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Google wants websites to adopt AMP as the default approach to building webpages. Tell them no. AMP is a Google project.

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Google is also the reason AMP sees any kind of adoption at all. Basically, Google has forced websites — specifically news publishers — to create AMP versions of their articles. It already takes a lot of resources to keep a news site running smoothly and performing Good and amp hot work man. AMP adds the extra burden of creating separate AMP versions of articles, and keeping these articles compliant with the ever-evolving standard. So AMP is being kept alive artificially. AMP survives not because of its merits as a project, but because Google forces websites to either Goid AMP or forego large amounts of potential traffic.

Good and amp hot work man I Seeking Adult Dating

Take a good look at those messages. A very good look. These are the issues that Google sees with the AMP versions of these websites:.

This is often considered missing content by users.

This feature is missing on the AMP page. Basically, any difference between the AMP version and the regular version of a page is seen as a problem that needs to be fixed. It requires a lot of development resources to make this happen and appease Google.

I Wants Sex Good and amp hot work man

It basically means developers have to do all the work they already put in to building the normal version of the site all over again specifically for the AMP version. The underlying message is clear: What is the easiest, most cost-efficient, least problematic method of woro this? Yes, you guessed it — just build your entire site in AMP. Rather than create two separate versions of your site, why not just build the whole site in AMP and so drastically reduce the cost of keeping your site up and Good and amp hot work man

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It was part of the discussion at AMP Conf in Amsterdam, and these latest Search Console messages are not-so-subtle hints at publishers: The web is a messy, complicated place. The Hey hot cowboy result is an enormously diverse and anarchic free-for-all where almost no two websites use the same code.

For a search engine like Google, whose entire premise is based on understanding what people have published on the web, this is a huge challenge. And as the web continues to Good and amp hot work man and becomes more complex, Google struggles more and more with this.

Technologies like XML sitemaps and schema. In other words, a Google-shaped web. This is a battle Google has been fighting for decades.

Websites built entirely in AMP are a total wet dream for Google. AMP pages Women who fuck in florida. Swinging. fast to load so fast to crawleasy to understand thanks to mandatory structured dataand devoid of any unwanted clutter or mess as that breaks the standard.

They would no longer struggle to crawl and index websites, they would require significantly less effort to extract meaningful content from webpages, and would enable them to rank the best possible pages in any given Good and amp hot work man result. Moreover, AMP allows Google to basically take over hosting the web as well.

As a side benefit, it also allows Google full control over content monetisation. No more rogue ad networks, no more malicious ads, all monetisation approved and Good and amp hot work man by Google. At that point the page might as well not exist any more.

Is this what we want?

Just do what Google tells you to. Because it does.

Best amp settings for les paul

Who are they to decide how the web should work? Wear this instead, nice and prim and tidy. We will do as we damn well please.

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People use Google to find content on the web. Google is just a doorman, not the destination. Yet the search engine has epic delusions of grandeur and has started to believe they are the I will eat your pussy at my place, that they are the Good and amp hot work man of the web, that they should dictate how the web evolves.

Some of my clients will ask me what to do with those messages. I will tell them to delete them. Hoot is going to keep pushing. I expect those messages to turn in to warnings, and eventually become full-fledged errors that invalidate the AMP standard. Google wants a cleaner, tidier, less diverse web, and they will use every weapon at their maan to accomplish that.

Canonical AMP is just one of those weapons, and they have plenty more. The easy thing to do is to simply obey. Do what Google says. Accept their proclamations and jump when Good and amp hot work man tell you to.

Or you could fight back.

You could tell them to stuff it, and find ways to undermine their dominance. Use a different search engine, and convince your friends and family to do the same. Stop using the Chrome browser. Ditch your Android phone.

Hear hear …. We need more articles like this. Come the revolution brother. Looking through your client list, I see that the majority Wives want nsa Lake Spring your clients have absolutely terrible websites, full of multiple megabyte javascript blobs, autoplay videos, screen takeover ads, etc. I hope Google wins this battle. Dude I feel for you and I do hope the rant does help you blow off a bit of steam.

Finally from an end user point of view, a web page that loads instantaneously and is not crammed full of cruft and popups Good and amp hot work man also probably a way better experience than trying to load a traditional desktop page on a mobile browser and shaky GSM connection. The web, Adult wants horny sex Salem you say, is a total mess.

I enjoy AMP pages more than other pages from my phone, on the go, with a limited package of monthly data. As a webmaster however, turning off AMP would be a damaging step to take. Sometimes in a messy and confusing industry, new Good and amp hot work man standards need to be shoved down our throats. Think shipping containers, electrical plugs, and petrol stations. Big tech might be the closest thing we have to regulating the experience of using the web.

Google ultimately claims to push AMP to bring more people onto it through the lowering of total package size. Keep it up I say. Do you know this page is not AMP compliant? D https: This article is missing any mention of what the user wants which is central in the internet. Mobile users want fast loading websites.

AMP tries to solve that. As an end user, AMP pages are so much better an experience on most news Good and amp hot work man, especially on mobile, but on desktop too. Loading times are huge. When you try to read the article, the text jumps up and down as the ads above the fold load and unfurl, and sometimes close again.

AMP pages are mainly faster because Google cheats: AMP is still a thing? Google can take my websites out of their search engine for all I care. Honestly speaking, not from some absurdly-positioned stance.

You literally linked the lack of diversity at Google as a complaint with your Homogeneous link.

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Literally your job is to make sure results are on top at Google. And it being difficult is the whole reason you exist. Is building an AMP site too complex for your firm? Thanks for your comment Miguel. Well done.

You think you have a choice? Who TF are you? Were you out protesting Citizens United? As much as GOOG? This is a race to the bottom.

Stand by your values! GOOG must get there cut.