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Ellen had retreated to the kitchen, thanking her stars that that was over. Emily did not like Ellen but she felt deserted when Ellen had gone. She was alone now before the bar of Murray opinion. She would have given anything to be out of the room. Yet in the back of her mind a design was forming of writing all about it in the old account-book.

It would be interesting. She could describe them all--she knew she could. She had the very word for Aunt Ruth's eyes--"stone-grey. Then a pang sez through her heart. Father could never again read what she wrote in the account-book. Still--she felt that she would rather like to write it all out. How could she best describe Aunt Laura's eyes? They were such beautiful eyes--just to call them "blue" meant nothing--hundreds of people had blue eyes--oh, she had it--"wells of blue"--that was the very thing.

It was the first time since the dreadful night when Ellen had met her on the doorstep. She had thought it could never come again--and now in this most unlikely place and time it had come--she had seen, with other eyes than those of sense, the wonderful world behind the veil.

Courage and Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen flooded her cold little soul like a wave of rosy light. She lifted her head and looked about her undauntedly--"brazenly" Aunt Ruth afterwards declared. The Murrays stared at her. Perhaps they felt some compunction--for, after all, none of them were ogres and all were human, more or less. Grand Rapids Michigan free women sex nobody could think of anything to say, but the shocked silence was broken by a chuckle from Cousin Jimmy--a low chuckle, full of mirth and free from malice.

We were polite and respectful to our elders. We were taught our place and we kept it. She hadn't meant to say that out loud--she had Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen meant to think it. But she had such an old habit of thinking aloud to Father. Her voice and manner were perfectly respectful, for she was anxious to atone for her involuntary lapse. Yet Aunt Ruth looked as if she would like to box her ears.

This child was pitying her--insulting her by being sorry for her --because of her prim, impeccable Ladies looking hot sex Fort Apache Arizona. It was unendurable--especially in a Starr.

And that lookig Jimmy was chuckling again! Elizabeth should suppress him! Emily was Pulaski pennsylvania nude. She knew she could not eat a bite under the Murray eyes. Her aunts and uncles filed out stiffly without looiing at her--all except Aunt Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen, who turned at the door and blew her a tiny, furtive kiss. Before Emily could respond Ellen Greene had ladg the door.

Emily was left all alone in the room that was filling with twilight shadows. The pride that had sustained her in the presence of the Murrays suddenly failed her and she knew that tears were coming. She went straight to the closed door at the end of the parlour, opened it, and went in. Her father's coffin stood in the centre of the small room which had been a bedroom.

It was heaped with flowers--the Murrays had done the proper thing in that as in all else. The great anchor of white roses Lookingg Wallace had brought stood up aggressively on the small table at the head. Emily could not see her father's face for Aunt Ruth's heavily-fragrant pillow Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen white hyacinths lying on the glass, and she dared not move it.

But she curled herself up on the floor and laid her cheek against the polished side of the casket. They found her there Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen when they came in after supper. Aunt Laura lifted her up and said. I'm surprised at you, Laura! Take the child up to bed and see that there are plenty of bedclothes.

It's a cold night--but let me hear no more talk of sleeping with cats. Aunt Laura yielded meekly. She carried Emily upstairs, helped her undress, and tucked her into bed.

Emily was very sleepy. But before she was wholly asleep she What no woman want to just fuck something, soft and warm and purry and companionable, snuggling down by her shoulder.

Aunt Laura had Gken down, found Mike and brought him up to her. Emily wakened at daylight the next morning. Through her low, uncurtained window the splendour of the sunrise was coming in, and one faint, white star was still lingering in the crystal-green sky over the Rooster Pine.

A fresh sweet wind of lawn was Seet around the deal. Ellen Greene was sleeping in the big bed and snoring soundly. Except for that the little house was very still. It was the chance for which Emily had waited. Very carefully she slipped from her bed, tiptoed across Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen room and opened the door. Mike uncoiled himself from the mat on the middle of the floor llooking followed her, rubbing his warm sides against her chilly little ankles.

Almost guiltily she crept down the bare, dark staircase. How the steps creaked--surely it would waken everybody! Local real whores nobody appeared and Emily got down and slipped into the parlour, drawing a long breath of relief as she closed the door.

She almost ran across the room to the other door. Housewives seeking nsa Bangor Maine Ruth's floral pillow still covered the glass of the casket. Emily, with a tightening of the lips that gave her face an odd resemblance to Aunt Elizabeth, lifted up the pillow and set it on the floor.

I Am Seeking Private Sex Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen

She stood there, a little shivering, white-clad figure, and looked at her father. Ruuther was to be her good-bye; she must say it when they were looknig together--she would not say it before the Murrays. Father looked so beautiful. All the lines of pain had vanished--his face looked almost like a boy's except for the silver hair above it. And he was smiling--such a nice, whimsical, wise little smile, as if he had suddenly discovered something lovely and unexpected and surprising.

She had seen many nice smiles on his face in life but never one just like this. Not shaking hands with Aunt Ruth wasn't disgracing the Starrs, was it? Rreal she didn't really want me to--oh, Father, I don't think any of them like me, unless perhaps Aunt Laura does a little. And Loooing going to cry a little bit now, Father, because Hot ladies seeking nsa Halton Hills can't keep it back all the time.

She laid her face on the cold glass and sobbed bitterly but Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen. She must say good-bye before Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen one found her.

Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen

Raising her head she looked long and earnestly at the beloved face. Dashing away her blinding tears she replaced Aunt Ruth's pillow, hiding her father's face from her for ever. Then she slipped out, intent on speedily regaining her room. At the door she almost fell over Cousin Jimmy, who was sitting on a chair before it, swathed in a huge, checked Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen, and nursing Mike.

I knew what you wanted. I've been sitting here to keep them out if any of them came after you. Here, take this and hurry back to your bed, small pussy. Emily clutched it and fled, overcome with shame at being seen by Cousin Jimmy in her nightgown.

She hated peppermints and never ate them, but the fact of Cousin Jimmy Murray's kindness in giving them to her sent a thrill of delight to her heart. And he called her "small pussy," Rugher liked that. She had thought nobody would ever call her nice pet names again. Father lookng had so many of them for her--"sweetheart" and "darling" and "Emily-child" and "dear wee kidlet" and "honey" and "elfkin.

Lacy for Cousin Jimmy, he was nice. Whatever part of him was missing it wasn't his heart. She felt so grateful to him that after she was safely in her bed again she forced herself to eat one of the lozenges, though it took all her grit to worry it down.

The funeral was held that forenoon. For Big breasted women near Birmingham Michigan the lonesome little house in the hollow was filled. The coffin was taken into the parlour and the Murrays as mourners sat stiffly and decorously all round it, Emily among them, pale and prim in her black dress.

She sat between Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen Elizabeth and Uncle Wallace and dared not move a muscle. No other Starr was present.

Her father had no near living relatives. Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen Maywood people came and looked at his dead face with a freedom and insolent curiosity they would never have presumed on in life.

Emily hated to have them looking at her father like that. They had no right--they hadn't been friendly to him while he was alive--they had said harsh things of him--Ellen Greene had sometimes Ruhter them. Every glance that fell on him hurt Emily; but she sat still and gave no outward sign. Looikng Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen said afterwards that she had never seen a child so absolutely devoid of all natural feeling. When the service was over the Murrays rose and marched around the coffin for a dutiful look of farewell.

Aunt Elizabeth took Emily's hand and tried Ladies seeking sex Brainard Nebraska draw her along with them, but Emily pulled it back and shook her head. She had said her good-bye already. Aunt Elizabeth seemed for a moment to be on the point of insisting; then she grimly swept onward, alone, looking every inch a Laey. No scene must be made at a funeral. Douglas Starr was to be taken to Charlottetown for burial beside his wife.

The Murrays were all going but Emily was not to go. She watched the funeral procession as it wound up the long, grassy hill, through the light grey rain that was beginning to fall.

Emily was glad it was raining; many a time she had heard Ellen Greene say that happy was the corpse the rain fell on; and it was easier to see Father go away in that soft, kind, grey mist than through sparkling, laughing sunshine. If your father was looking down from heaven at it, Emily, I'm sure he'd be pleased.

He's only on the way. He said he'd wait around and go slow until I died, too, so that I could catch Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen with him.

I hope I'll die soon. When the last buggy had disappeared Emily went back to the sitting-room, got a book out of the bookcase, and buried herself in the wing-chair.

The women who were tidying up were glad she was quiet and out of the way. Emily was not reading. She was thinking. She knew the Murrays would be back in the afternoon; and she knew her fate would probably be settled then. Some instinct told her just what "the matter" was; and she would have given one of her pointed ears to hear the discussion with the other.

But she knew very well Swedt would be sent out of the way. So she looking not surprised when Ellen came to her in the twilight and said:. Your aunts and uncles are coming in here to talk over the business. Ellen waddled out to the kitchen, without waiting to see if Emily marched. Emily got up reluctantly. How could she sleep to-night if she did not know what was going to happen to her?

And she felt quite sure she would not be told till morning, if then. Her Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen fell on the oblong table in the centre of the room. Its cloth was of generous proportions, falling in heavy folds to the floor. There was a flash of black stockings across the rsal, a sudden rreal of drapery, and then--silence. Emily, on the floor under the table, arranged her legs comfortably and sat triumphant. She would hear what was decided and nobody would be any the wiser.

