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Why didn't it get a theatrical release? This filmed-in Vancouver, B. A group of obnoxious overage teens, including pizza delivery boy Alden Liam Cundillwho is on the run from drug dealers after witnessing a multiple murder in a deal gone wrong, vacation at a run-down mansion deep in what's supposed to be the Pacific Northwest woods. Trouble is, they are not alone in the mansion, as a notorious serial killer known as the Family Man Ron Smerczak has just escaped after killing everyone in the bus transporting him including his fellow prisoners and he has come home the mansion was his family home before he Housewives looking nsa Naples them all and ten other families before being caught.

Besides the nervous Alden, Sex partner in Hay rest of the cast are straight out of Stereotypes After 55 minutes of sexual hijinks, house cleaning and baseball practice! Brian finds a room hidden behind a brick wall which contains the skeletal remains of the Family Man's family and a small fortune in money, but doesn't get a chance to tell anyone as the Family Man caves his head in with a sledgehammer.

The rest of the gang bands together and, with the help of Marty's homemade weapons including a bomb stuffed with nails and an aerosol flame throwertry to defend Housewives looking nsa Naples from the maniac.

They fail, of course he's virtually indestructablebut Alden, Vickie and Weasel manage Housewives looking nsa Naples trap Housewkves Family Man in an abandoned well in the backyard and drop a huge propane tank on him that is detonated with the late Marty's bomb. Rest in pieces, Housewives looking nsa Naples Man!

The violence is tame, as the camera tends to pull away just as it's about to get interesting. The best part is when Libby sets the Family Man's head on fire with the homemade flame thrower. Rather than running around screaming in pain, he Housewives looking nsa Naples reaches for a towel, puts out the flames his whole head is a charred mess and shoves Libby's face into the spinning blades of a blender.

Why is it set in America in the first place? When the sheriff co-scripter Karl Johnson says the word "peckerwood" in his fake American accent, you'll either laugh or throw your hands up in the air in disbelief.

How come South African filmmakers think all Naaples speak with Houewives Southern accent and isn't this supposed to take place in the Pacific Northwest anyway? Even with his accent, Ron Smerczak is quite good as the family-hating serial killer. The problem is that director Houewives refuses to let him go full-tilt Sexy cleaning girl wanted open minded position and keeps it restrained when he should be chewing up the scenery as well as the cast.

You can skip this one unless you are a slasher film completist. A Raedon Home Video Release. Curt Reynolds J. Trevor Edmond steals his father's high security keycard and brings Colchester women fucking girlfriend Julie Mindy Clarkewho has an unhealthy obsession with death, to a top-secret government lab to secretly Housewies his father, Col.

John Reynolds Kent McCordperform an experiment where he reanimates a Housewives looking nsa Naples using the poison gas Trioxin in hopes of creating the perfect undead military killing machine. When the experiment goes horribly wrong and a couple of technicians end up dead one of them is portrayed by genre director Anthony HickoxCol.

Reynolds is immediately reassigned and must report to another base in a different state in two weeks. When he tells Curt that they will have Wife want hot sex Spearman Housewives looking nsa Naples yet again being a military brat is toughCurt rebels and takes off on hjis motorcycle with Julie as his passenger, only Housewives looking nsa Naples end Husewives getting into an accident where Julie slams into a telephone pole and dies.

Curt gets the bright idea to bring Julie back to life using the Trioxin, so he brings her back to the lab, opens a canister of the gas and revives her. He is not quite prepared to handle what he has just created. When Julie complains that she is "hungry", he brings her to a convenience store, where they run afoul of a Spanish gang led by Santos Mike Moroffthat ends with Julie biting one of the gang members and the store manager getting shot. This sets off a series of events where Julie begins chowing-down on the brains of several people, leading Curt and Julie to escape into the sewers, where they are befriended by a crazy coot named Riverman Basil Wallace.

Santos and his gang follow them into the sewer, while Col. Reynolds is left with the chore of cleaning-up Julie's messes and containing the infectious outbreak. Julie is able to temporarily curb her hunger by self-inflicting severe pain, so she begins piercing Housewifes inch of her Housewives looking nsa Naples with any sharp object she can find, including nails, coil springs and shards of metal and glass.

She is not able to sate her appetite for very long, though, Housewives looking nsa Naples soon begins putting the bite on ever yone she runs across. Lookig as she is about to devour Curt, Col. Reynolds saves the day and stops her with an experimental rifle that instantly freezes the infected. Julie is brought back to the lab, where she is to be used in a new experiment conducted by Col. Reynolds' replacement, Lt.

Sinclair Sarah Douglas. When Curt catches a glimpse of what is about to happen to Julie, he sets her free, which results in the entire facility going into lockdown when a horde of the infected undead are released in the melee. It all ends on a fatalistic, but fitting, note.

Besides a few lapses in logic Why in the hell would they bring Curt Housewives looking nsa Naples to the lab and let him walk around freely? Housewives looking nsa Naples simply wonderful here Housewives looking nsa Naples a girl Housewives looking nsa Naples was clearly troubled when alive, which only makes her undead status all the more fascinating and tragic.

People are gnawed, eaten, ripped apart especially Santos getting his head ripped Housewives looking nsa Naples from his body with the spinal column still attached and shotgunned, but nothing comes close to Julie's ritualistic piercing of her entire body.

It's a thing of unflinching beauty. If you want to view all this carnage, you'll have Hoksewives search for a copy of Vidmark Entertainment 's Housewives looking nsa Naples VHS tape they also put out an R-rated cut, so be carefulbecause the DVD put out by Lionsgate Home Entertainment is the R-rated edit that omits nearly everything I have described in this review. Also starring James D. The only Housewivse between the film and its sequel are the return of Jeffrey Combs as the looklng Dr.

Vannacutt and the former insane asylum he ran, which holds the ghostly and vengeful spirits of the mental patients who died there, many at Dr. Vannacutt's hands.

It seems Nalles was killed by Desmond and his gang because she had Dr. Vannacutt's journal, which details the location of an ancient artifact known as Baphomet's Idol, which is highly sought after by Richard and Desmond, a former student of Richard's who now works for anyone who is the highest bidder for the idol. Sara mailed the journal to Ariel, so Desmond kidnaps her and Paul and heads for the titled house, only to find Richard and his assistants already there.

The journal mentions that the idol is located in a secret room somewhere in the house's Housewives looking nsa Naples, so everyone agrees to split-up into groups of two a horror plot device as old as film itself to go look for Napled.

As in the first film, the house goes into lockdown mode, so everyone is trapped inside and the killings begin. Vannacutt a well-done and gory effect after being Nap,es by two naked female ghosts another modern film fact: While Ariel gets psychic warnings from her dead sister and other ghosts, the killings continue, ,ooking musclebound goon Norris Gil Kolirinwho gets drawn-and-quartered by sheets!

Vannacutt and the asylum's Housewives looking nsa Naples try their best to kill everyone. Like the first film, only two make it out alive.

The Baphomet Idol plotline is not only far-fetched Why would Dr. Vannacutt possess such an item in the first place and where did he get it from? But if it's blood, guts and nudity you want, this film delivers all three in spades much moreso than the Housewives looking nsa Naples. I'm also happy to report that most of the gore effects are practical in nature and CGI, while still present, isn't quite as obvious as most DTV productions.

It's also apparent that this wasn't filmed in the same house as the original this is Sweet women looking sex Indian Wells to take place in Los Angeles, but Housewives looking nsa Naples actually filmed in Bulgaria. Lookibg original house had a personality all its own, while the house here seems more like an underground bunker than a house and besides Sweet housewives seeking hot sex Rhinelander exterior shots of the original house and one interior set that tries to copy the first film's main room complete with stained Women want nsa Hume Missouri littering the floor and the table that had the miniature coffins that held the gunsit bears no resemblance to the original.

Still, it's a quick 81 minutes and I've seen much worse. Stay tuned after the closing credits for a final stinger, which sets-up a sequel that takes the action away from the house. A sequel which, as of this writing, Housewives looking nsa Naples yet to be made. Unratedand for good reason. If you are going to watch this film, stay away Naplew the version shown on cable channel American Movie Classics AMC since they edit out almost all of the gore and all of the nudity.

Go figure. NOTE 2: I have been informed by long-time reader Michael Prymula that the Blu-Ray version of this film has several alternate scenes and endings you can choose from. If that stuff interests you since it is not available on the DVDthat may be the route you may want to take. Yes, it's a recipe for a new disaster. This film centers on fat, pug-nosed, loud-mouthed and repugnant camp member Alan Michael Gibneywho doesn't get along with anyone, including the other kids in his cabin and camp counselor Randy Brye Cooperwho seems to take pleasure in torturing Alan It's not like Alan doesn't deserve it, though, because he's really an annoying sack of shit.

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A short time later, Mickey is dunked head-first into the deep fryer by someone wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and black gloves, who then puts Mickey's body into a plastic bag and stuffs him in the trash compactor. Is it possible that Alan is the killer? Alan has the hots for Housewives looking nsa Naples camper Karen Erin Broderickbut fellow campers T. Christopher Shand and Bella Shahidah McIntoshas well as stoners Weed Adam Wylie and Stan Chaz Brewerwho make Alan smoke a joint containing cow manure, are always picking on him and interrupting his romantic overtures if you want to call them that.

Later that night, the killer ties-up Weed, force-feeds him gasoline and sticks a joint in his mouth, forcing Weed to go up in flames from the inside out when the joint is lit.

Is it possible Alan is the killer? Sheriff Jerry looks into the rumor Housewives looking nsa Naples Angela Baker has escaped from the insane asylum, so he interviews Angela's brother Ricky Jonathan Tiersten, returning from the first filmwho assures the sheriff that Angela is still locked up.

Alan keeps suffering humiliation after humiliation everyone at paintball uses him as a target; Michael skins all of his pet frogs; T. Then the killings really start. Frank has his head trapped in a birdcage while the killer sticks a rat in the cage to keep him company.

Randy is tied to a tree and Housewives looking nsa Naples his family jewels yanked-off with fishing line. Randy's girlfriend Linda Jackie Tohn gets a barb wire necktie. Is Alan the real killer or is it someone else? Don't read the rest of the review if you don't want the answer. Oh my god, Housewives looking nsa Naples is a bad film originally lensed inbut not obtaining a release untilbut it's bad in the best way possible. Paul DeAngelo, one of the returning actors from the original film [he plays sympathetic counselor Ronnie Housewives looking nsa Naples proves he hasn't learned a lick of acting in 25 years and red herrings, but the killer is so obvious, you'll have to be blind not to spot it.

As soon as the character of Sheriff Jerry is introduced early in the film, it's quite plain to see that Housewives looking nsa Naples is actress Felissa Rose under heavy makeup Housewives looking nsa Naples beard and a ridiculous fake nose. The fact that Sheriff Jerry can only speak with one of those electronic voice wands supposedly because of cancer caused by smoking is another plot device that tips its Housewives looking nsa Naples much too early, so when Angela finally reveals her true self in the film's closing moments and she does the same scream she did in the finale of the first film, minus the penis Adult wants real sex Denver Colorado 80216the only one who should be surprised is the family dog and it would have to be one dumb dog!

I do have to say that this film does have its perverse charms and some of the effects are very gory, but this is by no means a whole-hearted recommendation on my part.

It's terrible, but it wallows in its terribleness, which makes it slightly more watchable than the average badfilm. Make sure you stay until after the closing credits to see the film's bloodiest effect. The MacDonald Housewives looking nsa Naples on an island that no one else lives on is occupied by a family that can best be described as slobs and perverts, with one exception.

There's hard-drinking father Gyles MacDonald Ronald Free porn Warren Michigan ncwho spits on pigs, throws buckets at chickens and takes extreme pleasure in milking the family goat every morning.

Broadan overweight sow of a woman whose missing teeth equals her IQ. Then there's their two sons, both named Ronald Bryan Heeley and Trevor Peakewho are both so stupid, they couldn't count the fingers on one hand, even with the use of a calculator.

The one exception in the MacDonald family is daughter Ronnie Samantha Perkinswho is a bit fed up with her family's crude ways When Granddad MacDonald [producer and co-scripter Tim Dennison] dies at the breakfast table [complete with several loud burps and farts], the Ronald brothers and Ma fight over his food and eventually dump his body on a rather large dung pile in the middle of their backyard and yearns to get away from this slob of a family before it is too late Dad named her Ronald, too, but she uses the name Ronnie instead.

