Feature - Street Food Spotlight - Forgotten Cuts

Feature – Street Food Spotlight – Forgotten Cuts

This week we chat to Ellie Ledden of up and coming nose-to-tail stand Forgotten Cuts.

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How did the idea for Forgotten Cuts come about?
The idea came about after much chat over food and drink with my fellow foodie friends and, in particular, one farmer friend down in Dartmoor who has a herd of wild cows that roam freely. He sells his prize winning beef around the country but always has a glut at the end of the week of what we have come to know as ‘offcuts’.

There is so much great street food about using all what we think of as the ‘best bits’ of meat and I wanted to use all of the animal. To embrace the beast from ‘nose-to-tail’.

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What are your main influences? 
Needless to say, Fergus Henderson and his restaurant ‘St John’ has always been a major influence in my cooking career and is still a favourite haunt of mine. I learnt my butchery skills at an old favourite Brighton restaurant, Due South, from Ricky Hodgson who was my guru.

The food I cook is more about a way to live and eat rather than a fad or craze. It is real food and it makes you feel good. I cook with the seasons and I only use local meat from South & North Down’s farms and forests. The animals are grass fed and are free to roam.

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What’s your signature street food dish?
‘Slow roasted South down’s lamb breast cooked with anchovies, garlic & capers, served with baby watercress, salsa verdi creme fraiche and our signature beef dripping chips’ is currently going down a storm.

If you had to sum up your street food in three words, what would they be?
British food high!

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Where can we find you? 
You can find us at Street Diner at The Brighthelm on Queen st every friday. We join Street Diner for various events and will be hosting pop-up supper clubs in Brighton throughout the year.