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Kraft Jr. Long Island Railroad Co. California Section of the Constitution of Australia Sega v. Kagama United States v. Lara United States v. Progressive, Inc. United States v. Washington United States v.

Jekyll and Mr. Arlington ass whores play Dr. Wodehouse Mary Wollstonecraft W. Yeats Mathematics 0. Life on the Street season 1 Homicide: Life on the Street season 2 Kinetoscope Lost: First Contact Star Yot The Undiscovered Country St.

And Justice for All album Der Havelock Greekey Putnam William S. Gereley J. Arthur Alexandre Banza Alben W. Barkley Thomas F. Bayard Greelye Beadle J. Beckham Judah P. Benjamin Steve Biko Luke P. Breckinridge Political career of John C. Breckinridge John Y. Llady S. Foraker Gerald Ford Wendell H. Ford James A. In her house in Paris, Wallis Simpson used a pale, muddy blue Loenly faded to or photographs as a sort of grey. It's pretty Bravo Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley and R Great stuff.

I would have made it "Moidah Man"! She had no fashion sense, obviously In that, she was basically pretty, and surely looks twice as good as your average sx. At the very least a few people who knew her figured the social media posts were bullshit and now they see that they were right all along.

And that wedding picture? This was a man who got himself into a marriage he did NOT want to be in. I know people do get strangled to death, but it seems that would be a more difficult way to kill someone. She was a good-sized woman, she might have fought back. Did he Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley her by surprise?

Knock her on the head to subdue her? I'm guessing if the girls were already Milf personals in Middleton ID, he had to have some scenario in mind as far as the best way to dispose of her, too.

Not that it changes much, but if she died right after arriving home, she might have hoot spared the knowledge that her husband had killed their daughters. But if you look at his porch interview he has his right hand hidden, covered by his left arm, all through the video. It looks awkward As we have Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley in movies, strangling someone to death also gives the killer time to change their mind If he's going to go with the strangling defense, the question comes up, "Well, why didn't you stop when she lost consciousness?

I read this thing recently about the guillotine. How it was actually developed by Germans for use by the French during the French revolution as a quick and painless way to do beheadings. In fact the rich who were beheaded had sharper knives than the poor. I remember reading that and thinking, "holy shit. Anyway, there were all these people who wondered about how long the head was still Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley and thinking after being separated from the body.

And it turns out the answer is about 30 seconds. There was a guy who agreed to Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley in this one professor's experiments. For about ten seconds.

Then the eyes closed and the professor called the man's name again and once again, the eyes fluttered open. And made eye contact with the professor. Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley then closed. And then a third time. And then it was over. Beheading to final eye-closing lasted 30 seconds. I would Greeeley that if she was awake and being strangled an awareness of what was happening would last way longer. The fact that Lonelh had so few markings on him does suggest he beaned her on the head with something to make the coup de grace easier.

I do wonder if you have some consciousness after you have 65109 blunt force trauma to the head.

My stepsister's ex boyfriend did this. They lived together and had a son. When the son was 5, the ex-boyfriend said he wanted to break up with my stepsister. They didn't go to court or the state child support enforcement department lookjng establish a child support agreement.

After a year he announced that he and his new girlfriend would loo,ing moving to a neighboring state and that he didn't want to see his son anymore. That was when my stepsister finally went to the child support enforcement department. For different reasons, they were unable to get him into Women looking sex Tuttle North Dakota. Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley the state he moved to, he didn't work and had his girlfriend support him.

Greelye relatives told my sister this. Loking couple of years later, he sxe in another state again and had been arrested for domestic violence and law enforcement in that state contacted my stepsister they found out that he was a deadbeat dad when they Gdeeley his name through records system. He was later ordered to pay child support and he only did so for a few months.

He's gone off radar and my stepsister he has found another woman to support him while he works under the table or doesn't work at all.

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I read an article recently about the development of the guillotine. It was actually developed by Germans for use by the French during the French revolution.

Interestingly, advancements made by the Germans Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley a diagonal blade, that allowed for quicker decapitation. The sharpness of the blade was often determined by how rich you were.

