Review - Woodies Diner

Review – Woodies Diner

Woodies Diner is an all American 1950’s style diner, think Jack Rabbit Slims a la Pulp Fiction and you’re half way there. They only do breakfast on a Saturday and Sunday, but serve lunch and dinner throughout the week. Unfortunately they didn’t have their dinner menu’s out to take a peak at, but I checked online and they do a whole range of burgers, wraps, wings, fries, salads – all with a distinctly American theme running throughout and names such as the T-Bird, the Fleetwood or the 24oz Juggernaut burger.

Seated by a young lad in a plain black uniform, we were sat next to the window overlooking the boating yard and decided on milkshakes instead of the usual coffee to have with breakfast. When in Rome and all that.

The breakfast menu is simple, you get a choice of pancakes, ranch breakfasts, the breakfast Buritto or a breakfast bap. Having not walked all the way down to Woodies to have an American inspired English fry up, I decided against the Ranch Breakfast and concentrated on the pancakes list.

Sweet, chocolate, banana or breakfast stack were my options and even though my Chocolate Milkshake (£3.65) was filling me up already due to the thick, rich ice cream that swirled around inside the milk, I clearly had eyes bigger than my belly and went for the Breakfast Stack – a stack of butter pancakes with ranch bacon, fried egg and pork sausage served with maple syrup. Not being a complete fat pig, I went for the moderate sized 2 stack option (£4.75) whilst my friend had the same but a 4 stack (£5.95).

Chocolate Milkshake at Woodie's Diner

Chocolate Milkshake at Woodie’s Diner

Sipping on our ‘shakes, we waited patiently for our food and relished being in the sun drenched window seat, I could feel my stomach rumbling asmorning hunger took over.

Our food was served and to be honest, I felt a little pang of disappointment as it looked like a really small portion. Thinking to myself, I’ll polish this off in no time, I eagerly stuck into my pancakes.

Breakfast Stack at Woodie's Diner

Breakfast Stack at Woodie’s Diner

I generously drizzled my cup of maple syrup over my dish and tucked in. The pancakes themselves were really good, light and airy and delicious with the aforementioned sweet stuff. Coupled with the thick cut bacon, I really enjoyed the combination of meat ‘n sweet. The pork sausage had seen better days to be honest and the egg was a little over cooked for my liking. But the breakfast was really filling and great value for money. The 2 pancake stack was more than enough for me and my friend regretted ordering the 4 stack as he couldn’t finish them all!

Overall, a really fun and different breakfast experience and I’m glad I made the effort to go. Would I return? Probably not as the quirkyness and novelty is something I feel can only be enjoyed once. Would I recommend it to others? Certainly. Try somewhere different and talk the walk along to the Hove/Portslade border and check out Woodies Diner.