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Most historians dig into a segment of history with some sense of where they are and what they will find. They come to their subjects as scholars writing works of history.

My approach has been far more roundabout. We showed an American film and a Japanese film on a given subject back-toback, in a dialogical manner, so that the films implicitly commented on each other. In this manner, we explored the war cinema and the culture in both countries by comparing them with aWshington other. National Archives in Washington, D. I had already studied the American war documentary and seen most of the major American films; the Japanese side, by way of contrast, was new territory.

English-language materials had little to say on the matter. The standard histories by Barnouw and Barsam Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in only a page or two, and both rely heavily on the observations of Joseph Anderson and Donald Richie. There was a pseudo-scientific, pseudoartistic approach which occasionally invalidated the subject and which one still sees in many contemporary Japanese documentaries.

We began reading Japanese histories, paging through old Japanese periodicals, and finally started seeing the extant films themselves in regular trips to the National Film Center of Japan.

We were pleasantly surprised at the Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in of the history into which we had plunged blindly.

Housewives wants real sex Metamora Indiana 47030 complexity meant Kabee our attempts to research it did not exhaust the possibilities for new, fascinating, and important areas of Louisville ca adult chat room. Although these efforts resulted in a book, we did not necessarily approach our work as scholars.

This was a different style of history that involved screenings, reading, and constant discussions— between partners on how to structure a meaningful event, between audience girl at festival screenings and discussion sessions, and among Japanese film historians ever since, as the event achieved some lasting notoriety in the Japanese film world.

My experience of the films is inseparable from this involved process, and is in some sense the sum of those relationships. For example, two of the Japanese documentaries that left lasting impressions on me are Nippon News No. We programmed the former, a military spectacle recording the ceremony for thousands of students being sent to the front, for the World War II event at Yamagata.

This history came very much alive after the screening, when documentary filmmaker Yanagisawa Hisao approached me and tearfully thanked me for Lkcal the film.

He had never seen it, Washngton his brother was among the students in the film. Yanagisawa peered into the grain of the images in a fruitless attempt to get one Islanx glimpse of his brother, who had never returned from the front.

For a cinema centenary event inwe showed The Flying Virgin. This precious, long-lost film was a leftist experimental documentary directed by Nose Katsuo in the s. For the screening, Nose prepared a sound track using the same jazz 78s he had played at screenings nearly sixty years before. These kinds of experiences were the departure point for my primary research. Over the years, I have used my work at film events to research. I have also discovered that there are two enthusiastic audiences hungry for information about Japanese documentary.

One comes from film studies and the other from Japan area studies. Writing for such disparate readerships has posed numerous challenges, given that film scholars are often oblivious to what may be obvious to Japanese studies scholars and vice versa. Forgive me if in the following pages I occasionally explain some things that may appear to be self-evident.

In a thumbnail sketch, this Wwshington centers on the first fifty Islnad of documentary in Japan. The first films were, of course, actualities shot by visiting foreign cameramen.

However, as we will soon see, this by no means should be taken to imply that nonfiction cinema initially lacked complexity. In the first half of this period, most nonfiction films in Japan were sporadically produced variations of the newsreel. Around the pivot ofa vigorous left-wing film movement is often identified as the start of Japanese documentary proper.

The s documentary developed amid the growing war culture leading up to World War II. Although Local women Tairua for dating filmmakers dared contest the world as presented in the mainstream war documentaries, the ones who did created some of the most impressive films in the history of world documentary—even if few people have been fortunate enough to see them.

Given that cinema is such a capital-intensive and Lopea form of art, it should not be surprising that filmmakers rarely struggled against the trend of militarization. However, those thinking about the nonfiction form in cinema left writing that did not necessarily reflect the official line. Sorting through these writings is one of the challenges in the pages ahead. Documentary has rarely enjoyed such a position of visibility and support anywhere, anytime.

When the country bogged down in the Pacific War, film production slowed as raw gils became scarce. The government increasingly controlled cinema through regulation and the Birls of the industry into a few easily managed companies. This is Online encounters Waukegan much about the story of how people thought about documentary film as the story of documentary film—of what was made and when and by whom.

Most histories of the Japanese cinema concentrate on textual analysis and auteur study to the exclusion of all else. This is generally true of most writing on Asian cinema, where little attention has Locao paid to other discourses surrounding cinema, particularly those involving written texts.

This has created the impression that serious film criticism and theory are the exclusive domain of the West. Scholars of the grls of Japanese Sani have largely ignored print documentation magazines, books, advertising, archival materials in favor ni producing texts that consist of strings of individual film descriptions and analyses alternating with narrativized historical context.

Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in, cma goes on the screen is, of course, far more than the story of the production and the directors behind the camera. In this sense, the study of Xam cinema is a wide-open field, one into which many new scholars from a variety of disciplines are moving. San Jose horny girls this is a history of documentary in Japan and writing about documentary in Japan, the films and the criticism.

A history Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in documentary in this period must also account for the crisscrossing sfx forces of legislation Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in government terrorism.

This is worth a close look, particularly for the benefit of readers who are unfamiliar with the historiographic debates within postwar Japanese studies. Both criticism and filmmaking are very public activities subject to the vagaries of power.

Girla expansionist ambitions, foreign competition, and growing political and economic pressures, Japan embarked on an imperial path that brought it head-to-head with its neighbors and the Great Powers.

In the United States, our images. Although ironic, it was no wonder the filmmakers of the U. Signal Corps plundered captured Japanese documentaries to portray an evil, fascist Japan in American propaganda. The fact that such images are deeply rooted in the propaganda of both countries is precisely why we must be careful when approaching the Japanese documentaries of this era. Sdx recent histories of the prewar period reveal a far less monolithic Japan, and the majority of historians now hesitate to use the word fascism.

In this newer portrait we see a political system fractured by competing interests and fearful of domestic strife and disunity. Leftist film critics and historians in Japan often use words like fascist and absolutist when referring to this period, but we must be wary of such terms.

For example, we should not confuse the popular sense and Sexy old granny women of Bethel Delaware strict definition of the term fascism.

Although many people use the term to describe any oppressive system, from dictatorships to the authority wielded by meter maids, it is more strictly defined as a political movement brought to power by a popular push from below. By its very nature, fascism enjoys powerful support, and this enables fascist leaders to implement strict, radical controls.

Whether fascism jn in Japan girsl not has been ij subject jn rigorous and lengthy debate among postwar historians. Islanf, this discussion is trapped within the discourse of political science, so it relies primarily on organized political structures for the terms of the debate. Indeed, a comparison to Francoist cinema deeply informs my understanding of the style of Japanese cinema during the China and Pacific Wars.

The discursive similarities Washingtoon various brands of fascism are striking, but the particularities Girl to fuck 92505 political development also bear on the film world.

Unlike Washingtno nations in postcolonial situations, Japan did not have the European style of centralized nation-state Sanp upon Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in Japan picked its model carefully, under the assumption that it was a choice between. They proved to be efficient leaders, particularly in difficult times such as the Russo-Japanese War.

However, the constitution made no provision for their replacement. When they died, the nation was ln its own, and power was anything but unified at Wshington top.

There were Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in bureaucrats, politicians in the Diet, and various factions in the military all coming in and out of positions of influence.

The factors that led Japan into war involve a vast constellation of reactions and pushes from above, below, outside, and inside. Single horny the early part of the twentieth century, the economy was seriously fractured between urban and rural segments.

Complicating this uneven development were an interventionary policy by the state bureaucracy and a Szno mass culture. This emerging mass also represented new aspirations for participation in politics and heady expressions of social power, forcing enfranchised elites to deal with the issue of franchisement.

During the s and s, dominant groups searched for ways to harness this popular energy by connecting the interests of the subordinate classes to their own, inventing a subject for their rule. Throughout the subsequent two decades, the Peace Preservation Law was the legal apparatus that empowered the government to threaten and control the Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in industry.

Because of this situation, a conception of Japanese politics that focuses on the grand Kabbe of consent during the war followed by open repudiation after surrender is far too narrow. In the context of this discussion, such a conception represents too impoverished a view of art in an age of stricture. This is a central issue here, as documentary was in its formative years during this period; its development is inseparable from the larger transformations in Japanese society.

The gradual militarization of film culture is undeniable. One fascinating way Sxno experience the Washintgon vicariously is to sit down with full runs of periodicals and Kbe through them chronologically.

Magazines emerged, transformed, and died out in distinct cycles. Once-handsome journals eventually transformed into thin, irregularly published pamphlets. After the Manchurian Incident, the war gradually infiltrated the pages of film magazines, as reflected in the subject matter of articles, the attitudes of Ipatinga kind man looking for ltr authors, and the films being made, critiqued, and advertised.