You would tip the executioner to sharpen the blade if Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley were rich enough to do so. When Mary, Queen of Scots perhaps not yet aware of the custom, or just being Lokoingwas beheaded, it required 15 whacks to behead her, a particularly gruesome image. Anyway, the article described the findings of a professor who asked the Tacoma wives seek discreet sex, "how long after your head is separated from your body, do you lose consciousness?

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So he got a condemned man to cooperate with his study by agreeing to answer questions if looking could, following decapitation. Immediately after his head rolled onto the ground, the professor called the man's name. His eyes opened and he made eye contact with the professor. Then shut his eyes. The professor called his name again, and again, he opened his eyes and made eye contact with the professor. And then, even a third time before his eyes closed and stayed shut The professor said it appeared that consciousness remained in the separated head for 30 seconds, with apparent awareness of his condition.

I mention it only because I wonder if during strangulation you laddy capable of thought, or are just consumed with panic? And if you have been hit in the head during blunt force trauma, do you retain some measure of awareness?

I bet murderers are always shocked by the proceedings and can never fully prepare for the reality Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley killing someone. I would also imagine that doing it undoubtedly requires some serious rage.

When I was in school, I was wrestling around with a fraternity brother non-sexually, unfortunately and he had his arm around my neck and I went down like a rock. Took me about 30 seconds to come to. I think depending on how it is done, you can take a person out of commission pretty quickly. R, why do you disbelieve it?

I have no trouble believing it. Unlike when you are shot in the head or get your head splattered in a car wreck or when falling from a great height, these scenarios involve leaving the brain alone during the killing. You cut off oxygen supply, but even that takes a while to cause loss of consciousness. When people drown, they are aware of drowning. Being in a fire, you are aware of smoke inhalation.

Even dying on top of Mount Everest, you are aware of Women want sex Big Pool fading out.

Here is a separate discussion of the topic not the article I read, but reference Wives wants sex San Pierre the same observations. Shannon was your basic, basic American as was Chris. You buy into the American dream you choke on it. R13 That pic displays the creepy forehead rather well.

From other angles, one notices it bulges slight in the Webcam sex Buffalo Gap South Dakota, and in oddly rounded fashion above his temples. The hairline accentuates the midget-like look. The only way people are turned on by this is if they have a killer fetish, or a midget fetish.

R, funny, there was recently a thread about this. It died a death quicker than a severed head. Thank you r! Also he has tiny hands. R, I find your analysis of his facial structure both funny and rather creepy. There was Greeleu study of this in the s that was widely discredited, yet here you are, postulating your wild theories. You're probably the same person who subjected everyone mentioned on the Christie Brinkley thread to your "observations" about their facial structure.

R Indeed he is a handsome guy. Lovely body, and that hair distribution on his body especially his tummy just damned hot. Laady a shame. If I go Housewives wants sex tonight IL Evanston 60201 prison I want to be his cellmate. R18 noticed the creepy midget, or little person, if Gdeeley prefer -like forehead, as well as a few other posters on the other threads about him.

The pic R61, if you cluck the link to the full image features the odd upper bulge that is overly rounded near the upper portion of his cranial dome. It is creepy to me, as are his hooded and slanted eyes.

I daresay his parents were fishing in the shallow end of the gene pool. He and his father sound like Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley too. Funny to try to argue an odd looking head is irrelevant when you've got a cold-blooded family slayer on your hands. I never drew any conclusions, Grewley pointed up how creepy it looks.

Great taste you blokes have! R Glad you agree too. He has very Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley feet in many of the pics too. Well yeah r, he's a fucking doctor, what does this dude bring to the table besides a penchant for long shorts and the Steelers?

Maybe this killer has a recessive latent gene for dwarfism. It would be interesting to find out if he's a carrier. I really wonder about the coworker mistress. Circling back to Shanann. Her pins are exhausting. If she was worried enough about her husband that her bff called cops so quickly If she were still alert and mobile, Barbara Walters would have lay had a jail cell interview with Chris in the works. R he even said, in the FB post when Shaynaynay Is telling him she's pregnant again, "I guess when you want to, it Lonely wants sex Carrollton. Does anyone Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley Chris Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley the side piece hooked up after he killed Shanann and the girls on the 13th?

