Review - Wolfies

Review – Wolfies

There’s something warmly affectionate and almost romantic about fish and chips. Strolling along the prom as the sun is setting, picking at chips with a wooden fork, sharing laughter and conversation – fish and chips are quintessential summertime food, yet can often fall short of the mark, especially around Brighton’s seafront area. And so from now on I’ll be making a conscious effort to walk to Wolfies on Goldstone Villas in Hove.

Wolfies 2

Keeping it in the family

Wolfies is a family run business, in fact I’m fairly confident I was served by a father / son combination, and has been open since March 2014. The decor struck me at Wolfies – exceptionally clean, modern and crisp with white tiles walls, chalkboard menu and gleaming silver surfaces.

The menu at Wolfies combines your usual chippie fodder of cod, haddock and plaice with other fish including huss, skate, whitebait and wholesale scampi. Wolfies often have guest fishes, for example monkfish or red snapper – great if you’re feeling like a break from tradition.

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Sustainable fish

Wolfies pride themselves on the fact that their fish is sustainably harvested from the North Atlantic. In a nutshell, sustainable fishing ensures longevity of the fish population – a huge tick in my book. Alongside their regular fish coating Wolfies do a gluten-free and dairy-free batter for celiacs and lactose intolerant diners. Clearly Wolfies have an eye for what Brighton diners really need.

Wolfies serve a range of fish and chip sundries that includes all your favourites: gherkins, pickled eggs, battered sausages and roasted chicken. Potatoes are sourced from a local farm and hand peeled onsite for their chips.

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If fish isn’t your thing, Wolfies serve pies for £3 from “one of London’s oldest ‘Pie n Mash’ shops”. Fillings include steak and Harvey’s ale, lamb hotpot plus spinach, ricotta and mushroom for the vegetarians amongst you.

The man serving was full of playful chat and incredibly welcoming, keen to talk about his business and how pleased he is that it’s going well, with plans to expand to a local corner and serve breakfasts and brunch – possibly one to watch out for in the Hove part of town.

Lunchtime special

My usual order at the chippie consists of medium cod, small chips, battered sausage (I know, I know…) and a gherkin, which at Wolfies would have come to £8.80. However, this was lunchtime and there was no way I could scoff that amount of food and return to the office without falling asleep at my desk – so I chose the lunchtime special of Small Cod and Chips (£3.50) – an absolute bargain!

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The bloke behind the counter was kind enough to throw in a free gherkin after I complimented him on their size. It was all very Carry On. Condiments were free and I’m pleased to report that there was Hellmans mayonnaise and Heinz ketchup – certainly no packets of second-rate sauce for 10p a go at Wolfies.

The sustainable cod fillet was expertly cooked and incredibly delicate, retaining moisture whilst breaking away into morsels of pure white succulent flakes – a world apart from dry, over-cooked fish you can find in other chip shops. Coated in an wonderful light batter, the small cod was full of flavour and was the best battered fish fillet I’ve had in a very, very long time.

Wolfies 8

Paired with salt and vinegar slathered chunky, hand-cut chips and a sharp XXL gherkin – both of which were also very good – I was in lunchtime food heaven.

Top notch fish and chips, great service and a must-visit for summertime food, Wolfies impressed as much to say it’s the best fish and chips in Hove, and possibly Brighton too.

Wolfies, 90 Goldstone Villas, Hove, BN3 3RU  – 01273 962395