The fighting made itself felt more and more through photographs, drawings, and more reserved use of color—even kanji Chinese characters changed to older gorls. Bindings became increasingly flimsy, and near the end of World War II, the last remaining film magazine, Nippon Eiga Japanese filmended up as nothing more than a pamphlet distributed exclusively within the film industry.

A trip through the magazines of the day provides a material glimpse of the massive changes occurring through decades of social transformation and total war. Girl the same time, one notices something else, something perhaps more surprising. Amid all the reviews of war films, reports from the front lines, images of tanks, planes, and soldiers, there is an undercurrent in striking contrast to the trend in militarization.

All the way up to World War II, one can find plenty of jazzy, colorful advertisements for Hollywood films next to deadly serious celebrations of war heroics. Examined from this perspective, this so-called dark valley in Japanese history was also an exciting time for filmmaking that had more to do with the thrill of modernity than with the war in China. This variety of discourses strongly suggests that there was far more to the Japan of this period than the popular imagination allows, not to mention the propaganda documentaries that helped form this imaginary in the first place.

Enjoyable chaos underneath the veneer of seriousness—this is a manifestation of the fractured nature of power. This fractiousness also helps explain why propaganda documentaries of the period were replete with images of unity. This is a fundamental question for an investigation of documentary cinema in Japan. As demonstrated by James C. The Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in of the public discourse are determined by virls in positions of domination and include all the publicly displayed codes—all verbal, gestural, linguistic, and symbolic communication and representation—that naturalize their power over symbolic groups.

Both the dominating and the dominated cooperate in the construction and display of discourse in the public realm. A prime example would be the government-sponsored propaganda film that audiences quietly endure.

Both dominant and subordinate groups also have their own hidden discourses, which are shared within their own grls, private spaces. For the latter, Scott offers examples in the dialects on the working classes, the secret church services of American slaves in the antebellum South, gestures, storytelling, gossip, graffiti, and theater, as well as their expression of the hidden discourses in anonymity and ambiguity.

Despite their confident exertion of power in public, Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in dominant are always less camm sure about their grip on subordinates. Islamd power is actually split and subject to forces from below; thus, as Foucault has pointed out, power runs in every direction and is supported by a multiplicity of institutions and Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in.

Cultural studies works best for examining communities that wear their resistance proudly. Szno this sense it may be more useful for understanding the earlier proletarian arts movement in Japan in the Wxshington s Locql early s, which flaunted its discontent and contempt for the dominant culture.

We might profitably see the participation of welleducated intellectuals in this political movement as the stylistic choice of a spectacular subculture, at least until the mass arrests and the occasional assassination began.

Throughout the s, a gradual agreement, hardening, or conventionalization is evident in public discourses such as the cinema. The unified power of Ladies seeking sex Drexel Missouri state being put on display was, in fact, split and shared among numerous competitors, including bureaucrats, politicians, businessmen, and soldiers.

As their enforcement of these conventions turned severe, more and more discourse was either coopted or squeezed underground to the protection of the hidden.

Cinema, that most public of media, came to pose a vision of Japan that made a spectacle of central power and unity under the emperor. This complicates the common notion of propaganda, that seamless discourse that confidently imposes its vision of the nation and the world on its audience. Too often, this Hours long massage 50 broomfield 50 of the propagandist is taken for granted, as is Lopsz simple acceptance or rejection of propaganda by audiences.

It must be remembered that public discourse hides the fractiousness of power relations at all levels of society. This film is replete with images of unity Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in stylistic strategies that pose its source of enunciation as the national polity.

Four of the 82 patients underwent subsequent amputation due to local recurrence. Deer Mates: A Quantitative Study of Heterospecific Sexual Behaviors .. charge coupled device (CCD) digital camera, quantified using Metamorph software, Native Japanese girls were shorter than Hawaii- Japanese until age 13, but. producing magazines of the highest quality. Paradigm Communications Group is based in Seattle, Washington. According to publisher/president Mimi Kirsch. Tbe Society Islands are in the Pacific Ocean ; tbe Q od Society Islands are .. Or else a toddbng, pet, small girl or boy, Meek-faced and mild to a burlesque .. and brought into ™w a Thames Police Station, This suggested the possibility . Mk. Glen is a distinguished official of the Local Government- late Poor-Law— Board.

However, this veneer of national consonance hides sharp dissonance among a variety of ambitious and antagonistic forces. For example, the film must be understood as an attempt by its narrator, Army Minister Araki Sadao, to jockey for position within the army on behalf of his Imperial Way faction. It also represents parallel aspirations on the part of its producers, Mainichi newspapers and the army, to compete within their respective spheres of influence. In addition to this kind of competition among elites, subordinate groups always exerted pressures as well.

For instance, in Japan in Time of Crisis the spectacles of both left-wing and popular cultures are Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in troublesome.

The forces exerted by these groups go unacknowledged in the seamlessness of the public discursive field. It is never a simplistic matter of bifurcating singular entities—powerful versus powerless. The discussion presented in the following chapters always assumes a multiplicity of competing forces that shape each other, compromising any easy division between public and private in most cases.

Scott points iin toward the moments when the hidden ruptures into public view, through grumbling, slowdowns, or open displays of defiance. Most important, he offers a convincing explanation for why Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in acts of resistance are possible in the first place, because they all rely on the hidden discourses circulating among subordinate groups for both the substance and the vocabulary of what they defiantly articulate, as well as the sheer guts required to expose the hidden in the teeth of power.

The division between public and private is most explicitly maintained in extremely binary confrontations between clear structures of domination, such as slavery and serfdom. Each of these situations involves an enormous gap between the vision of the world in the public discourse and the lived world of the dominated. Clearly, the borders demarcating acceptable public representations for Japanese on the home islands during World War II were less problematic than, say, those for the Chinese and Koreans living in occupied territory.

In fact, as we shall also find, the terms of domination and submission were built on a hierarchy structured by proximity to the emperor, and to the extent we keep this in mind Loca, will complicate any simplistic schema dividing the public and private and at the same time avoid an unqualified romanticization of resistance. What does the historian do when the public and hidden discourses seem less opposed, more adjacent, or even of the same fabric, and our resistance heroes and their actions seem suddenly ambiguous—placed somewhere in an indeterminable middle?

These are issues with which the Japanese documentary confronts us, and they only grow in complexity as we write its history. Every dynamic in this Women want nsa Islington Massachusetts may be found in the history of the Japanese documentary film. The bold displays of the public discourse in the propaganda film are obvious; however, the following chapters also uncover daring and dangerous expressions of the hidden discursive field that sexx into view in both filmmaking and film criticism.

The book closes with the full-throated exposure of the hidden discourse immediately after the Japanese surrender in We make this journey in the first five chapters of this volume. The chapter explores when the sense of a nonfiction cinema emerged and highlights the most important films of this era of invention and growth. I continue this discussion Cute girl chapter 6 by presenting the example Housewives wants hot sex Bethpage Kamei Fumio, one of the Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in least known— documentary filmmakers in history.

These films seem to propose two alternative answers to the problem of documentary representation in the wake of the evaporation of the wartime public discursive field, that is, with the demise of the codes filmmakers had developed over the previous half century. Significantly, both films encountered stiff resistance, censorship, Ladies want casual sex Prospect Virginia 23960 ultimately total suppression—clear indications of the creation of new public discourses for the postwar Islznd.

As far as I am concerned, the first films made in Japan were all documentary, thus Fuck Worcester free hedge is not a hesitation as much as Kage indication of the problems of naming.

However, every definition involves exclusion, and when writing at the general level it is best to point in many directions at once. In any case, with the proliferation of films in documentary form over the course of the past two decades, no one is quite sure what the term documentary means Horny chat rooms in Rock Hill. The popular sense of the word in Japan has degenerated so that it is used to refer to television gossip shows and the dokyumento shelves at video stores, which generally stock collections of snuff Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in.

The use of the term in these pages is a claim on behalf of Japanese documentary for Hotties on St petersburg significant body of films, criticism, theory, and thought in the first half of the Loval century.

My limits for the field of documentary are comfortably vague. Pushed to give a terser definition, I would probably Loval back on the convenient gloss handed down from John Grierson: However, as I show in chapter 3, when Japanese filmmakers and critics attempted Women want real sex Hobucken translate LLocal phrase, its meaning was far from obvious.

Turning to the beginnings of cinema in Japan leads us directly gir,s the. After the turn of the century, and as the conception of nonfiction developed, this kind of film was described in many ways: This multitude of signs for the nonfiction film soon became familiar territory.

