Wine Review - Beaujolais 'Chateau des Pertonnieres' 2013

Wine Review – Beaujolais ‘Chateau des Pertonnieres’ 2013

25km North of Lyon lies the hamlet of Le Breuil, where this far from run of the mill Beaujolais has been made since 1512.

Nowadays, in this southern part of Beaujolais on south facing slopes, a bright, fresh wine tasting of raspberries is made. It is soft and welcoming and on the lighter side. As with most Beaujolais it comes in at 12.5% abv and in the shops would cost £10-12. This is not the vinegary ‘Beaujolais Nouveau’ of hideous 80’s parties, but a well-constructed, sophisticated wine, aromatic and even a bit spicy.

It would suit charcuterie and not too pungent cheeses very well. In these burger obsessed times I think it would suit a gourmet cheese burger admirably; burgers don’t just go with beer you know! And it isn’t just meat that works with this wine, a cheesy pasta bake or stuffed peppers would also pair well.

Roberson Wine of Kensington High Street stock this wine in the UK.


Words by Sam Redfern.

Sam’s wine was complimentary of Roberson Wine.