Review - My Slice

Review – My Slice

After working in a pizza joint for years as a teen you’d think that I would have developed a healthy disdain for our flat friends. Not so. In fact, I developed a love equalled only by ninja reptiles who reside in sewers. So imagine my excitement at being invited along to the newly opened My Slice on Cranbourne Street, slap bang in Brighton’s town centre.

Newly opened

My Slice just recently opened on this busy byway and you can sit yourself at a table on the street or perch yourself upon one of the stools inside.  I am accompanied by a gluten intolerant friend. I think if she eats gluten it’s a lot like what urban myth tells us about pigeons that eat uncooked rice and some kind of explosion follows.

My Slice 1

Dough from Rome

Unlike the common circular pizza, expect big squares of dough imported from Rome. They are half cooked there, frozen and imported, then topped and cooked to the end here in sunny Brighton. These are sliced into squares and can be purchased separately or as part of a meal deal if you like (2 slices and a drink for £5.50). I try the Spicy Napoli Salami and a blueberry and blackberry cordial.

My Slice 2

My lunch buddy goes for the vegetable topped gluten free base and elderflower cordial. There are a couple of options for gluten free and no premium charge for choosing so. She says it’s the nicest gluten free pizza base she has had locally and seems relieved. Sounds like the struggle is real for those seeking an affordable, tasty, gluten free pizza.

My Slice 4

Spicy Napoli Salami at My Slice

Both of the cordials are refreshing and brewed by My Slice themselves. My square slabs are served upon a little wooden board, continuing the wood decor theme. They are thick with tomato and cheese and are irresistible – fresh from the oven.

This pizza is spicy but not hot and if you want a bit more kick I recommend the chilli oil or go for the garlic oil, assuming you have no important meetings or dates later in the day! For such a thin base I’m surprised to find it both chewy and crispy – a really delightful texture.

Gluten free pizza impresses at My Slice.

Potato, sea salt and rosemary pizza.

For me, the two slice portions of the meal deal is not quite enough. I’m used to stuffing a large pizza down my gullet solo so I try a few more slices of the Potato, Sea Salt and Rosemary pizza. Potato is one of the more unusual toppings when it comes to pizza and it’s a carb frenzy. This pizza is somewhat too dry for my tastes and I slather it in garlic oil to add a bit more interest.

However, there is plenty of choice for punters to try out here and not just when it comes to pizza toppings. How about the Toasted Italian Sandwich, which is basically a pizza base sandwich? Or pop in for a muffin or brownie.

Whatever you choose, expect a warm welcome if your visit is anything like mine. I spoke to manager Andrea who was passionate and enthusiastic about the food. The place felt relaxed, which is unexpected really considering this is an area of heavy footfall – great for people watching by the way.

My Slice is the kind of place you drop in to pick up sustenance on your lunch break or to sit in and catch up with a friend over a few slices. Seeing as it’s open until 7pm you might even nip in on your way down to the beach after work. It’s worth the visit and it’s nice to see a decent snack shack so close to Churchill Square.

My Slice, 15 Cranbourne Street, Brighton – 01273 964064

Laura’s meal was complimentary, courtesy of My Slice