Feature - Street Food Spotlight - Fries Guys

Feature – Street Food Spotlight – Fries Guys

Fries Guys are hot on the tail of a growing street food trend: fries and toppings. Serving up to a loyal and burgeoning fan-base at Street Diner, we caught up with Andy, one half of the Fries Guys business.

1. How did the idea for Fries Guys come about?

We’ve been friends for a very long time, and have always loved each others food. The idea came about by our love of all American style food and the idea that food should be fun and enjoyed. We wanted to create food that we want to eat and enjoy making which is why we took the humble fry and started loading it with our own toppings, inspired by things we enjoyed as kids and also food we enjoy as adults.

2. What are your main influences?

We wouldn’t say we had any influences as such, but we do spend a long time thinking about food and looking across the pond and seeing what trends are popping up and recreating that food as a unique topping. We spend a lot of time looking at dishes we eat at home and in restaurants and think how could we change that to make it work as a topping.

We make all our toppings fresh and dress them in our own sauces. I guess Kenny Shopsin is one of our latest influences not because we steal his recipes as such, we just like his attitude towards food as it matches ours. Food doesn’t need to be complicated to be enjoyed.

Fries Guys 1

3. What’s your signature street food dish?

Our signature dish has to be peanut butter jelly fries. This splits the room in terms of how people react to it but we have never had a portion sent back or anyone not enjoy them (once they pluck up the courage to try them!) Our Twitter page has a big following for them. We love them as much as our customers, so it makes us happy.

4. If you had to sum up your street food in three words, what would they be?

The Fries Guys… I’m sure words like tasty, fresh, exciting, fun could all be used but we are the Fries Guys: that is our food. All of our dishes are very much a part of us and we only put things on a menu that we love and have personally cooked or created. Andy does this slighlty strange but excited grrr when we created a new dish that works. We always both have to agree on every dish and combination other wise it might not make it to the menu.

Fries Guys 2

5.Where can we find you?

Street Diner every Friday in Brighton, Urban Food Fest in Shoreditch, Food Fight in Manchester and various locations and festivals around the country. We are looking to have a permanent home soon but we will have to keep you posted.