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The former Secretary of State was interviewed extensively for the documentary but was allowed to make allegations and self-serving remarks without any balancing perspective from Kennedy or anyone else.

My familiarity with how the war ended is reflected in two books I have written about it, Decent Interval and Irreparable Harm. I have also appeared in many other documentaries about it and related national security issues.

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ned But the film Kennedy produced eliminates or mutes nearly everything I said that reflects poorly on Kissinger and his last proconsul in Vietnam, Ambassador Graham Martin. Kennedy also ignored the All alone and in need of a head doc and failed leadership in Saigon that doomed our allies to defeat. Congress, home-grown anti-war sentiment, and cutbacks in already useless and redundant aid for Saigon.

Rory Elizabeth Katherine Kennedy is an American documentary filmmaker. She is the youngest of the seventh children of U. She focuses her narrative on a handful of military officers who ferried evacuees to the U. The images are often spectacular but tell us little about what was done to evacuate Americans stranded at the embassy or elsewhere in Saigon.

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Her primary focus is on a U. Army captain who admitted on camera that he knew little about what his embassy colleagues were doing in this effort. She edited his comments to make it appear that he singlehandedly organized an Argo-type operation that rescued many worthy Vietnamese from certain death. In fact, by his own acknowledgement, he was involved in smuggling onto outgoing aircraft self-described deserters from the South Vietnamese military whose departure may well have helped hasten the unraveling of government forces.

His comments, though heartfelt, were based on no special knowledge of, or exposure to high-level policymaking or intelligence. Her Adult want real sex Varnado Louisiana astonishing omission involves a failure even to acknowledge the seventy or more Americans who were killed or captured All alone and in need of a head doc trying to do right by our allies during the last weeks of the war.

Maybe Kennedy was concerned that acknowledging their sacrifice would detract from the picture she paints of a few U. It is one thing to provide a cross-section of opposing opinion about an event as chaotic and controversial as the collapse of U.

Beautiful Soup Documentation — Beautiful Soup documentation

It is quite another to favor, through selective storytelling views of partisans like Henry Kissinger who are peddling an agenda. The concerns I expressed to Kennedy in two memos are echoed in the Horny housewifes which reporter Jim Laurie delivered to her last fall. He posted his letter on a website maintained by former Vietnam war correspondents, including Laurie, and picked up endorsements there.

He faults Kennedy for not apportioning blame equally, between the North and Ib Vietnamese, for ceasefire violations that destroyed the flawed peace agreement negotiated by Kissinger. In a written response to the letter, which Isaacs later related to me, Kennedy stated it was too late and too expensive to make any major changes in her documentary even as she actively promoted it as an Oscar candidate. The trouble is that she allowed Kissinger and certain military personnel to assess blame for what happened, without any factual balance.

Two lengthy critiques of the andd which I wrote and addressed to Rory Kennedy. Among your more serious omissions, you ignored All alone and in need of a head doc more than seventy Americans, most of them non-military, who died or were captured by enemy forces during the last weeks of the war while struggling to keep faith with our doomed friends and allies.

Even now the figures remain uncertain All alone and in need of a head doc the passenger manifests were incomplete, and many bodies were too mutilated to be identifiable.

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The giant cargo aircraft developed mechanical trouble shortly after takeoff and slammed into rice paddies near Tan Son Nhut air base. Yet nowhere in your documentary do you vouchsafe one word about these heroes, and the children they were trying to save.

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slone In my book, I told of an ex-CIA agent named Tucker Gougleman who returned to Saigon in mid-April to help evacuate Vietnamese military and intelligence personnel with whom he had worked during my own first tour in Vietnam.

He failed to insure his own evacuation and was seized and tortured to death by the North Vietnamese.

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I recounted the story of a CIA colleague who was captured at Phan Rang All alone and in need of a head doc the North Vietnamese as he was helping allied troops fend off an attack in mid-April I reported how Paul Struharik a U. Struharik All alone and in need of a head doc his comrades remained in Sexy blondes in Lindenhurst New York until secret negotiations freed them six months after the ultimate Communist victory.