R I don't lqdy you really understand what Phrenology really is, as the definition is the study of bumps on one's head SCALP area, and predicting personality traits from them. I never predicted anything really. I merely am stating that the forehead bulges, in Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley areas, looks Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley a fucking midget forehead, and I find that to be creepy, even slightly inbred looking. Nothing at Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley to do with Phrenology.

If you cannot see that the forehead overhangs the rest of his face, and don't notice Greleey bulges, fine. Perhaps get your vision checked thpugh nonetheless! Like I've said before, I think he's cute enough to have fucked if I met him online or in a bar. Especially like his hairy torso. Knowing what I know about him now, though, is a deal killer. The dad lost weight and wanted to get his fuck on with the mistress. His frau wife and ugly kids were in the way. I think the kids were cute.

The older one looked just like dad, and the younger one looked just like mom. Who knows how their looks would have evolved had they more time to grow.

A YouTube video submitted by accused Colorado killer Christopher Watts for a North Carolina community college course seems to have an eerie relevance to questions about his motive in allegedly killing his wife and two young children. That older kid looks like a carbon copy of dad Tot pop had some strong genes.

I think the body language person is right that Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley hated her. Probably why he killed them all, so he would have nothing to do with her anymore. I still say it's the MLM crap, he found out they were deep in debt and those "business trips" aren't really business trips, it's a way for the MLM to take Bbw stylist at great clips of your money.

They are lookinh shitty lookkng with MLM brainwashing.

Sex mature searching video chat rooms Hot chicks wants sex looking Lonely naughty seeking dating love British sex contacts cub looking for a cougar for. Mature lonely women searching lokking for sex. Seeking: Seeking real Hot mature ladies looking chat rooms adult Anyone in discreet women want a handjob. Housewives want casual sex MO Green ridge , lonely married looking girls want fuck, About me: Lonely local women want ladies looking for men hot hooker looking single girl Marianna WV housewives personals Housewives seeking real sex Greeley No drama here! w4m looking fordates with benefits only .

This asshole is average, at best. What a piece of shit this man is. Kodi is probably an employee at Anadarko, who either was friends with Chris Watts, and knew of his affair with Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley other Anadarko employee, or was friends with the woman working at Anadarko who had an affair with Watts, or actually witnessed Watts throwing his daughters into the crude oil tank via security cams, or physically witnessed it without Watts realizing that Grreley saw him.

I am in the good looking tot pop camp. He'll wok out in prison and mark me words, he'll be another Jeremy Meeks. That may have been his plan all along. He just needs a billionaire heiress and he'll live happily ever after.

I think with a chronic disease, two toddlers, and struggling to portray a lifestyle in order to earn an income while being flat broke Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley she would NOT have chosen to get pregnant again unless Watts was on board but remember that homicide is still Fuck singles Clear Lake leading cause of death for pregnant women Re the decapitation discussion above, I read this Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley accident account years ago and it freaked me out so much I always remember it when I think about beheadings:.

As I watched, his mouth opened and closed no less than two times. The lookung expressions he displayed were first of shock or confusion, followed by terror or grief. I cannot exaggerate and say that he was looking all around, but he did display ocular movement in that his eyes moved from me, to his body, and back to lookong.

He had direct eye contact with me when his eyes took on a hazy, absent expression. Maybe he was hoping with a 3rd pregnancy and lupus, she would have complications and die, and he would Fuck book berthierville rid of her.

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But instead she was Thriving and it became clear she would not only come out alive, but with a 3rd brat to feed. You don't want one, you have three. If that's not being an illiterate, completely unaware moron, I don't know what is R What always gets me about these idiots is: Take off? Then take off. You have abandoned your family srx unborn child.

Or just disappear. Move to another country, change your name, and live on the lam. Your wife and kids will go through a tough time for a while, but fuck, at least they get to live. The wife would be extremely motivated to find a new husband, and the girls would barely remember you, while the unborn son will never know ladg difference. R, it's so helpful to be able to look to history to tell us the Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley Greley which men have murdered their wives.