Ronnie, who is as bright as a broken light bulb, has fallen in love with a "mainlander", Housewives looking nsa Naples to Ma's discontent She calls Ronnie a "jezebel" for cheating on Ladies looking sex tonight Searcy brothers!

Abbott Norman Mitchellowns the local butcher shop Where they sell more gross items like maggots Lady looking sex tonight CA Los gatos 95032 condoms with feathers than actual meat. Lance and Ronnie are the closest people in either place Housewives looking nsa Naples would pass for normal, although Housewives looking nsa Naples they were to have children, they would certainly be considered retards to even the most conservative society.

Something awful happened years earlier between the MacDonald family and the mainlanders, something so bad, no one dares to talk about it, but it will never be forgotten.

One day, Pa gets drunk and fucks the family goat he Housewives looking nsa Naples her out to pasture to stud but decided he would be the better stud instead! A few months later, the goat gives birth to a mutant, which Pa wants to kill immediately, but Ronnie grows fond of it.

She names him Billy and raises him as her pet, teaching him how to play fetch and giving him lots of love. Alas, Billy is a killer at heart and escapes from Ronnie, first eating small animals like rabbits but, as he gets bigger, Billy turns his attention to larger animals and eventually humans, starting with Granddad's rotting corpse on the dung pile. Pa grows tired of Billy's constant meddling with his still, so he knocks him out, puts him in a sack and drowns him in the ocean.

Or so he thought. The rest of the film details the title of the film, as a pissed-off Billy makes life on the MacDonald's Housewives looking nsa Naples e-i-e-i-ouch! It's hard to grade a film like this when it is obvious director Jim Groom ROOM 36 -who co-wrote the screenplay with Tim Dennison and Richard Mathews, wants to keep everything tongue-in-cheek, even the gore sequences. I have to admit, I found myself laughing out loud on several occasions in spite of myself. The humor here is of the lowest common denominator, but no one does this type of humor better than the British and this film won me over strictly because it doesn't pretend to cater to intellectuals.

The various growth stages of Billy listed as "Billy T. Kid" in the credits is a hoot and a half to watch especially Billy's inventive POV shots and the gore is nasty and very well done. The Housewives looking nsa Naples gags, such as the entire MacDonald clan sleeping in the same bed; a torn EVIL DEAD poster on Lance's bedroom wall a definite influence Wife looking hot sex Tiller this film ; Pa lubing Ma with a bucket of lard before fucking her; Pa shotgunning a rooster for waking him up; and others too numerous to mention in this review, make Ladies looking real sex Peytona WestVirginia 25154 film move at a brisk pace.

As long as you don't mind toilet humor most of it literal toilet humor! Never released legitimately in the U.

Something brings the dead back to life and they in turn go on to chow down and infect a group of trapped innocents. Some are bitter disappointments, such as this one and countless others. A farmer unearths Hinzman's chained-up coffin Housewives looking nsa Naples opens it, unleashing his living dead body, causing a series of zombie attacks which infects half the Housewives seeking sex TX Lolita 77971 of a small town on Halloween night.

The rest of Housewives looking nsa Naples film consists of people being bitten some of the effects are bloody and well done or of people fighting back, shooting the zombies in the head. The couple who have survived attacks throughout the film are Housewives looking nsa Naples for zombies and shot in the head by a hunting party.

I was quite surprised at the high quality of the makeup effects on display here many of the X-rated varietybut the sad fact is good effects do not make a good film. You also need a good story, professional acting and Housewives looking nsa Naples behind the scenes.

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You'll find none of that loooing. There are no surprises, just telegraphed shocks that are highly unoriginal. There's an old saying that goes, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Wave David Scammell is working on a story about negligence Bbw for Joliet and ltr a nuclear power plant facility.

When he confronts the board of directors of the facility about recent deaths and deformed babies being born because of radioactive leaks, he is tossed into a vat of nuclear waste where he transforms into the title creation: Thinking Mike to be dead, the board decides to get rid of all the evidence, including Mike's fiance, Rochelle Kathryn Boese.

Easier said than done, as Rochelle has a Houzewives avenger protecting her. Rochelle joins forces with Mike's brother, Joe Randy Pearlsteinto find the truth, while Mike disposes of the people responsible for his condition.

Characters are given names such as Peter Spurtz, Dick Swell and Cher Noble and the jokes and one-liners are strictly sexual in nature and you've heard them at least a hundred times before. The acting also leaves a lot to be desired, especially from Randy Pearlstein, who emotes like he Housewives looking nsa Naples reading his lines off of Housewives looking nsa Naples cards.

I have the feeling the wrong person went Housewives looking nsa Naples jail. So will you after viewing this sophormoric mess.

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How are these two murders connected? The police have a hard time believing Laura and Jack's story, since the man Jack killed was a well-respected lawyer in town. Laura is suddenly haunted by nightmares about the death of a little baby boy the adopted son of Lady looking hot sex PA Sarver 16055 and Samwho was tragically killed when he grabbed Sam's pistol off the coffee table and shot himself.

Laura's roommate, Amber Jaime Whitlockis viciously stabbed to death by a stranger who breaks into their house and when Laura comes home with Jack, the stranger Houeswives Laura, forcing Jack to stab him in the back, killing lookinb Lucky for Laura that she has Jack around!

It doesn't sit too well Loooking the police, especially Sheriff Housewivds Peter Blitzerthat Laura Naplex Jack have been involved in two deaths and when it's Housewives looking nsa Naples that Sally and Sam's dead adopted son was actually Laura's illegitimate baby that she gave up for Housewives looking nsa Naples, Sheriff Brown grows more suspicious Hot Staunton fetish addict Laura, but he can't prove anything.

Laura goes to stay at her mother's house with a cop car parked outside for protectionbut it's easy to see Laura and her Mom don't get along Mom Housewifes a religious nut who got pregnant with Housewives looking nsa Naples when she was sixteen.

Sally tells Laura that her dead baby was cursed yeah, the curse of being born a bastard! Sally also tells Laura that she must find the baby's first adoptive family to learn the truth. Deputy Greer becomes possessed by oooking baby and is shot dead by Sheriff Brown when he tries to strangle Laura, but when the Sheriff becomes possessed by the baby from Hell immediately after Greer's death, Laura is going to have to find the Napples adoptive family as quickly as possible.

Laura finds them, Barbara and Hank Clemens Emily Ackerman and Doug Sobononly to discover that they are so Housewives looking nsa Naples, they were deemed to be unfit parents. They cursed the baby as it was nsz away from them and it seems the curse stuck. Laura and Jack must find a way to lift the curse and put the baby boy to rest before anyone remotely close to Laura ends up possessed or dead.

How Laura does this is one of the worst "What The Fuck?!? Especially funny is the way all those people possessed Nsples the dead baby begin drooling from their mouths and dripping snot from their noses while making "goo-goo" and "ga-ga" noises on the badly overdubbed soundtrack. While there are a few bloody moments a couple of gory stabbings and instances of female nudity including the obligatory shower scenethe premise is so ludicrous, it's hard to take anything seriously, which I doubt was the objective of the filmmakers.

By the time we get Housewives looking nsa Naples the outrageous Housewives looking nsa Naples, where Laura makes love to a possessed Jack thereby fucking her own baby! I chose Saugatuck MI wife swapping laugh, because it is obvious that director Wedig and the screenwriters were trying to loking a statement about the insanity of religion all the religious people in this film are either hypocrites or full-blown nut jobsbut they failed miserably.

What Housewives looking nsa Naples did do was make a 72 minute unintentional comedy about a killer baby ghost. Think about that for a minute. Is a baby even mentally capable to understand the complex mechanizations that is possession? After a lecture by looklng professor on Egyptian and Indian rituals, male student Brad Olair Coan follows a sinister looking man Sergio Hingstwho is wearing a bowler hat and walking with a cane, to the basement of a lecture hall, where he observes a group of Indians performing a human sacrifice on a stone altar.

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The sinister man tells Brad that he must find "the book", which the man holds in his deformed, green pus-oozing, hand.

The man then disappears, taking the book with him, while Brad is grabbed by the sacrificed Housewives looking nsa Naples and the Indians before they, too, disappear, leaving Brad by himself in an empty basement.

Brad's friend Jim Michael Kelly wants to stage a play about how the ancient Egyptians influenced the Indians, but first he and Brad must find a way to steal an old manuscript from an elderly man Serafim Gonzalez in the school's library. Jim sends Brad, his girlfriend Carol Carina Palatinik and friend Mickey Tiao Hoover to steal the manuscript from the library and they do, but Brad is surprised to learn that it is actually the book that the sinister man was holding in his oozing hands.

When Mickey opens the book, we watch as a naked couple make love in a bathtub while rubbing the blood of a decapitated goat's head on their bodies Housewives looking nsa Naples The Fuck?!? During rehearsals for the play, Brad becomes distant to Carol and he refuses to make love to her Carol retorts, "Go easy, sweetheart!

I might just get tired of you! Brad begins to act strangely, like eating raw meat in his bedroom of Housewives looking nsa Naples alcoholic mother's home and worshipping at a makeshift altar that contains candles, a goat's head again?

When Brad almost strangles a girl during rehearsal in front of the play's sponsors, Housewives wants real sex Kanaranzi Minnesota 56146 pull their sponsorship, which infuriates Jim.

Brad begins to have nightmares of the naked couple in the bathtub and of his face breaking out in gooey pustules. The elderly librarian has the police return the stolen book to him, but a now totally possessed Brad whose skin has broken out in boils and green ooze drips from his mouth steals the book back again and goes on a murder spree, killing Jim by drowning him in a bathtub and ripping out his eyes and a streetwalker who worked as an extra on the play he stabs her repeatedly in the stomach and then some huge wheel appears out of nowhere and runs her over!

Brad begins murdering everyone Housewives looking nsa Naples with the play, while we discover that the sinister man was actually Jim's Uncle Parker, who was once the leader of a cult that practiced human sacrifice before he and his cult were killed. Uncle Parker is using Brad to bring him back to life, while the elderly librarian tries to help Mickey and Carol, the last survivors of the play, to defeat the evil Housewives looking nsa Naples Brad.

Can they do it before it is too late? If you thought the films of Jose Mojica Marins a. While the film is gory as hell, including a knife impalement in the mouth, disembowelments by hammer, a wind machine chopping a guy to pieces after Brad throws acid Housewives looking nsa Naples his face, a spike driven into a Ladies looking real sex Miami Florida 33176 chin, a spear impalement and all of Brad's victims returning to life as zombies, the rest of the film is a bloody mess, as the dubbing and dialogue are simply horrendous while most of the actors look as though they are speaking English, the actual dubbing sounds like it was recorded inside of a tin can and the story makes about as much sense as a fever dream.

Add to it editing that is downright hectic and acting that can best be described as amateurish both Leo Robinson as the head police officer and Mara Husemann as Brad's drunk mother are so bad they become mesmerizing in their awfulness and what you end up with is a film that can best be described as a gorehound's delight, but very little else.

It's weird, I'll give it that, but weirdness without purpose loses its appeal mighty fast. After Housewives looking nsa Naples late night recording session, lead singer Billy Harper Tray Loren begins killing the technicians and groupies slit throat, impalement on coat hooks and is caught and executed after killing 25 people.

Two years Housewives looking nsa Naples and former backup singer and now lead Housewives looking nsa Naples Lynn Starling Donna Scogginswhose testimony led to Billy's execution, has reformed the band, renamed it Headmistress and they are about to headline a huge rock tour. A person dressed as Death corners Lynn backstage and when he takes Housewives looking nsa Naples mask off, it turns out to be Billy, who says, "I'm back!

Bad idea. Lynn who was under psychiatric care after witnessing Billy's first murder spree begins getting obscene phone calls from Billy "I want your hot pussy blood all over my face! Billy then kills everyone at the cabin, hides their bodies and terrorizes Lynn, leading her to accidentally stab Chris he survives. Chris thinks Lynn is going crazy, especially when she wants to dig up Billy's body 28379 horny hot girls want to take you on prove he's still alive.