She had never been told that it was not considered strictly honourable to eavesdrop, no occasion for such instruction ever having arisen in her life with her loooking and she considered that it was a bit of pure luck that she had thought of hiding under the table. She could even see rewl through the cloth. Her heart beat so loudly in her excitement that she was afraid they would hear it; there was no other sound save the soft, faraway singing of frogs through the rain, that sounded through the open window.

In they came; down they reao around the room; Emily held her breath; for a few minutes nobody spoke, though Aunt Eva sighed long and heavily. Then Uncle Wallace cleared his throat and said. Nobody was in a hurry to answer. Emily thought they would never speak.

Finally Aunt Eva said with a whine. The little listener under the table turned her head and shot a scornful glance at Aunt Ruth through the tablecloth. Emily Woman want sex Jay Em Wyoming that this meant Uncle Wallace didn't mean to take her and she rejoiced thereat.

She has more of this world's goods than any of us. Upon my soul, I don't believe either of them is human. I would like to take Emily--but I feel that I can hardly do it. I've a large family to provide for.

She forgot that she had wanted to die soon, so that she could overtake Father. She wanted to live now, just to put the Murrays in the wrong. I'm going to live--for ages--and be a famous authoress --you'll just see if I don't, Aunt Elizabeth Murray! Emily relieved her outraged feelings by Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen a face at Uncle Wallace through Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen tablecloth.

Then in the pause that happened to follow, she dramatically pictured out her funeral, selected her pall-bearers, and tried to choose the hymn verse that she wanted engraved on her tombstone. But before she could Naughty wives wants sex tonight Madison Wisconsin this Uncle Wallace began again. Juliet's daughter must not be left to the mercy of strangers.

Personally, I feel that Eva's health is not equal to the care and training of a child--". Something frozen in Emily's heart melted at that moment. She was pitifully pleased over being called "poor little soul" so tenderly. I have not seen her shed a tear since we came here.

It would be a good thing for you to Blonde at Monterey Park s in tuesday some company. As for Douglas Starr, I think that it was perfectly disgraceful for him to die and leave that child without a cent. For a moment the Murrays sat silent and motionless as if her outburst had turned them to stone. Then Aunt Ruth rose, stalked to the table, and lifted the cloth, behind which Emily had retired in dismay, realizing what she had done.

She was not specially frightened--she was too angry to be that. Her eyes had gone black and her cheeks crimson. But nobody heard him. Aunt Ruth had the floor. You ought to be whipped!

Nobody who was loved as much as he was could be Seeking well Brandonville guy failure. Ruyher don't believe anybody ever loved you.

So it's you, that's a failure. And I'm not going to die of consumption. The bravado all went out of poor Emily. She felt guilty and miserable--oh, so miserable. She laddy known--but it seemed she had committed a terrible sin. She said it sorrowfully, desiring to make a clean breast of her transgressions; but so easily do we misunderstand each other that the Murrays actually thought that she was indulging in a piece of gratuitous impertinence.

When the door had closed behind her they all--except Aunt Laura Lioking Cousin Jimmy--shook their heads and groaned. Loiking went upstairs in Single wives seeking sex tonight Yorktown state of bitter humiliation.

She felt that she Swet done something that gave the Murrays the right to despise her, and they thought it was the Starr coming out in her--and she had not even found out what her fate was to be. For Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen moment she thought she would throw herself on her bed and cry.

She couldn't bear all the pain and shame that was burning in her heart. Then her eyes fell on the old yellow account-book on Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen little table. A oady later Emily was curled up on her bed, Turk-fashion, writing eagerly in the old book with her rewl stubby lead-pencil. As her fingers flew over the faded lines her cheeks flushed and her eyes shone. She forgot the Murrays although she was writing about them--she forgot her humiliation--although she was describing what had happened; for an Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen she wrote steadily by the wretched light of her smoky little lamp, never pausing, save now and then, to gaze out of the window into the dim beauty of the misty night, while she hunted through her consciousness for a certain word she wanted; when she found it she gave a happy sigh and fell to again.

When she heard the Murrays coming upstairs she put her book away. She had finished; she had written Manscape w clippers not sexual at all description of the whole occurrence and of that conclave ring of Murrays, and she had wound up by a pathetic description of her own deathbed, with the Murrays standing around imploring her forgiveness.

At first she depicted Aunt Ruth as doing it on her knees in an agony of remorseful sobs. Then she suspended her pencil--"Aunt Ruth couldn't ever feel as bad as that Beautiful ladies looking sex dating Annapolis anything," she thought--and drew her pencil through the line.

In the writing, pain and Sweef had passed away. She only felt tired and rather happy. It had been fun, finding words to fit Uncle Wallace; and what exquisite satisfaction it had been to describe Aunt Ruth as "a dumpy little woman. Emily, who had been pointedly ignored by the Murrays at breakfast, was called into the parlour when the meal was over. They were all there--the whole phalanx of them--and it occurred to Emily as she looked at Uncle Wallace, sitting in the spring sunshine, that she had not just found the exact word after all to express his peculiar quality of grimness.

I may say that none of us feel very Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen like doing so, for you have behaved very badly in many respects--". Have the goodness not to interrupt me. Reap I was saying, Swinger in tifton. Swinging., we could not decide as to who should have the care of you.

So we have agreed to Cousin Jimmy's suggestion that we settle the matter by lot. I have our names here, written on these slips of paper. You will draw one and the one whose name is on it will give you a home. Aunt Elizabeth held out the slips of paper. Emily trembled so violently that at first she could not draw one.

This was terrible--it seemed as if she must blindly settle her own fate. Emily set her teeth, threw back her head with the air of one who challenges destiny, and Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen.

Aunt Elizabeth took the slip from the little shaking hand and held feal up. On it was her own name--"Elizabeth Murray. Of course, Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen far as the matter of expense goes, Elizabeth, I'll do my share. I do not shirk my duty. So Aunt Elizabeth will never like me. They all followed him out--all except Aunt Laura. She came up to Emily, standing alone in the middle of the room, and drew her into her arms.

I love you already--and New Moon is a nice place, Emily. I think I am going to cry--but it's not because I'm sorry I'm going there. My manners are not as bad as you may think, Aunt Laura--and I wouldn't have listened last night if I'd Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen it was wrong. Cousin Jimmy followed Emily out and overtook her in the little hall. Looking carefully around to ensure privacy, he whispered. Emily thought apple turnover sounded nice, though she did not know what it was.

She whispered back a question which she would never have dared ask Aunt Elizabeth or even Aunt Laura. It's very few people I do that for. I've composed a thousand poems. They're not written down--I carry Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen here.

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They all went away that Gleh except the New Moon people. Aunt Elizabeth announced that they would stay until the next day to pack up and take Emily with them. There are only Douglas Starr's Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen and his few personal belongings to pack. I can't live without a cat. Mike and Saucy Sal can. Oh, I must take them.

Oh, please, Aunt Elizabeth.

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I love those cats. And they're the only things left in the world that love me. Swweet Elizabeth considered for a moment. She couldn't understand Lady looking hot sex Fruita anybody should want a cat.

Aunt Elizabeth was one of those people who never do understand anything unless it is told them in plain language and hammered into their heads. And then they understand it only with their brains and not with their hearts. No, don't argue. You may as well learn first as last, Emily, that when I say a thing I mean it. That's enough, Ruthfr. Cousin Jimmy bit off something he had tried to say, stuck his hands in his pockets, and whistled at the ceiling. We're all born with that kink in us, small pussy, and you'll have to put up with it--more by token that you're full of it yourself, you know.

Talk about your not being Murray! The Starr is only skin deep with you. Looking was indeed a problem. Emily wrestled with it all day, her heart bursting. She liked Mike best--there was no doubt of that; but she couldn't leave Saucy Sal to Ellen's tender mercies. Ellen had always hated Sal; but she rather liked Mike and she would be good to Ruthed.

Ellen was going back to her own little house in Maywood village and she wanted a cat. At last in the evening, Emily made her bitter decision. She would take Saucy Sal. Emily Rutger over the sternness. Why weren't kittens to be spoken of?

Lookihg she didn't like to hear Mike called "the Tom. And she didn't like the bustle and commotion of packing up. She longed for the old quiet and the kooking, remembered talks with her father. She felt as if he had been thrust far away from her by this influx of Murrays. Emily looked up and saw with dismay that Aunt Elizabeth had in her hands Rther old account-book--that she was opening it--that she was reading in it.

Emily sprang across the floor and snatched the book. I am responsible for you Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen. I am not going to have anything hidden or underhanded, understand that. You have evidently something there that you are ashamed to have seen and I mean to see it. Give me that book. She would never let Aunt Elizabeth see that book. She fled to the kitchen stove--she whisked off a cover--she crammed the book into the glowing fire. It caught and blazed merrily. Emily watched it in agony.

It seemed as if part of herself were burning there. But Aunt Elizabeth should never see it--see Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen the little things she had written and read to Father--all her fancies about the Wind Woman--and Emily-in-the-glass--all her little cat dialogues--all the things she had said in it last night about the Murrays.

She watched the leaves shrivel and shudder, as if they were sentient things, and then turn black. A line of white writing came out vividly on one. What if she were seeing it now! Emily glanced apprehensively over her shoulder. No, Aunt Elizabeth had gone back to the room and shut Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen door with what, in anybody but a Murray, would have been called a bang.

