Feature - Street Food Spotlight - Dead Good Burrito

Feature – Street Food Spotlight – Dead Good Burrito

In the second of our Street Food Spotlight series we caught up with Jamie Mitchell from burrito favourites Dead Good Burrito.
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1. How did the idea for DGB come about?
The idea for the business ultimately came from my huge passion for food. I have always been obsessed by food, eating and cooking it. When I was a young I was glued to the food channels on the telly and I loved reading cook books. After a doing a few jobs that didn’t fill me with pride, I decided to follow my dream and do something for myself.
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My wife works in the music industry and I had spent the last ten years going to festivals and sampling the food on offer. As Mexican food has always been my favourite cuisine, it was the first thing I would look for and I was often disappointed with what was served up to me. I just knew that I could do something better. We have gained an army of loyal customers in Brighton and London over the last couple of years, so I guess I must be doing something right.
2. What are your main influences?
I would say my biggest influence would have to be my mum. She never cooked Mexican food but she did always cook great food for our large family. She was always keen to let us help her in the kitchen and I guess thats where my passion for cooking first come from.
I have done a fair bit of traveling and I always head straight for the street food. Watching the locals prepare mind blowing food from the side of the road always filled me with excitement. I would always ask the chefs what ingredients they were using and bug them into showing me how to prepare the dishes.
3. What’s your signature street food dish?
Dead Good Burrito's 'Berry Hot Sauce'.

Dead Good Burrito’s ‘Berry Hot Sauce’.

If I had to pick one it would probably be our carnitas burrito. I use the best local and free range neck ends of pork shoulder and rub them in our secret blend of spices and cook them slowly for 12 hours until tender and falling apart. We then reduce down the cooking juices and toss the meat in them, it’s a winner.

We serve this in a huge 12” toasted flour tortilla with lime and coriander rice, smokey black turtle beans, grated cheddar, fresh pico de gallo (salsa), guacamole, jalapeños, a splash of soured cream and a choice of hot sauce. We also make our own hot sauce called “Berry Hot Sauce”, it’s a habanero and raspberry based sauce and it packs a real punch.

4. If you had to sum up your street food in three words, what would they be?
Fresh, Exciting and delicious.
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5. Where can we find you?
You can find us at Merchant Square food market in Paddington, London every Thursday from 11-3pm and Street Diner, Brighton every Friday from 11-3pm.
We will also be trading at various festivals over the summer and taking over some pub kitchens on the odd occasion. We are actually doing a pop up with Street Diner at the Marlborough pub in Brighton this Good Friday evening.
We are always putting specials on the menu each week so it keeps things fresh and exciting and brings the customers back week after week.


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