Review - The New Club

Review – The New Club

Open barely 5 months, The New Club has been pulling in the punters with its fashionably tall ceilings, USA diner vibe and coffee house chic, not to mention building a steady reputation for their NYC inspired breakfasts, Texas BBQ flavoured lunch bites as well as a fantastic cocktail and drinks menu. A place that does good breakfasts, good lunches, good dinners and good cocktails? Surely not.

Situated at the very bottom of Preston Street as it joins Kings Road, we rocked up to The New Club at about 1pm and after deliberation chose to sit outside underneath one of the large, shade-providing umbrellas. It’s a fairly rare luxury to eat outside in Brighton and an even rarer luxury to have a view of the ailing West Pier.

Settling into our patch, we were presented with menus and offered drinks by a chirpy waitress. Due to the amount of painkillers I’ve been taking, booze is strictly off-limits for me at the moment and I was happy with a vintage glass bottle of Sprite (£2.80). My Aunt and Uncle ordered a lovely, light Italian Rosé (£19) to share, Maaike chose a deliciously healthy sounding Fruit Frappe – strawberry, blueberry, cranberry and raspberry (£3.50) and Robin continued the diner theme with a glass bottle of Coke (£2.80).

As a side note, the cocktail menu is absolutely superb. Easily one of the most impressive I’ve seen in a Brighton bar for a while. Drinks to make you think, drinks that cure the night before, drinks to make you want to dance, short ones, long ones, flights, pre-dinner, après dinner – you name it, they’ve probably got it. Fantastic stuff and a sure fire hit with me.

I politely browsed the menu but knew in the back of my mind what I was ordering. A burger. A huge great big hulking, stupendously grimy burger. The undoubtedly cool Shortlist Magazine has been snuffling out the UK’s best burgers recently and gave The New Club a storming 5/5. How could I not give this beast a bash? (Check out the list here)

I duly ordered the Dirty Burger – 35-day beef, hickory smoked onion and bacon relish, Monterey Jack cheese, sliced pickle house sauce, shredded cabbage & romaine lettuce, in a housemade brioche bun with fries (£10). It sounded like a lot of food and I certainly wasn’t disappointed!

My Aunt and her husband were pleased with the options for the little ones, even though they decided they were big and bold enough to go for the adult sized portions and both had a Cheese Burger each!

Dirty Burger at The New Club, Brighton.

Dirty Burger at The New Club, Brighton.

The beef patties at The New Club are made from Longhorn and Black Angus rare breed cattle and all minced by hand on site, incorporating the best chuck and marrow meat supplied by the Sussex Organic Meat company. Served pink in the middle, the pattie itself was a gargantuan piece of beef. Thick, juicy, oozing scrumptious fleshy juices that ran smoothly off the homemade brioche bun. Excellent.

The smokiness from the hickory onion and bacon relish peeked through at points and all came together lovingly with the Monterey Jack cheese and assortment of toppings. I particularly enjoyed the sharp pickles and the crunchy bite of the romaine lettuce.

The Dirty Burger lived up to its name and I was very, very impressed. As burgers go, this is the closest I’ve come to toppling the King of Burgers at the Troll’s Pantry.

The side of fries was a generous size and clearly homemade. I enjoyed alternating between burger and these thin strips of potato delight (all dipped in mayonnaise, after all, I was dining with the Dutch!)

Washed down with huge gulps of cool Sprite, this was a very enjoyable meal. The children loved their food, my Uncle wolfed down his pulled pork open sandwich and my Aunt seconded me on the burger front.

The New Club, thank you for coming to town and bringing some NYC to BN3. The Queen from Queens is finally here and hopefully she’ll be around to stay.




Words by Claire Beveridge