Review - The Orange Buffalo & Deliveroo

Review – The Orange Buffalo & Deliveroo

Deliveroo are a London based company who deliver high quality, premium restaurant food inside a reasonable (and often very quick) time-frame. Unsurprisingly, they’ve taken Brighton by storm. One of the latest independent businesses that Deliveroo have partnered with is The Orange Buffalo.

Currently running the kitchen at hipster newcomer The Joker on London Road, The Orange Buffalo are a London based street food business – and an award winning one at that. Crowned champions of London Wing-Fest 2014, The Orange Buffalo team really know how to make a chicken wing sing.

Having previously reviewed The Orange Buffalo’s wing selection, not to mention visited numerous times since, I was keen to see how the London wing kings would fare with other items off their menu. Note – not ordering wings was pretty torturous. They’re that good.


Ordering food from Deliveroo is a completely pain and hassle free experience. Fill in your postcode, date and time and that will take you to the list of available who are able to deliver to your address. If you’re not looking to order at that exact moment, you can plan ahead and have a delivery scheduled for when you walk through the front door – perfect for after those long days at work.

Restaurants can be easily filtered by distance, delivery time, cuisine and price – which makes ordering exactly what you’re in the mood for incredibly simple. After your choice is made, you’re taken to the restaurant specific page, in our case The Orange Buffalo.

Deliveroo 2

Place your order. If it’s your first time using Deliveroo, you’ll have to set up an account which takes a few seconds. The great part is that Deliveroo will remember your address and card details meaning the next time you place an order, there isn’t any need for scrabbling around inputting details. Overall, it’s clear that the website has been built with the customer experience in mind. Easy to navigate, informative with a smooth and easy payment.

Deliveroo 1
We ordered for our food to be delivered at 5.30pm – plenty of time to relax with a late afternoon beer. Dead on 5.30pm, my phone rang. It was Deliveroo informing us the driver would be 10 minutes late due to high demand from the kitchen – very informative and excellent customer service from Deliveroo.

The grub

The Orange Buffalo deliver their food in a mixture of paper, cardboard and foil – all positively recyclable. The branded boxes were also a nice touch.

The Orange Buffalo 5

Unwrapping our food, it was reassuring that the burgers we had ordered kept their complete warmth, mainly due to the swath of foil surrounding them.

I had chosen the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich – £8 with The Orange Buffalo’s ‘Woof Woof’ sauce, made with scotch bonnets, dutch chillies and a hint of naga.

The Orange Buffalo 13


The Woof Woof sauce was just the right amount of wicked heat for those that like a lip-tingling kick to their meal. The side order of a home-made blue cheese dip was a wise move to cool the spicy sensation vibrating across my palate.

Sat between a lightly steamed Challah bun, the lightly breaded chicken breast was tender and the flesh tore apart with ease. The Swiss cheese was mild and melted to the point of stringiness but didn’t saturate into the burger. I’m a bit adverse to the chicken and cheese combination but this worked for me. The crunch and wetness of the tomato and lettuce along with the sticky blue cheese dressing and Woof Woof sauce was a gateway to an array of texture and flavour.

This was a messy meal, but hey – this is American food, what do you expect?

The Orange Buffalo 14

Dining with a vegetarian was an ideal chance to try the Bloody Vegetarian Burger – made with roasted beetroot, chestnut mushroom, tofu, adzuki beans and almond. The mixture of beetroot and mushroom allowed for a subtle wetness to run throughout the patty and the almonds gave the patty substance and texture. Hailed as “the best I’ve ever had” – it was a cut above many, many vegetarian burgers.

The curly fries were something special: crispy outside, the right amount of seasoning and piping hot in the middle. The steak cut fries were overly salty and floundered in comparison.

The verdict

The Orange Buffalo clearly aren’t a one trick pony and their foray into burgers proves this.

I would recommended to order ahead, especially on weekends. Deliveroo’s popularity is testament to both their high level of customer service and the quality of the restaurants they’ve chosen to partner with. Both The Orange Buffalo and Deliveroo are a fantastic, innovative and welcome addition to Brighton’s food scene.

Claire’s food was complimentary, courtesy of Deliveroo.