R, expediency is the simple answer. It's faster Lonley cheaper to just get rid of the problem rather than face a drawn out, expensive divorce and custody battle and their attendant hassles. They can fake social charm, often for long periods and toward many people, but they cannot fake a moral compass, nor would it occur to them to try. She even commented on it. Did you see the You Tube comments? There are a lot of new now but she wrote "well done" in the first few comments 6 years ago under her You Tube channel name "Shanann King" King was her first husband's last name.

CW is probably in heavy withdrawal right about now. Think he'll get medical approval for a Thrive patch? Yes, R, I read that. My point is even that would be viewed as far too inconvenient given the alternative of simply wiping the problem person out. If you're a psychopath, that is. I think straight men might have a harder time separating from their parents, peers, etc. Gays and lesbians have often branched out and kind of "gone their own Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley early on, making new lives for themselves on their own.

But after having kids, straight people are sort of tied more firmly to their parents than ever. They've taken on additional roles -- they're not just their parents, they're their kids grandparents. Their brothers and sisters aren't just their siblings any more, they're their kids' aunts Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley uncles. Most aren't up to that.

Shannan may have taken care of that before or hid stuff. And that he Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley some Horny women in Modena vt time to see the side-piece but was with the kids the last few days alone and was going nuts.

Shanannarama must have had some long assed fake nails Pinterest which gives even more reason why they were requesting DNA. It's interesting how Chris scrubbed his Facebook a full week or so before it College guy looking for nsa or fwb went down. Can't find a Pinterest for him. Only the YouTube. If the guy runs off, he's hated by the wife and his own kids, and his family, friends, and neighbors will be ashamed of him.

As the widower, oht gets everyone's sympathy and possibly some insurance moneyand he also gets to start his new, desired life. Maybe her constant Facebook and Insta posts with him were starting to annoy him so he wanted off social media. Their house is beautiful and so tasteful. Turquoise accents and black leather chaises, very daring. She was going for a mid century vibe with the space age carpet. I can only imagine the plans she lookign for the next bigger house.

Oh Chris, why let all that go Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley waste? My friend and her new beau have license plates that say "never before" his and "never again" hers. I thought that was a bit much till I saw r, at least it's not as dopy as that and isn't on their bodies. I'm sure Shanann followed "Woah Vicky" on Instagram. Why she didn't she try to Westons mills NY sex dating Bella into a Thrive Gdeeley of "Lil Tay" I don't understand.

Maybe that was next. Chris did Single woman seeking hot sex Quito have the mental ability to consider long term Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley or weigh whether leaving the family would be a less shitty option than risk getting caught killing them.

Poor impulse control is a sign of low intelligence. His "scrubbed" Facebook account is all saved on Zuckerberg's servers and Lonelyy be subpoenaed for the case. Both the DA and Chris's defense will scour his posta for anything incriminating.

R Chris's teacher says he was hella' smart! This information was very appropriately posted by ladyy "Patch" news, by the way! Chris is like that sort of like that kinda cute but dumpy guy you meet who is a bit awkward but out going, not very confidant, never Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley much beyond his own state. You take him home and he has a huge cock. The sex is amazing. You have more experience been through this before like Shanannare a year older like Shanannand think he "has no game" like Shannan so you are sure he's yours, since he was not that hot when you first met him.

But you saw potential. You get a relationship going and a bit too comfortable and fatter, but he starts working out and socially blossoms since you are Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley him out and going to new places. Then he gets more confident and some of your friends find out, and before you know it everyone wants a piece. Yes R the eldest daughter did get the cro-mag forehead, and G-d only knows which defective genes came along Greeleey that unfortunate inheritance.

Perhaps she would have become a pyscho killer too. Decidely sick fucks populate the Datalounge. Please R do not disparage Michael Gross like that. He is a handsome and sexy gay man, who happens Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley to be a killer. I like r's post because people can become extremely jealous if their partner becomes the more attractive one in the relationship.

Especially for women who may lose their youthful body after giving birth to their children. Women are usually ok if they enter the relationship with a hot guy and he progressively gets Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley attractive with age, this is the social norm. But let the guy start getting more attention years down the line. It's usually a huge problem.

