Feature - Street Food Spotlight - Sultans Delights

Feature – Street Food Spotlight – Sultans Delights

In the latest edition of our Street Food Spotlight series, we caught up with Oz from the exotic Middle Eastern influenced Sultans Delights.

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1. How did the idea for Sultans Delights come about?
I come from a food loving country, Turkey. I was lucky to have my mother who worked full time and managed to cook everything from scratch. She was an excellent cook and I was always encouraged to help her, even when I ruined her kitchen! After moving to England back in late 90’s I found myself working in various catering businesses, I was fascinated by the UK’s diverse food scenery. It was so different then what I used to, I loved it!

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Sadly I lost my mother in 2009 and I found myself lost too. I quit my job and started to bring her recipes together. One day I was passing by Diplock Yard Farmers Market and I loved the buzz which was created around food stalls. Since I love food and certainly talking about it (a lot!), I decided to set up a stall and sell my darling mother’s pastries there. I soon started cooking for local festivals, events, private parties and of course Street Diner. I’ve been with mighty Street Diner from the beginning and I love being able to share my food with the people of Brighton.

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2. What are your main influences?
I specialise in Middle Eastern/Ottoman cooking. I constantly search for new flavours, cooking technics and food influence and I really enjoy my Turkish trips when I get to visit lots of farmer’s and spice markets. I love talking to locals, learning new recipes and spices. My Turkish family and friends keep me inspired by sharing their family recipes with me. Also Street Diner regulars come up with great feedback which is always inspirational.

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3. What’s your signature street food dish?
I get lots of lovely comments about my filo pastry boreks and sweet and tangy baklava. I’d say meze is my signature dish which contains boreks, fritters, dips, countless hot and cold seasonal dishes usually served with Raki (Traditional Turkish alcohol) . I grew up with my raki loving dad and his legendary meze tables filled up with local buffalo yoghurt, tarator, smoked aubergine salad and more. I certainly love cooking and eating all of them.

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4. If you had to sum up your street food in three words, what would they be?
Creative. Exciting. Tasty.

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5.Where can we find you?
You can find Sultans Delights every Friday at Street Diner between 11-3 and regularly upcoming Street Diner Saturdays and Church Road Hove from Wednesday 14th May.

I’ve been catering for Book Lovers Supper Club every two months in Ditchling village with an ever changing seasonal menu. I’ll be appearing around many local festival and events such as Fringe Funk The Family Festival, Kemptown Carnival and Magpie Festival. For information about upcoming events and more please follow us on Twitter and Facebook.