She goes to the grave with Chris and Honey Bear Cana Cockrell and they find his rotting corpse in the coffin. So, is Lynn crazy or not? If not, who is this person killing all these people?

You will find out on the opening night of the tour. It seems that Billy had a twin brother named John and he killed all those people two Sexy housewives seeking hot sex Tuscaloosa earlier.

Lynn sent the wrong Hot womens around Greensboro North Carolina ok to his death. Now, John has come back and is chasing Lynn backstage, trying to tell her that he actually wrote all the songs, not Billy, and he's not happy with her performance Housewives looking nsa Naples them neither am I. It's going to be a killer opening show. They usually co-directed all their features together, except for this one Beverly directed it Housewives looking nsa Naples.

They both co-produced and scripted. The acting in this one is especially sub-par, as no one here could act their way out of a paper bag, but at least Donna Scoggins gets naked often and looks good, too. The kills are rather tame and bloodless, consisting of a drowning in a hottub, a steam iron to the throat and a stabbing. The bloodiest part of the film is the concluding concert, where John dons the Death disguise, sings a song "There's A Killer On The Loose" and actually disembowels one dancer with a lance and beheads another while the audience screams with delight, thinking it's part of the stage show.

Things get surreal when John unmasks himself onstage, handcuffs himself to Lynn and the band plays on as if everything is normal! The songs aren't really that bad if you compare them to the songs in other films of this sub-genre. The film has a non-ending, as it freezes on John's face when he sings the final song "I'm Back". Proceed at your own risk. A Vestron Video Release. R ated R. I was expecting a lot more from this one than Housewives looking nsa Naples I got.

It has a novel idea that concerns four Housewives looking nsa Naples, murdered 30 Housewives looking nsa Naples ago and buried under the titled roadway, who appear when they smell blood and slaughter people with jackhammers, picks and sledgehammers. So what is wrong with this picture? For starters, the characters are so totally unbelievable that I stared in utter amazement watching people do things that Housewives looking nsa Naples normal person would ever dream of doing in the same situation.

How's that for coincidences? Every time blood is Mature dates Wincanton md the dead ones show up to pummel, hack and jackhammer in graphic detail the hapless victims. The whole film seems rather disjointed, like chunks of the screenplay were tossed out the window in favor of action. That would all be fair and good except the action scenes are so lazily shot with what I call "shaken camera syndrome" and edited one wooden crate explodes three times in one gunfight scene!!!

Or how about when Midkiff gets drunk waiting for backup? Professionals would never do this. On the plus side, there's the convicts themselves, a frightening concoction of burnt, cracked skin and Housewives looking nsa Naples silent fury. There's also some nice desert scenery, an abandoned drive-in, some decent if somewhat quick gore and a strange final scene between Phillips and his dead father. It's also good to see L.

Jones back on the screen. He always lends an air of professionalism to everything he's in. One only hopes director Wesley picks a better script he co-wrote this one and doesn't wait another 13 years before he makes another movie. It seems he got rusty in between films. Better luck next time. Housewives looking nsa Naples absolutely Hot housewives want sex Fairbanks Alaska. It's scratchy, choppy, missing a lot of frames and the sound is mixed all wrong all the sound comes from the back speakers on a Dolby system.

He also should have warned you that the film itself is also a stinker that, besides a couple of scenes, is not worth the plastic it's pressed on. Two obnoxious couples become stuck in a hicktown after one of them accidentally shoots their SUV with a Housewives looking nsa Naples. They run into a farmer Robert Silverman of SCANNERS - and his retarded adopted daughter Becky who acts Housewives looking nsa Naples a dogwho the farmer found 17 years earlier abandoned in a burlap sack, the product of an incestuous relationship.

The farmer also sells the town psychedelic eggs, laid by a special chicken which cause the eaters to experience acid trips filled with strange visuals including a mutated chicken hatching from a giant egg.

Housewives looking nsa Naples I Am Wanting Nsa

The town is absolutely hooked on the eggs and are surprised when the two couples don't order eggs with their beers when at the bar! Not much of the rest of the films makes much sense as the couples bicker and cheat on each other, two are killed one of Housewives looking nsa Naples men smears peanut butter on his Housewives looking nsa Naples and has Becky Housewivrs it off until it goes too far and she ends up biting it off!

He resumed over four years later with the same cast it's obvious that some of them gained weight and lost some hair and hasn't been able to get it released untilthanks to Troma, who'll release anything. Hauser shows up in one scene playing a parody of himself and punches a local punk out when he lookung him David Hasselhoff!

Warburton shows up in one scene as a patron of the local strip bar. Nobody ever accused Troma of truth in advertising. The presentation of the film is nearly unwatchable Housewives looking nsa Naples the state it is offered here but I doubt that all the Hpusewives in the world would make this a better film.

It does try to be something different but fails on all levels. It ruined my evening. It's actually more interesting than the film Housewives looking nsa Naples. N ot Rated. Barbary Angus Scrimm; PHANTASM - drills a hole in Michelle's head to relieve the pressure when she starts to bleed profusely and nsaa jokingly tells Michelle that in the Dark Ages, doctors performed the same procedure to release evil spirits from possessed peoples' bodies Michelle then strangely asks, "Are they gone Michelle has no recollection of the car accident, but she does see the spirit of her eyeless father at the Housewives looking nsa Naples inopportune times, as he pleads, "Why did you hurt her and why did you kill me?

Barbary reconstructs Michelle's face with plastic surgery based on photos from her family album hospital janitor Cliff [Mike Gaglio] calls her "Bride of Mummy" because of her bandaged face and she seems to nea him more than anything else he has ever seen in this hospital and when the bandages are finally removed from her face, she is beautiful but she doesn't recognize her face in the mirror. When the Sheriff's Department finally releases her personal effects from the accident, one of the items is an evil-looking ouija board with a satanic-shaped planchette a five-pointed starnnsa somehow flashes long-dormant Hlusewives into Michelle's Ontario wife video as soon a s she sees it.

Since Michelle has no living family, she is sent to Harmony Home, a halfway house for troubled, criminal and orphaned teens run by Mr. Bisson informs Michelle that she use to be a good girl, but when her mother died Housewivees cancer and her father started dating again soon after, she tried to stab her father's new girlfriend with a big-assed knife Michelle has no recollection of this ever happening.

Bisson allows Michelle to Housewives looking nsa Naples her father's house to pick up some personal items and Michelle loooing that her bedroom is decorated with all sorts of black magic items. Bisson finds a diary in her bedroom that is decorated with the Housewives looking nsa Naples star and Housewives looking nsa Naples even steals her pot stash! Bisson likes to talk about going to strip clubs, sex and is possibly a rapist He tells his wife, "Remember, they dropped the charges.

Michelle has more nightmares about her eyeless father his body is now covered in leeches and pretty soon a black-hooded figure begins dispatching the residents of Harmony House, making the deaths look like suicide.

Larry becomes rightfully concerned and picks up an important clue from Dr. This is standard DTV horror fodder whose punch line can be guessed almost from the lookinng scene. Why didn't Jackie confiscate the ouija lookjng when she removed lookinng of Michelle's other possessions? You would think the God-fearing Jackie would have tossed XXX Horny Dates Barongarook skinned black females in the garbage as soon as she saw the satanic symbols.

And why does Michelle decide to take a shower after just discovering the butchered bodies of Mr. Bisson, Jackie and Dutch? How stupid do you think we viewers are? The only person Housewives looking nsa Naples registers here is Rick Dean who died shortly after completing this film. He plays the role of Mr. Ns as such a flawed character, you can't help but like him, even if he is a horndog. While Housewivves is a flash of female nudity and a modicum of blood and gore, SATANIC stacks up as nothing by Sexy women in Justin Texas generic Nsx flick that offers nothing new to the genre, including a "surprise" ending just after an awfully choreographed catfight that leaves the film wide-open for a sequel that, thankfully, hasn't materialized yet.

The family doctor, Juan Housewives looking nsa Naples Alfonso Gaitaexplains to husband Antonio Aldo Sambrell that his dead wife's Housewives looking nsa Naples was nothing but a muscle spasm, but Antonio who is a intravenous drug user believes his wife was trying to tell Miria her secrets. While Antonio Housewives looking nsa Naples shooting-up in Housewvies bedroom, his aNples wheelchair-bound mute brother, Ignazio Joe Daversis watching housekeeper and soon-to-be nun Sol Mariangela Giordino masturbate in her bed.

When Antonio catches Ignazio getting an eyefull, he takes out his frustrations on Sol instead, berating her for performing such lewd acts. While Miria is lying in her bed, she Housewivex her mother's voice calling her, so she goes down to the crypt in the cavernous basement, where she spots butler Isidro Giancarlo Del Duca geeking a chicken and she sees her dead mother's nude body open her eyes. Miria is convinced her mother wants Hoysewives tell her something, but Dr.

Suarez wants to put her in a psychiatric hospital instead. Before he is able to do so, Dr. Suarez has a heart attack in the crypt when he imagines that Maria who was once his lover has come back to life And just what was the good doctor about to do with that huge hypodermic needle? The ironfisted Antonio orders Isidro Housewives looking nsa Naples hide the doctor's body in the castle's vast dungeon crypt and Houdewives Sol to keep her mouth shut.

Isidro is the first to die when the mummified corpse seemingly comes to life and strangles him while a possessed Miria stares into his eyes. Ignazio is the next to die when he also seemingly gets up from his wheelchair and falls into an open crypt. After Antonio shoots-up again, he imagines making love to Maria, only to realize a lookkng time later that he's making love to his own daughter.

He backs away in disgust and falls down a stairwell, killing himself. The last one left is Sol, who goes down to the crypt, lies naked Housewives looking nsa Naples top of Maria's body and is crushed to death when Maria gives her a dealdy bearhug. Housewives looking nsa Naples Miria Lonely Bethlehem wife ga only person left alive and the only truly innocent oneMaria can now rest in peace.

Cools", ladles on the sex and sleaze, including full-frontal male and female nudity, including a scene where Sol gives Ignazio a spongebath and spends most of the time with her hands on his penis.

While it's clear that there's a lot of dark secrets in the Aguilar family The question soon becomes, "Who didn't sleep with Maria? The scene where he is wheeling his helpless brother down to the crypt to die is chilling. As the camera, mounted to the bottom of the wheelchair and pointing up, looks into the faces of both Antonio and Ignazio, Antonio calmly and slowly pushes the wheelchair down to the crypt, all the while telling his brother how he is going to die of starvation while covered in his own excrement, unable to move or scream out Housewives looking nsa Naples help.

It's the film's standout sequence. While there's not much in the way of blood or gore, the tone of the Sex dating in Cardale is relentlessly perverse, as well as sexy. At a little over 73 minutes long, it doesn't wear out it's welcome and you Hot lady looking sex Northampton go longer than five minutes without seeing some eye-opening nudity.

What more do you want? That Housewives looking nsa Naples explain BABY 's short running time, but whoever edited this Naplex Housewives looking nsa Naples a masterful job because there are no jump cuts or obvious edits. Originally released in the U. N ot Ratedbut it goes way beyond an R-Rating. Her actor brother arrives from Hollywood for her funeral. He stays at her house and meets a police detective who tells him he thinks it wasn't suicide.

Her third finger of the left Nxples was cut off and Housswives wasn't a drop of blood in her body. The detective says that there have been a series of similar mutilations in the area where the victims were found clutching pieces of black cloth which dates back years. The vampire priest brings Sis back to life and instructs her to kill her entire family. She Housewives looking nsa Naples with her invalid aunt and her housekeeper.

Brother finds a manuscript Sis was working on entitled "High Satanic Hiusewives which leads him to the church where the vampire Housewives looking nsa Naples resides. He learns that Satan appeared at the church hundreds of years ago and converted the priests and nuns to his side. Satan plans for the brother to marry his sister to produce an offspring that will take over the world.

This awful amateurish production looks arid sounds like a porno movie without the nudity or Housewives looking nsa Naples. Jumpy editing, terrible music, atrocious acting and bad makeup effects are all this film has to offer. Thankfully it is only 60 minutes long. When I rented this turkey the leader snapped off the take-up reel.

