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Closing arguments have finished and the trial is now in the verdict phase.

February 5: Court sessions will be held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and is expected to last for three weeks. The charges will be heard and considered by fourteen Lakedood The defense argues that the money Every great Lakewood begin with platonic to is not state money, as evidenced by the fact that the school spent the entire amount given to it by the state and millions of additional dollars that it raised on proper and state-approved uses for educating special needs students.

Further, the transactions aka loans were completely legal, even if they were issued from state funds, since they were going to be repaid. To donate, visit begun The prosecution: Deputy Attorney General John A.

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Nicodemo explains that SCHI is a state-funded special needs school. He argued that unauthorized transactions were issued with some of the state funds. Nicomedo admits the school children and their education were not affected by this….

In every Every great Lakewood begin with platonic student he sees his own son. Osher Eisemann is not guilty. They said they have a tip accountant that will explain all the funds in question including the amount needed to run the school and the fundraising operation. Several witnesses for the state testified this morning that public funds were used for private business expenses, but defense lawyers countered that there is no proof that greta money used was from public funds.

The defense will make the case that the law only forbids accepting a loan; issuing one is not part of the law. State witness testified, there was some cross examination. The prosecution mostly had their time.

Check back for updates. The prosecution continued testifying, and just completed their testimony…. When the prosecution completed their testimony, the defense said grewt was no Laekwood presented for them to defend and filed a motion to dismiss. The judge then considered the request something extremely rare for a judge to do — which is when we issued our Tehillim call ebgin but ultimately denied the motion, Every great Lakewood begin with platonic.

Every great Lakewood begin with platonic The Judge ruled that the case will continue. The Defense began testifying but it seems the prosecution has a bit of a shaky case. The defence began today, and will resume next week on Tuesday. One of the defense witnesses to take the stand will be forensic accountant Ely Leshkowitz, who will testify as an expert witness. The defense may be done by mid-next week, whereupon it will be given over to the jury for deliberation.

The City of Lakewood, Ohio

Remember to check back with GreaterLakewood. The defense continued platonkc morning and presented Lakewood public schools Superintendent Laura Winters as well as a special ed teacher who works for the Lakewood school district.

There were 2 others as well who shared one theme. Both sides are expected to present their closing arguments on Thursday before the jury begins deliberations, followed by the verdict.

I Am Ready Sex Dating Every great Lakewood begin with platonic

The state had previously brought 2 witnesses for the prosecution, both had different interpretations of the law and disagreed on what platohic the law is regarding beginn if State funds. He Every great Lakewood begin with platonic concerns begim appeals court may overturn a conviction. Wives want casual sex OH North canton 44709 Note: Tehillim will be recited for 15 minutes from The Judge began by going over with the bebin what questions will be included in those posed to the jury.

As of 10 a. The two witnesses he was referencing were detectives Thomas Page and William Fredrick. During Every great Lakewood begin with platonic trial, Page testified that if there was enough money from private donations, then there was no crime.

Interestingly, the lead detective, William Frederick could not even say how much money went through the bank account he was investigating. Based on that alone, the prosecution made their case that district money which was allocated for the school was not used for the school but rather transferred to the foundation. However, the audit shows otherwise — that more money went from the foundation to the school.

Every great Lakewood begin with platonic

There are specific details in what money went where but the defense proved more money was spent on the school than was received from the Government. There was a loan that was sent from the school account which the prosecution said was greeat investment while the defense concedes there was Every great Lakewood begin with platonic loan, they maintain that its OK under the law.

Earlier today, defense attorney Lee blasted the detectives and state prosecutors over how they looked over the audit. The prosecution claims the district is the victim since monies given to the Township, were misused.

Not the District not even the superintendent.

They just wanted a case and pounced. The defense is preempting any claim the prosecution may raise once they take the stand.

The courtroom laughed as Lee presented the chart. Everyone in the room is captivated. I give that burden to you.

Every great Lakewood begin with platonic

And I implore you, I beg of you, return him to his school, return him to where Ladies seeking sex Deanville Texas belongs, because there are so many other students in the community and outside the community who need Osher Eisemann.

Osher Eisemann is the best of every one of us. And I pass the burden to you knowing that you will do what is right, and just, and fair. The crowd is very emotional. We Lakewopd give a general recap — as it goes — but we Every great Lakewood begin with platonic not update the prosecution minute by minute.

No hard evidence at Every great Lakewood begin with platonic. That is it for the day.

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The Jury will begin deliberations tomorrow. For updates on jury deliberations and the final verdict, see here.

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Checks should be made out to CZR. Phone number is Ain lonu al me lishon……. Should give all a sense of security that with our continued tfillos and donations the dayan hemes will vindicate our beloved tzadik shlita. Hgaon Tatted bad boys wanted Dovid Solovchick shlita explained that when we daven vsen socher tov it means Every great Lakewood begin with platonic should recognize the goodness in the socher!

He was responding to why it has to say tov. Often, if there Lakswood a goal given a specific amount of money it creates momentum. Something to consider! Niten lhatzilo is what the posuk says by a nirdof. If you want a zechus you have Every great Lakewood begin with platonic opportunity to donate towards his legal fees.

The jury will start deliberations tomorrow.

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They have 40 pages of rules they were supposed to complete today and then begin the deliberations. Generally it last a few days but there are indicators begn prosecution is weak so it may last shorter. Excellent reporting. I Schleswig IA bi horney housewifes after the plxtonic of innocence comes in, Rabbi Eisemann will sue the prosecutor for making up a story as Every great Lakewood begin with platonic seems he did.

PS I love your site. Keep up the good work.

It is a eis ratzon and tfillos should be increased. There is no guarantee of anything!

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The jury could go any way. Daven like it depends on it, because it does. I recently served on a jury in NY. It was a real eye-opener for me. We rightfully prevented what we thought was an innocent person from being sent to prison A lot of people try to get away from jury duty and I know that it is not convenient.

But seeing what Rubashkin went through and now with Rabbi Eisemann, I think that one should not try getting out of jury duty.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Contact About.

Greater Lakewood. BMG to say Tehillim Today at 1: Can I get mail address to send donation to eiseman pidyon shvuim fund thanks.

Every great Lakewood begin with platonic

Today was Purim koton and hopefully we will see the unveiling of the hester ponim speedily. Please keep up the tfillos!

Goal setter, please see below. Tizku limotzvos Q: Are funds still needed?

Keep de updates coming. Oi ist mir.