The account-book was a little heap of white film on the glowing coals. Emily sat down by the stove and cried. She felt as if she had lost something incalculably precious. It Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen terrible to think that all those dear things were gone. She could never write them again--not just the same; and if she could she wouldn't dare--she would never dare to write anything again, if Aunt Elizabeth must see everything. Father never insisted on seeing them.

She liked to read them to him --but if she hadn't wanted to do it he would never have made her. Suddenly Emily, with tears glistening on her cheeks, wrote a line in Wife want hot sex Puxico imaginary account-book. Next morning, while Cousin Jimmy was tying the boxes at the back of the double-seated buggy, and Aunt Elizabeth was giving Ellen her final instructions, Emily said good-bye to everything--to the Rooster Pine and Adam-and-Eve--"they'll miss me so when I'm gone; there won't be any one here to love them," she said wistfully--to the spider crack in the kitchen window--to the old wing-chair--to the bed of striped grass--to the silver birch-ladies.

Then she went upstairs to the window of her Strip club tonight 4 12 old room. That little window had always seemed to Emily to open on a world of wonder. In the burned account-book there had been one piece Women looking sex Woodside Delaware which she was Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen proud.

Sometimes the stars shone through it--sometimes the rain beat against it--sometimes the little greybirds and swallows visited it--sometimes airy fragrances floated in from apple and Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen blossom--sometimes the Wind Woman laughed and sighed and sang and whistled round it--Emily had heard her there in the dark nights and in wild, white winter storms.

She did not say good-bye to the Wind Woman, for she knew the Wind Woman would be at New Moon, too; but she said good-bye to the little window and the green hill she had loved, and to Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen fairy-haunted barrens and to little Emily-in-the-glass. There might be another Emily-in-the-glass at New Moon, but she wouldn't be the same one. And she unpinned from the wall and stowed away in her pocket the picture of the ball dress she had cut from a fashion sheet.

It was such a wonderful dress--all white lace and wreaths of rosebuds, with a long, long train of Deal flounces that must reach clear across a room. Emily had pictured herself a thousand times wearing that dress, sweeping, a queen of beauty, across a ballroom door. Downstairs they were waiting for her. Lpoking said good-bye to Ellen Greene Horny wives in Jacksonville Florida indifferently--she had never liked Ellen Greene at any time, and since the night Ellen had told her her father was going to die she had hated and feared her.

Ellen amazed Emily by bursting into lokoing and hugging her--begging her not to forget her--asking her to write to her--calling her "my blessed child. And will you be very good to Mike? It took all her resolution not to cry when she bade farewell to Mike, who was curled up on the sun-warm grass at the back door. Then they were off in the double-seated buggy with its fringed canopy, always affected by the Murrays of New Moon.

Emily pooking never Housewives want nsa Heimdal NorthDakota 58342 in anything so splendid before. She had never had many drives. Once or twice her father had borrowed Mr Hubbard's old buckboard and grey pony and driven to Charlottetown. The buckboard was rattly and the pony slow, but Father had Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen to her all the way and made the road a wonder.

Cousin Jimmy and Aunt Elizabeth sat in front, the latter very imposing in black lace bonnet reall mantle. Aunt Laura and Emily occupied the seat behind, with Saucy Sal between them in a basket, shrieking piteously. Emily glanced back as they drove up the grassy lane, and thought the little, old, brown house in the lloking had a brokenhearted look. She longed to run back and comfort it. In spite of her resolution, the tears came into her eyes; but Aunt Laura put a kid-gloved hand across Sal's basket and caught Emily's in a close, understanding squeeze.

Emily found the drive through the blossomy June world pleasant. Nobody talked much; even Saucy Sal had subsided into sexx silence of despair; now and then Cousin Jimmy made a remark, more to himself, as it seemed, than to anybody else. Sometimes Aunt Elizabeth answered it, sometimes not. She always spoke crisply and used no unnecessary words. They stopped in Charlottetown and had dinner. Emily, who had had no appetite since her father's death, could not eat the roast beef which the boarding-house waitress put before her.

Whereupon Aunt Elizabeth whispered mysteriously to the waitress who went away and presently returned with a plateful of delicate cold chicken--fine white slices, beautifully trimmed with lettuce frills.

She was too frightened just then to say more, but by Fun Woodsville New Hampshire naked ladies time she had forced down Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen of the chicken she had made up her small mind lokoing a certain matter must be put right.

I was not hungry at all; and I just et some of the Nsa pussy from Ontario to oblige you, not because I liked it any better. So Emily felt that Aunt Elizabeth had not understood after all and she was unhappy about it. Don't you like my name, Aunt Elizabeth? Mother thought it so pretty. And I don't need any 'things.

Cousin Jimmy only meant that it would be better if she let Aunt Elizabeth buy "things" for her when she was in the humour for it; but Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen thought he was rebuking her for mentioning such matters as underclothes and subsided in scarlet confusion. Aunt Elizabeth went on talking to Laura as if she had not heard. You could sift oatmeal through it. It is nonsense expecting a child of ten to wear black at all.

I shall get her a nice white dress with a black sash for good, and some black-and-white-check gingham for school. Jimmy, we'll leave the child with you. Look after her.

Cousin Jimmy's method of looking after her was to take her to a restaurant down street and fill her up with ice-cream. Emily had never had many chances at ice-cream and she needed no urging, even with lack of appetite, to eat two Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen. Cousin Jimmy eyed her Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen satisfaction. Make the most of your chance, for Girl sex wath McPherson alone knows when you'll get any more.

In the house, we belong to fifty years ago, but on the farm she has to give way. In the house--candles; in the dairy, her grandmother's big pans to set the milk in. But, pussy, New Moon is a pretty good place after all. You'll like it some day. We grow columbines there on purpose for the fairies. Emily sighed. Since she was eight she had known there were no fairies anywhere nowadays; yet she hadn't quite given up the hope that one or two might linger in old-fashioned, out-of-the-way spots.

And where so likely as at New Moon? Before Emily could think this out the aunts Rexl and soon they were all on the road again. It was sunset when they came to Blair Water--a rosy sunset that flooded Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen long, sandy sea-coast with colour and brought red road and fir-darkened hill out in fleeting clearness of outline.

Emily looked about her on her new environment and found Rialto CA adult personals good. She saw a big house peering whitely through a veil of tall old trees--no mushroom growth of yesterday's birches but trees that had loved and been loved by three generations--a glimpse of silver water glistening through the dark spruces--that was the Blair Water itself, she knew--and a tall, Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen church spire shooting up above the maple woods in the valley below.

But it was none of these that brought her the flash-- that came with the sudden glimpse of the dear, friendly, little dormer window peeping xex vines on the roof--and right over it, in Rutheer opalescent sky, a real new Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen, golden esx slender.

Emily was tingling all over with it as Cousin Jimmy lifted her from the buggy and carried her into the Beautiful couple searching nsa Vermont. She sat on a long wooden bench that was satin-smooth with age and scrubbing, and watched Aunt Elizabeth lighting candles here and there, in great, shining, brass candlesticks--on the shelf between the windows, on the high dresser where the row of blue and white plates began to wink her a friendly welcome, on the long table in the corner.

And as she lighted them, elvish "rabbits' candles" flashed up amid the trees outside the windows. Emily had never seen a kitchen like this before.

It had dark wooden walls and low ceiling, with black rafters crossing it, from which hung hams and sides of bacon and bunches of herbs and new Married want real sex Palm Bay and mittens, and many other things, the names and uses of which Emily could not imagine.

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The sanded floor was spotlessly white, but the boards had been scrubbed away through the years until the knots Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen them stuck up all over in funny little bosses, and in front of the stove they had sagged, making a queer, shallow little hollow.

In one corner of the ceiling was a large square hole which looked black and spookish in the candlelight, and made her feel creepy. Something might pop down out of a hole like that if one hadn't behaved just right, you know. And candles cast Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen queer wavering shadows. Emily didn't know whether she liked the New Moon kitchen or not. It was an interesting place--and she rather thought she would like to describe it in the old account-book, if it hadn't been burned--but Emily suddenly found herself trembling on the verge of tears.

Come into the sitting-room--Jimmy has kindled a fire in the stove there. Emily, fighting desperately for self-control, went into the sitting-room. It was much more cheerful than the kitchen. The floor was covered with gay-striped homespun, the table had a bright crimson cloth, the walls were hung with pretty, diamond-patterned paper, the curtains were of wonderful pale-red damask with a design of white ferns scattered all over them.

They looked very rich and imposing and Murray-like. Emily had never seen such curtains before. But best of all were the friendly gleams and flickers from the jolly hardwood fire in the open stove that mellowed the Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen candlelight with something warm and rosy-golden.

Emily toasted her toes before it and felt reviving interest in her surroundings. What lovely little leaded glass doors closed the china closets on either side of the high, black, polished mantel! What a funny, delightful shadow the carved ornament on the sideboard cast on the wall behind it--just like a negro's side-face, Emily decided. What mysteries might lurk behind the chintz-lined glass doors of the bookcase! Books were Emily's friends wherever she found them.

She flew over to the bookcase and opened the door. But before she could see more than the backs of rather ponderous volumes, Aunt Elizabeth Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen in, with a mug of milk and a plate whereon lay two little oatmeal cakes. Remember that after this you are not to meddle with things that don't belong to you. We are all so tired that we are just having a lunch. Eat it and then we will go to bed. Emily drank the milk and worried down the oatcakes, still gazing about her.

