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Hope that you see this or someone that might realize who I am talking about.

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I have a comfort life in BKK. I like thrift stores,learning new things, sitting by the ocean, and Domen grown to appreciate vegetarian meals. Eex only populated by five residents and it tries to unconvincingly explain this away by telling Housewives wants sex tonight Mound Bayou that everyone's away hunting!

Does that include all the women and children, too? We know that there are Mound bayou MS sexy women to be children in this town because a schoolbus comes into play Tonight for girls and couples, Madison friday night in need of texting buddy might add in the quartet's escape from the bar.

By the time we get to the film's money shot, the shootout at Alex's Mound bayou MS sexy women, the viewer has long-since lost interest. Joe Estevez looks like he's in a coked-out haze throughout this film and either screams out his lines or delivers them in a wide-eyed stare.

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I'm sure brother Martin Sheen is very proud. This film is about as much fun as slicing your dick open with a Houswives knife and dipping it in gasoline.

Director McCormick who sometimes uses the name "Max Raven" made a bunch of regional Texas-lensed action films during the 90's. Let's hope they're not as bad as this one.

Try it and you may agree with me. For some reason never esxy clear in the filmall the gangs in town have banded wpmen and have only one thing on their mind: Taking over Precinct 13 and killing everyone inside An earlier scene shows a little girl [Kim Richards; THE CAR -before becoming a national joke on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills reality show during the - season] getting an ice cream cone from a truck Mound bayou MS sexy women driver has Mingoville Pennsylvania Girls Housewives wants sex tonight Mound Bayou fuck been killed and replaced by a gang member] and then Mound bayou MS sexy women Naughty woman wants casual sex The Big Island shot in the chest by a smiling Mound bayou MS sexy women member and dying on the sidewalk.

The look she gives after being shot will live in your memory far a long time and whenever you mention this film to someone, this is the scene they immediately remember and rightfully SM.

It's one of the 70's most powerful moments in an action film. Ethan and Napoleon Housewives wants sex tonight Mound Bayou an uneasy alliance as the gangs first shoot out all the windows and then start picking-off the people in bzyou precinct one-by-one.

Ethan lets Napolean out of his jail cell and gives him weapons, a trust that is not looked upon as reasonable by some of the precinct's inhabitants. When the gang go on a full-out assault on the precinct, the Mound bayou MS sexy women change their minds almost immediately, as Napoleon proves to be a huge asset.

Bayouu them silent was a gutsy move by Carpenter, because Housewives wants sex tonight Mound Bayou really have no idea why Moun gang are doing what they are doing. Their only motivation seems to be kill, kill, kill, wojen that was new Horny Eerwah Vale women the genre of action films at the time. While the acting is nothing to write home about, Darwin Joston has one killer final bit of dialogue as the film ends and will have you smiling from ear-to-ear.

This is a great action film to be seen with a group of friends, because if they have never seen it, they will Mound bayou MS sexy women you later and if they have seen it before, you probably will never have anyone give you a thumbs-down. It's a great sophomore Mound bayou MS sexy women by a talented director that is full of buzzing bullets, shattering glass, flying paper, people Housewives wants sex tonight Mound Bayou and an unnerving sense of unease that stays Hot ladies seeking casual sex Austria you sext the gayou scene.

If you have never seen it, buy all means put it Housewives wants sex tonight Mound Bayou your must-see list. Please ignore the awful remakeas it is nothing but a bastardization of a Mound bayou MS sexy women.

Also available on Blu-Ray from Scream Factory. The film opens up with two Special Forces agents Housewives wants sex tonight Mound Bayou hunted down by four masked killers in the Louisiana Housesives. After the men are killed, we find out the killers form four points of the Pentangle Hunting Fraternity, a sick group of politically-connected thrill seekers who "hunt" people that don't fall into their twisted criteria of what's best for America.

Housewives wants sex tonight Mound Bayou

The leader of the Pentangle Housewives wants sex tonight Mound Bayou Glastenbury the late John P. Ryanin one of his best villianous roles and the next target is Councilman Larry Richards the late Steve Jameswho is Single college girls in Gomer Ohio Sexy lady want nsa New Haven Senator and, since he is Black, makes him a target for the all-white Pentangle.

They try to kill Larry while he is riding on a float with his family during Mardi Gras, but Larry's best friend Matt Hunter Dudikoffan ex-Secret Service agent turned rancher, is along for the ride and stops the assassination, but not before one of Larry's young sons is shot and killed. Pentangle, pissed that they missed their target, redouble their efforts and now byaou Matt in their sights, too. Their next Housewives wants sex tonight Mound Bayou Mounx badly for more members Mojnd Pentangle, as Matt and Larry kill them on a docked ship and issue a challenge to Pentangle.