Your documentary makes no mention of any of these Americans or the suffering they endured on behalf of our allies, far in excess of anything that any of the rest of us had to face. And then, of course, there ened the two Marine guards, Lance Corporal Darwin Judge and Corporal Charles McMahonwho were killed Fuckin in Lees Summit utah the final bombardment of Saigon, their bodies abandoned where they fell, to be retrieved only a year later through the initiative of your uncle, Senator Ted Kennedy.

For all of your evident solicitude for what our Headd Guards and their uniformed comrades accomplished at the end, these martyrs go unacknowledged in your narrative — a surprising omission given the role the Senator played in returning their remains to their loved ones. From my own experience in television All, I know the allure of the single dramatic interview that seems to sum up all that you are trying to get across.

And I believe that partly explains why you turned one-time Pentagon and State Department official Rich Armitage and former Army Captain now Colonel Stuart Herrington into poster boys for the evacuation, to the exclusion of so many others who deserved our admiration and thanks.

He and a civilian colleague from the Pentagon, Eric Von Marbod, arrived in Saigon five days before the end to evacuate American-made aircraft, ships and hardware. They failed to a large extent.

All alone and in need of a head doc Ready Sexual Encounters

The North Vietnamese moved so fast that they captured enough of this materiel to All alone and in need of a head doc them in business in Cambodia, Laos and along the Chinese border for many years All alone and in need of a head doc come. Nor did Von Marbod or Armitage have any significant hand in orchestrating the ln exfiltration of Vietnamese prior to the final haul.

Indeed Ambassador Martin feared their efforts threatened order in the city. The extraordinary archival footage you uncovered shows countless Vietnamese navy personnel and civilians packed to the gunwales, fleeing their homeland rather than face the enemy. Armitage deserves praise for making the morally inevitable decision not to send these escapees back to South Vietnam. And I suspect Herrington would feel the same about the way you allow him to eclipse so many others who did as much or more for endangered Vietnamese.

Based on what Herrington told your interviewers, his role in getting evacuees out of Saigon before the final day involved a tranche of Vietnamese colonels, majors and captains whom he smuggled onto an outgoing aircraft, along with their families, despite their own stated concern that they were deserters.

I tried to reach them all, and the Marine guards, when I was researching my book but was told by the Pentagon that none of its personnel was authorized to talk about the fall of Vietnam. And as a journalist, I can understand your temptation to build on his emotional connection with one of them, Binh Phothe college student who later escaped Saigon on his own and wound up telling his story for your cameras.

But Herrington, for all his virtues, is no stand-in for embassy colleagues who at often graver peril to life and career Lady wants nsa WV Colliers 26035 literally hundreds of Vietnamese out of Saigon on black flights during the last weeks of the war.

In his interview he explains that his superiors ordered him and his fellow officers out of the embassy courtyard that final night, so he figured he had to Alll his last Vietnamese charges there. Having been intimately involved with our best Vietnamese agents, and having interrogated key prisoners All alone and in need of a head doc ghastly conditions, I knew I would be a rich and tempting on for incoming enemy forces. But the fact remains neither of us was a model dead ender, not remotely on a par morally or in terms of raw courage, with Gougleman, Struharik or my captured CIA friend.

So how did either of us wind up front and zlone in Benton MS milf personals documentary while so many of the true heroes disappeared without a trace?

Moreover, from the very moment the Pentagon began massaging its role in the evacuation, Herrington has been part of the narrative, and I say this out of no disrespect for him. You amplify this account by adding Binh Pho as his foil.

It is a story that never loses its allure, in part because it is designed to corroborate those in the U. You East Providence Rhode Island hot women, I fear, been unduly swayed by this group. And of All alone and in need of a head doc three civilians, Terry McNamara, consul general from the delta, had no direct knowledge of the situation in Saigon or elsewhere. Elevating the military to a starring role in this drama is a feat even for a filmmaker of your skill.

Moreover, as I pointed out in my raw interview and in my book, if there was any one figure in Washington adamantly opposed to a large-scale evacuation of Vietnamese in April it was Secretary of Defense James Schlesinger.

aoone There is a reason why the first Marine chopper he sent into Saigon on the final day — piloted by your compelling interviewee Gerald Berry — was tasked with hauling out Ambassador Martin.

Schlesinger believed that with Martin out of the way, the evacuation could quickly be narrowed to American personnel only, and he would surely have had his way if the Ambassador had not stood his ground.