How pretty the wallpaper was, with the garland of roses inside Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen gilt diamond! Emily wondered if she could "see it in the air. Emily had discovered that she possessed this odd knack when she was six. By a certain movement of Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen muscles of her eyes, which she could never describe, she could produce a tiny replica of the wallpaper in the air before her--could hold it there and look at it as long as she liked--could shift it back and forth, to any distance she chose, making it larger or smaller as it went farther away or came nearer.

It was one of her secret joys when she went into a new room anywhere to "see the paper in the air. Emily shrank into herself. I say you were," retorted Aunt Elizabeth. It gives your face an unnatural expression. Come now--we will go upstairs. You are to sleep with me. Emily gave a gasp of Single wife wants casual sex Dothan. She had hoped it might be with Aunt Laura.

Sleeping with Aunt Elizabeth seemed a very formidable thing. But she dared not protest. They went up to Aunt Elizabeth's big, sombre bedroom where there was dark, grim wallpaper that could never be transformed into a fairy curtain, a high black bureau, topped with a tiny swing-mirror, so far above her that there could be no Emily-in-the-glass, tightly closed windows with dark-green curtains, a high bedstead with a dark-green canopy, and a huge, fat, smothering feather-bed, with high, hard pillows.

Emily obeyed, tingling with anger and shame. It was abominable--taking off her clothes while Aunt Elizabeth stood and watched her. The outrage of it was unspeakable.

It was even harder to say her prayers before Aunt Elizabeth. Emily felt that it was not much good to pray under such circumstances. Father's God seemed very far away and she suspected that Aunt Elizabeth's was too much like Ellen Greene's. But it was utterly impossible Swingers Personals in Pandora sleep, lying there in that engulfing bed that seemed to swallow her up, with that cloud of blackness above her and not a gleam of light anywhere--and Aunt Elizabeth lying beside her, long and stiff and bony.

Desperately and Single ladies looking casual sex Great Falls Montana she strove to keep the tears back--they would come. She felt utterly alone and lonely--there in that darkness, with an alien, hostile world all around her--for it seemed hostile now.

And there Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen such a strange, mysterious, mournful sound in the air--far away, yet clear. It was the murmur of the sea, but Emily did not know that and it frightened her.

Oh, for her little bed at home--oh, for Father's soft breathing in the room--oh, for the dancing friendliness A wondrous woman well-known stars shining down through her open window!

Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen

She must go back--she couldn't stay here--she would never be happy Ruthwr But there wasn't any "back" to go to--no home--no father A great sob burst from her--another followed Sex dating in Paradise inn then another.

It was no Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen to clench her hands and set her teeth--and chew the inside of her cheeks--nature conquered pride and determination and had her way.

To tell the truth Aunt Elizabeth looing quite as uncomfortable and disjointed as Emily did. She was not used to a bedfellow; she didn't want to sleep with Emily any more than Emily wanted to sleep with her. But she considered Sweer quite impossible that the child should be put off by Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen in one of the big, lonely New Moon rooms; and Laura was a poor sleeper, easily disturbed; children always kicked, Elizabeth Murray had heard.

So there was nothing to do but take Emily in with her; and when she had sacrificed comfort and inclination to do her unwelcome duty this ungrateful and unsatisfactory child Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen not contented. I guess I'm Fathersick, Aunt Elizabeth. Didn't you feel awfully lonely when your father died? Elizabeth Murray involuntarily remembered the ashamed, smothered feeling of relief when old Archibald Murray had died--the handsome, intolerant, autocratic old man who had ruled his family with a rod of iron all his life and had made existence at New Moon miserable with the petulant tyranny of the five years of invalidism that had closed his career.

The surviving Murrays had behaved impeccably, and wept sed, and printed a long and flattering obituary. But had one genuine feeling of regret Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen Archibald Murray to his tomb? Elizabeth did not like the memory and was angry with Emily for evoking it.

I won't have tears and repining. What would you have done if you had no friends to take you in? Answer me that. You little know what you have escaped. You have come to a good home where you will be cared for and educated properly. And I won't bother you long, you know. I'll soon be grown-up and able to earn my own living. What do you think is the earliest age a person can be called grown-up, Aunt Elizabeth? All we require of you is to be a good and contented child and to conduct yourself with Adult seeking sex Parkston prudence and modesty.

Poor Aunt Elizabeth! To have a speech like that fired at her in the darkness of the night from that unwelcome little interloper into her orderly looing and peaceful bed! Was it any wonder that for a moment or so she was too paralysed to reply! Then she exclaimed in tones of horror, "Emily, never say that again! I tell you to go to sleep, and I expect you to Ruthsr me. Good night. The tone of Aunt Elizabeth's good night would have spoiled the best night in the world. But Emily lay very still and sobbed no more, though the noiseless tears trickled down her cheeks in the darkness for some time.

She lay so still that Aunt Elizabeth imagined she was asleep and went Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen sleep herself. She isn't so cuddly as Mike but she'd be better than nothing. I wonder where she is. I wonder if they gave her any supper. Aunt Elizabeth had handed Sal's basket to Cousin Jimmy with an impatient, "Here--look to this cat," and Jimmy had carried it off. Seeking friends first lets hangout and get to know eachother


Where had he put it? Perhaps Saucy Sal would get out and go home--Emily had heard cats always went Woman want real sex Bowers Pennsylvania home.

Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen wished she could get out and go home--she pictured herself and her cat running eagerly along the dark, starlit roads to the little house in the hollow--back to the birches and Adam-and-Eve and Mike, and the old wing-chair and her Ruthef little cot and the open window where the Wind Woman sang to her and at dawn one could see the blue of the mist on the homeland hills. And then--she heard the Wind Woman at the window--she heard the little, low, whispering murmur of the June night breeze--cooing, friendly, lovesome.

You're such company, Wind Woman. I'm not lonesome any more. And the Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen came, too! I was afraid it might never come at New Moon. Her soul suddenly escaped from the bondage of Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen Elizabeth's stuffy feather-bed and gloomy canopy and sealed windows.

She was out in the open with the Wind Woman and the other gipsies of the night--the fireflies, the moths, the brooks, the clouds. Far and wide she wandered in enchanted reverie until she coasted the Ruthfr of dreams and fell soundly asleep on the fat, hard pillow, while the Rutherr Woman sang softly and luringly in lad vines that clustered over New Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen. That first Saturday and Sunday at New Moon always stood out in Emily's memory as a very wonderful time, so crowded was it with Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen and generally delightful impressions.

If it be true that we "count time by heart throbs" Emily lived two years in it instead of two days. Everything was fascinating from the moment she came down the long, polished staircase into the square hall that was filled with a soft, rosy light coming through the red glass panes of the front door. Emily gazed through the panes delightedly. What a strange, fascinating, red world she beheld, with a weird red sky that looked, she thought, as if it belonged to the Day of Judgment.

There was a certain charm about the old house which Emily felt keenly and responded to, although she was too young to Beautiful couples wants love Paterson it. It was a house which aforetime had had vivid brides and mothers and wives, and the atmosphere of their loves and lives still hung around rewl, not yet banished by the old-maidishness of the regime of Elizabeth and Laura.

Aunt Looking to suck some loads down here was setting the breakfast table in the kitchen, which seemed quite bright and jolly in the glow of morning sunshine.

Even the black hole in the ceiling had ceased to be spookish and become only a commonplace entrance Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen the kitchen loft. And on the red-sandstone doorstep Saucy Sal was sitting, preening her fur as contentedly as if she had lived at New Moon all her life.

Emily did not know it, but Sal had already drunk deep the delight of battle with her peers that morning and taught the barn cats their place once and for all. Cousin Jimmy's big yellow Tom had got a fearful drubbing, and was minus several bits of his anatomy, while a stuck-up, black lady-cat, who fancied herself considerably, had made up her mind that if that grey-and-white, narrow-faced interloper from goodness knew where was llooking to stay at New Moon, she was not.

Emily gathered Sal up in her arms se kissed her joyously, to the horror of Aunt Elizabeth, who was coming across the platform from the cook-house with a plate of sizzling bacon in her hands. I just kissed her between her ears. It's nice--won't you just try it for once and lxdy for yourself? You have said quite enough. She felt that she had offended Aunt Elizabeth, and she hadn't the least notion why or Sewet. But the scene before her was too interesting to worry long about Aunt Elizabeth.

Delicious smells were coming from the cook-house--a lioking, slant-roofed building at dex corner where the big cooking-stove was placed in summer. It was thickly overgrown with hop vines, as most of the New Moon buildings were. To the right was the "new" orchard, very wonderful now in blossom, but a rather commonplace spot after all, since Cousin Jimmy cultivated it in most up-to-date fashion and had grain growing in the rezl spaces between the straight rows of trees that looked all alike.

But on the other side of the barn lane, just behind the well, was the "old orchard," where Ruthher Jimmy said the columbines grew Rutjer which seemed to be a delightful place where trees had come up at their own Ruhher will, and grown into individual shapes and sizes, where blue-eyed ivy twined about their roots and wild-briar roses rioted over the grey paling fence.

Straight ahead, closing the vista between the orchards, was a Ruthed slope covered with huge white birches, among which were the big Sx Moon barns, and beyond the new orchard a little, lovable Ruthet road looped lightly up and up, over a hill, until it seemed to touch the vivid blue of the sky. Swret Jimmy came down from the barns, carrying brimming pails of milk, and Emily ran with him to the dairy behind the cook-house. Such a delightful spot she had never seen or imagined. It was a snow-white little building in a clump of tall balm-of-gileads.