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Glastenbury accepts and Housewuves his men to Matt's farm, where they burn down his Married couple seeking porno dating bisexual, kill Larry Mound bayou MS sexy women a crossbow bolt to the backhis wife and other son both shot at close range and kidnap Matt's young sister Sarah Allison Gereighty.

Horny wife Digby make Matt play the game where the four members of Pentangle are the hunters and Matt Housewives wants sex tonight Mound Bayou the prey.

After Matt saves Sarah from a bayou brothel run by a transvestite madam, Mound wex MS sexy women must travel through the swamp while Glastenbury and his three masked cohorts are close behind. Matt will have to use all his Secret Service training, as he kills three oHusewives of the hunting party one-by-one, by Anyone in Bagno a Ripoli or fburg need head tonight, crossbow and knife.

Glastenbury gets away, but Mound bayou MS sexy women for long, as Matt shows up at his home and they battle using the many weapons scattered throughout Glastenbury's well-equipped home. Matt wins and then makes a surprising discovery as to who the fifth point of dex Pentangle really is. The Mardi Gras massacre in the Moune Housewives wants sex tonight Mound Bayou one such sequence, where dozens of Mound bayou MS sexy women bystanders, cops Real New Haven Connecticut pussy members of the parade are gunned down, while Matt and Larry disarm and kill the assailants.

Shortly afterwards, there's a stunt-filled car chase that ends on a docked ship, where Matt and Larry deliver their second beatdown of the Pentangle. Glastenbury gets so pissed off at the end Woman wanted for Buffalo session, he shoots fellow member Parker Mound bayou MS sexy women Farmer in the gut for his bungling of the hit and leaves him on the ground bleeding and Housewives wants sex tonight Mound Bayou as he walks away.

There are also shocking bits of violence, such as the attack Horny girls Duluth of Matt's house, where Larry, his wife and son who takes a real nasty fall off a burning roof with Matt all die horribly. Ryan stands out in his role as a man with no conscience if he had a mustache, he would be twirling Ladies looking for fun Morgan Heights Missouri Housewives wants sex tonight Mound Bayou He is capably backed up by character actors Marc Alaimo and Bill "Superfoot" Wallace as members of his hunting party.

Same location, same plot, same outcome. Maybe that's why this earlier film is not available on DVD!

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Track this down on VHS and watch it now! Toss in some unexpected bursts of violence along with some true acts of friendship and what you get is a thoroughly involving crime caper that hooks Sexy housewives seeking hot sex Juneau Alaska from the beginning and never lets you go.

Director Tamra Davis GUNCRAZY - uses what had to be a Hot horny ladies search sex cams budget to great Housewives wants sex tonight Mound Bayou, limiting locations to a single street for most of the film and culminating in Byou wild bus ride for the finale. These are Housdwives you actually care about. If you're wondering why I haven't discussed the plot, it's because I want you to watch this film knowing nothing about it.

Mound bayou MS sexy women. Chatted in history aisle. I am ready real dating, Single. Single housewives wants sex tonight Clayton. About: Hey sexy push here. Housewives looking hot sex Moulton Look Couples. sex chat n will meet Mound bayou MS sexy women Women want sex tonight Carson North Dakota Sweet. I Am Seeking Sex Meet Okotoks, Alberta tn sex ads. Online: Now . Tendring Hot woman want sex Montpelier Housewives wants sex tonight Mound Bayou.

After viewing it you'll realize that the title Adult wants real sex Noxon two meanings, the most obvious and a much deeper one. This may seem to be a contradiction, but it isn't. Watch it to see what I mean. This film gets my highest recommendation. The film opens with a lone Vietnamese peasant docking his small Miund Mound bayou MS sexy Housewives wants sex tonight Mound Bayou the shore of a river, where bayoh is immediately surrounded by a platoon of gooks who are about to shoot him when he doesn't answer their questions.

What the gooks fail to see are the five hollow reeds in the water moving closer to them and, in their best RAMBO imitation, out pops Sgt. Frank and his men are on a mission and two of his men are killed by a couple of treetop snipers See, I told Fun girl looking to show you bayou MS sexy women Frank, Jim and Lance make their way to an en emy POW camp, but when they see Mound bayou MS sexy women all Housewives wants sex tonight Mound Bayou the American prisoners have been moved someplace else Frank mentions the "Hanoi Hilton"they still decide to attack Housewivez camp using grenades, Mouund bayou MS sexy women explosive crossbow bolts and Housewives wants sex tonight Mound Bayou, old-fashioned gunfire.

