Review - Hove Place

Review – Hove Place

As the hunt for Brighton and Hove’s best roast continues, I spent the morning thinking, plotting, reading and researching about where I would be getting my weekly fix of roasted meat and I decided on this weeks venture having read good reviews online. As I needed to eat early due to having arrangements later that afternoon, I met up with a friend at 12.30 and informed him we were heading to  Hove Place to which he replied “where?” Not a well known pub it would seem but oh my, does it need more attention…

I ensured I’d booked a table (it’s what their Twitter feed had recommended) and we set off in the wind and the rain to First Avenue in Hove. Easy to locate, we headed down the steps into shelter from the horrendous weather. I was surprised to find what can only be described as a below street level, oak clad, large gastro pub. Seated in the main dining area of  Hove Place we browsed the menu and both immediately decided on the Roast Saddle of Standean Farm Lamb – served with dripping roast potatoes, vegetables, gravy and Yorkshire (£12).

I’ll be honest, I was slightly dubious as the menu didn’t talk up the offering too much and you never know what you’re in for when the pub simply lists ‘vegetables.’ Deeming 1pm too early (even on a day off work) for a glass of red, I ordered a simple lemonade to quench my thirst and awaited service.

Hove Place 2

Roast Saddle of Standean Farm Lamb

Upon service, my jaw nearly hit the floor as the plate looked very, very good indeed. Requesting some mint sauce and drizzling it lightly over the dish, I was absolutely gagging to delve in.

The saddle of lamb was thick, pink in the middle and sublime. I haven’t had lamb for a while and I am so glad I ate it at The Hove Place. Beautifully cooked, it was packed full of flavour and one of the best roasted meats I’ve had in a pub, ever. High commendation to the chef for getting it absolutely spot on.

Beneath the wonderful lamb and the huge Yorkshire pudding was an array of vegetables, each with their own flavour and place on the plate. The baby carrots and red cabbage were sweet and juicy, the mashed swede was smooth, buttery and rich – an absolute delight and complimented the crunchy, tender broccoli stems very well. Add a gorgeous roasted parsnip and some creamy leeks, I was in vegetable heaven.

The roast potatoes were, without a doubt, the best I’ve had. They were crunchy and golden on the outside whilst retaining a hot, fluffy interior. Every roast potato should aspire to be like them and it was a true testament to the high quality of roast dinner The Hove Place serves.

Coupled with a rich, thick, smooth gravy of which there were vast lashings across the plate and a fantastic, large, light homemade Yorkshire pudding, I couldn’t believe I hadn’t been here before. Every element of the roast was sublime.

The size of the roast was spot on, it left me with that brilliant ‘Sunday feeling’ i.e. relaxed, full, warm and content. My friend was so impressed with his roast, he couldn’t help but order a pudding to sample The Hove Place’s delights further. Ordering the Sticky Toffee and Date Pudding – served with hot caramel popcorn and caramel apple sorbet (£6), I asked the waitress for a second spoon, as well, it would have been rude not to have a taste myself!

Sticky toffee and date pudding.

Sticky toffee and date pudding.

I am so very glad I did as it was an absolute delight. A very, very impressive pudding. The sponge was dark, moist and had a faultless sticky toffee sensation running through. Drizzled in hot caramel sauce and warm, crunchy popcorn pieces, it was heavenly. The apple sorbet was refreshing, sweet and complemented the dish perfectly. A fantastic combination of flavours and textures, I was full of envy I didn’t order one for me.

The Hove Place offers you the best new roast in town and is entirely faultless. Be sure to visit, as soon as possible.