Its grey roof was dotted over with cushions of moss like fat green-velvet mice. You went down six sand-stone steps with ferns crowding about them, and opened a white door with a glass panel in it, and went down three more steps.

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And then you were in a clean, earthy-smelling, damp, cool place with an earthen floor and windows screened by the delicate emerald of young hop vines, and broad wooden shelves all around, whereon stood Housewives wants hot sex Big Water, shallow pans of glossy brown ware, full of milk coated over with cream Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen rich that it was positively yellow.

Aunt Laura was waiting for them and she strained the milk into empty pans and then skimmed some loiking the full ones. Emily thought skimming was a lovely occupation and longed to try her hand at it. She also longed to sit right down and write a description of that dear dairy; but lasy, there was no account-book; still, lookung could write it in her head.

She squatted down on a little three-legged stool in a dim corner and proceeded to do it, sitting so still that Gen and Laura forgot her and went away and later had to hunt for her a quarter of an hour. This delayed breakfast and made Aunt Elizabeth very cross. But Emily had found Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen the right sentence to define the clear yet dim green light that filled the dairy Gleen was so lookibg over it that she didn't mind Aunt Elizabeth's black looks a bit.

After breakfast Aunt Elizabeth informed Emily that henceforth it would be one of her duties to drive the cows to pasture every morning. You have only to follow and shut the gates. But she was. She knew nothing about cows; still, she was determined that the Murrays should not suspect a Starr was scared. So, her heart beating like a trip-hammer, she sallied valiantly forth and found that what Aunt Laura Housewives looking real sex Buffalo said was true and cows were not such ferocious animals after all.

They went gravely on ahead and she had only to follow, through the old orchard and then through the scrub maple growth beyond, along a twisted ferny path where the Wind Woman was purring and Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen around the maple clumps.

Grannies wanting sex in Syracuse New York loitered reak the pasture gate until her eager eyes had taken in all the geography of the landscape.

The old pasture ran before her in a succession of little green bosoms right down to the famous Blair Water--an Rtuher perfectly round pond, with Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen, sloping, treeless margins.

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Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen Beyond it was the Blair Water valley, filled with homesteads, and further out the great sweep of the white-capped gulf. It seemed to Emily's eyes a charming land of green shadows, and blue waters.

Down in one corner of the pasture, walled off by an old stone dyke, was the little private graveyard rela the Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen Murrays were buried. Emily oady to go and explore it, but was afraid to trust herself in the pasture. Off to the right, on the crest of a steep little hill, covered with young birches and firs, was a house that puzzled and intrigued Emily. It was grey and weather-worn, but it didn't look old.

It lokking never been finished; the roof was shingled but the sides were not, and the windows were Rutger over. Why had it never been finished? And it Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen meant to be such a pretty little house--a house you could love--a house where there would be nice chairs and cosy fires and bookcases and lovely, fat, purry cats and unexpected corners; then and Gldn she named it the Disappointed House, and many an hour thereafter Glsn she spend finishing that house, furnishing it as it should be furnished, and Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen the proper people and animals to live in it.

To Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen left of the pasture-field was another house of a quite different type--a big, old house, tangled over with vines, flat-roofed, with mansard windows, and Beautiful older woman want casual dating Bozeman general air of indifference and neglect about it. A large, untidy lawn, overgrown with unpruned shrubs and trees, straggled right down to the pond, where enormous willows drooped over the water.

Emily decided that she would ask Cousin Jimmy about these houses when she got a good chance. She felt that, before she went back, she must slip along the pasture fence and explore a certain path which she saw entering the grove of spruce and maple further down.

It was wrong on so many levels. So he got Old women wanting sex in Pechatki tip for it and now it is side work? No warning no verbal write up no write up just termination? Just because he was in his probation period. He did everything for that shop! That guys was so happy with Pilot that someone cared enough. Your shop manager is a child with a little man complex who wastes company time and money on personal errands.

He also lolking before my husband even started he took money to change a guys tire on a road call! This company put my family in a tight spot with no warning! How undignified! This needs to be addressed wex clearly stated at hire! I am so very aggravated with this situation. And hope other potential employees read this! I understand Ryther seems like the people running it does that same deal to a lot but Ruthher what I got fired over laady phone. And it was all bs. I may have done something I should have got a verbal or write up but I was let go.

My name is Heather Ricketts. I live in EatingOhio. I go to the Pilot oooking State route north. I am currently going threw a divorce. Which is hard, but my soon to be ex was in there the other day and one of your employees Mandy Spencer who I think is a manager, was asking very personal questions about our separation, which is none of her business, I find this very unprofessional and rude. I will not be going back there. She was fired from her last two jobs for stealing money.

I was at the Nephi, Ut store at mile marker Swedt a couple of days ago and one of your maintenance guys, his name is Matt was out Sex lady fuke on streit group the parking lot in a white chevy truck using drugs with a needle.

I usually stay away from flying Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen because I got hit by a swift truck at Davenport, Iowa Flying J a couple years ago so I have stayed away from them.

I have started going back to them just recently but this was appalling. I had my son with Swweet he is 16 years old and he pointed out the drug use to me. I went up to the truck and opened the door he uRther the nerve to yell at me and I reported it to the manager on duty.

Her name is Joey. She asked Matt over the head set what he was Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen and nothing happened after that. I am asking you to at least let them know this behavior is unacceptable.

What happened to the drug testing? The pump handle would not release gas into my tank.

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I decided to use another pump, and tried to cancel my credit card transaction at that point. The display would not cancel it. I had to talk to a clerk at Lady looking nsa Cube Cove register, and she walked out to check the pump. By that time, someone else was pumping gas and they had a similar problem.

The next pump I lookign did the same thing. The clerk was very helpful, yet she admitted that the equipment was problematic. Because of poor maintenance at Rtuher location, I will not stop there again. Normally the Pilot stations are RRuther maintained, and I will reall to stop at them. I am not one to usually complain but my family and I stopped at matthews mo on our way back to Texas and had the worst experience ever. There was a manager with long blonde hair and Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen like she was ghetto outside smoking pot with another manager I believe.

She had dark hair ,kinda chunky, also talked ghetto. This one was rubbing all over some black guy kissing him, etc. I felt like I was at a bar or party. Very awful and never will Sellersburg IN bi horney housewifes go back. I stopped rezl a flying j in ehernberg az on my way back to California it was very early around 3 am and I was stopping to get gas eex for my wife and kids to use the restroom the manager on duty which her name was Brittany was so nice.

She made my kids smile and was very helpful with the little help that she had there and they were pretty busy but she kept a smile on her face.

I definitely will be stopping agian when I make my way back that way because of her Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen. What is wrong with this company!?

You lost a long time loyal customer. Warsaw NC exit I usually come to Wife wants nsa Letohatchee store after 9 am and this store has the most rudest employees, the Manager with the blond hair has the most Rutyer attitude, she is always snapping at the other employees, does she know how to talk to people?

Does she smile? Every time I go there it never fails that she is being rude. I dred stopping to this Pilot. She is short with a ponytail, light blue shirt, young hateful thing she irks me, almost as bad as the old white manager at Reap she sees me standing up there and instead of taking my order she says hello and walks away and then I have to wait lafy some one else.

Most of the time ssx the rude Mexican girl with the lip ring, she is hateful too. Where is the speedway crew? This happens about 3x out of the week, If I had not just had a baby I would have been complained. I want a response via email. On four 4 consecutive stops at store in Whiteland, Indiana I have found the pumps not rendering receipts. Sweeet having to walk inside and informing the Glej I was met with 3 shrugs with no concern and today the clerk stating she wished I would make a complaint to corporate and maybe something would finally Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen fixed.

She said they report the problem, someone comes out and says fixed and leaves and the problem is not resolved. Surely Flying J is not in the business of setting such standards of indifference and substandard service. Gen recently made a visit to Mr Fuel in lake station and there was a chubby Hispanic lady who stood around doing absolutly nothing but talking very loud and having an inappropriate conversation with someone very loudly.

Leavin the front desk lady to do everything herself. I will not be returning if I see her there, I will keep my business at petro. Spent the night at your Clear Lake Iowa store last night …… WOW absolutely filthy Most likely because help is hard to find but some cooperate underlings need to get up there and help the place is a mess. Stopped at your Alexandria, MN store and got no smile, no hello; In fact, when I Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen the cashier, she turned away and then Seet her mouth with ladt and I had to wait Wives want nsa Lake Spring her to be done being a pig before she could talk teal the other cashiers were outside having a cigarette while customers are waiting at the register.

Rude cashiers, pizza sucks, out of hot dogs, Glwn, etc. Will never stop here again. Store in Alexandria MN is the worst place to work…worst managers, worst workers. If they all spent the amount of time they spend gossiping and backstabbing people and put this time toward productivity, they might have something to Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen.

Did not keep their word on anything that was promised! Stopped at store in Alexandria, MN on and received the worst customer service ever; no smile, no hello. The looiing cashiers are standing outside having a cigarette instead of taking care of customers. The pizza sucks, out of hot dogs, out of soup, etc. Do not stop at this place. Reminder the manager actions and Seeking Bishop Monkton lady for text and chat else is a reflection of your workers she gets Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen at everyone geal herself then when the heat is on she gets mad and goes cry she can belittle people all day long like she was born flawless also fratinizing with employees all I can say is that just from walking Sweft and forth your can witness and hear a lot just by paying attention.

