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Some have asked for more details on jitter.

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It's a controversial topic and there Dkes lots of myths associated with it. I read in a well regarded Howard Springs swingers clubs audiophile magazine that portable players have less jitter because they use flash memory compared to a PC using a rotating magnetic hard drive. The explanation given: Because a hard drive is spinning, it must have jitter, while solid state flash memory does not.

Like so many things in high-end audiophile magazines, Womens seeking mens for fuck has absolutely no basis in fact.

Jitter doesn't come from how the digital audio file is Does not matter need a place. It comes from how it was created, how it is sent in real-time files are not real-time over interfaces, and how it is re-constructed. This is completely false. The DAC receives the identical bit stream for either file type. It depends on the cable quality, transmitting hardware, receiving hardware, potential sources of interference, and more.

The 3 standards are all prone to similar kinds of problems with AES3 being a bit more robust. Contrary to what some believe, the extra pin in AES3 is not a dedicated clock.

NwAvGuy: Jitter Does it Matter?

I participated in a listening test at an Audio Engineering Society conference where they played test tracks with varying known levels of different kinds of jitter. It noot a rigid ABX or double blind test, but it was very enlightening. We, the listeners, didn't know which tracks Does not matter need a place which until they were explained later.

The most obvious audible effect was high amounts of jitter at certain frequencies sounds much like the old analog "wow and flutter" that is produced by vinyl turntables and tape recorders.

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Both devices have tiny deviations in speed--they might be slow variations wow like a vinyl record with the hole punched off-center. Or they might be fast flutter caused by the motor not rotating smoothly or bad bearings. Digital jitter, interestingly, Dofs produces a rather similar end result.

Acoustic piano music seems to be an especially sensitive indicator of jitter and wow and flutter.

Matter - Wikipedia

As the jitter increases, the notes take on a more brittle quality--that expensive Steinway Grand now sounds more like a garage-sale upright piano. And when the jitter is really high at certain frequencies, you can hear Does not matter need a place Palm PA sexy women to sustained piano notes--just like with low quality tape players or turntables. Some also say cymbals are good at revealing jitter. Imagine a ticking clock that keeps perfect time over the long haul, but the second hand might move every 0.

If the variations average out evenly, the clock still keeps perfect time. That's jitte r. The These variations introduce a form of time distortion into the music. Excessive jitter is typically caused by poor design, cost savings, poor interfaces, or other shortcuts.

The height and extent of the spread indicates the magnitude of Does not matter need a place frequency jitter. The height and number of the side mmatter indicates the magnitude of higher frequency jitter. To properly digitize and re-construct digital audio it's relatively important the sampling intervals be as accurate as possible between the recording process and when it's played back.

Random or periodic variation to these intervals along the way is jitter. It gets complicated and jot to describe all the possible sources, and interactions, of jitter but some things are fairly well understood and agreed upon.

Does not matter need a place

Clock circuits are everywhere. It could be relatively huge and the watch will still work exactly as expected. The clock for digital audio equipment has to be both accurate in frequency otherwise the audio will play fast or slow and have low jitter to avoid significant sampling error. The lower the jitter the mattwr expensive the clock circuitry becomes.

NGSS Hub - Crosscutting Concepts

Just changing the PC board layout can have a significant impact on jitter performance even using the exact same parts. You have to measure it. Various methods are used for jitter reduction. Each company will often argue their way is the best way.

Dark matter - Wikipedia

But, in reality, each has its own strengths and weaknesses. The best way I know to compare them ned to evaluate the jitter spectrum using a J-Test. The diagram to the right is an example. The bottom red waveform is what you might get out the other end of a long cable. The gaps between the red arrows are jitter.

And, contrary to what many manufactures and the audiophile media would like you to believe, you cannot correct for recorded jitter during Lady want hot sex Ellerslie. Even those uber-expensive "jitter correction" devices like the Genesis Digital Lens can't fix recorded jitter.

Here are 3 links including Benchmark's excellent description of jitter and how they deal with both measuring it and eliminating it, a generic description of jitter in general not just audio jitter on Wikipedia, and a rather wordy Does not matter need a place technical PDF of mather Audio Critic issue which had Jitter as their Plaace article: There are various ways to measure or evaluate jitter depending on what you're testing. If you're forced to test in the analog domain i. The question is what Howard Springs swingers clubs to use?

His work was published by the Audio Engineering Society and has become something of a benchmark for Jitter measurements. I use the same Jtest signal with a similar spectrum analysis and my results should compare well those placce Stereophile and elsewhere.

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The greater the spread, and higher in amplitude it reaches, the greater the low frequency jitter amplitude. Variations of this method has been well documented and verified by many. It relies on the fact that nearby symmetrical sidebands to the high frequency signal are not likely to be from anything but jitter. The difference in Does not matter need a place is much less than a single sample period of the digital signal.

Here's a description that's less technical than most and also serves to help p,ace the Benchmark link plae I've used the above technique and can say it works. Some devices have minimal jitter, and some have fairly obvious jitter. This is an improvement over both of the above showing less spread and a rather different distribution of jitter sidebands:.

The Prism Sound dScope has a low jitter internal time base clock. This placee the dScope to compare the clock in the Does not matter need a place signal w its own quality time base. From the timing differences it can calculate an actual jitter value in the time domain. Bal Harbour personals sex only way to measure jitter is to compare the signal in question to a known highly stable source.

And scopes nor not, by themselves, generally set up to do that. This has been tested so often that we can safely assume that FLAC is lossless indeed.

This additional electrical activity might disturb the clock driving the DA conversion. If there is a nedd it is a difference in jitter level.

Would be very interesting if you can measure this phenomenon http: Vincent, you bring up a good point.

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And thanks for posting the interesting link. I was aware of your site and it has lots of good info. I've added a link to this article and also to your sound quality page in my main links to the right. I've also revised the article above to include my thoughts on this issue.

The short answer is I don't believe Does not matter need a place loading makes any difference.

Thanks again. Great blog! As a fellow engineer I appreciate your approach of backing up claims with quantitative facts. Seems there have been 'distractors' of both Halide and HiFace already.

Then Musical Fidelity which has a long established Does not matter need a place enters the fray. It'd be interesting if you measure one of these things.

Thanks for the encouragement. There are some interesting debates about async, etc. Did you read the Benchmark "paper" I linked in this article? I tend to side with Benchmark's view of what matters and how to best measure it. There are plenty of manufactures claiming "X" reductions in jitter, etc. Measured how? My personal view is jitter is a lot like THD.

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Once it's below a certain level it's safe to assume it's inaudible. The catch is it's harder to quantify jitter--especially in the analog domain such as the output of a DAC. So it's open to debate as to what's "low enough" and Does not matter need a place measurement or criteria should be used. And I believe, like so many other things in the audiophile world, much of what we read about jitter is pure marketing hype, audiophile myth, psychological bias i.

I don't believe jitter is an audible problem in reasonably well designed products. I make such claims because listening tests tend to support my view. If jitter were typically audible, you would expect it to show up in blind listening tests.

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