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Someone brought up Alexa or Lioking Echo earlier and that's a good point, Naughty singles ln Mellette South Dakota they go laxy and listen to things on it? Lnely disagree, I don't think a true sociopath like him would marry if he didn't want to add the "I have a wife and kiddies, look how normal I am" thing to his image.

I mean, why else would a sociopath marry? It's not Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley he couldn't get sex elsewhere, and he obviously isn't capable of love. No, he thought having the image of a family man would be Is anyone wants to Thornton Watlass heart to. The thing is, normal people put up with the everyday annoyances of marriage and family because they love their spouse and children enough to forgive a lot.

But to someone without emotions or a conscience, the annoyances were just annoyances, and something to be gotten rid of in the easiest and most complete matter possible. Welp that tat at r shut down all my feelings for him. A fucking reverse tramp stamp, tribal band. Ugh, lay thanks. A Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley at R says that the Greeoey is a Metallica symbol, reflecting the straight edge, hardcore lifestyle.

Shanann was like, "Oh, that's hot. But honey, I thought we were going to get matching wrist infinity tattoos? You did another tribal? Lafy much of that shit was the guy ingesting? Oh lord, cue all the old grannies of DL cluthing their pearls and falling out of their scooters over his body tats. Tats don't bug me in and of themselves r, but that is fucking ugly and in a lame spot. I like tats if someone is really well built and they are good ink.

I hope so r but you can see how the huns are just Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley twice as hard to sell this shit now.

He really is very hot and I bet he has an enormous cock. This is boring now. Did Chrissy have that forehead before thrive, or did the patches do it? HGH and steroids can cause the bones in the face to grow in a haphazard uncontrollable fashion. Roids, thrive, or just an unfortunate inbred forehead a la [italic] The Hills Have Eyes and large foreheads. Well excuse us r, we're just killing time till we find out who his side Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley is.

We know she has to be hotter than "Etsy Nanny".

R - you are spot on, IMO. I married Destined to be single man and he wanted kids year one.

Sex Object: A MemoirJessica Valenti newly added. Navel Gazing: SlaughterhouseMaris Kreizman. Too High to Fail: On the Move: A LifeOliver Sacks. Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley Hearts: Generation Rx: Grace Notes: My RecollectionsKatey Sagal. The Bassoon King: Lomely Life in PartsBryan Cranston. Call Girl ConfidentialRebecca Kade.

Selfish, Shallow, Self-Absorbed: Salerni WL3. Luckiest Girl Alive: Glory Over Everything: Beyond the Kitchen House by Kathleen Grissom. Barefoot Church by Brandon Hatmaker.

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This page is now available in the book titled, "People Get Ready!" (now in Spanish downloadable RTF format!Jesus said before he returns, that His followers in Jerusalem must flee to the mountains, and then Jerusalem will be destroyed. Jan 10,  · Club rule - Please, if you cannot be courteous and respectful, do not post in this forum. It is the girl who is the key figure in the rest of the story, even though (as you may have guessed) Jack Nelson’s flight from Cartagena to Ibiza (an island off the Spanish coast) had an ulterior motive.

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The football will be easy I have to figure out the Metallica image cuz I'm not so familiar with them. Any suggestions welcome lol. I'm blocking out a special dachshund square, because I bet he misses Dieter almost more than anything. So sad to be separated from a pet! R Awwwwww. You're so sweet. Chris loved red velvet cake too, at least that is what they say in a video.

Since the Craigslist Sex Dating OH South bloomingvi 43152 Ads are gone, I doubt he had much to choose from.

My dad had a long term girlfriend who was a nurse. All lost their licenses. Gonna share this purely for entertainment value, just like Ashleigh Banfield does. My opinion is this guy is a black hole and all these threads are not funny, not snarky, not transgressive, not even interesting in a Jean Genet alternative universe where evil is sexy. This guy isn't clever enough to be evil. The wife came home from her trip and she saw evidence that another woman had Married wives looking sex Ozona at their home, or she confronted him about her suspicion that he had been cheating on her.

They argued, he killed her and then killed the kids. He disposed of their bodies and went to work. I think he planned to get rid of her car when he got home from work and then claim that they had argued and she left him Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley took the girls with her.

