Review - Koba

Review – Koba

Pork Belly – £12.50

Served with: parsnip crisps, green beans, carrots, roast parsnip, red cabbage, roasted red onion, Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, gravy.

Having not been to Koba before, I’d heard really good things from a friend at work and due to it being my birthday tomorrow, I decided on my family meal being a Sunday roast somewhere new and different. Low and behold, I chose Koba and I’m really glad I did.

Koba is a cafe come bar come restaurant on Western Road, right next door to Waitrose. From the outside it looks like your normal run of the mill cafe/bar but inside it goes a lot further back with space above and below with ample table space for large parties. Would be brilliant for work nights out and meals.

We were sat in a section known as ‘the gallery’ which was spacious and well lit. Tucked away in a corner on a large oak table my family and I took our seats and settled into our surroundings. Koba seems to pride itself on its cocktails which are recommended at every opportunity whilst browsing the menu (Having a desert? Have a cocktail too!) but since this was a civilised family gathering, we started with some G&T’s instead.

The roast options were straight forward enough except I was surprised to find a steak on offer instead of a roast beef. Perhaps a new trend I’ve missed out on? Unsurprisingly, I went for the roast pork belly and with one G&T down and having started on the wine, I was absolutely ravenous by the time our roasts were served. A nice touch worth mentioning was that they were extremely busy with large parties and took the time to offer us some complimentary anti-pasti whilst we were waiting – a little difference that went a long way.

Koba 4

Presented brilliantly, the plate was stacked high and bursting at the seams with green beans and kale poking out from underneath a large slab of delicious looking pork belly. Tucking in, it was difficult to manoeuvre around the plate as there was so much food! But finding new vegetables hidden further into the dish was a fun experience. The green beans were crunchy, the kale juicy and the carrot and parsnip both roasted brilliantly. The roasted red onion gave the roast a slightly sweet taste, which however may not be to everyones pallet.

I really enjoyed the duck fat roasted potatoes, although they were slightly on the large side and not as crispy as I’d hoped. The pork belly was absolutely brilliant, a really well cooked piece of meat – oozing with sublime, salty juices and a delectable crunchy crackling on top. Good to see home-made Yorkshire puddings making an appearance too.

Overall, the Koba roast was a hearty, generous portion that was superb value for money. Compared to other Sunday roasts I’ve experienced over the past 4 months, it was head and shoulders above many. I’ll be returning again.