Feature - Street Food Spotlight - Likkle Bickle

Feature – Street Food Spotlight – Likkle Bickle

In the first of our new Street Food Spotlight series, we caught up with Nephi and Jess from Caribbean street food sensation, Likkle Bickle.

Likkle Bickle Street Food 2

1. How did the idea for Likkle Bickle come about?

We’ve always loved food and cooking. We went backpacking for a year when we was a bit younger and that’s where we really discovered a passion for street food.
We’d had enough of our corporate high pressured jobs and loved the idea of working for ourselves. After moving to Brighton it felt like a good idea so we thought let’s just give it a go! We both love Caribbean food, it has so much flavour and there is definitely a gap in the market for more interesting food.
We spent a long time working on our recipes as we wanted to create something quite special and put our own spin on things rather than keep to traditional recipes.
2. What are your main influences?
Nephi was brought up by his Jamaican father who always cooked traditional Caribbean food, lots of Jerk chicken and rice for dinners as well as curries and ackee & salt fish breakfasts, so definitely Papa P (as we like to call him) is a massive influence to us.
I’ve been brought up on more traditional British food and love my roast dinners and pies etc, my nan was a really great home cook and I learnt a lot about cooking from her whilst growing up.
There are a lot of people in Britain now with a Caribbean background and a fusion of the two foods makes for some really delicious flavour combinations. Again, street food has been a big influence, we’ve always loved going to different food markets and festivals and get really excited about trying new foods.
3. What’s your signature street food dish?
This has to be the original Ribwich! Baby back rib meat, rum & scotch bonnet BBQ sauce, Red Stripe beer-battered onion rings, smoked cheddar and pickles inside a brioche bun. We’re always developing new food though, so watch this space!
Likkle Bickle Street Food 4
4. If you had to sum up your street food in three words, what would they be?
Soulful, succulent, spicy.
5.Where can we find you?
We’re at Street Diner every Friday 11-3 and throughout the summer we will be there most Saturdays as well.
We have recently taken over the kitchen at the Grand Central pub opposite Brighton station where we are currently serving our Ribwich menu plus extras from Weds to Sat 12-3 and 5-8. We also do ‘Pulled Pork Tuesdays’ where you can get pulled pork or pulled squash cooked in rum bbq sauce in a brioche bun for £5 or with pineapple slaw for £6.
You can also find us at various events and festivals in the area or get in touch to book us for private catering.You can read a full review of Likkle Bickle on Places I Eat Brighton here.
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