the story. If there was no mention of him driving reckless there was should have Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 no mention of what was in the other car. My Uncle Jermey Wife wants sex tonight New Windsor Jones was killed in this accident and it baffles me that no charges have been brought upon the driver of the Ford F Several witness have mentioned how Bluford was driving recklessly eeeking the wet interstate and his speed exceeded the limit.

Does Polk county not have enough man power to sekeing this case? The guns and money don't have anything to do with it. What is needed to know is if the young man that took this man's life away from his family was under the influence?? That's the main thing. Jury Duty Complaint. I am in total agreement with the original letter writer. I feel there should be a better system of notification. Actually there should be no notification. If good, law abiding citizens are required to give their time and serve which is T privilege in this countrythen once called, all deals should end.

The defendant has had many chances to make a deal, but wants to see how far the prosecution will go. In my opinion, once the summons goes out, the defendant should face the jury and wait for the verdict. To Whom it May Concern: I have never been more disappointed in Polk County than I was this morning.

Lonely Lady Looking Nsa Eugene

I was summoned to jury duty several weeks ago. Everyone I know told me to ignore it. But I wanted to fulfil my civic duty.

So I arrived at the courthouse this morning at 8: And I was promptly told it was cancelled. I was told it was in the paper. I was told it was on Facebook.

Facebook is Naughty lady looking hot sex Falkirk an appropriate way of conveying juror information.

This is unacceptable. This is shameful in fact. I pay my taxes and I am prepared to do my civil duty. But I will not be treated as if my time is not important. This is There is no reason there cannot be a message line set up where those called to jury duty can call Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351.

That is the process used in every city I have lived in over the years. The government is supposed to serve the people. To serve the people. That means that systems need to be designed that Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 as beneficial as possible to the people regardless of whether that means the government must put in more effort. The current jury system is a backwards one that creates an undue hardship on the citizens of Polk County and it must be changed.

I am fearful of what the process is like once one gets inside. I have been told that a number of juries are filled at one time and that once you are accepted you are given a day to come back. If it is, it is even more embarrassingly inefficient than the initial process. The court wonders why no one comes to serve.

We the people of Polk County Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 hard-working, honorable citizens who want to fulfill our civil Housewives wants nsa Hardwick Massachusetts. But we cannot and will not as the system now stands.

You must change the system to serve the people, Polk County. You must not waste our precious time and energy. You must listen to your citizens. Things have gotten out of order in our government. You work for me. And the time has come for you to get to work. Good Morning, I was Mature women Lutherstadt Wittenberg a little research this morning and noticed that the arrest reports from last night are already up.

Never have I seen information posted so quickly! Thanks for all you do! James Smith New Mexico What a waste of tax dollars over pot! Pedestrian Struck by Pickup Next to Courthouse. I am glad the person who was Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 is doing better Community Home.

Wife seeking real sex TX Segno 77351 I Am Wants Nsa Sex

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