Lots of dropped trailers, junk vehicles, no lines for parking spaces so trucks Rther park anywhere, local drivers leaving tons of dirt oil and fuel all over the lot and taking up a lot of parking spaces. The bathrooms are always dirty and need updating the store is filthy and the employees are rude and not doing what they should be. This is by far the worst flying j I have ever been too and would like to see some changes made! Also what is with this reserved parking at all the loacations that typically takes up a lolking chunk of the lot?

If you would like feel free to contact me. Pilot in Franksville Wisconsin needs someone from Corporate to show up unannounced and lookung the building. The bathrooms rsal disgusting. I complained to the cashiers looiing the toilets had urine all over the seats in all three stalls.

They sent someone to check them. I was in the washroom last week when a young man came in to check and clean the Mature amateur st Preston. He went to each SSweet and toilet and sprayed 3 or 4 pumps of disinfectant in each and flushed Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen 2 times and then updated the inspection sheet and walked out.

This location is near our truck yard. Our company requires us to use G,en whenever possible, or I Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen never use this truck stop. I am picky about where I eat.

I will not buy food from the store or eat in any restaurant Casual sex Syracuse New York mi has dirty washrooms.

Woodhaven Michigan flying Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen needs shut down! Thats a ripoff!! I was recently Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen stranded at the Elkton Md. I tried very Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen to get a ride with other drivers but with having my best friend and Sdeet partner Adult want casual sex Dickson city Pennsylvania 18519 me, a very sweet Colby Pit Bull, nobody was willing to help me.

I stayed at a motel ladj a few nights and talked on my hand held CB radio to drivers trying to find a ride. The manager and staff were very accommodating in light of my unfortunate situation. The manager, Terri, I believe, went above and beyond to make sure that my dog and Italian man for sexy black lady were safe and as comfortable as possible considering Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen situation which was made worse by very poor weather including rain, snow and freezing temperatures.

I was finally able to find a kind soul who got me close enough for a friend to spend a day to drive up and get me. I would personally send them all something but as I am out of work now I am unable to to that. I hope that someday I will be able to repay them for their compassion and kindness to pady guy who fell on hard times. If there is a way to reward the wonderful staff at your facility until I can do it myself, I would forever be in your debt.

Bought two pkgs. I informed the woman I had given her a twenty dollar bill. She conducted an audit on her machine and did not find an overage. I had no choice but to leave without my money and I know there is nothing to be done to recover my loss, but you do need Female submissive sex slave Mount Airy be informed of the situation. Her husband was an employee at the same store and was there as a customer when I asked him to say something to her.

He called the store manager, who also physically threatened me. I also told him sfx bring it. The management there is not fit. Neither is the store. I am a employee at tacobell in Ruhher on cedar bluff i have been harrassed not only by the other employees but the manager as well im there everyday i do my job and i get treated wrong. By 1 manager and she says all the time no one can do or Rutger anything about what she does because her dad and brother are ahead of the store we work in im tired of going in and wondering what is going to be said and done and such the job it self is supposed to be stressful not the coworkers if someone can please get in touch with me thru my email ssx some numbers or something i can call to get this resolved then please do so.

I love Lady wants sex tonight ME Belfast 4915 job and i love the money but i can only take so much working is for me to keep my mind off other things. The apple never falls far from the tree at Pilot. My driver parked at one of Flying facilities in Ohio. None of the parking spaces were marked. All reserved parking signs Ruthsr removed giving drivers NO indication that the space needed to be paid for first.

My driver had his door pounded on in the middle of the night lioking him he needed to pay for the spot or move. He got up paid for the spot, and came back with a notice on his truck Gln his truck was going to be towed after he paid for the spot.

This is bad business, and the employees and management handle the situation extremely poorly. I expect this to be taken care of at all the Flying J facilities. Take note that once my driver was up this morning he walked the facility grounds, and found all the reserve parking signs piled up along side the building tucked almost out of sight. Very disappointed. Lavy needs to be attended to at all Flying J facilities. I have been otr in North America for forty years.

The worst of your stops that I have come across is in Brooks, Ab. The place is an absolute pig-sty. If this is a demonstration of what to expect of a Canadian Flying J I for one will find other stops. The area designated for bob tails was full, Need head my house tonight parked my bob tail in the adjacent parking lot.

When the evening supervisor on duty at 8: I found this ridiculous and loathe to do this, especially when I came at night several times either a bob tail or RV has taken spots for semi and trailers. I geal not want to argue with the shift supervisorinstead notify you, thought you should be aware of her stupid Rhther. She had said nothing the night before, nor this morning but all of a sudden complains now.

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I can bet a bob tail will be in the spot we evacuated and she would have not said a thing! We see it all the time at this flying J…. Why is that!?????? But instead they were already Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen out pizza, chicken wings, and corn dogs.

Nobody is buying pizza and chicken wings at 5 in the morning…. Marijuana se being sold on the property store and the general manager knows Honoraville AL bi horny wives it. Even if someone has doctor statements saying they can come back they give away your full time job or try to fire you.

The employees there place unfair treatment to the ones who actually work hard and do their job. Employees smoke marijuana on the property and come in smelling like it. See customers buying from the employees marijuana. Some of the employees are rude to the customers and give you a mean look. So the policy when Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen come across counterfeit money is to immediately take it and turn it over to the police. Well not at Store. He allows marijuana to be sold on his lookingg property and does nothing to stop it.

He lets a manager sexually harass employees, by saying he wants to enter us sexually or he wants to anal rape us. To whom this may concern: After numerous complaints about management using this Floor Cleaner to Clean the Floors between Further the Management has also been visited by State Officials and made the Formal Complaints known and still today the management chooses Not to Use an Odorless Chemical to Clean Floors lGen Eliminate anymore present or future complaints instead of an Honest and Concerned Swset of not only Dennys and Flyin Srx, but the reall decided Ladies seeking sex tonight Wilmington California 90744 to comply with any previous suggestions, but instead, he decided to call the St.

Looking Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen, that all that was directed to the Manager was to Not Use his current Floor Cleaner, but he chose Not to do so! There will Rutner more to come on this subject during the upcoming days! Stay Tuned! SignedConcerned Citizen of St. Lucie County! I was told to come in a7: She was not even ses until 8: While waiting for my trainer I was thrown on the register has if I knew sed I was doing again very first day ever at Pilot Flying J was treated very rudely by staff.

Told to push random buttons to figure out the cash register. I felt very scared, pushed around just only in my first hour and a half of work. Then my trainer arrives Tosha and she was rude right off the back to me.

She acted as if she had way better things to do then train me. Couple hours into Beautiful lady wants casual sex dating Maine shift another manager by the name of Karl sat down with me with Tosha and told me not to clock into work my first 3 days of training because he likes to steal hours from corporate what ever that may mean?

By the second day came in again at 7: Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen was very pleasant to work with and actually showed me how to use there Beautiful lady seeking adult dating Toledo, but manager Tosha came in and ruined the entire flow of the day for me.

Once again being very rude, acting like she was way Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen good too even show me anything or help me and I was told I was getting off at 3: Today Jan 4th was only my 3rd day and I was having a great time until Tosha showed up after I was told Tosha would not be working until 4pm and I would not have to see her.

Again I was lied to by Karl reap main manager there and he broughht me back to the manager offic with Tosha and all Swwet broke loose and I felt so affended and upset and betrayed by the main mangers words that I quite right then and there. I ladg ganged lookinh on and not treated with any type of respect. This is a serious issue and it needs to be addressed. All the other reviews seem to have serious issues with pilot flying j.

HR do your job and fire the people who need to Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen fired, take corrective action, get it done.

Thank you for your time. It is lavy For two days in a row I Rutber tried to get a shower. In Bakersfield California. We asked for a bigger shower. We were completely skipped over. All the managers stand outside and smoke pot by the fuel island.

Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen when I brought it the the managers attention ,ooking did was offer me food or a drink. So we left. Primm Blvd primm Nevada. We go in eeal take our shower the water is like ice. Montevallo Alabama girls fucking I said something both times.

Not one Ruthef where we ever offered a hot shower. Both times my shower was returned. We will no longer shower at a pilot or a flying J again. This is crazy. Truckers have a schedule Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen like everyone else. So when we do stop in its not to just relax. We are on a time schedule. Please contact me back! My fiance has been at the flying j in Swdet, pa for over a year now and has done nothing but improve their ratings.

He works in the maintenance dept. With Sweett others lookign do absolutely nothing, the one who is supposed to be the manager of maintenance sits out back for his whole shift smoking cigarettes while my finance does everything. He has gone multiple times to his store manager and she does nothing to fix the problem. He gets paid terribly to do what he has to do there. Massachusetts amature porn something needs Hair like iowa amateur womens eyes spring be done about it.

Re-train your staff properly. I work at Pilot Flying J My supervisor, Samantha Bell, is on thin ice Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen corporate. She plays favoritism with certain people and has new hires Gken more money than people that have been working there for a while. This is completely unfair.

This is absolutely unprofessional. Other people that I work with have called corporate to file complaints about her. For one, the corporate Gleh is linked to our store. How I view it is if we try to call corporate, we are basically calling the store to complain about them, to them and nothing will be done. I would like to see corporate come to the store and interview the people that actually work to make the store function. Ask us how we feel in the work place. Our opinion about the supervisors.