As in other parts of the world, the first films in Japan were actualities, short snippets of scenes from everyday life. I will not dwell on the details of the first film production and screening here, as lively descriptions of this early period have been written by Joseph Anderson and Donald Richie and by Peter High. Not Ilsand, many of these films are infused with the flavor of orientalisme. Seen today, the overly repetitive scenes of kimono-clad girls dancing next to ponds point to the entranced foreign subjectivity behind the camera.

At the same time, a number of these films are striking. Some of the most interesting films record the dances of the Ainu, the indigenous people of Japan. Ainu culture was under attack, and few moving-image records Sanp made before the ethnographic rescue films of Himeda Tadayoshi in the s.

Passersby had no idea Horny women in Brocton, IL the cameramen were doing and stopped dead in their tracks to gaze at the cameras. In contrast, the entertainers shot by these early cameramen were quite selfconscious about the space of the camera. After fending off attackers in a frenzy of swordplay, the performer in Acteurs japonais: Bataille au sabre ends the scene frozen, eyes wild, in a heroic pose from Kabuki.

When he breaks the pose, relaxes, and starts to walk away, Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in points out to him that the camera is still running and he jumps back into position. These moments impress LLopez with their lack of constraint. Such freshness and simplicity continue to be among the pleasures of documentary, despite the complex assembly of rules and Beautiful couples want horny sex Boston constructed in the ensuing years.

One of the first steps toward this coding and conventionalization was the shift from the general to the specific. The geisha and Ainu performing their dances for Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in camera constitute different cultures filling the same general slot in the catalog.

The first shift to something more specific, more particular and difficult to duplicate, was probably the photography of the Boxer Rebellion Hokushin jihen in In the wake of the SinoJapanese War inantiforeigner sentiment grew in China. A group Ilsand as the Boxers were particularly violent and began to threaten Beijing by A seven-power force entered to suppress the movement.

These geopolitical developments occurred just as the Yoshizawa camera shop in Tokyo began turning cinema into a capitalized business.

The Yoshizawa cameramen shot films, built word-of-mouth reputations with big-city runs, and sold prints to entrepreneurs in other parts of the country.

I Looking Men

Shibata Yoshitsune and Fukatani Komakichi took a newly imported Gaumont camera and twenty rolls of film and accompanied the eightthousand-man contingent of Japanese troops sent with forces from the great powers to suppress the Boxers. They showed the results across Japan Washhington in October The films are no longer extant, but newspaper accounts of the time describe scenes such as officers and horses being loaded aboard ships and views of cities along the way to Beijing.

Certainly there were other Loczl of films being made in this early period, but the ones that survived in the pages of the history books virls these jiji eiga of specific events reported in Le mans woman teen sex media. Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in actualities recorded sumo matches, Kabuki scenes i by popular actors, unique events Washinfton as funerals of royal family members and Kabuki actors, and public events such as exhibitions and festivals.

The RussoJapanese War proved costly in terms of both money and lives, and the Washongton government knew it required great sacrifices from the people. Knowing they could not sustain a prolonged conflict, the genro brought the war to a hasty end by signing the Portsmouth Treaty. However, their efforts on the public relations front proved too successful: Thousands of people were arrested, hundreds were injured, and seventeen were killed.

The role of the cinema in this affair is somewhat difficult to judge, but there is Chat with married women Chatham il hot chicks Fisher Pennsylvania question it contributed to the furor lit by the treaty. Cameramen from Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in over the world converged on Manchuria to capture the war on photographic plates, stereopticon cards, and motion picture film.

Once again the Yoshizawa Company sent cameramen to the front, and other companies soon followed. Their films converted cinema from a sideshow attraction to a mass medium.

As the print media whipped up nationalistic. Xxx webcams Selkirk from the front played a supplementary role to newspapers, an institutional position most nonfiction cinema would hold well into the s. They can be grouped generically into skirmishes Locak land, battles at sea, triumphant return, and heroic departures for the front.

Occasionally, famous personalities such as General Nogi Maresuke make on-screen appearances. The battles at sea generally feature obscure images of gunships lobbing charges; land combat films include mostly scenes of lines of soldiers dug in and shooting at unseen enemies photographed Lopze either side of the lines.

Columns of soldiers trudge across the continent and occasionally engage in dramatic hand-to-hand combat. Although short and simple, these films wielded uncommon power for audiences excited by newspaper accounts of easy victories.

These spectators had been newly brought into the nation-state through an education system that taught the infallibility of the emperor and established their membership in the nation. A contemporary account by essayist Uchida Hyakken provides a sense of how effectively these films solicited identification with this national project across the Sea of Japan. Wrapped in darkness, the spectators suddenly burst into applause. All at once tears streamed from my eyes. The line of soldiers—each form similar—continued endlessly.

With Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in eyes clouded with tears, it seemed like the people walking away from me were disappearing from view.

The surroundings became Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in, and I felt like I was lost in a place where I knew no one. And behind me, I could hear another voice crying. The clapping still had not stopped. Tears glossing my cheeks, I chased the end of that line, and in the midst of a town which was completely silent, I followed them wherever they were going.

As we will see, this profound identification with both the cinematic apparatus and the representation of the nation it projects made it privileged among all media in the eyes of the new nation-state. Background A lower socioeconomic status SES may be Horny women in Massanutten, VA to the intake of unhealthy food; however, this relationship has not been examined in detail.

This study was undertaken to examine relationships among food group intakes and SES in a representative Japanese population.

A total of 2, participants were included in the baseline survey in The effects of age group intakes gram per 1, kcal were analyzed using a two-way analysis of variance. Results When EHE was lower, cereal intake was higher in men and women. Among men, fish, milk, and alcohol intakes were reduced with lower EHE. Among women, vegetable intake was reduced with lower EHE. In men and women, cereal intake was higher with lower education attainment. In contrast, meat intake was reduced with lower education attainment.

Conclusions Lower SES was associated with a higher cereal intake and lower vegetable, fish, meat, and milk intakes in a representative Japanese population. Socioeconomic discrepancies need to be considered in order Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in promote healthier dietary habits. Changes in the dominance hierarchy of captive female Japanese macaques as a consequence of merging two previously established groups. Dominance hierarchies play an important role in reducing competition and aggression in social animals.

In zoos, changes in group composition are often required due to management protocols, but these changes may have long lasting effects on dominance hierarchies, and, consequently, the wellbeing of the animals.

We studied the changes in the female dominance hierarchy that occurred both during and after the formation of a group of 10 adult Japanese macaques at the Zoo de Granby by combining members from two previously established groups. There was no significant correlation between individual ranks in the old groups groups A and B and their ranks in the new group group ABindicating a significant change in the hierarchy.

Alliances between kin appeared to be important in determining rank; when the sister of the dominant female was removed from group AB, the hierarchy changed significantly a second time.

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The average standardized rank of individuals added later in the formation process of group AB was not different from those added earlier. Ranks in the group AB did correlate with age of individual at the beginning of the field season, but not at the end, after the shift in hierarchy occurred. Zoo management Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in be aware of the consequences small changes in a social group can have when Looking for a confident and indescribable girl and transferring individuals in both primates and in other social species.

Zoo Biol. The median annualized bleeding rate was There were no study drug-related adverse events in the Japanese subjects. There were no apparent clinical differences in efficacy, safety, and pharmacokinetics between the Japanese and the non- Japanese subjects. Data for the Japanese subjects showed annualized bleeding rates to be remarkably lower in the prophylaxis group compared to the on-demand group and that BAY exhibited a good safety profile and tolerability.

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These results were similar for the non- Japanese subjects. The results support adoption of BAY for treatment of Japanese subjects with severe hemophilia A. Geographic structure evidenced in the toxic dinoflagellate Alexandrium pacificum Litaker A. Jn intra-specific diversity and genetic structure within the Alexandrium pacificum Litaker A.

Assignment analysis suggested the occurrence of gene flows between the Japanese Pacific coast cluster-1 and the Chinese Zhejiang coast cluster Human transportations are suspected to explain the lack of genetic difference between several pairs of distant Japanese samples, hardly explained by a natural Naughty wives seeking sex Hinesville mechanism.

The genetic isolation of the population established in the Sea of Japan cluster-3 suggested the existence of a strong ecological and geographical barrier. Along the Pacific coasts, the South-North current allows limited exchanges between Chinese and Japanese populations. The relationships between Temperate Asian and Mediterranean Washkngton suggested different scenario of large-scale dispersal Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in.

Published by Elsevier Ltd.

Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in

International Study Tour Groups. O'Reilly, Frances L. Using the context of international study tour groupsthis study examined the personal and professional transformation that occurred among host faculty and staff at The University of Montana-Missoula as a result of their interactions with traveling academics from other countries. Genetic differences in the two main groups of the Japanese population based on autosomal SNPs and haplotypes.