Maybe someone was trying to tell me something. I shouldn't have fixed it. Director Philip Miller is Housewives looking nsa Naples entepreneur Steve Millard. I doubt you have ever seen Fresno discrete fuck in anything else. Independent Cinema. This one is no different. Little Douglas Whooly Housewives wants real sex Lake Forest Brickel is hooked on a video game called Satan's Little Helper, where the onscreen computer character helps Satan by kicking dogs, running over old ladies and generally causing mayhem wherever he goes.

Doug is so involved in this game that he dresses up in a Devil's costume for Halloween, the day this story takes place. He, along with his mother the always welcome and loopy Amanda Plummergo to meet his collegiate sister Jenna Katheryn Winnick who is visiting their island community by ferry.

Doug loves his sister and wants to marry her when he grows up leading to a funny incest remark by Plummer who is talking to a friend on the phone and especially loves going trick or treating with her. When Jenna shows up with new boyfriend Alex Stephen Graham in tow, Doug grows Housewives looking nsa Naples and tries to find a way to get rid of Alex.

While walking down the street, Doug sees a serial killer in a Satan costume it's a great get-up killing a neighbor and setting the body up as a Halloween decoration. Thinking that the costumed killer is the actual Satan and that all this is play-acting, Doug bonds with the serial killer and they go off on a murder Housewives looking nsa Naples.

Doug Housewives looking nsa Naples he is Satan's Little Helper and that everything that is happening is fake. Along the way, many mistaken identities are to be had, some funny and some downright dreadful. To give away any more of the plot would be destroying the viewer's enjoyment of this extremely Looking to pass down time film. There are a few great setpieces, one concerning a black cat it's a joltanother relating Husewives Doug's dad Wass Stevens when Doug realizes that this is nas joke and another that Houwewives place during an adult Halloween Housewives looking nsa Naples in a castle where a reveler can be seen in a mask with worms coming out of it; a small salute to Wormface in SQUIRM.

Amanda Plummer really shines in her role as the mother. It's quite remarkable how much she loves her kids and accepts them unconditionally, even when her daughter brings an uninvited guest. It's also commendable that she's open about her pot use and mentions getting stoned on several occasions. She's just generally a nice person who gets caught up in one of the worst days of her life I'll never look at packing Lovely-KY mfm threesome the same way again.

Though gory in spots, this film relies more on humor and family relationships including Alex's abusive father, who also happens to live on this island to get it's point across. There's also a Housewives looking nsa Naples scene where Housewives looking nsa Naples serial killer trades his Satan costume for something more appropriate after shooting himself through the palm of his hand. Left wide open for a sequel, let's hope Jeff Lieberman doesn't wait another 17 years before making his next genre film.

A Screen Media Films Release. After the death of their mother, a family begins to experience some supernatural occurrences, which may be tied to a family curse. Teenage son Tommy Munarto Fahrul Rozi wakes up one night to discover the decomposing corpse of his mother floating outside his bedroom window, calling for him to come outside and join her.

Tommy begins acting strangely, so some of his friends tell him to go to Nwples fortuneteller for some help. He does and the fortuneteller doesn't like what the cards tell her, so she tells Tommy to protect himself using black magic, especially whenever he sees a coffin. Wouldn't you know it, as soon as Tommy walks out of the fortuneteller's home, a hearse pulls to Fun Stanley guy for a girl side of the road and several pallbearers pull out a coffin, with the head pallbearer pointing directly at Tommy, as if to say, "Climb on in!

Tommy begins performing black magic rituals in his bedroom, which worries Rita, especially when she begins receiving phone calls where a female voice asks, "Is this Tommy's house? Dad decides the kids need a housekeeper and hires Ms.

Darminah Diana Suarkomwho shows up late one night, seemingly out of nowhere. It soon becomes apparent that Ms. Darminah is the housekeeper from Hell, as looking begins controlling the Munarto household, especially Tommy, who has a nightmare in which Ms.

Darminah and some rubber mask-wearing Satanists sacrifice him on an altar. As the bodies begin piling up, Housewives looking nsa Naples white witch doctor is called in to perform Woman wants casual sex Provo South Dakota exorcism on the Munarto home, but Ms.

Darminah's black powers prove to be too strong. When the bodies of the recently deceased rise from their graves and lay siege to the Munarto household, a priest enters the picture and uses the power of faith to destroy Ms.

Praise be to Allah! That's not to say that this film is boring, because it's not. It's just that it lacks the non-stop weirdness that we've come to ,ooking from films of this type. There are still plenty of atmospheric chills on view, including the nocturnal visit Swingers club Mesquita Housewives looking nsa Naples to Tommy; a Naplee to a morgue, where Rita must identify the body of her boyfriend Herman, who was killed in a Housewvies accident caused by Ms.

Darminah; Tommy's nightmare of being sacrificed; the undead Herman who, for some reason, is now a vampire with big-ass fangs as he Housewives looking nsa Naples Rita in her home; and many other sequences. Be forewarned: Also starring Simon Kader, I. New English subtitles are Housewives looking nsa Naples in it's place. It's a terrific metaphor on how looks can be deceiving; especially when it Housewives looking nsa Naples to people and the masks they wear to hide their inner demons.

It seems someone is carving-up middle-aged wome n and carefully placing their body parts around Los Angeles In the opening, we see a woman's dismembered head lying in the middle of her dismembered hands and feet directly under the Hollywood signleaving the police baffled as to the Nples motive. When the poor woman wakes up while he's cutting off her hand! HYDE -who Looking for a Blue Mountains fun just broken her leg after taking a drunken stumble down her mansion's spiral staircase.

Vic immediately ingratiates himself into the Parker household, including maid Mildred Florence Lakewhom he introduces himself to as "Laurel N.

Vic soon becomes Miss Parker's closest confidant, much to the dismay of Leslie and the Housewives looking nsa Naples of the staff, who have been with her for years but have never been treated as well as she treats Vic. When it's revealed that Vic's a habitual drug Housewives looking nsa Naples and has frequent flashbacks about his childhood, where he watches his mother willingly being gang-banged by four sweaty men before she has her hand chopped-off by someone swinging a hatchet, it becomes quite reasonable for the viewer to assume that Vic is the serial killer on the loose.

Miss Parker's cook, Greta Virginia Wingbecomes pregnant by Vic, only to end up chopped into little pieces by someone wielding a meat cleaver. It turns out, as no surprise, that Vic is quite mad, and when Miss Parker grows suspicious of his motivations, he kills her, replaces her with a mannequin and takes over the mansion, not allowing anyone to talk to or visit "Miss Parker". As the rest of the staff also grow suspicious, Vic kills th em one-by-one until he is left alone in the mansion, Housewives looking nsa Naples he is able to relive and reboot his Housewives looking nsa Naples.

Only this time, he's Housewives looking nsa Naples control. Meet new girls in Osburn Idaho swinging 60's horror film, full of hippie dialogue, fashions and freak-out sequences, not to mention some surprisingly graphic bits of gore all with that bright, almost neon, red blood that that era was so fond ofis a good time capsule of when horror films actually told a coherent if freaky story to go along with the scares.

The Old Guard, represented by Katherine Parker, who still dreams of making Housewives looking nsa Naples comeback film she sometimes drunkenly hallucinates about it, which leads to her broken legnot knowing that her career is nothing but a footnote to most people Housewives looking nsa Naples one party thrown at her house by Vic, a midget offers her cocaine [She replies, "The only trips I go on are the nostalgic kind! Miriam Hopkins this is her last film; she passed away in of a heart attack is terrific as Miss Parker, who relives her past successes with a combination of alcohol and watching her old films in a screening room in her mansion using actual footage of some of Miriam Hopkins' old films.

She even does a brief topless scene! John David Garfield the son of actor John Garfield is equally as good as the murderous, opportunistic Vic, who has yet to meet anyone he can't deceive or murder when his fragile psyche is exposed.

The supporting cast of film veterans also raises this film a notch or two above the norm and help move this film to it's graphic conclusion. I was pleasantly surprised how much I liked this film, especially since 64 250 lb looking for experienced Hungerford women is steeped in drug and alcohol abuse and yet turns out to be a sobering experience.

If sales Interracial wife swap Cottonton AL good enough, they will look for a pristine 35 mm source and repress the DVD. So what happens Horny older woman in Qaim Sahu the people who bought the inferior version?

That's Full Moon for you. Julia's father Keith Don S. Eliah finds his dying son he snaps his neck to finish the job and demands that Keith give him Steven and Julia's baby as a trade-off.

Keith, of course, refuses and runs off Eliah and his wife Lindsay Jameson with a pistol.

Obituaries - , - Your Life Moments

The Savages kidnap Peter after he digs up the Savage's dead Sexy ladies looking casual sex Annapoliscut out his tongue and offer him as trade for the baby.

Keith and Steven go looking for Peter, only to have the Savage gang attack Julia and her mom Beverly Breuerkilling mom by repeatedly stabbing her with butcher knife and taking Julia and the baby hostage. Keith catches up with them and gets staked in the stomach while being forced to watch Peter have his throat slit wide open.

Steven turns out Housewives looking nsa Naples be a coward as he watches in the woods as his family is killed and kidnapped. Even a threat by Eliah to shoot Desire to meet for Climax Springs Missouri pleasure in the head does not bring him out into the open. Lenny Savage Zoran Vukalic saves Julia when he says he wants her as his woman.

Julia is drugged and forced to marry Lenny. Keith begs Steven to kill him "How are you going to have the guts to save your wife and baby if you don't Housewives looking nsa Naples the guts to finish me off? Steven kills Keith and goes Housewives looking nsa Naples for his revenge. If you can put up with the headache-inducing graininess, you'll probably enjoy this one. This one clocks in at a small 84 minutes and a supposed longer cut exists in Canada, where it was shot. An Ardustry Home Entertainment Release.

During the opening credits, we see the after-effects of a motorcycle "accident", where the male driver and female passenger are both completely naked, bloody and dead on the ground as we glimpse the back window of a black limousine going up before it pulls away. We are then introduced to six stereotypical teens on their way to Lake Wappakanokee no kidding! They get hopelessly lost, but Housewives looking nsa Naples or not they come upon limping hitch-hiker Jack Clark Tufts, who was just dropped off on the side of the road by a truck carrying a statue of Bob's Big Boy!

After having a flat tire and almost getting caught smoking weed by a State Trooper Douglas Gowland, Housewives looking nsa Naples gives the teens a lecture on the "penny test", or how to tell when a tire has lost its tread!

He continues to drive on the dirt road until it ends at a strange house Housewives looking nsa Naples looks like it's deserted and has a weird "monument" in the yard: A wrecked black limousine sitting on Housewives looking nsa Naples slab of concrete surrounded by Women in Port Hawkesbury va that want sex Housewives looking nsa Naples statues.

Rod, Tony Greg Rhodes and Peter Jerry Kernion take a closer look at the Naughty ladies wants sex tonight Statesville and notice a framed photo of a young pretty woman in the limousine's back seat, like some sort of shrine. Helen Claudia Franjul notices someone peering out of one of the house's windows, so everyone goes to check it out Helen says, "This house is evil! Helen refuses to go into the house and walks off into the forest In a real asshole move, boyfriend Tony doesn't go after her, explaining to his friends that this is nothing but "foreplay"!

Double What?!? They naturally decide to check out the basement first Triple What?!? Tony loses his ring trying to open one of the coffins Quadruple What?!? Tony finally decides to go find Helen, but it's too late, as someone has slit her throat and is dragging her corpse through the forest Tony's not getting any foreplay tonight!

Jack and Housewives looking nsa Naples rest Wife wants sex tonight TN Mooresburg 37811 the group, which Casual sex partners in Pelzer South Carolina includes Susan Liz Hitchler and Anne Kathleen Patanedecide to check out the house further and find that the whole house is plastered with photos of the Housewives looking nsa Naples woman found in the back seat of the limo We also discover that Jack is wanted by the police, but Housewives looking nsa Naples don't know what his crime is.

Tony returns to the house empty-handed Peter makes a crass joke about Helen using her ample assets as a hitch-hiker, while everyone else roasts wieners in the fireplace. Quintuple What?!? When they discover a closet full of pickled human scalps, you would think that they would make a hasty retreat, right? Well, think again. They decide to stay until morning because it is raining Housewives looking nsa Naples Mallard, even though La Grenouille is a "merchant of death", he is not a violent man Housewives looking nsa Naples nature, a viewpoint Gibbs later embraces, as he too learns the fact that the arms dealer isn't really dangerous anyway.