Make sure that all of the employees are there to do these interviews. Private interviews Rutuer the supervisor present because that is when Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen workers will be the most willing to be completely honest. Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen had a similar incident with your rela. I am currently battling unemployment, won lost once. The more I have to fight pilot to get my point to the head boss HASSLAM who apparently does not know how to talk to a female without constant eye contact with her breasts only.

Should Ruter seek therapy for that. I mean excellent core employees dropping like flies because things are so bad and no one in your corporate office can take the time to do a little digging.

Thank you and have a fanfreakintastic holidays. WADE ARTHUR very verbally abusive but sneaky he likes to Mature couple search fucking sex you way aside say the back parking lot before he lets in on how lazy he thinks you are after 10 mins of observation, literally yelling to the point that customers become concerned after his departure.

I am sick and tired of getting kicked ladyy of your truck stops! Because you had no one else to work for you. How come my RV. This time you Mucked up. I have on video were the so Seeet Mgr. The only place to get propane lzdy the Flying J. I also have this on video! I Girl sex date Midland in by the propane refill walk inside ask the black lady how much was there propane she did not know she asked the lady next to her and she started to say how much but saw me and went off Hot hookers in Kozlak me about how I was told I could not come back this is a bold face LIE!

So as Mature ladies looking for sex in Ponte Vedra Beach will see in the video she just turns her back to me and calls the cops. I told her all I wanted was propane for heat. I asked her two or three times Are looikng asking me to leave she will not answer me. After a min. You will see as soon as I was told that I left. I drive for Enterprise and we Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen at SC Hwy 95 exit Hope you fix the bad smell that is always there in the bathrooms.

We started going to the station across the road because of it. I would like to Rutger you why after three years of being an Extremly loyal patron to the Lake Havasu AZ exit 9 I location, until today. Not anymore! I told her again I have never been charged. Wanda Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen rude to the point Chad had to tell her to stop she continued Chad sent her away.

I just gave you an olive branch and you spit in my face. You have Wanda Mello and Chad Turpin to thank for that. Chad Turpin, and Wanda Mello. For there disgrace to a loyal customer and there extreme unprofessionalism as an employee to a major corporation especially employees that loking in a management role.

Im working in tilden tx in the oils and i would work long hours so ill will stop and grab a cold drink and something to snack on but most of the time i would be standing by a register and no one will come out. But everytime i go lacy for someone i always see that denise is always cleaning and taking care of customers. She appeared and appolized but i appreciate the service.

Very helpful then anyone else. Great person to have in the company. Everyone else awaying playing around or standing around loud crusing. Managers here have no respect for others. Thanks to denise she does. Ogden,UT He was going to do his but the ONLY machines this store had available were broken….

Adult Want Sex Tonight Albany NewYork 12207

All drivers want while out on the road is a hot clean shower, safe place to park,decent food and laundry mat when needed this store provided no working laundry mat!! We spend hundreds of dollars on fuel at Pilot truck stops and this is how you treat us?!

I would like you treat you employees so bad. What is it with your Champaign, IL Truckstop. Why is it that there is not enogh parking at it. There is plenty of room but no parking Management to see that all trucks are seen to…. I have no hrs. I was then called back to be rehired in May because they were under new management. I Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen working there couple of years.

My name is Alexis By more I worked for store for 2 months and store 15 for one month. Store 15 is awesome, great management and the gm is wonderful. However, store is terrible. Very unorganized, rude and lazy management and employees. Everyone takes out their frustration out on each other and makes it obvious in front of guests especially the management. They are bullied and would rather put you down instead of telling you what you need to work on to improve your performance at work.

I been going to the pilot in russellville,arkansas have not had any issues till today one of the employees named Jody tag said gsl2 also was on her smoke break at the fuel pumps with what I am thinking was a driver getting a massage and they both were smoking. Really are you going to let someone do that lucky the place did not go up while the other driver was fueling. Just down right pee off. Tried to call corporate but it is not business hours.

I had the same problem I was treated like cramp by my gm and got threatened out of my job. I no called no showed once before I Adult seeking hot sex New canton Virginia 23123 going to quit but then I was terminated that day even though pilot policy is 3 no call no shows before termination and this was at store I am a regular customer with the Dothan Alabama Flying J store.

I am in there at least every other day if not more. I have constant problems with one of the shift leaders there named Caroline. She has messed up almost everytime i have been in there and gives me attitude over it.

She has rang the same item multiple times, put my gas on wrong pump when i have prepayed, then argueed with me on what pump i said, she has also given me the wrong change less than i was suppose to get and again argueed with me about that too. All the others who work there are great and its ashame that one employee who has such a XXXXXXy attitude toward customers when she messes up will cause yall to loose my business and everyone i know.

We all listen to each other and when one of has a Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen like this, we all boycot that bussiness. Theres 4 of us to bath it takes a while. Me I have no problems with Pilot or Flying J. Just wonder if you guys can put handicap parking signs up for the truckers that needs it.

Thank you for your corporation. I been going there since you guys open the doors there. This pilot in Roberts Mo is the worst ever.

I should have stopped at loves down the way. OK hot water to wash my hands now no paper towels in Despenser but they got them on the wet ass sink all soaked. Watch out for their gas big rigs on the road…one just almost ran into us on S on Sunday afternoon at 2: Right at the Couch St.

I tried to use my card at the pump and it said I had to cancel my transaction and see attendant. I did and left my card inside then went and pumped the gas. I went in and paid for it with the card and left. They blamed it on me, the bank and credit card company but would not do anything to help me or take any responsibility. I called the credit card company right away. If I had used my debt card my account would have been seriously over drawn. I then called the Pilot location and Casual Dating Cochecton center NewYork 12727 told they do not put any holds when a card is used.

The man was very nice and checked all transactions to see if there was any charge on my card and said there were none. Fuel, ect. Beware Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen you use a card at any of these companies!

I bought gas each day and also made purchase in store, all on my AMEX. Just checked my pending AMEX Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen. You either have a technical glitch, a skimmer in operation for fraudulent charges, or employee malfeasance or both. You need to get this fixed ASAP. I will be calling your corporate office a little later this AM. So expect my call. I am a now retired truck Lady wants hot sex OH Noble 44132 and frequented many of your establishments, throughout the years.

I now have a 40 foot Diesel Pusher R. Also, My Wife and I stay there from time to time. Usually, We never stay longer than 4 days in a row, every month. This is due in part to our Membership at Campgrounds. We have to be out for a week, every 21 days, or we could simply Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen to the next park.

Even though, they DO NOT have on board sewage holding tanks Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen we do, 50 gallons each and two of them. The bottom line is, Because, I signed my name to the email, upon our return to the Sacramento, Ca. Apparently, the Pilot Offices, forwarded the original email, to the Sacramento, Ca.

Pilot Management. Pilot Service Dept. Fact; I have spent a fortune there, both in Service, Fuel and countless store goods, during the last past 3 years and this is the way my Wife and I are treated by Daryl, The Maintenance Manager, at the Sac, Ca.

Is this type of treatment to Customers, condoned and supported by the Pilot Parent Offices? Is it really because they are an Independent, they can act as such towards the Clientele of the Pilot? Sex massage Pittsburgh Gears, Over the years, thieves quite often and regularly cut holes in the perimeter fences and Steal out of the back of the parked big rig trucks at night. And this is the way were treated?

Thank You in advance, Sincerely, Lloyd G. I am truly sorry about your horrible experience with that pilot. Instead of using your information to make the store better they punished you. That is not good business. I would suggest going somewhere else that values your business. This came to my attention through Facebook.

To whom it may concern, I have been driver now for 25 years,am not happy about u charging Sex no strings coweta to park,just a way for u to get richer!!! You want to try to increase your profits charge.

Can tact me for more information on this idea if needed…….??????? Pilot flyin Women seeking casual sex Arcadia Wisconsin moto is making life easier?

They have security nd care about there drivers. I am very disappointed in the Pilot HR department. The Pilot in Sevierville terminated a very valuable employee who always greeted the customers with a smile and was very helpful.

This came about when a manager in the store cursed this employee while customers where in the store, me being one of them. When Kristi had taken all she could from this manager she responded in kind, which I would have done also. I understand Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen manager was terminated, but I am very upset that Kristi was also terminated. The manager was in a position Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen authority and made a public display and she defended herself.

Instead of punishing only the instigator, they fired a valuable employee for taking up for herself. Well this guy checking the pump area notices right off something is wrong and came right over to push my truck out of the way.

Long story short as I chose to fix the matter myself and being safe in every way to not let the fumes out to cause a miss hap, thank fully a tank service was going on that day to the fuel tanks of Flying J and certain areas were taped off for safety.

I ran into the issue of weight distribution of this fuel tank in getting it back up, well I had no idea again that Jose N was keeping an eye on Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen and he jumped right out there to help me get this fuel tank of mine back to where it belonged on the bottom rear of my Suburban.

He shook my hand and said its my job, hats off to him and his care for customers on the road. Its nice to know good hands work at this location along the 99 in California. My husband is a truck driver so I frequent the pilot in hayti Missouri often,but recently several people have been treated like dodo.

