Review - The Creperie

Review – The Creperie

Having studied French for six years throughout my teenage years, you’d think I came away with more than being to say what my name is and where I live. However, linguistic inabilities don’t dull my passion for French cuisine. Travelling through France in 2010 on what can only be described as a three week wine and cheese binge only solidified my interest in this rich food culture.

So imagine my rapture when The Creperie opened on March 4th. Marketing itself as a cross between classic British seaside and the French Riviera, the tall, blue and white building on the bottom of Ship Street is a much needed exciting edition to this prime seafront location.

The Creperie is already creating huge waves of excitement in not only the French community but across Brighton and Hove. Using a local design team, manager Pete Bradford worked hard to install clean and simple branding that is synonymous with both Brighton and our neighbours across the English Channel. Think cool blue and crisp, delicate white. Simple, yet effective and incredibly chic.

creperie interior2

With an establishment that immediately enthrals you decor and interiors, one can only hope that the food is also of a high standard. Having former Food for Friends Head Chef Karen Samuel on board is a massive coup for The Creperie and her experience is present in the well executed and diverse menu.

Of course, crepes are the main drawn and take on many forms. Sweet crepes, cold wraps and hot galettes fill the well laid out and clear menu. Those with a sweet tooth will revel in the dreamy toppings on offer; milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, salted caramel marshmallows, strawberries, bananas, butterscotch, whipped cream and the traditional lemon and sugar are a few of many available.

creperie interior 4

Cold wraps include more traditional pairings such as ham and tomato, BLT, cheese and tomato or Mediterranean roasted vegetables, perfect for lunchtime beach action with a scoop of Gusto Geleto ice cream to follow.

Taking a leisurely lunch, I was introduced to The Creperie’s range of traditional galettes, all made from French buckwheat flour and gluten free. With fillings including ham, chorizo, wild mushroom, roasted vegetable, confit of duck and spiced chicken, these galettes are something really special.

creperie dinner

Being a born and bred Brightonian, the Sussex Smokie galette was a stand out for me. Presented on a large white plate with side salad, the galette was warm, inviting and tasted terrific; a great balance of flavours, superb texture and wonderful aroma. I especially loved the dill infused haddock strewn cheese sauce. Sublime. Another highlight was the Crepe De Maison, a traditional French tartiflette made with potato, bacon, onion, reblochon cheese and onion.

With full plates of food coming in at under £7 and paired with an affordable yet carefully selected French wine selection, The Creperie is an ideal evening hangout. Whether it be a couple of crepes to share, stopping by for a dessert or sharing a scoop of geletto, The Creperie has it covered.

Open for traditional French breakfasts (and crepes, of course), light lunches and filling dinners, The Creperie is a breath of fresh air on the Brighton and Hove food scene. Viva Le Creperie!

Originally printed in the Brighton and Hove Independent Newspaper – 28/03/14

Words by Claire Beveridge