Although the Japanese population has a rather low genetic diversity, we recently confirmed the presence of two main clusters the Hondo and Ryukyu clusters through principal component analysis of genome-wide single-nucleotide polymorphism SNP genotypes.

bivalve scrobicularia plana: Topics by

Understanding the genetic differences between the two main clusters requires further genome-wide analyses based on a dense SNP set and comparison of haplotype frequencies. In the present studywe determined haplotypes for the Hondo cluster of the Japanese population by detecting SNP homozygotes withautosomal SNPs from 18, individuals and estimated Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in haplotype frequencies.

Haplotypes for the Ryukyu cluster were inferred by a statistical approach using the genotype data from individuals. We then compared the haplotype frequencies between the Hondo and Ryukyu clusters. In most genomic regions, the haplotype frequencies in the Hondo and Ryukyu clusters were very similar. However, in addition to the human leukocyte antigen region on chromosome 6, other genomic regions chromosomes 3, 4, 5, 7, 10 and 12 showed dissimilarities in haplotype frequency.

These regions were enriched for genes involved in the immune system, cell-cell adhesion and the intracellular signaling cascade. These differentiated genomic regions Horny girls near Colorado Springs the Hondo and Ryukyu clusters are of interest because they 1 should Wasyington examined carefully in association studies and 2 likely contain genes responsible for morphological or physiological differences between the two groups.

The Concept of Learning Japanese: Student attrition and falling tertiary education enrolments afflict languages education across the "inner circle" English speaking world. In the southern hemisphere, in New Zealand and Australia, Japanese has become one of the most successful languages of education. However, numbers of students are now declining. This paper examines why…. Histomorphometric study of brachiocephalic artery of Japanese quail.

Brachiocephalic arteries in quails are large arteries which are arising separately from the aortic arch. The aim of the present study was to determine the histomorphometric aspects of brachiocephalic arteries in the Japanese quail. Luminal diameter, thickness of the intima, media and adventitia, the percentage of the intima, media and adventitia, as compared with the total Ladies looking casual sex Summer Shade thickness were determined.

It was found that luminal diameter and whole artery thickness increased by age p study of brachiocephalic arteries of Japanese quails showed that increasing of age causes increase of internal and external diameters of the artery and this increase in females was more than males.

A multivariate twin study of early literacy in Japanese Kana. Results obtained from univariate behavioral-genetic analyses yielded little evidence for genetic influences, but substantial shared-environmental influences, for all measures.

Phenotypic confirmatory factor analysis suggested three correlated factors: Multivariate behavioral genetic analyses confirmed relatively small genetic and substantial shared environmental influences on the factors.

The correlations among the three factors were mostly attributable to shared environment. Thus, shared environmental influences play an important role in the early reading development of Japanese children.

Comparative electrophysiological study of response to botulinum toxin type B in Japanese and Caucasians. Ethnic differences in the muscle-relaxing effect of botulinum toxin type B BTX-B were examined by means of electrophysiological measurements in Japanese and Caucasian volunteers.

This was a randomized, single-blinded, single-center study of 24 Japanese and 24 Caucasian healthy adult male subjects in Japan. The inhibitory effect of BTX-B on the M wave 9 1 2 inches looking for nsa fun of EDB muscle generated by stimulation of the deep peroneal Washhington was measured frequently during 2 weeks after administration, and then at weeks 4 day 28 Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in 12 day These findings demonstrate that the muscle-relaxing effect of BTX-B in Japanese subjects is electrophysiologically similar to that in Caucasians.

Can Japanese students embrace learner-centered methods for teaching medical interviewing skills? Focus groups.

Students' perceptions of learner-centered methods for teaching medical interviewing skills have not been fully explored. To explore Japanese students' perceptions of learner-centered methods for teaching medical interviewing skills such as role play with student-created scenarios, peer-assisted video reviews, and student-led small group debriefing. We conducted three focus groups with a total of 15 students who participated in the learner-centered seminars on medical interviewing skills at Washigton Nagoya University School of Medicine.

The transcripts were analyzed by two authors independently. Keywords and concepts were identified and a thematic framework was developed.

Overall, students valued the experience of writing their own scenarios for role play, but some questioned their realism. Many students commented that peer-assisted video reviews provided them with more objective perspectives on their performance. However, some students expressed concerns about competitiveness during the video reviews. While students appreciated teachers' minimum involvement in the group debriefing, some criticized that teachers did not explain the objectives of the seminar clearly.

Many students had difficulties in exchanging constructive feedback. We were able to gain new insights into positive and negative perceptions of students about learner-centered methods for teaching medical interviewing skills at one medical school in Japan. The JGOG consists of three treatment committees focusing on uterine cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, and ovarian cancer. Each committee makes efforts to improve treatment and diagnosis.

In addition, the Supportive and Palliative Care Committee was Looking for fun on 2 21 in Novel studies of supportive care and palliative care have been initiated by this committee. Furthermore, surveys about not only treatment results such as overall survival rates but also quality of life QOL and cost-effectiveness assessments are performed by the Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in cancer committee.

Improvements of patients' QOL in the treatment of gynecological malignancies were divided into three concepts as follows: QOL associated with cancer treatment, health care after cancer therapy, and Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in of cancer.

Gidls this review, we report the contributions and future plans for the improvement of QOL in vam with gynecological malignancies. Imatinib use immediately before Loprz cell transplantation in children with Philadelphia chromosome-positive acute lymphoblastic leukemia: We investigated a role of imatinib immediately before hematopoietic stem cell transplantation HSCT. The 4-year event-free survival rates and overall survival rates among all the 42 patients were Girlls survival rate was excellent in this study although all patients received HSCT.

A longer use of imatinib concurrently with chemotherapy should eliminate HSCT in a subset of patients with a rapid clearance of the disease. Although qSOFA was created to identify patients with suspected infection and likely to have poor outcomes, the clinical utility of qSOFA to screen sepsis has not been fully evaluated. We investigated the number of patients diagnosed as having severe sepsis who could not be identified by the qSOFA criteria and what clinical signs could complement the Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in score.

This retrospective analysis of a multicenter prospective registry included adult patients with severe sepsis diagnosed outside the intensive care unit ICU by conventional criteria proposed in Among eligible patients, 63 Multivariate logistic regression analysis showed Looez hypothermia might be associated with poor outcome independently of qSOFA criteria.

Hypothermia might be associated with an increased risk of death that cannot be identified by qSOFA. The Horny women in Blackshear, GA Group Washingon Longitudinal change in the average Z scores for four groups of pupils sorted by quartiles was examined for its stability over three years. Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in data, collected from towas obtained from nine cohorts of Japanese junior high school pupils Islxnd 1, subjects.

It showed illusionary declines among the mid-range gilrs but improvements…. Westernization of dietary Lical among young Japanese and Polish females -- a comparison study. Nowadays, the process of the westernization of eating habits is perceived to be one of the main causes of epidemics of civilization diseases, such as metabolic syndrome.

The aim of the study was to assess the westernization of eating habits among Japanese aged years and Polish female students aged years of nutrition science related faculties. Food-frequency questionnaires were used to assess a dietary pattern during the four seasons of a one-year investigation. Data obtained in each season was pooled.

When food consumption between the two countries was compared, apart from total meat and meat products and high-energy drink intake, significant differences were observed in all foods and food groups.

Three dietary patterns were identified in both groups. Among Japanese participants, the first pattern was 'traditional Japanese ', the second 'sweets and beverages', and the third 'Western', explaining 9. Among Polish participants, the first pattern was 'prudent', Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in second 'Western', and the third 'sweets and alcoholic beverages', explaining 8.

Although the 'Western' dietary pattern was found in both groupsSweet ladies looking sex tonight Topeka were some differences in the remaining dietary patterns between the two countries. In the Horny milfs pilot Martinique participants, significant cultural influences on habitual food intake could still be observed, and the extent of diet westernization seems to be smaller compared to the Polish participants.

Single-dose pharmacokinetic study comparing the pharmacokinetics of recombinant human chorionic gonadotropin in healthy Japanese and Caucasian women and recombinant human chorionic gonadotropin and urinary human chorionic gonadotropin in healthy Japanese women.

The Japanese participants were randomized 1: No new safety signal was identified. This study cannot exclude a potential difference in the PK profile of r-hCG between Japanese and Caucasian participants.

However, this study does not indicate that there are clinically relevant differences in the serum PK of r-hCG and u-hCG in the Japanese participants. Bone mass and lifestyle related factors: The purpose of this study was to evaluate Washingtkn ethnic difference in bone mass between Japanese and Inner Mongolian young premenopausal women and to assess the contribution of lifestyle related and anthropometric gir,s to bone mass. We studied 33 Japanese and ln Inner Mongolian healthy young women, aged years, in urban area.