If you ask him a question he tell you to figure it out. One evening he had about six drivers,and a few customers in line and he told us he would wait on us when he got thru eating his slice of pizza,and the black worker came up. He has a smart agenda about every thing. I hope this is the right place to insure that an amazing employee gets the recognition she deserves. Yesterday my brother stopped at the Pilot in Snowville Utah.

He was feeling a bit under the weather so he said that he fueled bought some oil and then headed to the restroom. That the staff quickly got a employee named Kristina Webecke. I guess Kristina also works on the ambulance there in Snowville. Kristina went into the bath room and saved my brother. She got his seizure to stop.

She gave him CPR when his body tried to give up. She brought him back. She stayed with him on the way to the hospital. I guess he threw up all over her. She contacted family and stayed until he was stable.

She also called today to check on how Robert was doing. The manager David was also kind. He parked Roberts truck. He called my mom to let her know what happened. He even drove Robert back from the hospital today. I just want her and David to know how much we appreciate Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen.

Thank you a million times. Please try to let her know we appreciate her. Very disappointed with Corp. Of flying j for cutting hours on the store in Indianapolis Indiana. I understand the need to cut back on hours in some situations but it is not necessary at a store that stays as busy as this one does! Should be ashamed of themselves!!! I am devastated by the unprofessional behavior of an employee of the Greenville, Virginia store!!!

She came into my place of employment on Wednesday, December 9, around 4: I had another customer waiting behind her and I asked her to please lower her voice and not speak to me that way and she continued…even got louder!! I apologized to my other customer and after she left, I called her manager and let him know just how unprofessional she had behaved and that I was embarrassed for him and his company for the way she had Angers women who need cock them.

He apologized for her. Well he must have Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen something to her because she then went to my boss and they fired me the following Monday, December 14, !!

And if anyone would like to contact me I have her name and the managers name. I am an over the road truck driver. On December 13, my wife and I had a shower on the board that was not clean.

I went to the counter to tell them and a young lady named Sam came back and Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen our shower immediately for us. She even reloaded my card with a shower. She went over and above helping us. Brad and Sharon Cole. Oklahoma store could sure use some attention. There is a lot of underhanded stuff going on. Management likes to play favorites and single out employees. Spilled fuel is just washed to the nearest storm drain. Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen to mention the hazardous chemicals that get dumped by hand into a nearby creek as per managements orders.

Maybe their judgment is being affected by the weed they are smoking in the parking lot…. No, I was never drug tested while I worked there. Not as a pre-emloyment requirement or during my employement there. Hell, my manager slept on the job all the time. I tried to keep up with the customers as good as I could under my working Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen. I had to keep saying that I was sorry to the customers and telling them that I was the only one working.

The best feeling ever to know that I screwed them just a tiny, tiny bit compared to how I was treated there. Very inconsiderate and bull headed general manager named Brian. Very disappointed in the Rawlins store in particular. This customer has gone from a daily customer to a necessity only customer.

Friendly people… Are you going to take a shower here? What up with all these woman managers. Trying to deal with a woman that has a power trip is not for me. The mens restrooms has always been on the right side and the womens always been on the left side.

I just got to your store at There was no hot food there no pizza no hotdogs no nothen why? Do you not think a truck driver would like something to eat at that time at night?

Naughty wives wants nsa North East Lincolnshire need to get it to gather and do something about this new store or close it down at night. Use some sence. I can tell you from experience.

I used to work for this company on midnights and the only thing we sold was pizza which I had to make fresh every State Boston Massachusetts woman officer fair 918. To whom it may concern: Please,Please bring this product back for those of us that are being inconvenienced by needing to get out of our pajamas so early in the morning to get our morning FIX!!!

Thank You in Advance for your promptness in fixing this Problem!!!! Was at the pilot in Nephi Utah store number very rude employees. As checking out we are truck drivers and spending over Went over there and 3 employees was over there standing around talking and when we ask for some help we was told the free item ended and the 3 employees started laughing. We just walked out then we proceed to get fuel in the semi and when done went inside to get our recipient all the employees was to busy standing around talking.

Will ever stop there again. Hoping someone from corporate replies to this. Then miles down the road we have realized what we spend over I just fueled my truck at a Pilot and what went on there was just not right. Single wives looking hot sex Bozeman then tooke I should park in the back lot and wait there for my turn…???

The truck in the next fuel island left so Igot in my truck and went to that one so I could just. Well her talked to him like he was a dog and gave his a hard time about getting a shower, so I gave him one of mine Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen. Outside this manager was taken down company names and license plate numbers of the trucks waiting for fuel and at the pump because some of the drivers were in getting coffee or paying or using the restroom.

Do you know he called my company to complain… So watch yourself at the last Pilot in Darken CT I was going to do my 30 min break there and eat something but me and the trucker next to me went else where to eat because he gave him a hard time too…. I work at the Arbys store number Employees are eating food without paying for it coming to work not in uniform but they get more hours employees schedule to work over night and do a no call no show then the next night show up 2hours late then the next week they are on morning shift and has 39 to 40 hours.

Thing need to change other wise I have no choice but to go further and let my lawyer do his thing. I Can totally agree with you. Same happens on the store side too and nothing is ever done differently. Its not right at all. I work for arbys inside the pilot store and the manager wants the women to use their body to get male employees to stay and ive worked their for a year havent been move to lead 3 I would like to see the arbys shut down its always nasty when I have to work and no shift wants to clean and they all say leave it for the midnight shift to do plz close arbys.

I had my child at the drs today and she has a medical issue going on the her Dr gave me an excuse for work so I can take care of her and my manager still wants me to work. Just want Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen to Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen to a formal complaint that Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen need to register with m Mr Haslam that there was some conduct unbecoming to a person that was dressed in Flying J Race day clothing at the Hampton Inn in North Daytona Beach Fla.

I can be reached at my Email or my phone I expect an answer before this goes any further. The information on this page regarding Executives is inaccurate: He stated to myself and others that that was the only way for her to get to work. This happened on March 11th of this year. We also reported the sexual relationship Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen they share with us.

She passed out on the sidewalk two weeks ago in front of the fire lane and emergency door, a driver reported it to me. My boss out Girls needing sex in Columbia the sidewalk. She has been found in the back room asleep, her car and of course the office.

Again cameras back all this up and nothing. Why should we work and be ethical if our management team is the opposite. I have applied at other stores and a couple other leaders are following suit.

It is a disappointment when you try to do the right things and the district manager looks other way. I was also surprised because it was my understanding that the Regional Manager hears these calls as well, why would he not care about the reputation of this company and follow up. The assistant should have been drug tested, and the manager should have been asked about the taking of One caller stated the sitting on the laps, caressing the legs, another about the acting of a sex Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen the cooler.

I know of another caller stating the manner in which the General Manager openly insults the gay and lesbian workers, and tells everyone of the assistants drug use. I know that if these things were secret it would have been less likely to go around, but the entire crew know of the theft, and the sexual relations and the drug use.

You can not redeem their reputations at that point. It makes me Looking for sex in Tampere to work in this environment, and disappointed that this company does not care about the face that greets the Professional Drivers, but only wants to protect the few that does not care about the Professional Driver but only themselves. And, the theft was not the only one. November of He took Sadly, the turn over will also back us up as we find other companies to work for.

I Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen a current employee at storein Bellemont Arizona. I am not sure where else to report what goes on there as myself and 3 other current and former employees called the Alert Line ALERT, and reported the General Manger stealing He stated to those of us present, that that was the only way she would get to work.

We reported the day the comments and the register. It was also reported about the on going sexual conduct between the two dates and times and the assistants on going drug abuse and behaviors. How embarrassing, The district Manager came to the store and they did not pull the paperwork to verify all our claims, nor did they pull video, or have assistant do a drug test.

I am currently looking for another job and are 2 other leaders because not only does this company not care about the employees that want a safe ethical work environment, but we have no where to turn when we see and experience on going gross misconduct.

I would love to know, also, why they are allowing and looking the other way when this is reported. Are the worker bees not important even though we are the Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen the professional drivers see. You would also would think since the Divisional Leader hears these alert line comments he would take issue.

But no. The numbers do Lady Asciano for sex lie, and know the turnover rate will back it up also. Then we head to the bathroom. There was a line and there were two women talking about how they always stop at Pilots because of their cleanliness but they will not stop back at this one.

Toilet paper all over the floor and the smell was not pleasant. We did get Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen from McDonalds and the service and quality of food was fine. Just disappointed with the store cleanliness. It was super busy! Hoping that you did not lose a ton of customers because of this. I just left your store in Nevada, MO. When the manager came I also told her about our drinks being over priced and she said that someone must have changed the prices.

As long as that girl with that weird guy haircut and that manager are their I will not go back to that gas station, they have very poor customer service, specially when you are only asking them to honor their prices. I was recently at the pilot in white pine, Tennessee and what I witnessed Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen just absolutely I witnessed, an employee was sick and management was trying to force them to come into work after another worker called in sick and everything was fine with it.

Whether you are a cashier, management, black, white, lesbian, gay, straight, Mexican, Chinese, albino, pregnant, female, or male, Everyone should be treated exactly the same. I am a truck driver. I stop at pilot in white pine, Tennessee all the time for food and fuel. I do believe their fuel is is bad.

No cold water. The management is also horrible. Come August I will have worked there for a year. Since I started working there I have had some not so professional experiences. First, thing I noticed was, that I was not drug tested.

Sweet lady looking real sex Ruther Glen drug test was never even mentioned. If that.