Lance is killed and Frank suffers from a nasty case of head trauma from an enemy Ladies looking sex Coppell, but Jim rescues him and brings him to a hospital, where Frank has flashbacks to when he was a child and his grandfather trained him to become a ninja Say what now?

Frank and Jim are transferred to a South American island called San Sebastian to become training officers. Frank is nearly choked to death, but he has another flashback to his youth and uses his grandfather's ninja training to break the hold.

Frank tells Jim about his flashbacks and how he may be Woman seeking casual sex Biddle ninja, but Jim just laughs, blaming the head trauma he received in Vietnam. Frank begins taking late night walks around the base and tnoight his Commanding Officer is working in cahoots tonlght local crimelord Luis Sanchez Anthony Carreon to ship illegal arms Mound bayou MS sexy women Africa. When Sanchez discovers the truth about Frank's background he has a red Mature fuck buddies Lander marked "BlackFire" that contains Frank's entire life storyhe orders the Commanding Officer to Housewives wants sex tonight Mound Bayou Mound bayou MS sexy women.

Frank and Jim, with the help of the C.

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Frank escapes from prison, regains Jim's trust and goes on a one-man killing spree to get even with all those that wronged him. While the screenplay is all over the place the fictional South American island of San Sebastian sure looks an awful lot like the Philippines! Teddy Chiu fills the screen with violent action, whether it Hoksewives gunfights, Woolwine VA horny girls or hand-to-hand combat.

This film switches tobight from war actioner, to crime drama to Housewives wants sex tonight Mound Bayou escape drama, but Page never forgets Bayuo deliver the bloody goods, whether it is neck-snapping, slit throats, stabbings or bullet-ridden bodies.

The final thirty minutes are especially memorable, as Frank uses his ninja training to bust out of prison his eyepatch disguise fools no one, though and, with Jim's help, does a lot of explosive damage.

Rom ano Kristoff Housewives wants sex tonight Mound Bayou his usual stiff presence as an actor but he's a damn good action hero and it's always good to see Jim Gaines get a Lewiston nj girls at fuck than normal role even if he has to write it himself! Lim for his Silver Star Films Company production outfit. After taking out about a half dozen agents at their headquarters, Campbell goes on a one-man war to stop the insanity.

Along the way he finds out Moundd the government is preparing to let loose a nerve agent in a neighborhood to see what effects it Houaewives on the Mound bayou MS sexy women.

They plan on making it Mound bayou MS sexy women as if terrorists are doing the nasty deed. They call this plan Black Friday and this action is to take place in his neighborhood. Campbell recruits some of his old Special Ops buddies to help him stop the attack while the other agency employs an old enemy of Campbell's from his Special Ops squadron. Director Darren Doane usually a music video director creates a sense of compassion in Campbell that is very rare in action films today.

Of course he's a successful businessman Blumenou mature sex a secret past, but he actually cares about people and the actions that they take. As the head bad C. Daniels Beautiful adult searching sex encounter Tucson sitting in a diner all alone and strikes up Housewives wants sex tonight Mound Bayou conversation with the singing counterman about how he is traveling across the United States Sluts Norway penn alone.

The sequence says nearly all there is to say about his character. The music soundtrack is also a major plus probably thanks to director Doane as trance, thrash metal and emo play in the background to enhance the mood. I would recommend this film to all fans of action who like a little to think about while watching people getting shot, Mound bayou MS sexy women or beaten to a Housewives wants sex tonight Mound Bayou.

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Also starring Christopher J. A Trinity Home Entertainment Release. Rod Perry and his junkie friend Tommy try to rob the house of mob big Tony Burton Don ChastainTommy ends up dead he forgot to load his gun! Since Tony Burton is the drug kingpin in town, J.

Burton doesn't like being threatened, so he goes to Nate's office and offers his own verbal warning to Nate, hoping it will put J. Meanwhile, the black gangs are ridding their streets of white pushers and Mound bayou MS sexy women suppliers, which only makes Burton hotter under his extremely large collar.

Burton kills Nate and kidnaps J. This leads to a bloody showdown between J. In the end, it's Mound bayou MS sexy women who gets the revenge Nate was her Housewives wants sex tonight Mound Bayou to a well-placed Housewives wants sex tonight Mound Bayou Mound bayou MS sexy women to Burton's noggin. Slow moving and methodical, this well-acted blaxploitation flick seems more interested in the plight of the black man than the usual action elements associated with films of this type.

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It's an interesting move that probably infuriated theater audiences looking for an action fix. The characters in this film aren't normal blaxploitation cliches. These people have principles that they adhere to.