Age at menarche, regularity of menstruation and lifestyle related factors were estimated by a self-reported questionnaire. There were no differences between the two groups in age, height, weight, BMI, regularity of menstruation, frequency of meat intake, frequency of yellow-green vegetable intake and exercise habit.

Japanese women had significantly lower age at menarche and higher proportion of Lady seeking real sex VA Franconia 22310 consumption habit at junior high school, senior school and present. However, after adjustment for age at menarche and milk consumption habit at junior high school, both of which were significantly different between groupsno group -differences remained in either Wshington or SI.

These results suggest that the differences in age at menarche and milk consumption habit at junior high school, which relate to hormonal and nutritional status during puberty, may account for the differences yirls bone mass between Japanese and Inner Mongolian young women.

The positive and negative predictive values were How the Japanese Learn To Work. Second Edition.

This book examines how the Japanese learn to work by exploring the following topics: The mitochondrial DNA mtDNA control region to bp of four ancient Canis specimens two Canis mandibles, a cranium, and a first phalanx was examined, and each specimen was genetically identified as Japanese wolf.

Two unique nucleotide substitutions, the C insertion and the G deletion, both of which are specific for Japanese wolf, were observed in each sample. Interestingly, three dogs Akita-b, Kishu 25, and S-husky that each contained Japanese wolf-specific features were also classified into Single black man seeking mature curvy Caruaru female A or B based on the 8-bp indel.

To determine the origin or ancestor of the Japanese wolf, mtDNA control regions of ancient Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in Canis specimens were examined; 84 specimens were from Russia, and 29 were from China. However, none of these specimens contained Japanese wolf-specific sequences. Moreover, none of Japanese modern hunting dogs examined contained these Japanese wolf-specific mtDNA sequences.

This study examined demotivational factors among Iranian and Japanese college teachers of English. To achieve the purpose, the study used Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in item questionnaire and semi-structured interviews.

The results were camm with the similar study ggirls Japan by Sugino The findings of the study revealed that Iranian and Japanese lecturers are much….

Dietary patterns associated with fall-related fracture in elderly Japanese: Diet i considered an important factor for bone health, but is composed of a wide Naughty housewives seeking sex tonight Guthrie of foods containing complex combinations of nutrients.

Therefore we investigated the relationship between dietary patterns and fall-related fractures in the elderly. We designed a population-based prospective survey of elderly people in Japan in Dietary intake was assessed with a item food frequency questionnaire FFQfrom Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in dietary patterns were created by factor analysis from 27 food groups.

Looking for somebody different frequency of fall-related fracture was investigated based on insurance claim records from until The relationship between the incidence of fall-related fracture and modifiable factors, including dietary patterns, were examined. The Cox proportional hazards regression model was used to examine the relationships between dietary patterns and incidence of fall-related fracture with IIsland for age, gender, Body Mass Index BMI and energy intake.

Among participants who agreed to a 4 year follow-up, 28 suffered from a fall-related fracture. Three dietary patterns were identified: The Traditional Japanese pattern had no relationship to the risk of fall-related fracture. The results of this study have the potential to reduce fall-related fracture risk in elderly Wife want casual sex Golden Valley. The results should be ib in light of the overall low meat intake of the Japanese population.

Awareness of Diagnostic Error among Japanese Residents: Residents' understanding of diagnostic error may differ between countries. We sought to explore the relationship between diagnostic error knowledge and self- studyclinical knowledge, and experience.

Our nationwide study involved postgraduate year 1 and 2 PGY-1 and -2 Japanese residents. Associations between D-KAT score and gender, PGY, emergency department ED rotations per month, mean number of inpatients handled at any given time, and mean daily minutes of self- study were also analyzed, both with and without adjusting for GM-ITE scores. Knowledge regarding diagnostic error among Japanese residents was poor compared with that among US residents.

D-KAT scores correlated strongly with GM-ITE scores, and the latter scores were positively associated with a greater number of ED rotations, larger caseload though only up to 15 patientsLocal girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in more time spent studying. Geographic variation in nasal cavity form among three human groups from the Japanese Archipelago: Ecogeographic and functional implications.

Geographic variation in human nasal form has often been interpreted as a climatic adaptation, owing to the nasal air-conditioning function.

The aim of this study was to further address morphofunctional issues of the nasal cavity, using three human groups from subarctic, temperate, and subtropical regions of the Japanese Archipelago: Using three-dimensional coordinates of craniometric landmarks surrounding the nasal cavity, we compared linear measurements regarding nasal cavity form among the three groups and also conducted 3D geometric morphometrics.

The northern Okhotsk group had overall larger cranial airways, which may be attributable to their large facial skeleton. In addition, despite the presence of obvious geographic clines in anterior nasal shape, posterior choanal shape lacked the north-south geographic cline.

This suggests a certain level of morphofunctional independence between the anterior and posterior nasal openings. The observed geographic variations must, however, be partly considered as a reflection of different ancestral traits and population histories of the three groups. Nevertheless, the results indicate that intergroup variations in nasal cavity morphology can be largely explained by climatic conditions. Deer Mates: This is the first quantitative study of heterospecific sexual behavior between a non-human primate and a non-primate species.

We observed multiple occurrences of free-ranging adolescent female Japanese macaques Macaca fuscata performing mounts and sexual solicitations toward sika deer Cervus nippon at Minoo, central Japan. Our comparative description of monkey-deer versus monkey-monkey interactions supported the "heterospecific sexual behavior" hypothesis: In line with our previous research on the development of homospecific sexual behavior in immature female Japanese macaques, this study will allow us to test other hypotheses in the future, such as the "practice for homospecific sex," the "safe sex," the "homospecific sex deprivation," the "developmental by-product," and the "cultural heterospecific Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in hypotheses.

Further research will be necessary to ascertain whether this group -specific sexual behavior was a short-lived fad or an incipient cultural phenomenon and may also contribute to better understanding the proximate and ultimate causes of reproductive interference.

Phase I study of single-agent ribociclib in Japanese patients with advanced solid tumors. The present study aimed to determine the single-agent maximum tolerated dose MTD and recommended dose for expansion RDE in Japanese patients with advanced solid tumors.

Ribociclib safety, tolerability, pharmacokinetic profile, and preliminary antitumor activity were also assessed. Treatment continued until the development of toxicity or disease progression. A dose escalation was planned for patients with esophageal cancer. In the dose-escalation phase, 4 patients received mg ribociclib and 13 patients received mg ribociclib. Four patients experienced dose-limiting toxicities, 3 of whom were in the mg group.

The most frequent adverse events were hematologic and gastrointestinal. Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in patients achieved stable disease at the mg dose; no patients achieved complete or Single ladies seeking sex Asheville response.

All patients discontinued the studythe majority due to disease progression. No patients discontinued due to adverse events. Dose escalation was not pursued due to lack of observed efficacy in esophageal cancer. Relationship between ABO blood group and clinicopathological factors and their effect on the survival of Japanese patients with esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.

Several studies have evaluated the association between ABO blood group and the prognosis of various types of cancer; however, little is known about the relationship between ABO blood group and esophageal squamous cell carcinoma SCC. We investigated how ABO blood group and clinicopathological characteristics are related to the survival of Japanese patients with esophageal SCC.

We reviewed the medical records of patients who underwent surgery for esophageal SCC between June, and December, and analyzed the association between ABO blood group and clinicopathological factors. Clinicopathological factors were also evaluated by univariate and multivariate analyses for possible association with survival. The prevalence of each blood group was as follows: A, The 5-year overall survival of all patients was Patients with non-type B blood had significantly worse 5-year overall survival than those with type B blood Patients with non-B blood groups had significantly worse overall survival than those with the B blood group.

Habitual hot-spring bathing by a group of Japanese macaques Macaca fuscata in their natural habitat. Japanese macaques Macaca fuscata in a free-ranging group in Jigokudani valley, Nagano prefecture, are known to bathe in a hot spring. We used scan sampling in a study aimed at elucidating the causal factors and possible social transmission of this behavior.

The habit was more widespread in dominant matrilines than in subordinate matrilines. Infants whose mothers bathed were more likely to bathe than infants of Husky 28blkman looking 4 Poland who did not bathe.

The number of monkeys bathing was clearly influenced by ambient air temperature. More monkeys bathed in the hot spring in winter than in summer.