Subsequently, the CIA do their best to protect their asset. In " Bury Your Dead ", Benoit asks Director Shepard for protection, claiming someone is trying to kill him and take over his arms business, added to the fact that he no longer trusts the CIA. Shepard tells him "protect yourself" in true devotion to her father and hands him her gun, although it is later shown that he doesn't take it, as Gibbs is Housewives looking nsa Naples in the same room to see what really happened that night.

At the end of the episode, he is seen Housewives looking nsa Naples in the Washington Channel with a single gunshot to his head from Director Shepard's gun. In the episode " Angel of Death ", it is revealed that La Grenouille is the father of Jeanne Benoit, the woman that DiNozzo falls in love with after seducing her in the course of Director Shepard's undercover investigation, which Shepard later reveals in an apology to the young woman for "crossing the line" in " Internal Affairs ".

Originally from a small town in Ohio and an only child, Borin served a tour of duty in Iraq as a sergeant before presumably retiring from the Marines and joining CGIS where she later rose through the ranks, eventually getting the Housewives looking nsa Naples to lead her own team. Her most recent appearance was in the season twelve episode, " The San Dominick ". She is similar to Gibbs; both are coffee drinkers, liking it the same way, and workaholics with a strong sense of duty to their jobs.

In " Safe Harbor ", Tony attempts to matchmake the two of them, to no avail, although Borin continues to humor him by returning his wisecracks. The character is also a recurring special guest on the spin-off NCIS: New Orleans Tonight on Laval des Rapides, Quebec, first Housewives looking nsa Naples when she and Special Agent Dwayne Pride's team conduct a joint investigation.

She previously worked with Pride on a joint undercover operation. Prior to the series' start, he was Gibbs' partner and subordinate, but eventually was transferred out as an Agent Afloat, when he was replaced by DiNozzo.

He looks up to Gibbs, and enlists his and his teams' help in tracking down a drug dealer on board the USS Enterprise. Burley knew or at least knew of Mike Franks, and calls Gibbs following his death to express his condolences. Over Beautiful lady searching seduction Montana years after his first appearance, Burley returns in the season nine episode " Playing with Fire ", where he leads DiNozzo and David in tracking down and thwarting a terrorist who tries to destroy the carrier USS Benjamin Franklin Housewives looking nsa Naples Naples, Italy, under the orders of businessman Harper Dearing.

Burley is injured by the terrorist in the process. Nicknamed "Mo", she assisted Gibbs Housewives looking nsa Naples the episodes "Alleged" and "Viral". Barrett's team who appears in three episodes in season eight and the season nine premiere. In the episode "Swan Song", he is wounded in a shootout with Jonas Cobb, but recovers.

Following his recovery, he drops off the grid and is suspected of being a mole. Cade was shot and killed by Jonathan Cole in the season nine premiere "Nature of the Beast". An expert on Middle Eastern terroristsshe works as an interrogator at Guantanamo Bay. During " Minimum Security ", she is viewed with suspicion by Gibbs as the deceased victim in the episode had letters containing her name.

She develops a romantic relationship with Housewives looking nsa Naples and the two seemingly Housewives looking nsa Naples in contact, but she breaks it off at the end of " Heart Break " after hearing nothing from him or possibly due to her anger at Gibbs giving her grief.

Following the aftermath of Kate Todd's death, Cassidy temporarily joins Gibbs' team during " Mind Games " and helps in the case of a serial killer Housewives looking nsa Naples well as tracking down a copycat who is carrying out similar killings. After becoming a team leader and being assigned to the PentagonCassidy's team is killed Housewives looking nsa Naples investigating a suspected terrorist, and she later joins the team to find out who arranged the phone call and the trap that sent her team to their deaths.

She also has a hostile relationship with Ziva David, pronouncing Ziva's surname wrong to antagonize her, a trait that Abby repeats upon meeting Ziva for the first time. It is later revealed that Ziva has been allowing herself to be the target of Cassidy's anger in order to help her through the ordeal of losing her team. Furthermore, as a result of the bombing, Cassidy is left with psychological scars and begins developing survivor's guiltbelieving herself to be the one responsible for unknowingly sending her team into the trap.

Her death leaves Tony grief-stricken and finally gives Housewives looking nsa Naples the courage he needs to tell Jeanne that he loves her. Her portrait is later seen in a bar wall honoring officers who have been killed in the line of duty. She first appears in " Check ".

She appears in season 11 episode 8 " Alibi ", season 12 episode 8 "Semper Fortis" and season 13 episode 9 "A Day in Court". She has worked with Gibbs and his team on a case, while working for the FBI off screen.

Dunne tells Carrie that he has an alibi, Deep throating 9 Baton Rouge cock that he was involved in a murder outside of the base at the time of the hit and run, and that somebody else must have stolen his truck.

Due to attorney-client privilege, Carrie cannot tell Gibbs and the team anything about Dunne's crime other than he has a solid alibi. However, she manages to leave small, subtle clues for the team to follow. Originally recruited into a CIA assassination team code-named Frankenstein, Cobb cracked under intense and inhumane Housewives looking nsa Naples before escaping.

He re-surfaced in Rota, Spainwhere he began his pattern of killing Navy personnel when they made landfall. Barrett hostage. One body in the episode " Baltimore " Housewives looking nsa Naples P2P's work, but is later found by Dr. Mallard to be Housewives looking nsa Naples copycat because of the Housewives looking nsa Naples the knot is tied. The killer is revealed to be Agent DiNozzo's former superior at Baltimore PD, and the victim is DiNozzo's former partner there, with whom he reconciled.

The real P2P, though not known to be Cobb at the time, makes the deception final through a fake Abby Scuito email. Cobb's modus operandi involves luring his victims into a trap before slashing their throats from behind. He then scrubs the body down with a hospital-grade cleanser before wrapping Housewives looking nsa Naples bodies in plastic and dumping them in isolated areas.

He has been known to dress seamen in the uniforms of officers, and often leaves personal effects of his victims behind frozen in ice that foreshadow his next kill, though his m. Fat chicks to fuck Dominica profiling of Cobb depicts him as methodical, intelligent, and opposed to authority, but not easily distracted by law enforcement.

The threat posed by Cobb is deemed so great by Director Vance, that he deliberately changes NCIS policy to antagonize Gibbs in the hopes of setting Gibbs up as a figure Cobb will identify with, in an attempt to lure Cobb Housewives looking nsa Naples a trap. While Gibbs interrogates him with Agent Barrett watching, he tells a story about the son of a Marine who was told that he had to have his horse put to sleep, which turns out to be a deadly seed planted into Cobb as a child, since the story was about him anyway.

Cobb is killed in the season eight finale, " Pyramid ", where it is revealed that everything he had done Housewives looking nsa Naples his first kill in Rota has been a part of a larger plan to get revenge on those he holds responsible for Operation Frankenstein—Leon Vance, Trent Kort and the Secretary of the Navy. He is aware that what he does is evil, but maintains that his actions have been for the greater good. He is shot and killed by Gibbs and Vance when he refuses to surrender.

He was formerly a member of "Phantom Eight", a clandestine team of operatives assigned to the Watcher Fleet tasked with protecting the United States Navy. Cole goes rogue some time after the Phantom Eight are disbanded and begins working with Sean Latham, the corrupt Director of Special Operations for the Office of Naval Intelligence and a former member of Phantom Eight himself.

Cole and Latham conspire to sell a series of microchips belonging to Phantom Eight members, which give their owners unrivalled access to the Navy mainframe.

DiNozzo, having forgotten the events that led up to the trauma of the shooting, attempts to reconstruct his memories, recounting his investigation of NCIS Agents Simon Cade and E. His investigation centers on a microchip Barrett extracted from the body of Gayne Levin, who also served in Phantom Eight, but wound up the last murder victim of Lt. Jonas Cobb, the Port-to-Port Killer.

Cole manipulates DiNozzo, Barrett, and Cade into first distrusting one another and then meeting, where he attempts to kill all three before fleeing with the microchip. Cole kills Cade, wounds DiNozzo, and misses Barrett, who flees. He later approaches DiNozzo in the hospital under the Casey Stratton alias, but is unable to kill him as DiNozzo is under guard.

Cole reappears in " Housekeeping ", where he attempts to kill E. Barrett, who has since resurfaced. After the first failed attempt, Housewives looking nsa Naples advises Cole to abandon his mission, but Cole refuses, claiming that he has to see it through, and he murders Latham.

Housewives looking nsa Naples safehouse is empty, and Cole is apprehended. Cole agrees in exchange for a slightly reduced sentence, but Dearing is already aware of his role and rejects his offer of help. Although Cole never offers a reason for his crimes, and the circumstances that led to his becoming a traitor are never detailed, he does admit that he thought he had good reasons for doing what he did; he was soon proven wrong.

Cyril Taft. First appearing in "Loose Cannons", Grace builds a professional relationship and personal friendship with Gibbs, nicknaming him "Popeye", and often resorting to child psychology including picture charts to tap into his psyche. Grace returns in "Privileged Information", as Gibbs investigates a patient of hers, a Marine Sergeant, after she ends up in a coma, and tells Gibbs he should treat it as a murder investigation, but cannot divulge further due to doctor-patient confidentiality.

When the patient dies, Grace tells Gibbs that the patient was involved in covering up a murder, but that she didn't tell her any details. Gibbs surprisingly is able to open up to her about his troubles more than she's already known, but McGee skips his appointment with her, frustrating her.

Gibbs is able to convince McGee to go to his appointment with Grace, and meets with McGee outside her office after the session, having himself become a more Housewives looking nsa Naples patient of Grace. Craig is promoted to Acting Director following the drive-by shooting of Jackie Vance. It is in this capacity that he helps investigate Ajay Khan "Canary"though he later steps down from his position in "Hereafter". Craig is a bureaucrat, with little-to-no field experience.

She has made four appearances to date, the first being in the season eight episode " A Man Walks Into a Bar Kate's Sister". In the season nine premiere " Nature of the Beast ", she helps the team piece together the events of Tony's undercover assignment. Her most recent appearance is in the season eleven " Housewives looking nsa Naples Back ", when she psychologically evaluates McGee after a bombing leaves his girlfriend Delilah paralyzed.

He was in office from at least during which he made his first appearance until he resigned Lady want casual sex MI Grand rapids 49546 during the events of " Pyramid ".

David also had a younger daughter, Tali, Ziva's full sister, who is also deceased. Though appearing to be "all business" and uncaring about his children, Eli's reasons for this come from the need to preserve the existence of Israel, a country surrounded by enemy nations.

He and Director Vance have shared a history since a time in Amsterdam when Eli saved his life from the attempts of a Russian hit squad. Towards the end of season six, Eli sends Michael Rivkin to Washington in what Vance describes as a not-so-subtle message that he does not think NCIS are doing their jobs. During " Semper Fidelis ", Eli is suspected of using Michael Rivkin to spy on the Americans and using the intelligence to locate a terrorist handler and find a training camp located in Somalia.

Vance claims that Eli ordered Ziva to kill Ari and gain Gibbs' trust. Later, David demands that Ziva return full-time to Mossad and complete Rivkin's assignment. Ziva thus travels covertly into a Somali terrorist camp to eliminate Saleem Ulman, its leader. After one member of the team is killed and the other two are wounded, their instructions stand, and this leads Housewives looking nsa Naples to Ziva's captivity and torture at Saleem's hands.

Afterward, during the episode " Good Cop, Bad Cop ", Eli sends Mossad operative Malachi Ben-Gidon to Washington to discredit Ziva and her account of events that led to her capture prior to " Housewives looking nsa Naples or Consequences ", which prompts her to believe that her father is corrupt: Unfortunately, both he and Jackie, Director Vance's wife, are shot and killed in the Vance home during dinner in a drive-by shooting orchestrated by hawkish anti-peace Mossad personnel headed by Deputy Director Ilan Tohar Bodnar Oded Fehr.

The last we see of Director David is Ziva holding his body while sobbing and praying in her native Hebrew. Harper Dearing Richard Schiff is the primary antagonist during the last episodes of the ninth season.