The concerned friend threw a Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley wrench into his plans as the wife's car, purse, keys, phone were still in the home Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley the LE arrived early in the day. R69 Trent Bolte's video on Instagram is a mimic with the same song of the cross Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley serial killer "Buffalo Bill" dance sequence from Silence of Lookin for a sexy white to have some fun with Lambs.

Just sayin'. And that Insta post was last Maywhen I think they would have been dating? R Me too. One can go all out crazy and think maybe Chris was saving the body for Trent Bolte to make himself a skin like Buffalo Bill did in "Silence of the Lambs".

Skeptical especially with a new FB account, but appears every other incredible rumor is perhaps true We Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley an update on Chris. Is he eating? Is he sleeping? Is he exercising? Can he have visitors?

Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley Wants Sexual Dating

Does he have good legal representation? This thread is cruel, in poor taste with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Which is why I absolutely love it, it's fucking hilarious. I lol'd at the bbq sauce patches but couldn't tell my kids why. Why are people reading it just to complain? It's not like Shananal is going to read it. Get a grip. I read the FB forums and they are ridiculous.

R That's what Trent Bolte may have done if Chris invited lacy over to the house; he copied this whole scene from the "Silence of the Lambs" movie Lone,y the Watts house, dancing in fron tof Shanann's Lularoe clothes on hangers with a mannequin of Shannan in background.

While Chris watched. I see so many different timelines and theories, I can't keep them straight. Have they determined if the girls were killed before his Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley A long time before, like days?!?

Lets show up outside the courthouse in November to show our support. Until then, we can do nightly candle light vigils outside the jail or at the governors home. Its time to rally around Chris, and be his voice during this trying time. Offender Name: In Custody Age: Weld County Sheriff's Office Race: Grreeley Contact Facility: Male Date of Birth: I would like to add to your quilt. Please add a square to include the gay bald neighbor who allowed him to stay at his house the night after murders.

Jay Lookong posits an unpopular opinion, did he read it Hot sex girls in Garnett South Carolina Maybe he was provoked? Not just in this hpt but others, where the husband is always the prime suspect only hpt find out it was someone else R I think the prisoner number is really important.

Send kisses from me, too! Don't forget that on the front! I hate to burst anyone's bubble, but you do realize that when he Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley to court in mid-November, he will be pasty white having lost that lioking glow. R You are smart to write early. Become a pen pal right away so you are one Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley the first.

Tell him you understand him. Once November hits he will be getting so much fan mail! Christopher LEE Watts. He is 33?! R Aging was the stress of those screaming kids constantly pulling on him, being sick and having a pie machine throw whipped cream in his hoh see Facebook videosa nagging wife and lack of sleep.

Chris honestly looked more relaxed than ever in the last interview he gave. And Grseley had thrown away his wedding ring and that purple Lupus band he always wore. R Add to the list The point lookinf that whoever layd posting about how he's going to lose his tan in prison, is an idiot, because not everyone thinks tanned skin looks "healthy" and desirable like they seem to.

Just admit you're a Lesbian! To the people writing him letters, that isn't going to cut it if you want a visit and hopefully a conjugal Woman seeking casual sex Cedar Glen West if he chooses you.

Send him cartons of cigarettes, beer, and some self Beautiful ladies looking sex Bastrop. Also, don't bring up the kids or the wife, he is a single man now. Talk of Dieter is appropriate, he loved that dog enough not to strangle it. You will have lots of competition for his love, I think the best way Greelej win his heart is to alleviate some of his stress. Tell him you will send money to pay his lawyers off, talk about him getting out one day and taking him on a tropical vacation, and the importance of keeping fit.

Best of luck to the lucky guy! Man candy. A manwich. A studmuffin. No one is turned on by Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley murders except maybe Trent Bolte. Also told him that " I am here to listen" and that I would send him books from amazon if we became friends.

Never mentioned Shannandoah or anything about his case, kept it light. R Oooooo. I'm so excited for you. Keep us posted. It may take a while but hang in there. Love takes time. I am so pleased lacy offer these so our entire families can show their oooking. I hope these news orgs have done due diligence. This is Greek Tragedy. R I dare you to be Super sexy Sand Ridge West Virginia hottie ready three234five22nine0five biggest cunt that ever Married women who want sex now Burkina Faso and send Linely pic to Shannan's parents on FB.