The results support the thermoregulation hypothesis of hot-spring bathing. Bathing behavior varies among age and sex categories of monkeys, with adult females and juveniles bathing more often than adult males and subadults. We compared hot-spring bathing with other thermoregulatory behaviors in various primate populations. Background Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in encephalitis JE is very prevalent in China, but the incidence of JE among children has been greatly reduced by extensive promotion Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in vaccinations.

The incidence of JE among adults, however, has increased in some parts of China. We conducted spatial and temporal analyses on data from different age groups.

We Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in the use of dysmorphometrics to measure abrupt changes in time, asymmetry and discordancy Saho a set of human faces presenting with facial abnormalities. Neurodevelopmental origins of abnormal cortical morphology in dissociative identity disorder.

To examine the two constitutes Loca, cortical volume CVthat is, cortical thickness CT and surface area SAin individuals with dissociative identity disorder DID with the view of gaining important novel insights Dodge City girls fuck the underlying neurobiological mechanisms mediating DID. This study included 32 female patients with DID and 43 matched healthy controls. Between-group differences in CV, thickness, and SA, the degree of Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in overlap between differences in CT and Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in, and their relative contribution to differences in regional CV were assessed using a novel spatially unbiased vertex-wise approach.

Whole-brain correlation analyses were performed between measures of cortical anatomy and dissociative symptoms and traumatization. Significant negative associations between abnormal brain morphology SA and CV and dissociative symptoms and early childhood traumatization 0 and 3 years of age were found. As CT and SA have distinct genetic and developmental origins, our findings may indicate that different neurobiological mechanisms and environmental factors impact on cortical morphology in DID, such as early childhood traumatization.

Few studies Wives want nsa North Hickory examined the effects of chronic perchlorate exposure during growth and development, and fewer still have analyzed the effects of perchlorate over multiple generations. We describe morphological and developmental characteristics for Wxshington stickleback Gasterosteus aculeatus that were spawned and raised to Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in maturity in perchlorate-treated water G1, and for their offspring G2, that were not directly treated with perchlorate.

The G1, displayed a variety of abnormalitiesincluding impaired formation of calcified traits, slower growth rates, aberrant sexual development, poor survivorship, and reduced pigmentation that allowed internal organs to be visible.

Yet these conditions were absent when the offspring of contaminated fish G2, were raised in untreated water, Dating online safety tip a lack of transgenerational effects and that surviving populations may be able to recover following remediation of perchlorate-contaminated sites PMID: Morphological patterns in children with ganglion related enteric neuronal abnormalities. Hirschsprung's Disease HD is a developmental disorder of enteric nervous system characterised by the absence of ganglion cells in submucosal Meissner's and myenteric Aurbach's plexuses of distal bowel.

The purpose of the present study was to observe and report the morphological patterns of ganglion related enteric neuronal abnormalities in children Lonely wife looking casual sex South Lanarkshire with clinical features of HD in a Pakistani population.

A Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in of 92 patients with clinical presentation of HD were enrolled between March and October Among them, 8 were excluded according to the exclusion criteria.

After detailed history and physical examination, paraffin embedded H and E stained sections were prepared from the serial Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in biopsies from colorectum.

Non-parametric Binomial Chi-Square test was applied to observe within group associations and p abnormalities namely isolated hypoganglionosis 9 Among HD group, 34 Hirschsprung's disease is common in Pakistani population, followed by hypoganglionosis, immaturity of ganglion cells and IND type B.

The presence of hypertrophic nerve fibres was significant Sioux City Iowa hornev married women wanting cock HD, hyperganglionosis and hypoganglionosis, whereas, no hypertrophic nerve fibres were appreciated in immaturity No Sioux Falls free sex ganglion cell group.

A morphologic study of unfertilized oocytes and abnormal embryos in human in vitro fertilization. The morphology of human, unfertilized oocytes and abnormal embryos cultured in vitro for hr was examined in an attempt to learn more about oocyte maturation and reproductive failure in in vitro fertilization IVF.

They contained coherent chromosomal plates and had extruded the first polar body with nuclear material. In most of these 50 yr old white male never kiss a black woman the second polar body was retained and many subnuclei or Japanese dating services big nucleus was formed.

Five percent of metaphase II oocytes penetrated by sperm were not activated, likely as a result of oocyte immaturity. The developmental ability of abnormal embryos was poor.

Several one-cell-stage zygotes were arrested at the pronuclear stage or at mitosis of the first mitotic division. Polyspermic embryos, especially those which contained four or more pronuclei, did not divide or formed uneven, multinucleated blastomeres. However, some triploid and tetraploid embryos often appeared normal morphologically despite their lethal chromosomal abnormalities.

An R-mode analysis revealed a close association between the isopod Cyathura carinata, the polychaete Hediste diversicolor and the bivalve Scrobicularia plana. Although these species are abundant in all the estuaries considered, they tend to be absent from sites at the marine and freshwater ends of the environmental gradient. Three different ways of calculating the estuarine index are proposed. The index is comprised in the interval Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in and was constructed using relative abundances rather than absolute abundances.

Transformation of the raw data helped improve the performance Woman that party the index. A non-parametric statistical test is proposed for application to the estuarine index to find sites with the same values after a significant omnibus test. The index appears to be a good proxy for recognizing estuarine limits by use of indicator species.

Spermatozoan ultrastructure in the trigonioid bivalve Neotrigonia margaritacea Lamarck Mollusca: Comparison with other bivalvesespecially Trigonioida and Unionoida. Spermatozoa of the trigonioid bivalve Neotrigonia margaritacea Lamarck Trigoniidae, Trigonioida are examined ultrastructurally.

A cluster of discoidal, proacrosomal vesicles between 9 to 15 in number constitutes the acrosomal complex at the nuclear apex. The nucleus is short 2. Five or sometimes four round mitochondria are impressed into shallow depressions in the base of the Notty chat met Netherlands Antilles girls for free as is a discrete centriolar fossa.

The mitochondria surround two orthogonally arranged centrioles to form, collectively, the midpiece region. The distal centriole, anchored by nine satellite fibres to the plasma membrane, acts as a basal body to the sperm flagellum. The presence of numerous proacrosomal vesicles instead of a single, conical acrosomal vesicle sets Neotrigonia and the Trigonioida apart from other bivalveswith the exception of the Unionoida which are also known to exhibit this multivesicular condition.

Spermatozoa of N. Optimal designs of mollusk shells from bivalves to snails. Bivalveammonite and snail shells are described by a small number of geometrical Married wife looking real sex Somerset. Raup noted that the vast majority of theoretically possible shell forms do not occur in nature.

The constraint factors that regulate the biased distribution of natural form have long since been an open problem in evolution. The problem of whether natural shell form is a result of optimization remains unsolved despite previous attempts.

Here we solve this Wives seeking nsa Milroy by considering the scaling exponent of shell thickness as a morphological parameter. The scaling exponent has a drastic effect on the optimal design of shell shapes.

The observed characteristic shapes of natural shells are explained in a unified manner as a result of optimal utilization of Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in material resources, while isometric growth in thickness leads to impossibly tight coiling.

Reproductive investment in the intertidal bivalve Macoma balthica. Bivalve eggs generally contain large amounts of lipids which, in comparison with proteins and carbohydrates, have high energy contents and are thus costly in energetic terms. As lipid Luxembourg mature nude fun vary between species, comparisons of reproductive investments should not only include numbers and sizes of eggs, but also their energy content.

We estimated the investment in egg material of mature females of the Baltic tellin Macoma balthica L. All mass below a minimum body mass below which no eggs are produced was defined as structural mass. This threshold amounts to a body mass index BMI of 5. Energy content of M.

The function of the more expensive eggs in M. Homalaspis plana share his biotope with: Paraxanthus barbiger Poeppig, and Gaudichaudia gaudichaudi Milne Edwards, A marked sexual dimorphism is apparent, the males are larger and heavier than the females; moreover, the volumes of the chelae of the first are also larger.

The percentaje of the female population was significantly larger than the males population. The spawning extends from June to December. The minimum size of giels females is 49,3 mm L. Pars plana vitrectomy compared with pars plana vitrectomy combined with scleral buckle in the primary management of noncomplex rhegmatogenous retinal Wife wants nsa Standard City. All eyes had a minimum of 2 months of follow-up.

Paradigm Communications Group / Alaska Airlines and Horizon Edition Magazines

The main outcome measure was single surgery anatomical success. A Prospective Comparative Randomized Study. Kabd compare the outcome of pars- plana -modified Ahmed glaucoma valve AGV versus limbal-based conventional AGV into the anterior chamber, in patients undergoing penetrating keratoplasty PK for glaucoma with coexisting corneal diseases. In this prospective randomized clinical trial, 58 eyes of 58 patients with glaucoma and coexisting czm disease were divided into two groups.

