Review – Gourmet Pizza Kitchen

Situated on Western Road, along towards Palmeria Square, Gourmet Pizza Kitchen prides itself on top quality ingredients with freshly made bases, all baked in their 350 degree wood-fire oven with options of dine in, take out or delivery.

Upon arrival I opened the door to the tune of Michael Jacksons ‘Black or White’ and the waitress singing along. A cheery Friday night vibe, no less. The menu was presented on a large white board to the left and I glanced over the different sections – meat, ‘non meat’, fish, sides and salads.

Wanting something with a substantial helping of animal, I went for the Pepperoni and Chorizo – tomato sauce, fior di latte mozzarella, premium pepperoni, spicy Spanish chorizo sausage and monterery jack cheese (£10.00). I also added Extra Mozzarella and Cherry Tomatoes (£1.00 each). Not being content with a whole 12″ pizza for myself, I ordered a side of Pork Belly Bites – succulent bite sized pieces of pork belly in bbq sauce (£4.50 for 8 pieces).

My meal took all of about 10 minutes to put together and after realising I’d missed my next bus, I stepped outside, hailed a taxi and was home very shortly. The smells in the cab from my pizza and pork belly bites were really good, I was genuinely excited about trying a different pizza place.

Throwing open the lid of my Gourmet Pizza Kitchen box, my initial excitement turned to disappointment. It certainly did not look gourmet in any way, shape or form. As I pulled away my slice, half the base stuck to the box and the cheese slid off, along with most of the topping. My first bite of GPK was a soggy mouthful of dough.

Gourmet Pizza Kitchen 2

The base was mediocre. Far too thin to hold the amount of toppings and was slightly slimy. It felt undercooked and rushed. The tomato sauce was also pretty average, lacking flavour and saturating into the already soggy dough beneath.

Some of the toppings were slightly too sparse and I’m pleased I added a vegetable element in the form of cherry tomatoes as the pepperoni and chorizo combination was over-powering. The quantity and quality of the cheese was good.

Gourmet Pizza Kitchen 1

Pork belly bites from Gourmet Pizza Kitchen.

The pork belly bits were slathered in a BBQ sauce that thick, tangy, fruity with a hint of spice. The pork belly chunks themselves weren’t what I was expecting. Pork belly should be tender and melt in the mouth. The pork belly at Gourmet Pizza Kitchen was chewy, lacked flavour and a disappointment.

Overall, was this meal fine for stuffing my face at midnight to ensure I’d eaten something? Yes. Would it be fine for any other occasion? No. Expensive for what it was, not brilliant quality, poorly cooked and simply not a very good pizza. A true testament to any takeaway is enjoying the left overs cold (and sober) in the morning. Mine went straight in the bin. Not the best end to an otherwise great evening.