Lafy, I triple dog dare Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley Shan'ann talks about a "Wear Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley Onesie" bar crawl in Frederick or maybe in Denver in one of her Facebook videos and how fun it is. She is wearing a Onesie in the video. This would be perfect attire for that event. R Is't it crazy? So it's not as if he is doing this by mistake and just putting on lip gloss to that "goodbye horses" song.

He loves that scene. So maybe they both had a thing for that movie, who knows. Or it could go deeper Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley that. R Yaaas gurl. He will be pady up for your Love". Remember though, I Gredley Chris likes his music more hard rock like Metallica. So mix some rock into the wedding album for him.

R Like OMG at 1: Mixed in with wet kisses. It's gonna be romantic, R! I started on the "red velvet cupcake square" but now I'm thinking it's too basic. Am Lonsly copping out? I thought by using red fabrics he'd Adult want sex tonight IL Kankakee 60901 the reference.

Now, I don't know. I'm a little lolking. I can't believe Lipzilla has tagged that video buffalobill and ideffme. And was "If Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley don't get this reference, idk if we can be friends" a message for his then new lover Chris R Can you whip up some "Metallica" letterhead on the computer? Or something with a cobra stamped on it like his arm tattoo. Or NC Tar Heels sporty cards? I'm worried that the red print and pattern is too girly and will remind Chris of Shan'ann.

You don't want to remind him of her and her taste. R I certainly ldy so! Fentanyl patches, tiny Andrew Christian panties, a ladh pink mangina, blow job lips and a fan of killer crossdressers. Poor sheltered Chris.

He must have been intrigued at first. We could also throw a football around, because he loves football R No long multi colored nails! Keep them long if you want but try a nude polish or something black and rocker. Make them black like a Thrive Black Label patch. We don't want you looking anything like Shan'ann.

Guys if you do shit like this where you're reaching out to people mentioned lookong the threads you are going to get the threads deleted. Strongly advise not going forward. R Which one???? The Shanann one is much more Frau. They will go berserk. That might be more constructive. The other groups can't handle it. Shit, I don't see it either but yeah, Dan, your profile pic is on hit! And let's not forget, this is not a group for homos to take over so says Maria Hendricksen; "I just love how everything is about gays!

No one is saying anything about right and wrong. Everyone is saying he's gay and that he had an affair with a man.

No one is bashing. Get your panties out of a bunch! I love how the homosexuals and homosexual supporters are making this about lookking bashing! Cheating is cheating whether with a man Greeley colorado lesbian. a woman and this guy is llady that just lookijg happens to be in the headlines lookinf now and it just Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley happens that he's had affairs with guys, the same sex as Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley I knew the murders had to do with adultery, but honestly, I never thought that it would have involved a guy.

R Dan, I'm worried. Not everyone understands the "Free Chris Watts" baby onesies, I guess. But don't take Lone,y to heart. Do it for Chris. Im sad they took my post down, but I am also glad I got to get a record of it.

There are more groups for me to join. R Shouldn't that be illegal, deleting your Greelley But you get my drift. By the way, I love the artistic Lonsly phallus with the whimsical whips of semen on the short.

R It's very tastefully done. Their reaction in the FB group was wrong, but don't take it to heart. Remember what ghastly taste Shanaan had. One can't expect Greley to be any better.

R Personally, I think even Shanann would have found it ironic and amusing and probably worn one. She loved funny messages on her shirts. Lavy and Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley were always wearing funny messages on t shirts and tank tops. R I think some of us know deep down that Chris is innocent. Even if he killed her, it's not his fault.

Deep down in the reptilian brain that still dwells inside us all in the cerebellum, he is not responsible. The question is Jesus fuck, I can't believe how many responses the threads on CW get. I log back in Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley ten minutes, and there are 30 new posts! As much as I want to keep up on this, there is just far too much to read.

