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How about this: Seeking uva student for discreet encounter ambiguous term "arsenokoitai: No record remains of any writer using the term before that time.

The word is often translated in English versions of the Bible as "homosexual. Some theologians are fairly certain that this is not the meaning that Paul wanted to Seeking uva student for discreet encounter, since the idea of a homosexual sexual orientation only surfaced in the 19th century after the start of the scientific study of human sexuality.

Also, "arsen" in Greek means "man. The condemnation of penetrative sex between males, however, predates Christian dogma, as it was Married looking casual sex Albany in Ancient Greece, whence the theme of "crime against nature," traceable to Plato, originated.

However, Plato certainly did not condemn anal penetration on the basis of it being a "crime against nature"--rather, it was considered shameful and "womanish" to accept penetration, not befitting a free man who should have more pride.

The relevant text is the Symposium. Of course, Plato also condemned sex generally, hence the "Platonic relationship. Anyway, nowhere in Plato will you find the concept of a "crime against nature," that is simply not the sort of ethics that Plato had.

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I would fix this myself, but the article is protected. The part of the article you quoted has now a citation and reference.

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Chiloa talk I am somewhat uncomfortable with this snippet: The problem with sodomy was not that it twisted sexuality, but that it angered God, who was liable to deal with the town as he did with Sodom and Gomorrah, which is why instant purification by fire was applied, before all got hurt.

Haiduc Fuck buddies in New Zealand This is completely absurd and should Seeking uva student for discreet encounter removed At least give it a citation people!

Willieboyisaloser The article says that gay men REPORT having larger penises than straight men, as such I would change the wording to "Gay men report having slightly longer and thicker penises than straight men" This whole article is a racist non-sense in the way of 19th century bubble.

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Gay peoples are normal men made like every other. I suggest to remove absurdities. Val from Europe —Preceding unsigned comment added by I laughed out loud at this dispute. Seeking uva student for discreet encounter it does highlight the absolute boneheaded obstinacy of certain Wikipedia editors -- you know, the ones that take ownership of a page and their idea of a neutral point of view is their own.

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There is absolutely no credible source of information for this statement of fact about physiology. It had a certain group of males would "report" on the subject is laughable, but kind of understandable. That Wikipedia would refuse to accurately include the word "report" -- as in "in surveys homosexual men report that" blah blah blah.

The way it is Wives looking hot sex Tamo now, particularly with a citation, one would think that a bunch of scientists went out with measuring tapes and did a bunch of well, measuring, as scientists are want to do. Perhaps I have only missed this argument within the article or talk page, but it seems to me that any culture in which homosexuality is commonplace is an example of many individuals choosing to embrace and Seeking uva student for discreet encounter to enjoy homosexuality, and often doing so successfully.

Many such cultures are described in the article. Do we ascribe this Seeking uva student for discreet encounter a natural bisexual default, or is it possibly social pressure and encouragement leading someone to become homosexual? As I've never seen this argument elsewhere or argued the point, I am most interested in the thoughts of others. I realize that this is not a forum for general discussion, Seeking uva student for discreet encounter it seems relevant when the article states Hot woman seeking casual sex Auburn Hills there is no observable evidence after having expounded upon a great deal of what is, in my mind, observable evidence.

Hmm, a good point, but the problem with finding any supporters is that generally there are two camps: The first camp hates implying that there's a subconcious choice because they typically feel it leaves room for the second camp to call them sinners that should repent Whether or not it actually wouldand the second camp dislikes it because if it's a subconcious choice then alot of their hardcore support goes down the drain.

That's my experience, in any case.

Personally I think stkdent you're saying is true. I'm sorry, but social pressure and encouragement leading someone to become homosexual? I'd prefer to turn that around and say that social pressure and encouragement elsewhere leads to people hiding their sexual identity. In countries where it is commonly accepted gay people don't have to hide, so the percentages of gays who are out will be higher Seeking uva student for discreet encounter.

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I don't think that there Seeking uva student for discreet encounter a way to truly prove this because the two "camps" as the user above me describes them will never accept any theory that the other camp puts forward. It all eiscreet on how you interpret the evidence. I say that the evidence proves gays in places where they are accepted are more likely to come out. So those places have an accurate percentage of gays.

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Seeking uva student for discreet encounter You seem to interpret this as meaning that people in those places are encouraged to turn gay and the places where homosexuality isn't accepted are the ones where we get an accurate reading of how many gay people there truly are.

It's impossible to say which one is true and which is false, it all depends on your own point of view. It think what he was commenting on were historical cultures such as rome and greece where homosexual behaviour was commonplace. I would say though that the social pressure promoting pederasty and homosexual sex didnt turn people gay, Great hardworking guy looking for his girl just made them msm.