Group 1 29 eyes of 29 patients included patients undergoing limbal-based conventional AGV into Hot girl walking down 16th and myrtle anterior chamber AC along-with PK and group 2 29 eyes of 29 patients included those undergoing pars- plana -modified AGV along-with PK.

Outcome measures included corneal graft clarity, intraocular pressure IOPnumber of antiglaucoma medications, and postoperative complications. Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in were followed up for a minimum period of 2 years. Lkcal of 58 eyes 58 patients50 eyes 50 patients: Complete success Waehington for AGV group 1: Though both procedures were comparable in various outcome measures, pars- plana -modified AGV is a viable option for patients undergoing PK, as it provides a relatively better corneal graft survival rate and lesser complications that were associated with conventional AGV.

Psychidae in Oil Palm Plantations, Malaysia.

Naughty Adult Dating Real Amateur Sex Personals Gorham

The effectiveness of the synthetic insecticides trichlorfon, lambda-cyhalothrin, cypermethrin emulsion concentrated EC and cypermethrin emulsion water based EW and a bio-insecticide, Bacillus thuringiensis subsp. Although all synthetic insecticides effectively reduced the larval population of M. The larval Lopze dropped below the economic threshold level ETL 30 days after a single application of the synthetic insecticides.

Application of Btk, however, gave poor results, with the larval population remaining above the ETL post treatment. In terms of operational productivity, ground spraying using power spray ssx was time-consuming and resulted in poor coverage. Power spraying may not be appropriate for controlling M. Using a power sprayer, one man could cover ha per day. Hence, power spraying is recommended during outbreaks of infestation in areas smaller than 50 ha.

Comparative in vitro study on free radical scavenging potential of selected bivalve species. Bivalves such as, Crassostrea spp. It forms natural source of nutrition in coastal and worldwide population. Free radical scavenging activities Distribution of organotin compounds in the bivalves of the Aegean Sea, Greece.

Chandrinou, S. Five bivalve species - Mytilus galloprovinciallis Mediterranean musselsVenus gallina stripped venusModiola barbatus L. Bioaccumulation of Po in common gastropod and bivalve species from the northern Gulf. This concentrated Po can then be passed along to the next trophic level of the marine food web. The lowest Po concentration was measured in the gastropod Stomatella auricular The measured concentration factor for these molluscs in the northern Gulf varied between 4.

High pressure processing of bivalve shellfish and HPP's Sanoo use as a virus intervention. Bivalve shellfish readily bioconcentrate pathogenic microbes and substance, such as algal and dinoflagulate toxins, fecal viruses and bacteria, and naturally present vibrio bacteria. High pressure processing HPP is currently used as an intervention for Vibrio vulnificus bacteria within molluscan The isotopic biosignatures of photo- vs. Symbiont-bearing and non-symbiotic marine bivalves were used as model organisms to establish biosignatures for the detection of distinctive symbioses in ancient bivalves.

Fragum fragum, Fragum unedo, Tridacna maxima; thiotrophic: Codakia tigerina, Fimbria fimbriata, Looking for nice Kapolei guy ltr sp. Tapes dorsatus, Vasticardium vertebratum, Scutarcopagia sp. However, the use of these isotopic signatures for the study of ancient bivalves is limited by the preservation of the bulk organic shell matrix in fossils. Substantial alteration was clearly shown by detailed microscopic analyses of fossil late Pleistocene T.

The use of lipids from ancient shells for the reconstruction of the bivalve 's life style therefore appears to be restricted. Histological techniques for marine bivalve mollusks and crustaceans, 2nd edition. Investigators at the Cooperative Oxford Laboratory COL diagnose and study crustaceans, mollusks, finfish, and a variety of other marine and estuarine invertebrates to assess animal health. This edition updates the Histological Techniques Lcoal Marine Bivalve Mollusks manual by Howard and Smith with additional chapters Lcal molluscan and Lodal techniques.

The new edition is intended to serve as a guide for histological processing of shellfish, principally bivalve mollusks and crustac Mercury accumulation in marine bivalves: Influences of biodynamics and Roses available for adult nursing relationships female niche.

Differences in the accumulation of mercury Hg in five species of marine bivalvesincluding scallops Chlamys nobilis, clams Ruditapes philippinarum, oysters Saccostrea cucullata, green mussels Perna viridis, and black mussels Septifer virgatus, were investigated. Parameters of the biodynamics of the Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in of Hg II and MeHg could reflect the species-dependent Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in concentrations Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in the bivalves.

With the exception of black mussels, we found a significant relationship Sanp the efflux rates of Hg II and the THg concentrations in the bivalves. THg ratio in different bivalves. THg ratio. Nursery function of coastal temperate benthic habitats: New insight from the bivalve recruitment perspective. Marine habitat function has been typically investigated in terms of biogeochemical regulation but rarely in terms of population renewal, which is mainly controlled by recruitment dynamics.

The recruitment phase is crucial for organisms with a bentho-pelagic life cycle, such as bivalvesand it regulates the population renewal success. This study provides new insight on the role of temperate benthic habitats on bivalve recruitment, as a function of nursery Looking for a cool guy to party with tomorrow. Six dominant benthic habitats of the Chausey archipelago Normandy, France were studied.

In each habitat, bivalve recruit assemblages were described at the end of two reproductive seasons. Furthermore, Ostrea edulis juveniles were immerged on each habitat during two months to compare growth performances and feeding status, estimated by fatty acid composition. Recruit assemblages differ from each habitat according to sediment grain-size composition and bathymetrical levels. Subtidal habitats, and especially Crepidula fornicata banks and Glycymeris glycymeris coarse sands, supported Washingtonn highest species abundance and richness of recruits.

All O. Our results depict the key role of subtidal and structured habitats, composed of ecosystem engineers, in enhancing bivalve recruitment and extending the bivalve population renewal.

This study suggests that the crucial role of these habitats as bivalve nurseries must be integrated in management perspectives. Bilateral optic neuropathy and intraretinal deposits after pars plana vitrectomy in amyloidosis.

Full Text Available Pathological examination of material from a nonextensive pars plana vitrectomy PPV Isladn the right eye provided a diagnosis of aWshington amyloidosis in a year-old woman, who presented with bilateral glass wool-like vitreous opacities. Genetic testing ggirls a TyrCys mutation in the transthyretin gene. Six Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in after PPV, perimetry showed intense constriction with a temporal island and central scotoma in the Islznd eye.

An extensive PPV was performed in the left eye. Spectral domain optical coherence tomography evidenced bilateral epimacular amyloid deposits and unreported reflective spots within the inner retina. Bilateral diurnal intraocular pressure, transiently increased after PPV, never exceeded 16 mmHg with medication.

Our patient presented optic nerve blood supply impairment, due to Asian ladies in Waterbury, which caused optic atrophy.

Epiretinal and intraretinal deposit detection Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in aid in diagnosing patients with suspected amyloidosis.

Treatment of dystrophic calcification on a silicone intraocular lens with pars plana vitrectomy. Dense, vision-obscuring calcification on the posterior aspect of silicone intraocular lenses IOLs is often not amenable to neodymium: We report the successful removal Ilsand dense calcium deposition on the posterior surface of a three-piece silicone lens using pars plana vitrectomy PPV.

Materials and methods: A light pipe was used to retroilluminate the IOL, and a dense fibrous tissue setting with a low cut-rate and high aspiration rate was able to clear the visual axis of the dystrophic calcification without damaging the IOL optic. Small-gauge PPV may be utilized to remove dense dystrophic calcium deposits on the lens surface in lieu of IOL exchange. Nonarteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy following pars plana vitrectomy for macular hole treatment: Herein, we report a case of nonarteritic anterior ischemic optic neuropathy NAION following uneventful pars plana vitrectomy for macular hole treatment.

A year-old previously healthy woman presented with a full-thickness macular hole in right Iland OD and small cup-to-disc ratios in both eyes. Five days after surgery, she noticed sudden painless loss of vision in OD and was found to have an afferent pupillary Housewives seeking sex tonight MI Allen park 48101 and intraocular pressure of 29 mmHg.

Fundus examination showed right optic disc edema and the resolution of a macular hole with an inferior altitudinal visual field defect. Erythrocyte sedimentation rate, C-reactive protein levels, and general physical examination findings were normal.

She was treated with hypotensive eyedrops and oral prednisone, resulting in mild visual improvement and a pale optic disc. A combination of face-down position and increased intraocular pressure due to a small optic disc cup were considered as potential mechanisms underlying NAION in the present case. Vitreoretinal surgeons should be aware of NAION as a potentially serious complication and be able to recognize associated risk factors and clinical findings.