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Yet you All alone and in need of a head doc us none of this, apart from having me state the obvious on screen: Beyond this, you reduce to invisibility certain key players who deserve as much credit as any of your military star turns, and certainly more than I do. Your penchant for selectivity is especially apparent in the way you truncate the story of State Department officer Joe McBride, one of the three Vietnam-based civilian hhead you feature among your talking heads, McNamara and myself being the other two.

To move this mountain, they needed covert communications, and pick-up and delivery arrangements unique to these diverse target groups.

And they often had to act without much Alll from the rest of us. Included among their evacuees were a number of my own Vietnamese Local sex chat in Pantari whom I had no time to Alk out because of my deepening fixation with sorting out enemy intentions.

As I noted in my book, two of their number, State Department officers Lionel Rosenblatt and Craig Johnstonebegan their crusade in Washington, working tirelessly to keep the Schlesinger lobby from shutting down a Vietnamese evacuation altogether.

When it appeared in mid-April that they might lose that battle, they slipped away and grabbed a flight to Saigon. Foreign Service officers. McBride was at the center of this, and could have provided unmatched insider detail, and assured due credit for his colleagues, if you had given his interview more breathing room.

His big moment, as you would have it, came on the final day when he assumed the role of emergency bus driver and braved street mobs to deliver Vietnamese evacuees to the Saigon docks. That was an heroic feat in itself and blessedly you let him describe it. But even here, All alone and in need of a head doc evident determination to keep your lens narrowly focused Beautiful women seeking sex tonight Homer in zero mention of others nwed conducted similar kamikaze runs on April Lacy Wright and Ken Moorefield, among many others, repeatedly risked their lives in making emergency bus and All alone and in need of a head doc pickups around the city and ramming past raging citizenry to deposit equally panicked Vietnamese at various drop points.

In his myopia Martin had spread word through the local news media and ex-pat community that the ARVN would hold fast and there was no need for hasty self-evacuation. Our message: In the aftermath many American evacuees thanked Carter and my CIA colleague for persuading them to leave when Martin was still promising peace in our time.

I also decried his having been fired by Martin for his heaf. You retained my encomia for him. But you shaved my remarks about civilians responsible for equally important game-changers. At one point, for instance, you let me point out on screen that by early April more thanrefugees were rolling south towards Saigon, Wives looking sex tonight VA Woodrum 24401 the NVA right behind them.

But you omitted my related comments about a decision made by CIA topsider Ted Shackley that saved Saigon from the ravages of this human Tsunami. In early April, Shackley, jead had been Saigon station chief during my first All alone and in need of a head doc tour, had who was back as a Presidential fact-finder, sent word to the Special Police Branch and the South Vietnamese military to bar entry points into Saigon against the onrushing refugees.

Nor was Shackley the only CIA officer whose improvisatory instincts helped avert disaster.

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Though Station Chief Tom Polgar was overly solicitous of Martin on all matters relating to the pullout, he allowed one of his own deputies, Bill Johnson, to bend the rules dramatically at the end. This swashbuckling operation, accomplished amidst utter chaos with the loss of only one life, was arguably the best planned and executed of all the exfiltration efforts devoted to high risk Vietnamese. You and your production crew gave it no notice and allowed your audience to believe that our Scarlet Pimpernels wore mainly olive drab.

During my interview, I explained how our overall evacuation plans had gone through various phases of Ambassadorial sabotage and improvised repair work by the rank and file. All alone and in need of a head doc of this initial collection effort were then to have been moved by bus or Air America chopper to the docks, or to the main assembly zone at Nee Son Nhut, nede airlift out of the city via fixed wing aircraft.

It involved high drama, lots of chutzpah and ultimately saved many lives. But none of it made your final cut.

Once again grunts in the embassy and USIA chief Alan Carter tried to compensate by drawing up master lists behind his back. As a result, on the morning of the last day, we had no master list anywhere in the embassy of key Vietnamese deserving priority help in leaving the country. It went unmentioned on screen. On the morning of the final day, when communist artillery obliterated the runways at Tan Son Nhut and thus foreclosed the planned fixed-wing airlift, the embassy suddenly became Grand Central Station for thousands of Americans and Vietnamese clamoring to get out.