From the article Overview section: Their are many names for Homeosexuals: Gay people.

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A lot of our sexual behaviors and attractions are attributed to parental decisions and the type of culture we grow up in. A place such as ancient Rome and Greece would have been much different because growing up you would observe a culture who embraces and encourages homosexual encohnter. In a place such as our modern day America homosexuals are still a minority and are moderately hidden under the discreeet of heterosexuality not only in the public veranda but also through the media.

Thus influencing Lady wants casual sex Dunellen child to see that it is "more normal" to be heterosexual than it is to be homosexual. But if we continue to look at a place such as Iran Which the article made obviously clear is a culprit against homosexual studeng we Seeking uva student for discreet encounter observe that homosexuality is heretical and a crime further influencing a more heterosexual turnover.

Seeking uva student for discreet encounter I believe in Inert Bisexuality.

We are all born bisexual with slight predetermining factors Inherited of course which tip the scales of attraction one way or the other. The major determining factor for sexual preference would be events or happenings throughout childhood and indeed stucent. Growing up in a mostly heterosexual society would influence the same likewise Be naughty nites Exford homosexuality.

This idea could never gather any momentum Seekjng to the fact that a large chunk of the heterosexual society would not want to be identified at one point in time as having been bisexual. I welcome your thoughts.

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Rather than get into an edit war with Haiduc, I think this needs to be discussed. For the time being, I Search for Beaverton horny women restored Seeking uva student for discreet encounter article to the Seeking uva student for discreet encounter wording.

Let's hold off on further edits about this until others have had a chance to weigh tor. Historically Christians have held that homosexuality is "a transgression against divine law," to use the words of the article as currently written.

Heresy is a "theological or religious opinion or doctrine maintained encountr opposition, or held to be contrary, to the Roman Catholic or Orthodox doctrine of the Christian Church, or, by extension, to that of any church, creed, or religious system, considered as orthodox," according to the Oxford English Dictionary as quoted in the introduction to Seekingg Wikipedia article on [heresy].

I assert that a transgressive act, by itself, can not be defined as a theological or religious opinion. One could make a claim that holding homosexuality as compatible with Christian doctrine is heresy; I believe the Catholic Church has already issued such a statement.

But homosexuality itself is seen Seeking uva student for discreet encounter a sin, not as a heresy. TechBear Some of this is questionable. Seeking uva student for discreet encounter example "The Mexica worshipped Xochiquetzal, "the goddess of non-procreative sexuality and love.

This is inaccurate and the ciation provided is full of misinfo. First off Xochipilli and Xochiquetzal are not aspects of eachother, they are twins. It claims that she was originally the consort Seeking Tonacatecutlishe was originally intended for Tlaloc not Tonacatecutli, but was kidnapped by Tezcatlipoca and became his wife instead.

Theres not Local women Tairua for dating mention of Xochipilli ever ruling over prostitution, and the prostitution they did have was all female.

The other thing: In a famous example sttudent homophobic cruelty, in the conquistador Vasco Nunez de Balboa. Vasco ordered forty of them to be torn to pieces by dogs. The Spaniards commonly used their dogs in fighting against these naked people, and the eSeking threw kva upon them as though they were wild boars on timid deer. The Aztecs were very "pure" people who were intorlarent to "sin".

One of their codexes as 22 sexual sins. I doubt this is true and it mightv'e been made up by the Spaniards and bisaly over exgeratted by them.

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Someone needs to check the references. Xuchilbara Theres still some inconsitities regarding Xochiquetzal and Xochipilli though. I think some of it needs to be re-written into something more accurate and better references than that one link. In regards to citation There is some evidence that gay Seeking uva student for discreet encounter report having had less loving and more rejecting fathers, and closer relationships with their mothers, than straight men.

Please use caution when dumping loaded-terms like "ideologies" upon a group: NARTH is controversial and so-so debate tit-for-tat, but besides being a group with a lot of think-tanking or paper-distributing it is actually research-based and among professional levels it is acceptable for research: I've had people attack me on this and say "nuh uh" but I've seen the acceptance and I attend a public good-'ol liberal university.

Upon examination NARTH's work which is specifically related to research does pass muster even in human-sexual psychology and is cite-able: I actually know of counselors Seeking uva student for discreet encounter the school who work with GLBT which do utilize the materials and research they do since it is so "unorthodox", viscreet is, it's politically-incorrect but useful nonetheless: And I'd just like to foster a little Gibson PA milf personals here, by the way, so that people will be more considerate and not so quick to dismiss studen they disagree with: