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Want to get tied up

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Search Nsa Sex Want to get tied up

Asked by dontforget The real answer is that you use a viewer that supports the RLV commands that allow other people to control your avatar. Then you just need to have friends with the right scripts to animate you against your will.

If we're lucky, Innula Zenovka will stop in Want to get tied up and give you precise information. Meet people play games have fun and have slex. There are numerous ways to get tied up.

The geh mechanism, common to all, is you wear attachments that look like cuffs or ropes or whatever, which play animations to put your limbs in the Want to get tied up positions.

RLV enhances this, because it can be used to prevent you from removing your bonds and to restrict -- for example -- your ability to touch things Ocean city NJ sexy women to move.

You don't, though, need to use it.

Why Do People Like Being Tied Up? : Rope Connections

Some of the most effective free-standing restraints -- effective in the sense they look good, as well as that they restrain you effectively, at least if you use RLV -- are very complicated constructions that you wear all the time but which remain invisible and inert Lady wants sex CA Lower lake 95457 someone activates them, at which point they become visible and the animations kick in, over-riding whatever ever else you may Wang trying Want to get tied up do.

Alternatively, you can find yourself tied to things. Essentially, this involves wearing cuffs of some sort on your wrists and ankles. When you find yourself sitting on an object to which you're tied, the cuffs communicate with the object ties draw particle chains or ropes between them and it, to give the illusion you are tied to it.

In this case, the serious work of animating you and, normally, the RLV stuff to stop you escaping is done by the object to which you're tied, and the Want to get tied up just enhance the visual effect by drawing the ropes or chains.

As Roseysun mentions, there are some RP huds that will, when tiee are captured, rez cuffs that attach to your wrists and and ankles, and put Want to get tied up into a "tied up" position.

The Gor Combat Tl does this, I know, and others may well do, too. Difficult to know what Want to get tied up to suggest, really, without knowing more about what you want to do, or how much you want to spend -- the really well-made bondage items particularly ones involving ropes are quite expensive, because they're complex builds with quite complicated scripting and animations.

But if you just want to get tied to something, which can be great fun, then there are plenty of free cuffs and so on available. If Want to get tied up don't mind being chained to things, as opposed to tied, then the Open Collar cuffs which can be made to emit ropes, but that looks a bit odd, tk my mind are Wan and very good indeed.

I figured you'd have a great answer, Innula.

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Want to get tied up

Everything Else Search In. Posted August 6, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Recommended Posts.

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With ropes and cuffs! Did someone mention my name?

My girl has a fantasy about getting tied up What do I do about it? - guyQ by AskMen

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