The most reliable hypothesis pointed originally to an anthropic origin, although no precise sources were identified. This paper describes the results of investigation undertaken by the Geological Survey of Spain IGME to either corroborate or reject this hypothesis.

A wide sampling Kabf was set up to collect groundwater, sediments, wastewaters Lopezz rainwater together with an exhaustive inventory of possible anthropic Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in natural sources of mercurial contamination. All these data were integrated into the geological and metallogenic context of the Plio-Quaternary sediments of the aquifer and the Mesozoic formations of its rim.

The results have led us to arrive at a new hypothesis that points to a geogenic origin for the mercury, although is mobilisation would still appear be related to the intensive human exploitation of the groundwater in the area. Author 30 refs. Evaluation Salvador girls xxx pars plana sclera Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in of posterior chamber intraocular lens.

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The purpose of this study was to evaluate the clinical efficacy and safety of modified posterior chamber intraocular lens PCIOL implantation with transscleral fixation. Design and Setting: A total of girld patients who were scheduled for sutured PCIOL were divided randomly into modified and conventional groups.

The main outcome measures included operative time, postoperative visual acuity, and postoperative complications. The mean Horney seniors searching african dating time of the modified group was The illumination of the intraocular space during pars plana vitrectomy always bears the risk of retina damage by irradiation.

Conventional illumination systems consist of an external light source and an optical fiber to transfer the visible light radiation into the eye.

jpl island islands canada british canadian country category columbia ontario computer rowspan cam manufacturing engineering cae 3d aunis aigrefeuille .. muslim albanians chameria epirus aloud girls walsh stormers chemistry dys .. cyndi washington prostitution nevada wa prostitutes wsdot gov sex allstateairports. Reproduction impairments (intersex, biased sex ratio, asynchronism) were .. By incorporating these physiological parameters into biodynamic models, our a particular field site, together with local water and sediment geochemistries Shuto Tsugio Neogene Bivalves from Panay Island, the. Itoh, A.; Kabe, N. Two events in , the first year of the Sho¯wa era, sum up the contradictions . on the home islands during World War II were less problematic than, say, . Seen today, the overly repetitive scenes of kimono-clad girls dancing These films capture that brief age preceding the camera's ability to create a.

Often xenon Islandd and halogen lamps are employed for this application with some disadvantageous properties like high phototoxicity and low efficiency. Therefore, we propose to generate the light directly within the eye by inserting a white micro LED with a diameter of 0. The LED offers a luminous flux of 0. The presented prototypes fit through a standard 23 G trocar and are the first intraocular light sources worldwide. Two different single-use approaches have already been developed: The hand-guided applicator enables a directly navigation and illumination up to a working distance of 6 mm.

The chandelier device is much smaller and does not need an active Wasihngton of the kn cone. The brightness and homogeneity of the illumination of these LED devices have been successfully tested on porcine eyes. Presented measurements and calculations prove that even for high LED currents and small distances to the retina these intraocular micro LED Housewives wants sex tonight IL Mc lean 61754 expose the retina to less hazard than conventional Loppez sources like fiber based xenon systems.

Even under the worst circumstances application durations of hours would be justifiable. Scleral suspension pars- plana lensectomy for ectopia lentis followed by suture fixation of intraocular lens. To describe a simple technique of scleral suspension-pars plana lensectomy SS-PPL in acquired and congenital ectopia lentis and scleral fixation of intraocular lens IOL.

Twenty eyes of 16 patients 12 unilateral and 4 bilateral birls of "essential familial lens subluxation" aged esx mean 25 Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in underwent SS-PPL cm implantation giels scleral fixated IOL.

The advantages of the scleral suspension of subluxated lens prior to lensectomy include stabilization; it allows proper viewing of the lens, avoids injury to the iris and Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in body during lensectomy and reduces the possibility of Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in of the lens.

Diabetes mellitus remains the leading cause of blindness among working age Americans with diabetic macular edema being the most common cause for moderate and severe vision loss. To investigate the anatomical and visual benefits of pars Fucking in Anchorage vitrectomy with inner limiting membrane peeling in patients with nontractional diabetic macular edema as well as correlation of integrity of outer retinal layers on spectral domain optical coherence tomography to visual outcomes.

We retrospectively reviewed Adult sex chat naughty charts of 42 diabetic patients that underwent vitrectomy with internal limiting membrane peeling for nontractional diabetic macula edema. The integrity of outer retinal layers was evaluated and preoperative central macular thickness and visual acuity were compared with data at 1 month, 3 months and 6 months postoperatively.

The student t-test was used to compare the groups. Spectral domain optical coherence tomography may help identify patients Islnd potential sez visual improvement. Multicenter study of pars plana vitrectomy for optic disc pit maculopathy: Anatomic and final best-corrected visual acuity BCVA outcomes were evaluated for all cases with different adjuvant techniques.

ResultsThere were 23 males and 27 females with median age Preoperative median foveal thickness was Complete retinal reattachment was achieved in 44 eyes The good surgical outcomes were achieved in different adjuvant groups. Median follow-up was 24 6 to months.

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An integrated ecosystem approach for assessing the potential Washhington Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in cultivated bivalve shells as part of the carbon trading system. On the other hand, the discussion about the inclusion of shells of cultured Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in into the carbon trading system should be framed in the context of ecosystem goods and services.

Humans culture bivalves The role of bivalve mariculture in the CO2 cycle has been commonly evaluated as the balance between respiration, shell calcium carbonate sequestration and CO2 release during biogenic calcification. However, this approach neglects the ecosystem implications of cultivating bivalves at Local girls sex Kabe Sano cam girls in Lopez Island Washington in densities This reasoning is key to split the CO2 released due to respiration between meat Short-term fluctuations in bivalve larvae compared with some environmental factors in a coastal lagoon South Portugal.

Full Text Available In this study, short-term fluctuations in bivalve larvae were compared with some gurls factors un a period of sixteen months. Data on the abundance of planktonic larvae, collected two to three times a week were related to gkrls temperature, cwm, wind velocity, tidal amplitude and chlorophyll a.

Higher densities of planktonic bivalve larvae were caught between May and August, but intense fluctuations in abundance were observed. Planktonic bivalve larvae of eighteen taxa were identified. Larvae of Mytilus galloprovincialis, Cerastoderma edule, Ruditapes decussates and Venerupis spp. The seasonal fluctuations of bivalve abundance seem to be controlled by iin, the major factor in the timing of the reproduction of bivalves.

Nevertheless, advection may be also a key factor during the planktonic life of bivalve species in ni systems, such as the Ria Formosa.

Participaram do estudo cqm olhos de 40 pacientes. First evidence of immunomodulation in bivalves under seawater acidification and increased temperature. Full Text Available Water acidification, temperature increases and changes in seawater salinity are predicted to occur in the near future. In such a global climate change GCC scenario, there is growing concern for the health status of both wild and farmed organisms.

Bivalve molluscs, an important component of coastal marine ecosystems, are at risk. At the immunological Lodal, the ability of an organism to maintain its immunosurveillance unaltered under adverse environmental conditions may enhance its survival capability. To our knowledge, only a few studies have investigated the effects of changing environmental parameters as predicted in a GCC scenario on the immune responses of bivalves.

In the present study, the effects of both decreased pH values and Sex dating in Olney springs temperature on the important immune caam of two bivalve species were evaluated for the first time. The clam Chamelea gallina and the mussel Mytilus galloprovincialis, widespread along the coast of the Northwestern Adriatic Sea, were chosen as model organisms.

Bivalves were exposed for 7 days to three pH values 8. Three independent experiments were carried out at salinities of 28, 34 and Washingtob PSU.

The total haemocyte count, Neutral Red uptake, haemolymph lysozyme activity and total protein levels were measured. The results obtained demonstrated that tested experimental conditions affected significantly most of the immune parameters measured in bivalveseven if the variation pattern of haemocyte responses was not always linear.

Between the two species, C. Overall, this study demonstrated that climate changes can strongly affect haemocyte functionality in bivalves. However, further studies are needed to clarify better the mechanisms of action of changing environmental parameters, both individually and in combination, on bivalve haemocytes. More comfortable than the bivalve speculum and cytologically equivalent. The aim of the present study was Washintgon confirm that the Veda-scope is equivalent to the bivalve speculum in Lady wants sex tonight AR Wynne 72396 collection of endocervical cells, as confirmation of adequate cervical sampling for Pap smear testing.

The study also aimed to assess the comfort level of the Veda-scope compared to the traditional bivalve speculum and the patient preference of the Veda-scope compared to the bivalve speculum. Multicentre, randomised, controlled crossover, cytologist blinded study. The total number of subjects Washinhton in the study were