Initially described as "an eccentric businessman whose son was killed in a terrorist bombing", [40] he appears as a domestic terrorist, out for revenge against the Navy due to the death of his son, Evan, which is revealed in " Up in Smoke ". Samatha Ryan describes Dearing as "a sociopathic, paranoid narcissist". Anthony DiNozzo, Sr. Robert Wagner is the father of Tony DiNozzo. Described by his son as a "con man", DiNozzo prefers to refer to himself as an entrepreneur. From season seven, he attempts to rebuild his relationship with Housewives looking nsa Naples son, from whom he had been previously estranged.

The character is shown to be particularly charming. Jones is a probationary agent first introduced in the Season 9 episode " Sins of the Father ". Usually known as "Dorney" to the rest of the team, he is often assigned to the evidence locker against his wishes and desires to become a full field agent. In " Need to Know ", Gibbs decides that he is ready and hands him his first field assignment. Like McGee during his days as a probie, Dorneget Housewives looking nsa Naples often the butt of Tony's hazing pranks in Season 10, most notably in the episode " Prime Suspect ".

The character does not return for Season 11 but is briefly mentioned in the Season 12 episode " The San Dominick ", when he calls McGee for updates regarding Gibbs and the hostage situation. In "The Housewives looking nsa Naples Boys", Dorneget is killed in Cairo in a terrorist bomb attack after saving dozens of people at a hotel.

He returned in episode four, " Good Cop, Bad Cop ". His third appearance and the last to date is in season seven, episode seven, " Endgame ", although this time it was in person in DC, when Ziva notices that he "cleans up nice".

In the distant past, prior to Siliguri adult chat girls appointment to Mossad, Orli had an affair with Eli David that led to the dissolution of his marriage to Rivka David. Though she and Ziva are initially resentful of one another, they reconcile in the season following Ziva's departure from NCIS — and Elbaz is one of the only people she confides in about the paternity of Tali.

During Eshel's first appearance, he assists in the investigation into Ilan Bodnar, working with Tony and Ziva; in the same episode, it is mentioned that he and Ziva spent the night together after her father's funeral. In "Whiskey Housewives looking nsa Naples Foxtrot", Eshel lends his expertise in order to give DiNozzo an insight into Ziva's personal life and current whereabouts. He is mentioned in "Family First", with DiNozzo stating he has asked Eshel about Ziva's current location, but he has not Housewives looking nsa Naples contact with her in over a year.

In the Season 11 episodes "Kill Chain" and "Double Back", Delilah is left badly injured in a missile attack at a black-tie event she and McGee Housewives looking nsa Naples attending. While McGee is not seriously injured, Delilah is left permanently paralyzed due to shrapnel embedded in her spine, and she thereafter uses a wheelchair. She continues to assist the NCIS team. After spending almost a year as a senior intelligence analyst in DubaiDelilah returns in the episode, "Status Update".

When she returns as team leader now based in the US, she and McGee move Housewives looking nsa Naples together. McGee later buys an engagement ring, with the intent of proposing to Delilah. When McGee spontaneously proposes to Delilah in the elevator in the episode Housewives looking nsa Naples Boat", she accepts. While she recovers in hospital, Housewives looking nsa Naples and McGee find out that she is pregnant.

They change their minds about wedding planning and marry in a private ceremony in their apartment surrounded by the NCIS team. In the episode "Ready or Not", Delilah goes into labor and Abby takes her to the hospital.

McGee is unharmed and eventually is able to be Hot lady looking sex Northampton Delilah when she gives birth.

Her political career started when she was elected to the School Board; she has been a member of the House since She was a descendant of Attila the Hun.

Congresswoman Flemming starts a romantic relationship with Director Vance after his team investigates death threats against her and the death of her aide. When Flemming and Vance come to blows over their different views of politics, the two agree that they are not good at not letting Housewives looking nsa Naples differences interfere with their relationship and decide to take a break from it to figure Napless out. She first appears in " Ex-File ".

Emily first appears during season four, played by Payton Spencer. During season eleven, "Devils Triad", Emily is kidnapped and subsequently rescued by NSA Analyst Eleanor Bishop, while in season twelve she is visibly distraught following her mother's death. She later appears in person Woman seeking casual sex Mountainboro the episode "Dead Letter", where she quickly learns about her father being critically wounded by an unknown lloking.

Out of anger and grief especially as it Housewives looking nsa Naples just a year after Housewives looking nsa Naples mother has been murderedshe demands that Gibbs swear to her to find the one who did this and make him pay. She later calls Gibbs requesting Hoksewives help, as the nurse at the hospital refuses to resuscitate Fornell due to a Housewives looking nsa Naples not resuscitate" clause he had written when he Housewives looking nsa Naples still grieving for her mom's death.

While waiting for him to wake up, she attempts to paint his toenails to look like watermelons, but then she notices he is waking up and tries to talk to him.

He is only awake for a few moments, but he tells her to tell Gibbs some vital information relating to SISCO regarding stolen cell-phones. This information allows them to track down Jacob Scott whom they had believed was the man who murdered Terdei and left Fornell under critical condition at the time who, much to everyone's surprise, has surrendered to NCIS custody at the Navy Yard.

In "Family First", she is still waiting for her dad's recovery. During this time, she also runs out of nail-polish, thus leaving her pedicure on her dad incomplete. In addition, Gibbs, under Housewives looking nsa Naples pretense of helping to catch the man who tried to kill Tobias although it is heavily implied that it is actually to help Emily come to terms with what might happenbrings his lookong, Dr.

Grace Confalone, who also proceeds to help her with the project. She affectionately calls Gibbs "Uncle Gibbs". Fornell Joe Spanolater a private investigator, first appears in the series premiere episode " Yankee White ".

The two frequently pretend to be furiously angry at each other in front of their agents, while privately they are on friendly terms. When their teams have to share jurisdiction on a case, Gibbs usually asks for operational control; in exchange, credit for successes is claimed by Fornell's team. Their friendship is close enough for Gibbs to delay his retirement in the episode " Escaped " to assist Fornell in recapturing a fugitive.

In the episode " The Bone Yard ", Fornell comes to Gibbs for help when he is accused of being a mole for the mafia. In the same episode, he reveals that Gibbs Housewives looking nsa Naples likely his only friend. Gibbs seems to feel similarly about Fornell, going so far as to fake Fornell's death to further the investigation to clear him of Housewives looking nsa Naples.

It is revealed in the episode " Twilight ", that Fornell was married to Gibbs' second wife Diane after she and Gibbs divorced, something that Gibbs warned him against. Fornell often refers to Diane as "our ex-wife" to Gibbs. Fornell and Diane have a daughter, Emily. After a period of estrangement, the two reunite and agree to marry. Diane is later murdered, and Fornell turns to alcoholism for a short time.

After being shot by an unknown assailant later revealed to be Trent Kort in " Homefront ", Fornell spends the next few months convalescing on Gibbs' couch, before finally returning to his own place around Christmas. In season 15, Gibbs discovers that Fornell had falsified evidence to get Gabriel Hicks convicted as a serial Wife wants real sex Kerrick and is forced to testify against him, resulting in his being fired from the FBI and becoming a private investigator; this causes a temporary break in their friendship.

They make up when Hicks is eventually found to indeed be guilty and is arrested, exonerating Fornell. Despite being offered back a position in the FBI, Fornell chooses to stay in his new career.

Muse Watson is introduced in episode flashbacks in the episode "Hiatus" Part 1. In "Hiatus" Part 2it is stated that he retired to Mexico inroughly five years after Gibbs joined NCIS, after being disgruntled with the government's failure to prevent the Khobar Towers bombing. Although he comes across as crass and uncaring, Franks has been known to be very devious and sneaky, even hiding the fact that he Horny singles Warrington a son, though Gibbs Horny mexican in Frackville hide his granddaughter and the girl's mother.

Gibbs has picked up many of his mannerisms, including the trademark head slap he gives to DiNozzo and his ability Adult wants real sex KS Altoona 66710 find a way around red tape.

Jenny Shepard, who was still a junior agent during Franks' time, brings him back in hopes of helping Gibbs regain his memory after suffering a concussion in part 2 of "Hiatus". He is unable to help Gibbs regain his memory, although Gibbs recognizes him on sight.

Franks is the only survivor of the gun battle that ends Director Shepard's life and finds some evidence for which Housewives looking nsa Naples new director was Housewives looking nsa Naples looking, though Housewives looking nsa Naples is outside getting himself water for tea when the shooting starts and goes back in to make sure that the other shooters are dead.

He is the last person to know about then-Director Shepard's incurable illness during her lifetime, as Gibbs only has suspicions at the time as of "Judgment Day" Part 1. In his visit to Gibbs' bedside in season three, it is revealed in flashbacks that he warned members of the intelligence community about the threat that Osama Bin Laden posed to American servicemen abroad some time before the Khobar Towers bombing.

In season sevenFranks is seemingly ambushed by Colonel Merton Bell's henchmen and hitmen from the Reynosa drug cartel. His fate is left ambiguous and whether he is killed or captured in the attack is unknown. However, Franks later appears again to assist DiNozzo in investigating Alejandro. As a result of the gunfight between Bell and the Reynosa Cartel's men, Franks loses his right index finger.

In the beginning of season eight, in the episode " Spider and the Fly ", he appears after four months by showing up at Gibbs' house to help him, the team, Vance, and Jackson Gibbs destroy Paloma and Alejandro once and for all. Franks, a Marine like Gibbs, is given a full military burial at the end of the season-eight finale. Franks was also revealed in this episode to be dying of cancer and Gibbs was making him a coffin.

In " Anonymous Was a Woman " Franks is shown in flashback as having conducted a rescue program for Afghan women. Mike continues to appear as a figment of Gibbs' imagination, often offering advice. After his son left to join Housewives looking nsa Naples Marines, Jackson Gibbs continued to live in the town of Stillwater, Pennsylvania. He was widowed some years before the events in the season six episode "Heartland". Disoriented once while returning from a mission, Jackson was saved by an enemy German pilot.

The pilots' reunion is the subject of the eleventh season's episode Better Angels. In " Heartland Housewives looking nsa Naples, it is revealed that Jackson and his son are estranged, but in later appearances, they reconcile and become close.

LJ revealed to Gibbs that he, Jackson and the Housewives looking nsa Naples wife Ann were friends growing up and both Sexy lady looking real sex Galena fell in love with Ann.

Due to segregationJackson married Ann as LJ was African-American and an inter-racial marriage was a social taboo during that time. The strained Hairy sex girl Eugene Oregon between Gibbs and Jackson starts to Adult seeking nsa VA Thaxton 24174 after they bond during the case and they get an insight Housewives looking nsa Naples what the other is feeling.

Gibbs finally starts to forgive his father when he learns that he has finished restoring the car that had been Gibbs' only dream during his teenage years. Jackson later tells Gibbs to take the car and they promise to keep in touch. Gibbs also starts to call his father "Dad" instead of "Jack". It is eventually revealed that Gibbs' resentment for his father came from the difficult relationship between his parents. Gibbs' mother, Ann, was a hard woman to live with and they mutually had affairs despite their strong feelings for one another.

Gibbs blamed his Housewives looking nsa Naples affairs for Housewives looking nsa Naples mother leaving. The only thing that kept Gibbs and his father in contact after that was Gibbs' wife, Shannon. In the season 11 finale, Housewives looking nsa Naples Honor Thy Father " which Free pussy in ardmore okla exactly three months after Waite's death in FebruaryVance tells Gibbs that Jackson suffered a fatal stroke.

Jackson is buried with full military honors. LJ and Gibbs' team are present at the funeral. She first appears in "Hiatus" Part 1. When a " John Doe " is donated to science and Ducky finds mercury in his brain, he is outraged that the medical examiner who performed the autopsy did not think to check his brain before donating him.

As he and Gibbs go to confront "him" Ducky mistakenly assumed Wanna bbw all races Dr. Hampton was malehe asks Gibbs to think no less of him for giving the M. After finding out that Dr. Hampton was not male, Ducky was visibly placated. Jordan came back to Ducky's autopsy room to help him find anything else she might have missed, and decodes the tattoo on his arm, helping Gibbs and his team eventually solve the case.

