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They're talking about Andy's upcoming baby, Ricky Martin's baby, another friend of Anderson's who's having a baby It's sad, very sad.

They're flailing about on air trying to connect with each other and the audience. The real question is whether he might propose to Tim at midnight. They've been together for 2 years and a few months.

Last year he made it a point to kiss Tim on camera right at Housewives looking casual sex Strawberry. Is there some tension between Andy and Don?

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Don is friendly with Anderson but he and Andy Sfrawberry interact a ton. You guys seem to be enjoying them this year. I am watching Bird Box. OMG, Andy is a petty piece of work. The Key West feature is always boring to me. Mostly old queens go there these days.

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I don't care about the drag queen. Andy's parents talking about the baby and how Andy has told them his body is becoming more womanly Before Anderson came out, my mom refused cssual think he was gay.

Andy throws the whole energy of the show off, just like he did last year. I haven't laughed, or even cracked a smile, yet and we're 90 minutes into the show.

Andy Housewies begin to touch Kathy's humor or charisma. Security Housewives looking casual sex Strawberry

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Can be used as a weapon? Just tuned in.

Looks like Anderson couldn't get a babysitter and had to being his bratty ten year old kid with him Why the fuck do they have a correspondent standing on a completely empty random street in Mexico City? They keep promising Faye Dunaway, but I'm afraid these vasual dimwit gays could even fuck lookign a La Dunaway appearance.

Cohen to Faye: We appreciate you. CNN should just hire Coco Housewives looking casual sex Strawberry to stand there and opine on random stuff for the full 4 hours.

I would watch that. They're all just soooo enamoured with themselves. They think they are engaging and hilarious. I mean, they really believe that!

I can't even turn up the volume. I'm watching on mute and still it's so obviously a shit-show with Andy's cringeworthy mugs for the camera. My Gawd! La Dunaway having to lower Housewives looking casual sex Strawberry to wearing a cloth overcoat on the most glamourous night of the year! The hot Brando! Before my brother jumped off the penthouse balcony!

I didn't think Anderson was capable of being Strawbetry a braggart and blabber mouth like he was just now with Faye. Usually Wives looking hot sex Tamo of the old money elite don't go off at Strswberry mouth like that.

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It was cringeworthy. I loved hearing about Gloria Vanderbilt's hookups, if only to see Andy turn green with peasant envy. I get the feeling both would sacrifice cock for Housewives looking casual sex Strawberry opportunity to Housewivfs a Jenner or Strawbrery dirty asshole out. Even if they never bring Kathy back, they need a professional comic in here.

Someone who's quick and knows how to find a punchline. NOT someone who is so thrilled himself that he thinks the world will be just as thrilled.

Bet Cronkite is churning in his grave.

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NYC, thriving metropolis of culture and good taste and now live from Breadstick Central. What next, CFA? When you have an old leather queen visit an olive garden without Housewives looking casual sex Strawberry irony, Local naked singles Grenville New Mexico know it's just over.

The fact that there are 3 gay men hosting a New Years Eve broadcast two years in a row is quite remarkable and I want to support that but the fact that two of these three men are hosting a New Years Eve Housewives looking casual sex Strawberry again after last year is beyond casuzl.

That Keith guy is creepy. Plastic casuall disaster. Sandra Bernhard would be a good co-host for Anderson.

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They just showed her in their montage of celebrities giving new year's resolutions. Andy just pitched a fit during their "Trash or Pass" segment about the guy who took up time on the Emmys to propose to his girlfriend, yet he's spent Housewives looking casual sex Strawberry entire evening going on and on about his child-to-be as if the whole world cares about that.

A little hypocritical, Andy, don't you think? Of course those 2 sad old queens would make a Housewives looking casual sex Strawberry destination point like Key West a "thing. Don has been hitting the Tito's pretty hard.

Long career Free local girls in Ventotene -- not so for these hard queens. I wonder if Bill Weir has gone to the downstairs bar where he's reporting from to see the boys dancing on the bar.

R unfortunately they don't switch over to Don and Brooke until Until then they just get featured in Andy and Anderson's show. What a shitshow.

I watched for about 10 minutes.

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Much like last year, there's no sense of a party or celebration. The commercials have more Housewives looking casual sex Strawberry than these two drips.

Just turned it on strictly for Don in New Orleans. Please tell me that they haven't given him the hook already? Key West is for the elderly. Andy just doesn't have it since he's not high or drunk. That's why Kathy worked well. You can tell that Andy is a formerly fat boy. Does he know Dianne Brill? He tries way to hard to get attention. Christina Aguilera is growling out her hits on ABC.

Don't really know what's going on with her outfit.

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These interviews are so awkward, people talking over each other, then everyone stops talking and there is dead air waiting for someone to speak, then they both start talking at the same time again.

I really just want Andy and Anderson to have a passionate Strawbrrry Housewives looking casual sex Strawberry here! A real full on kiss and unleash their suppressed desire please!

Anderson comes across as so slow, which I don't think Housewives looking casual sex Strawberry is. But he's so self conscious he hasn't got any comebacks for anything, Housewivs can only giggle in the face of spontaneity Dunaway was this show's Houseeives Anderson, we get it - you're a Madonna stsn, enough namedropping. So tacky. I jope Miss Vanderbilt isn't up watching this shitshow. Not for one second in my entire life have I ever had the desire to be in Times Square for hours, cold and wet to watch casuxl ball drop on NYE.

I can't believe people travel from around the world to do this. Gwen Stefani still doing the tired high school marching band themed performance for Hollaback girl in ? No Strings Attached Sex NY Brooklyn 11231

Andy finally said it out loud. She must be Albanian, given her surname, Hexha. I wonder if she is related to the former dictator Enver Hoxha. Brooke and Don are the real show because they actually appear Hpusewives be having fun.

And that makes viewers have fun watching them. Does anyone else feel sorry for the people in Times Square? That their lives are so basic that this may actually be the highlight of their year? Andy and Anderson seem to have only one thing in Housewives looking casual sex Strawberry and that is they are gay men, they seem so unlikely as two people who would be friends.

Naw R Nearly everyone wants to do it Housewives looking casual sex Strawberry just so they can say they did for the rest of their lives. For some people I think it is a bucket list thing they want to do once to be able to say they did it, I would rather have a root canal without being numbed myself.