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20164 adult chat lines

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By glycerineJanuary 28, in General.

I hooked up my little Electro-Stim system. Two pads: Nice panties, pulled on tight over everything. With my Lily Lilo stimulator in hand I powered up the control. Over a half hour I slowly built up the power until it was feeling like I was 20164 adult chat lines massaged from my prostate to the base of my penis.

I could feel I was close, but not quite there. I decided on a little more intense stimulation so I spread open my pee-hole and started rubbing slightly on the inside.

20164 adult chat lines

Oh my! I could feel a strong pressure building up inside me. I kicked the Stim up another notch adjlt kept vibrating my penis.

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The pressure really built. It started to feel like the orgasms I used to get decades ago when I was much younger!

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One more notch up on the Stim. Suddenly I felt contractions and liquid forcing itself up my penis. With my eyes tightly shut from the pleasure I felt 20164 adult chat lines start to squirt an immense amount of liquid. I hadn't cum like that in years I open my eyes and I'm squirting pee up in the air! Not wanting to totally soak my bed, I reluctantly clamped down. It was amazing I'll have to try it again with a wee bit 20164 adult chat lines absorptive 20164 adult chat lines on the bed.

Wow, let us know if you have any more luck! We got it to attempt using it as a lactation aid, but Mommy's not consistent enough at it to get her Women looking for sex olean ny.

Swinging. to come in. I tried it out a little with my TENS unit, but couldn't get anything that felt very good.

I'll admit, it didn't hurt, as long as 20164 adult chat lines power was low enough, and I think it made the 'finale' feel a little different, but I didn't get nearly the excellent result the OP did. Too bad, too. I was hoping.

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I've got a typical libido for a 26 year old, but sex just doesn't feel that great, most of the time. It's like Bill Engvall says, bottle rocket.

I can 20164 adult chat lines for a while with it feeling pretty good, then it's over, no big deal.

Now my wife can come for an hour straight and still want more. Man my wrist was sore that evening. With estim it takes 20164 adult chat lines bit to find what works best for you. The first few times I tried it,, nothing. Now I have a grad old time everytime! 20164 adult chat lines have to set aside an hour or more to really get it going, IE don't rush it. Its not like a hand with Dating florida single. But whe you get there OMG is it good.

An if you can arrange your play time ahead of the time you may spend with your partner she'll be amazed at your endurance.

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20164 adult chat lines I have a small electro plug and a set of nipple clamps as well. Experimenting with it and switching. I've tried again, but never with the great "success" as that first time. I wish I had enough money to get some fun electrodes, but all my cash is going into remodeling that bits of my vandalized house that insurance isn't covering.

Don't let cash flow hold you back form a good time. You can make many of your own electrods from curcuit size copper wire. Check out this 20164 adult chat lines for examples, http: Ive never tried the estim thing but it does look very Wife want hot sex Phoenixville and I have seen vids on it and the guys seem to love it tons! Anyone who wants to talk about it with me feel free to message me and thanks.

Interesting post from Glycerine; I've often suspected with some people there might be a connexion between cumming and urinating for a male. I reckon this alleyway needs some exploration. After all, if it works or can be learned, a full bladder could 20164 adult chat lines in a very long cumm. Then it could be repeated again and again as one's bladder became full.

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A battery portable "shocker" could be kept in a pocket and the electrodes fixed INSIDE a nappy in the appropriate place kindly furnished Png fuck com Glycerine.

Gotta find out more 20164 adult chat lines this! I would suggest stimming to everyone There is nothing like 2014 I have found. It is addictive though.

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I've gotten mine at woot. Mind you, these aren't the "official" fancy eStim products. Rather they are they muscle simulators with limited settings. I improvise on electrodes.

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When you put a fresh battery into the unit be VERY careful adjusting the stim level, and make sure aduot don't bump the switch as you writhe on Edinburg VA milf personals bed. After a calm down, I got back to business and had a most satisfactory conclusion. Not an "eruption", but plenty pleasing. I used a spray-on coating like you use to cover the handle of tools. 20164 adult chat lines then scraped off a bit 20164 adult chat lines the tip where it rubs near my prostate and some on the handle to connect to the stim pad.

The other pad went on my penis. 21064

It was pretty amazing. I could take a LOT higher power and could really feel contractions inside me.

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I had to finish off manually, but it audlt grand. I'll have to go off my Zoloft for a while so my "failure to reach orgasm" side-effect goes away. The experimentation continues. I'm a geek. A bit of a search on ebay Love in wormit up some reasonably priced conductive rubber tubing. Check out item on ebay. A trip to Radio Shack for some connectors and ebay for a tube of electro-conductive gel Today's test was a loop of the rubber, nicely lubed 20164 adult chat lines conductive gel, up my 20164 adult chat lines and a second loop tightly around my balls and the base of my penis.

Turn on the stim and my-oh-my!

Sluts Norfolk to fuck Not too bad for an old phart of Not too bad 20164 adult chat lines all. I'm guessing the interior loop was right next to my prostate, giving it a good electrical massage. I too have done that method with a loop in the rectum and either a strap or other implement on the penis. I can feel muscles in the back of the legs twitch as it pulses. Incredible orgasm this way i have found.

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I also improvised on the electrodes. Wet diapers work but accurate placement of the electrodes becomes difficult then. Xdult I opted for the use of incontinence pads, which are quite versatile in placement.

Many things work as long as the metal part of the electrodes does not 20164 adult chat lines contact the skin. I have had much fun with this setup.

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I find the anode stings 20164 adult chat lines the cathode burns. Unfortunately, this power supply only produces DC. I think AC would be far more stimulating, but finding a cheap variable AC power supply with a low output is difficult.

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I will definitely do some digging. This actually got me thinking about creating an inverter for the DC power supply I already have. I got a book on switching power supply design. Hopefully with the right circuit design, I will be able to create whatever AC output I like with a safe current, but learning it will be tough.

Other than that, I always welcome suggestions from 20164 adult chat lines who are knowledgeable on this subject. Don't do this unless you know what you are doing. These methods Married Bear Delaware masturbation much cheaper, but not idiot proof, no offense.