She also reveals in this episode that she likes things neat Housewives looking nsa Naples clean. She made a reappearance in the episode "Broken Bird" to help Ducky overcome grief and guilt for euthanizing a tortured Afghan when he was a doctor in the military.

The two show some romantic interest in both episodes. Also, although she did not appear in the episode, she gave Ducky the autopsy report for La Grenouille in the episode "Internal Affairs". Allison Hart Rena Sofer is an attorney. She is contacted by Colonel Merton Bell while he is being tried by the Mexican authorities for bounty hunting in their country.

Hart successfully gets Bell released from prison on the condition that he not leave Housewives looking nsa Naples. Vengeful against the man who sent him to prison, Bell sends Hart to Washington to defend any accused who are involved in Gibbs' investigations.

Hart starts to take up every case Housewives looking nsa Naples involves Gibbs. Hart's skills as a lawyer are a match for Gibbs' skills as an investigator.

Despite their animosity, they appear to be attracted to one another. It is implied that they share a kiss at the end of one episode. In the episode "Mother's Day", when Gibbs' former mother-in-law Shannon's mother becomes a suspect in a murder investigation in which the victim was linked to the cartel responsible for the deaths of Shannon and Kelly, Gibbs covertly hires Housewives looking nsa Naples to defend her.

He then deliberately makes procedural errors to prevent her arrest and prosecution, permitting Hart to get her out of NCIS' custody.

In the episode "Patriot Down", Abby writes a report on the murder of Mexican drug dealer Pedro Hernandez, a crime committed by Gibbs in in retaliation for Hernandez' murder of Gibbs' Horny women in Grant City, MO and daughter.

The report never makes it to Mexico as it is intercepted by Hart, indicating that she has switched her allegiances. Her last appearance is " Rule Fifty-One ", in which she confronts Gibbs over the report, and though she states Bradleyville Missouri girl looking for friend the report will end his career, Housewives looking nsa Naples offers to defend him in court if it comes to that.

Off-screen in " The Spider and the Fly ", Hart resigns from her job at NCIS and moves away, taking the report with her in order to protect Gibbs from Paloma Reynosa and Alejandro Rivera, Hernandez's two children hell bent on revenge on Gibbs for their father's murder. After Alejandro accidentally kills Paloma, mistaking her for Gibbs, and is arrested, Hart mails the report back to Vance, who then puts it in storage.

NCIS initially identifies him as an undercover Mossad agent in the episode " Reveille ", but he is really a rogue agent working for Hamas and he is later found to be the leader of an Al-Qaeda cell in Washington, D. Ari is an early arch-enemy of Agent Gibbs, as well as Eli David's first-born child.

Both of his parents were medical doctors; Ari's mother, Hasmia Haswari, was Palestinian and his father, Dr. Benjamin Weinstein actually Eli David using an aliaswas Israeli. He underwent medical training in Scotland at the University of Housewives looking nsa Naples Medical Schoolin order to serve undercover inside the Gaza Strip, where his mother was killed Housewives looking nsa Naples a retaliatory bombardment by Israel.

The event prompted Ari to join the radical Islamic cause. It is shown that he hates his Israeli father as Eli David arranged for the attack on Gaza on a day when Ari was in Housewives looking nsa Naples city. He preferred to be referred to as Haswari in school instead of Ari. Ari's motivation for his actions is his hatred of his father, who groomed him from birth to be a spy within Al-Qaeda, and was very likely the reason why Gibbs later suspects him in "Twilight" to be the head of an Al-Qaeda cell in Washington, D.

It is revealed in the episode " Aliyah " by Director Vance that Ziva had been under orders to kill Ari, as he was out of control and planning a massive terrorist attack, and to gain Gibbs' trust in the process, which ended whatever secret Gibbs and Ziva could keep from the rest of NCIS. Ziva Xxx personals salem south dakota does not believe that Ari was an enemy agent and becomes his control officer in hopes of protecting him, until Housewives looking nsa Naples nearly kills Gibbs, when she hears the truth from his own lips.

Ziva does not fully come to terms with killing her brother, and experiences moments of guilt and hurt, even with her departure from Mossad after the beginning of season 7 and her new American citizenship coming through in that season's finale episode " Rule Fifty-One ".

In the season 12 premiere he is mentioned by his half-brother terrorist Sergei Mishnev, the main antagonist of the season Alex Veadovwho attempts to kill Gibbs in revenge.

Gerald Jackson is Dr. Mallard's original assistant until being incapacitated by Ari Haswari after Housewives looking nsa Naples Loughman Florida swingers looking for sex hostage in the morgue [46] While recuperating from the gunshot wound to his shoulder, his position is filled by Jimmy Palmer.

Approximately a year and a half later, a week before he was scheduled to return to work, Gerald is again captured by Ari Haswari in an effort to secure Dr.

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Mallard's attention. She assists Gibbs' team in keeping watch on communications, and speaks fluent Arabic and Kurdish. When she is first introduced, Tony and the rest of Housewives looking nsa Naples team are turned off by her germaphobic behaviour: In the episode " In the Zone ", despite being a germaphoberevolted at the idea Housewives looking nsa Naples field work, Jardine asks to go to Baghdad with Tony.

She ostensibly goes there on a case, but she also has her own reasons. Her brother had been injured while serving there, and a local villager, mistaken by Marines as an insurgent, was Housewives looking nsa Naples while attempting to help him, prompting Jardine to help the villager's children. Her last appearance is " In the Zone ". Clayton Jarvis Matt Craven is the Secretary of the Navy appointed after the events of the season eight finale, " Pyramid ", which led to the resignation of Secretary Davenport.

Jarvis is an old friend of Director Leon Vance and it Housewives looking nsa Naples that he comes highly recommended in D. Jarvis is introduced in the final scene in a meeting between himself, Director Vance and Anthony DiNozzo.

When Housewives looking nsa Naples hands DiNozzo the file with the agent's name, he recognizes the name but it remains unknown to viewers.

In season nine's " Nature of the Beast ", it is revealed that the mole is none other than Simon Cade, a member of E. Barrett's team. However, it is also revealed that Cade was framed earlier, and that Jarvis was supplied with misinformation by Sean Latham. Nevertheless, Jarvis proves to be an asset to the team such as when E.

Barrett reappears. Jarvis lies to Sean Latham, knowing that he will leak the information to E. The blackmailer is Housewives looking nsa Naples to be Jarvis's childhood friend, Philip Wickes, whose company is about to lose its contracts with the Navy.

The operation involves a faked assassination attempt on Jarvis to destabilize Wickes. Jarvis later dies in the Season 11 premiere episode, "Whiskey Tango Foxtrot" where he is the victim of a bombing; his death leaves Vance devastated.

Prior toZoe worked for the Philadelphia Police Department alongside Anthony DiNozzo, where they were both rookie patrol officers at the same time.

They were partners until DiNozzo transferred to Baltimore. In season twelve, Zoe and Tony meet during an investigation into a jihadist group. Sometime later, they begin a relationship, and DiNozzo introduces her to his father. He works for the CIA; while he usually manages to avoid getting caught for illegalities, he nevertheless almost always has his own agenda.

He has a tendency to lie to peoples' faces, even Gibbs'. In the episode "Dead Reckoning", he tells Gibbs that trust is elusive at best; Gibbs responds that, between them, it is not elusive but impossible.

He manages to keep a neutral relationship with everyone on Gibbs' team except DiNozzo, as he blows up Tony's car in the episode "Bury Your Dead" and keeps La Grenouille informed about Tony's relationship with his daughter, even though Housewives looking nsa Naples is an undercover Housewives looking nsa Naples.

It is also speculated that Kort killed La Grenouille, though it is implied Jenny Shepard may have also been responsible, as her Glock 19 magazine is found to have left the same imprints on a 9mm bullet as the Housewives looking nsa Naples that killed "The Housewives looking nsa Naples. Following the La Grenouille incident, Kort is assigned to a desk.

Gibbs believes that Kort may be more dangerous behind a desk than when he is in the field. Kort returns in season eight, tracking down Lt. Aware of Cobb's identity Housewives looking nsa Naples the beginning of the investigation, Kort tries to save one of Cobb's victims; but the effort costs him his left eye, which he sends to the NCIS team.

Kort is later revealed to have been the training officer for Operation Frankenstein, the "super soldier" program in which Housewives looking nsa Naples participated. Cobb wants revenge on all those who made him a killer and that includes Kort, whom he kidnaps along with Jimmy Palmer and E. Barrett in the season finale. However, his real goal is to have revenge on the man who authorized the operation: SecNav Phillip Davenport.

Cobb is killed before he can kill any of the hostages. Kort also makes an appearance in NCIS: Housewives looking nsa Naples Angelesrevealing that he has worked with Agent G. Callen in the past. Kort returns in Season 13 "Dead Letter", with a glass eye replacing his lost one. He is found assaulting a MI6 agent, Clayton Reeves. Later in the season, it is revealed that Kort is the man responsible for framing British agent Jacob Scott, with Kort being revealed as the person who sold nuclear secrets to the Russians, therefore being shown as the main antagonist of that season, and later also being responsible for the apparent death of Ziva David, after hiring a contract killer to burn down Eli David's farmhouse in Israel in a mortar attack.

Lee is, in fact, the mole, as Langer learns, and she kills him to preserve her cover. He works with Gibbs' team Wives looking hot sex WI Waukesha 53186 the episode " Tribes ", where he assists the team in tracking down a terrorist recruiter.

She is brought in between season three and four to bring the team back up to full strength following the departure of Gibbs. Following Gibbs' return early on in the season she is transferred Housewives looking nsa Naples the legal department and is frequently seen delivering warrants to the team, Free sex Itapevi having a covertly intimate affair with Housewives looking nsa Naples medical examiner's assistant, Jimmy Palmer.

She returns to the series in season six as part of Housewives looking nsa Naples new team, but is reassigned after the first episode. It is revealed that she is a mole in NCIS who has accessed for a foreign power at least the Joint Chiefs' strategic battle plans for a potential Middle Eastern operation, if Israel's enemies were to once again make war upon her.

Although Gibbs figures out gradually that she is a spy, and affirms his conclusions by inserting a picture of an agent she shot, as if he were the spy, on a barwall "Slain Heroes" wall "Collateral Damage"she is caught in the next episode " Cloak ". However, when caught she claims that she was forced to trade government secrets because her daughter Amanda has been kidnapped.

But Amanda, it turns out, is actually her sister. The deaths of their parents prompted Lee to raise Housewives looking nsa Naples as her child. In the episode " Dagger ", after she learns that Amanda is safe, Naughty woman looking nsa Lincoln gives Gibbs silent permission to kill the Weatherman, the person responsible for the crimes.

The Weatherman uses her as a human shield until Gibbs fires into Lee's abdomen, the bullets passing through her body Housewives looking nsa Naples killing both of them. In the course of her espionage, Lee kills Special Agent Brent Langer and Petty Officer Steve Vargo, whom she was blackmailing for the aforementioned classified information.

Director Vance hints that she may have been headed Alcoa nude clubs a death sentence had she survived in " Dagger ". When asked by Vance if Lee should be called a hero or a villain, Gibbs responds simply, "Both". Barrett who appears in three episodes in season eight. In the episode "Swan Song", he is shot and killed in a shootout with Jonas Cobb. After her transfer from the NSA to NCIS, Jake and Ellie's marriage begins to show signs of stress, which he disingenuously attributes to the fact that they can no longer talk about their day with Housewives looking nsa Naples other like they used to.

Following this revelation, Bishop returns home to Oklahoma for some time to herself. Then in the "Spinning Wheel" Jake comes to Bishop and makes attempts to Housewives looking nsa Naples for the infidelity, but she recognizes that an affair is only a symptom of a wider pattern, and tells him that their marriage is over.

She first appears in the episode " Sandblast ". She and Gibbs have a serious relationship, even earning the nickname "future ex-wife number four" from DiNozzo. Their attraction Adult seeking real sex NJ Clinton 8809 overt in the episode " Sharif Returns ", as they discuss their possible relationship but refuse to act on it until Sharif is caught.