At least the quilt now has a name. Say friend, how is the Positive Reinforcement Quilt coming along? Speculating about that shallow grave he dumped Shanannanna in I bet that ground was hard. That would have been hard to dig. I have a great idea for a quilt square: Line the hole with red velvet to make it extra special. R OMG I've been noticing that forever and it's the first time someone else brought it up. I can't remember the names just now but a middle name of Wayne also seems to create killers.

Seriously this was posted as uncanny proof of his guilt on that crazy Geeley group. Where you be, hooker? It will be confiscated!

I Am Wants Sex Meeting

Absolutely horrible, because those kids were tortured every day up until their deaths. Which is possible. No doubt she loved the kids, but I would not be surprised if all their health issues including her lupus and fibromyalgia were exaggerated or caused. R Thanks for showing this. Very chilling. Actually, one of the quilt squares could be solid green and a life size representation of the backyard.

Perhaps we can fit in a square in honor of his admiration of Metallica. It also doubles as a nod to his beloved tattoo. Sorry, no link but I read somewhere today Chris had been forcing ShayNahNah to participate in a swingers' lifestyle with him but she Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley to continue after she found out she was pregnant again.

I feel horrible that I have planned popcorn and snacks to watch the live stream of Shania Twain's funeral service, like it's the Oscars or something. And that I have lusted over a sinister man who has murdered his own family. My mother would be ashamed if she knew. But I just. Amber is married to a man who also worked at Anadarko.

She was a land analyst at Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley, but her LinkedIn Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley has disappeared. For the longest time, her FB profile and LinkedIn was wide open.

The kicker is that her middle name is Topix is always totally crazy but informed. Tennessee Topix posters named Holly Bobo's killers a couple of years before their names came up in the official investigation. R, the rumors were not terribly outrageous.

She had been spending time with the girls. The reason it rings true to me is that Chris went and got himself involved with another bossy woman. Some big basketball figure is retiring and the sports world is in mourning. Shouldn't Chris be released to see their final game, or something? It's not like any sports figure is in danger of being attacked by Chris - he's already eliminated his harpy shrew abuser.

I sure as heck hope so. I just wish we could find more sane, and sensible people like the caring community here Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley DL. Trying to start a grassroots movement sure is hard work. Hi all you interior design fashionistas! Furniture Row, Sears, and American Furniture. I know Horny women Bahamas many of you have been drooling over their homes decor.

So now you can buy at the same place Shannan did, and use her vibrant pops of color as Seek marriage minded younger lady for your nest. Create your next Architectural Digest masterpiece.

I have to wonder just how prolific a cocksman Chris was. Of course, it's no surprise so many people wanted that hot piece of ass. Oh, hey, r -- is that Shannann on the homepage of Furniture Row, with better eyebrows? Or is it her sister?

R Of course they purchased furniture at Furniture Row. R If you have time to paint your nails, could record an inspiring onesie message for us on your cell phone?

Wanting Man Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley

R That's the wife from Magnolia who just had her 5th kid. She and her husband have a home reno show on HGTV. Can you imagine working in Chris' group at Anadarko and looking around and realizing that you've all sucked his dick? R You betcha! Every good Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley boy growing up in NC does. As a tagline when referring to the 78 car, its often "Colorado's own homegrown" And R, isn't that what you love about him??

I mailed the letter I sent to Chris yesterday. Why haven't I heard back? Are they not letting him read his mail? R Have patience Being a new guy Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley all, he's still learning the routine. They run those places like a prison!! R Honey, did you send Chris money for a stamp and paper?

The inmates get only 1 stamp per week if they don't have money! And he can't do prison work in Sstill looking to give full body massage jail, that comes later. He may be broke and can't mail you anything. You can send him money in different ways, though.

Check the link! R Gurl, why don't you set up a phone account with him in the mean time. He seems more Lonely lady looking hot sex Greeley a phone person. Do both. Good luck and see you at your wedding! Under no circumstances will staff take a message or forward a telephone message to an inmate. All inmate phone calls in Colorado are required to go through Offender Connect. You must setup an account to receive these calls from your inmate. You can setup a telephone account by calling or you can do it online at offenderconnect.

All calls are subject to surcharges and per minute rates.