Review - Morelli Zorelli

Review – Morelli Zorelli

I love pizza, it’s possibly one of the greatest creations on Earth. So naturally I was delighted to be invited to visit Morelli Zorelli on Western Road.

Since our last review, Morelli Zorelli is now under new management with a new Head Chef. Will dining in their renovated restaurant prove that successful changes have taken place?

Although primarily a takeaway, Morelli Zorelli has enough seats to seat 11 upstairs and 24 downstairs and is decked out as a shabby chic traditional pizzeria. A great feature is the wall of glass doors that can be opened up in summer to view Western Road. When we visited the sun was out and it was joy to watch the world go by.

Our server was extremely friendly and had a great deal of knowledge of the menu, especially the sourcing of ingredients. The menu had a great variety of Italian dishes obviously focussing on the pizzas but also had a nice amount of salads and sides to break everything up. It’s also worth mentioning that they serve a gluten free base and huge range of vegan pizzas.

It was surprising that the Italian restaurant were keen for us to try the very British starter of  garlic bread with cheese, (£4.50). Cooked from the same dough as the pizzas, the garlic bread was fresh without too much garlic over powering it.

Morelli Zorelli 5


A good start to the evening, however the portion size is bountiful and very similar to the mains so you may want to give this a miss if you’re having a pizza to yourself.

For main we ordered a Carne (£11) and Bresaola (£10) both are made at a 12” size and featured Morelli’s very own sour dough base, the starter yeast they had imported specially from Sardinia. Before any toppings are added each pizza has a smattering of sauce made from San Marzano tomatoes and are finished with authentic di latte mozzarella.

Morelli Zorelli 3

The carne was up first and was stacked high with wild boar prosciutto, pepperoni, handmade meatballs, pancetta, Italian sausage, mushrooms and finally caramelised red onions. As you can tell this was one meaty pizza and with top quality suppliers like the Sausage Company providing such fine deli meats you cant go wrong.

My only minor quibble being that for such a meaty pizza it was sometimes hard to distinguish between some of the flavours.

Morelli Zorelli 2

The next offering was the bresaola which boasted Italian beef cured with lemon & olive oil, buffalo mozzarella, parmesan reggiano and fresh rocket. This was more of a refined beast than the Carne and with the addition of fresh milky mozzarella and the prospect of some lemony zing it promised to be slightly fresher.

The pizza as a whole was good, but the freshness was sadly lacking which was slightly disappointing and slightly salty. A good spritz of lemon and black pepper would of made this pizza come alive and made it really stand out, but nether less a really tasty dish.

Overall I think that Morelli Zorelli have definitely turned a corner since “that review”. The quality of the produce when serving pizza’s is important and they seem to be doing well on that front. A love of their food is clear, as seen in their sour dough bases. My only concern is that in a city swamped with very artisan pizza places, there wasn’t specifically anything that makes Morelli Zorelli stand out from the rest.

Morelli Zorelli, 40 Western Road, Hove, BN3 1JD

Rob’s food was complimentary, courtesy of Morelli Zorelli.