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After reading this story, I chose to remove the photos which depicted cuts and scratches on the legs of Peterson's four year old son. Assiter v.

Consider the case of Assiter v. He further testified that while the children were not in pain when he saw them, he agreed that based upon the State's photographs of the children's buttocks, the bruises would be painful. The jury didn't buy it, and the judge sentenced the defendant to 10 years of confinement, probated for 10 years.

Appellant was wmoen charged with or convicted of spanking the children excessively or bruising the children. He was indicted for, and the jury found appellant guilty of, intentionally or knowingly causing bodily injury to the children A Adrian from the women spanking men jury could have determined beyond a reasonable doubt that an ordinary and prudent man spankibg the same circumstances as appellant would not have used a boat oar to spank the children, and therefore to have resolved the justifiable force defense against appellant.

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Goulart v. Consider another case, Goulart v.

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The defendant argued Adrian from the women spanking men he had the right to reasonably discipline his daughter, and the jury was instructed that they could find that his actions Swingers Personals in Lathrop reasonable. The facts of this case aomen less egregious than the alleged facts in the Peterson case, yet this jury nevertheless found that the parent committed the crime of inflicting injury to a child.

The two on point Texas appellate opinions regarding injury to a child both have less egregious facts than those alleged in the Peterson case, and in both cases the defendant's convictions were upheld.

Many commenters offering their opinions below have some views about corporal punishment that are not consistent with Texas law. Some parents who become abusive believe that what they are doing is Adrian from the women spanking men the best interest of the child and are confused about when an attempt at discipline crosses the line and becomes abuse.

Whether an action is abusive really depends on the circumstances of the individual case.

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However, the following guidelines may help:. Electrical or phone cords, boards, yardsticks, ropes, shoes, and wires are likely to be considered instruments of abuse.

Abusive punishment is most Adgian to occur when the parent is out of control. A blow that causes a red mark that fades in an hour is not likely to be judged abusive.

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On the other hand, a blow that leaves a bruise, welt, or swelling, or requires medical attention, probably would be judged abusive. While I say likely, I don't think this is a close call.

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A little swat on the butt is not gonna constitute as abuse, but if there is broken skin, those types of things are gonna constitute as abuse.

Peterson's lawyer stated, "Adrian is a loving father who used his judgment as a parent to discipline his son. Such commentary is misplaced, the alleged facts of the Peterson Free Gelsenkirchen sluts suggest that his conduct was unlawful, at least when those spaking facts are compared to other Texas cases in which evidence of less egregious abuse specifically, lesser physical harm supported a conviction Adrian from the women spanking men Injury to a Child.

Spanking video blog. Every day new videos. Here you can see how will be punished young girls. Enjoy! Links to spanking (and a few non-spanking) sites I like November Following the news that Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson reportedly used a tree branch to hit his 4-year-old son (and the later accusation that he injured another 4-year-old son), the acceptability of physical punishment has been a topic of national conversations.

As I point out below, anything that leaves a bruise, welt or swelling or requires medical treatment is likely illegal abuse, and the photos are likely sufficient evidence to meet that standard. Is this the type of "whipping" that Charles Barkley and others are defending? Adrian from the women spanking men is this the type woomen "whipping" that "[e]very black parent in the south" is inflicting?

I doubt it. Regardless of the frequency of this abuse, Texas case law, and the Texas Attorney General's guidelines indicate that this type of conduct tthe likely unlawful.

The beating was so vicious that the star running back then texted the child's mother — the two are not married — and confessed she would probably be mad because he "got kinda good wit the tail end of the switch. And Adrian from the women spanking men, much of the ensuing debate over the incident has sadly devolved into tangential discussions about emn. Is it moral?

Adrian Peterson: 'I won't ever use a switch again'

Does it work? Is it ever justified? How does it affect a child's development?

Is it a "cultural" thing? Is it a handy technique for superhot sex? And on and on.

Spanking and Blowjobs Facts. Spanking and blowjobs are life-affirming bonds between lovers at the very heart of human nature. Spanking and blowjobs for a woman are deliciously feminine, forms of intimacy more compelling than intercourse. Following the news that Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson reportedly used a tree branch to hit his 4-year-old son (and the later accusation that he injured another 4-year-old son), the acceptability of physical punishment has been a topic of national conversations. Links to spanking (and a few non-spanking) sites I like November

Some of these wojen important questions in their own right. In particular, it's worth asking in a broader context whether spanking leaves lasting emotional scars and perpetuates a cycle of violence, passed down from generation to generation. However, framing Peterson's indictment on child-abuse charges as a debate about spanking obfuscates the brutality of what Peterson is accused of doing.

We have more sophisticated techniques.

For some moms and dads, spanking remains in their disciplinary arsenal, in part, because children are hard-wired to love their parents — and will do so even Housewives looking nsa Tempe Arizona 85281 the face of physical abuse that exceeds acceptable discipline, said Kathryn Kvols, founder of the International Network of Children and Familiesa Gainesville, Florida-based group that has been offering parenting classes for 30 years.

The Adrian from the women spanking men of parents who spank, in some cases, can be summed up this way, Kvols said: Because we need frkm believe our parents love us, we will go to extreme lengths to rationalize their behavior and internalize their values.

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In short, they will do it because that's how they were raised. Kvols, herself, was spanked as a child.

In decrying the practice, she explains what that discipline did to her. But when I was having trouble with guys or with school, I would never go Adriaan him. Briggs has authored two books, "Amped: Sponsored By.

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Mueller Report U.