At the end of the episode, they kiss. Although she and Gibbs clearly have serious feelings for each other, she is often frustrated by his reluctance to express his emotions. In the episode "In the Dark", she returns from choosing her successor and is upset to find that Gibbs has worked through the night to fix her home's plumbing, seeing it as a sign that he does not want to stick around. She confronts him, saying, "I'm aware there are three billion men in the world, and not all of them have to want me, but you should want me, and the fact that you don't makes me wonder why I ever wanted you.

She realizes that this is his oblique way of committing to their relationship for the long haul and kisses him fiercely. In the episode " Ex-File " the relationship with Gibbs ends when she discovers the truth about Shannon and Kelly from Ducky and realizes that Gibbs is still silently mourning their deaths. In the episode " Lost and Found ", the Stars and Stripes military newspaper Shepard is reading reveals that Mann has relocated to the Hawaiian island of Lanai.

He appears in " Squall ", where it is revealed that he has cancer. She makes two quick cameos in Milf dating in Harborcreek Housewives looking nsa Naples and 3 before making a full appearance in " Twisted Sister ".

Housewives looking nsa Naples Want Man

She later shoots and kills Trent Kort. Executive Producer Gary Glasberg described Monroe as "full of Napls and Housewibes and sarcasm and wit and energy and is extremely experienced". She "thinks of her team Free to message uk dating agency her family. She's no-nonsense on the outside, but has a big heart underneath with a belief in honor, justice and doing what's right.

She'll fight to protect the values she holds dear, and her team, with determination and a bit of sarcasm". He appears in several episodes during Housewives looking nsa Naples one and two, but unlike his replacements, Directors Shepard and Vance, Morrow himself is not part of the main Housewives looking nsa Naples, and is credited as either a recurring character lookinh a guest star. He has less direct involvement with the team's cases than either of his successors exceptions being matters of terrorism and national securityand seems to spend much of his time in MTAC monitoring NCIS' global presence.

While he seems to like Gibbs, he is less tolerant of Gibbs' personal style and methods than Jenny or Vance; Housewives seeking hot sex Heber Arizona has a deeply serious, almost stern demeanor, and Gibbs only ever refers to him as "sir".

Marine Corps. In the season 13 episode, "Return to Sender", Morrow is found dead, having been shot in the Housewives looking nsa Naples by a sniper the team presume is former British spy Nwa Scott, although it is later revealed that the actual killer is former CIA agent Trent Kort. He was murdered in "Dead Man Talking". He first appears in " Double Blind ", the penultimate episode of season 10, in which he is investigating the aftermath of the NCIS team's handling of the Ilan Bodnar case.

Parsons goes to great lengths to take Gibbs to court for all of his "wrongdoings", but after a bombing that results in the death of SECNAV Clayton Jarvis in the season 11 premiere episode " Whiskey Tango Foxtrot ", Parsons' perspective on Gibbs' team changes after Gibbs defends him during an ambush in Iran.

Parsons repays the debt by saving Gibbs' life during a gunfight. Later, back in Washington, D. Recruited without any military background, she is the first female to hold Housewives looking nsa Naples position.

She attended Harvard and attained a business degree, before becoming a career politician. She is divorced and has one daughter, Megan, who is revealed to be a teenager. Gibbs is later tasked with Housewives looking nsa Naples her daughter after she is kidnapped in "React", an event which leads Porter to question her future as the Secretary of the Navy, although lkoking remains at her post as of season Los Angelesalthough she's yet to make a physical appearance.

Paloma Reynosa Jacqueline Obradors is the head of the Reynosa drug cartel, the most powerful cartel in Mexico, the daughter of drug Housewives looking nsa Naples Pedro Hernandez and the Housewives looking nsa Naples [ nxa needed ] sister of Mexican Justice Department official Alejandro Rivera.

Paloma Housewives looking nsa Naples nsz control Wife want hot sex Overton the cartel when her husband died. During her years in charge, the cartel Housewives seeking sex Norton Vermont 5907 to be powerful enough to infiltrate the US Navy.

As a way to try to end the drug war in Mexico, the Mexican government launches a task force project with American law enforcement agencies to strike against the cartels. Paloma is contacted by Colonel Merton Bell, who is seeking revenge against the man Love in much hadham had sent him into a Mexican prison: Agent Gibbs. Bell has uncovered evidence that Gibbs killed Paloma's Housewives looking nsa Naples with a sniper rifle in They form a partnership and nwa a scheme to have revenge on Gibbs.

Paloma's brother, Alejandro, uses his position in the task force to get the forensic evidence linking Gibbs to the murder using Abby Sciuto 's skills. When the evidence is uncovered, Bell sends Lieutenant Jason Paul Dean to kill Special Agent Lara Macy, who knew about Hernandez' murder but covered up the evidence while still an MP officer, believing it to be a just killing.

Later, Bell tries to kill Mike Franks but Paloma needs him alive as leverage so she orders Dean to kill Bell and bring back Franks' severed finger. He also returns with Gibbs taken prisoner. Paloma tells Housewives looking nsa Naples of her true intention: She wants Gibbs to work for her or she will kill his friends and family, starting with his coworkers and finishing with his father.

Four months later, Paloma is lured to a safe house where she believes Gibbs, Jackson, and Mike Franks have taken refuge. Alejandro arrives separately, having been tricked into believing Paloma is dead through Housewives looking nsa Naples note purposely left behind by Director Vance and Agent DiNozzo as bait for a trap.

He then opens fire on the safe house with a submachine gun, believing Gibbs and his father to be in it. After being arrested, Alejandro soon learns that Paloma was actually in the safe house all along, resulting in Alejandro unintentionally killing his sister.

Paloma then recites the Housewives looking nsa Naples of the spider and the fly as her last words before dying. Paloma has a fascination for the work of Tennessee Williamsciting him on three occasions: Alejandro Rivera Marco Sanchez is a high-ranking official of the Mexican Justice Department and, secretly, the son of drug dealer Pedro Hernandez and the brother of Paloma Reynosa who looming the head of the Reynosa drug cartel.

Rivera is assigned by his Paris AR bi horney housewifes to be a liaison with American law enforcement agencies on a special anti-drug project of forming a Mexican-American task force to strike against the drug cartels, notably against Reynosa.

Secretly, Rivera's objective is to have revenge for his Housewives looking nsa Naples death by using Abby Sciuto's forensic skills to investigate the cold case while training a class of task force forensic specialists in Mexico. It is later revealed that Gibbs killed Hernandez and Rivera was counting on Abby's report to bring Gibbs down but it never reaches Mexico having been intercepted by Margaret Allison Hart, who is working on the task force project.

However, Alejandro makes one huge mistake when he arrives at NCIS and later threatens Abby, prompting the entire team, including Leon Vance, to have him removed. He is duped into thinking that his sister, Paloma, had been killed, and goes to the safe house she was Housewives looking nsa Naples, lopking that he can kill Gibbs and his father. However, he ends up killing Paloma and is then arrested for her death. He reappears in season 11's finale " Honor Thy Father " when it is revealed that he Nales his cartel to fund operations for the Brotherhood of Doubt after Parsa's death, as a result of the two sharing a common enemy— Agent Gibbs.

Later on in the episode, he is seen in the office of the head of Mossad, Eli DavidZiva's father, as Ziva talks on the phone to Gibbs. Tony becomes suspicious of the man that Ziva appears to be dating, and keeps trying to find out who he is. He is asked to leave the U. In the episode " Semper Fidelis ", what appears Housewives looking nsa Naples be an open and shut case of an Immigrations, Customs and Enforcement agent killed by a terrorist is complicated by the presence of Rivkin, who is still in the US visiting Ziva.

Tony traces communication with the terrorist's computer to Ziva's apartment, where he finds Rivkin. Ziva later enters her apartment and attempts to help Rivkin but he succumbs to his injuries and dies in hospital.

She is introduced in the episode " Psych Out " when a patient, a Navy warfare psychologist, of her colleague is found Housewives looking nsa Naples and Gibbs and his team are Houaewives in to investigate. She begins a romantic relationship with Gibbs and frequents his house, even causing him Housewives looking nsa Naples be uncharacteristically late for work once. While Gibbs and Ryan try to keep their relationship strictly professional when at the office, Gibbs' agents and Ryan's co-workers frequently speculate on their relationship, as seen in " The Tell ".

Her last appearance is in " Till Death Do Us Part " when she is threatened by nwa Harper Housewives looking nsa Naples, who is seeking revenge on everything and anyone connected with the Navy for the death of his son.

O'Neill was murdered and Gibbs finds out about Leyla from Franks Como married women looking for sex he was the nxa agent assigned to the case. She and her daughter, Amira, lived with Mike in Mexico until his death in Gibbs, as Amira's godfather, asks Leyla to move to Washington Housewives wants real sex Leisure Knoll to be nearer to him as he is their closest thing to family.

Leyla's mother, Shada Shakarji Diane Venorais the tough-as-nails matriarch of one of the most prominent Housewives looking nsa Naples in Iraq, due to the fact that most lookimg her male relatives are now deceased. As with most Housewives looking nsa Naples, Chip ends up being the butt of Tony's jokes and is told off by Gibbs for lack of concentration on several Housewives looking nsa Naples.

Chip, having sinister motives, after being fired from his Housewives looking nsa Naples job, attempts to frame Tony for murder in which he almost succeeds in the episode " Frame Up ". In a last-ditch effort, he also attempts to attack Abby Hlusewives a knife after being discovered, but she quickly subdues and hog-ties him with duct tape before asking Gibbs if she can now work alone. She Housewives looking nsa Naples her first full appearance in " Devil's Triangle " inbut appears in a brief cameo portrayed by an uncredited actress, Heather Scobie in " Angel of Huosewives " in When she divorced Gibbs, Diane took his money, Housewives looking nsa Naples his grandfather's watch.

Similarly, after her divorce from Fornell, she got his money as well, in addition to joint custody of their daughter. Captain Cyril Taft, M. Taft is a former surgeon at the Walter Reed Memorial Hospital. Taft's son died at a young age. Taft later begins a friendship with Gibbs, and the two are shown to mutually support each other through their respective struggles.

He also convinces Gibbs to seek counseling and eventually is able to make an introduction to his therapist, Grace Confalone.

In the season Napples episode "Shabbat Shalom", Jackie is shot and dies in surgery. Jackie's estranged biological father, Lamar Addison, who was never married to her mother, walked out on Jackie and her mother and brother Michael Na;les when she was young. Jackie and Vance met while Housewives looking nsa Naples a University of Maryland basketball game where Len Bias was playing. She first appears in the season 7 episode " Faith Housewives looking nsa Naples Naplfs she visits her good friend Abby Sciuto at NCIS headquarters to ask for a favor.

The character also makes a guest appearance in the spin-off NCIS: New Orleansin the episode "Carrier", when she is consulted after the New Orleans agents find a Navy officer dead from a strain of bubonic plague. In her first appearance, it is revealed that she was trained by the late Special Agent Chris Pacci. Despite being a special agent, she seemed to be more focused on avenging her brother's death by any means possible rather than attempting to work with the rest of the team.

Her obsession with getting revenge often drew Gibbs' ire—Gibbs told her to stay Housewives looking nsa Naples on their case or he would send her back to the FBI. Her last appearance to date was in the episode Wellsville PA housewives personals Hometown Hero ", although she Housdwives mentioned in the episode " Head Case ".

Due to the past investigation, their relationship was volatile until the OSP's operational psychologist Nate Getz revealed to Gibbs that Macy had Housewives looking nsa Naples protecting him for eighteen years by covering up the evidence. Since Hernandez was responsible for the slaying of Gibbs' wife and daughter, Macy felt that his actions against Hernandez were justified, a Housewives looking nsa Naples Housewives personals in Friendship heights DC would end up costing Macy her own life years later.

In the NCIS: Los Angeles episode "Ambush", Hetty remarks to Director Vance that lookihg last she'd heard, Housewives looking nsa Naples the result of a political " witch-hunt ", Macy was "working out of a quonset hut Houswwives Djibouti Housewives looking nsa Naples.

It is likely that the Los Angeles branch had been fed misinformation due to the covert nature of Macy's new assignment. It was later revealed that Macy had been brutally murdered and her body set alight with her killer being revealed as Jason Paul Dean, a mercenary and former U. Army Rangeras part of a plot to get to Married women looking for sex in Fort Dix New Jersey in relation to the Hernandez case.

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