Feature - Q&A with Deliveroo

Feature – Q&A with Deliveroo

Food delivery services are predicted to be a huge trend this year and one company that is proving very popular is Deliveroo. Focussing on providing consumers with meals that were once thought of as unobtainable in the takeaway market, Deliveroo started in London and have recently expanded to our wonderful city. Claire Beveridge chats to their marketing director, Leonard Picardo, about their journey.

How did the idea for Deliveroo come about?

Deliveroo was born out of a need to find higher-quality delivery food. William Shu, CEO formulated the idea for Deliveroo because he was consistently dissatisfied by London’s takeaway options. In New York, where he previously lived and worked, he was able to enjoy food from all of his favourite restaurants, and have them deliver to his home or his desk. In the UK, the option just wasn’t available when he first moved here – and it became his mission to change that.

Can you explain to us how Deliveroo works?

Deliveroo delivers quality restaurant meals to people’s door quickly and efficiently – proper food, proper delivery!

We work with leading independent and chain restaurants and we believe our delivery service is modernising the way people dine. We deliver high quality menu items – not usually associated with delivery – from some of Brighton’s most reputable restaurants, with an average delivery time of just 30 minutes. People can order direct to their front door, desk or even a local park.

A hungry customer simply enters their postcode on our website, is presented with a selection of the best restaurants in their local area and after choosing their favourite, can order their meal in just a few clicks. We also offer the option of ordering up to 48 hours in advance which is fantastic if you’re having a dinner party but don’t fancy cooking.

One of Deliveroo's many 'Roomen' drivers.

One of Deliveroo’s many ‘Roomen’ drivers.

Our ‘Roomen’ delivery drivers are waiting, bikes at the ready for the next order. By operating a hyper-localised zone system we ensure two important things. Firstly, we really work to minimise food travel time from restaurant to customer. We deliver some of the most delicious food from top restaurants, so reducing travel time and striving to keep the food hot and fresh, we keep both the customer and the restaurants happy. On top of this, the local nature of our deliveries helps prevent one of the most irritating incidences associated with any food delivery- waiting! From a customer first placing an order to the food arriving at their door, our average time is just 30 minutes.

All deliveries, irrespective of size, are charged at our standard delivery cost of just £2.50, plus the cost of the meals ordered.

Why choose Brighton as your first location outside of London to expand to?

Brighton and Hove have some incredible restaurants. With it being an especially forward thinking city with a healthy population of students and locals, we knew that both restaurants and residents would be open to trying something new. The response to Deliveroo in Brighton has been superb, we were lucky enough to pop along to opening of H.en Restaurant and enjoy lots of delicious chicken and salads. We are excited to be working with them from this week.

Practically too, Brighton’s proximity to London allows us to manage orders easily from Deliveroo HQ. Plus we love a trip to the seaside – who doesn’t?

Food delivery services are predicted to be one of 2015’s biggest trends. What sets you apart from any competition?

The restaurants we work with are selected for their outstanding food quality and service, meaning that our customers can rest assured that whatever their restaurant selection via Deliveroo, whether it be an old favourite or somewhere new to them, the food will arrive hot, delicious and within the time they have been promised.

We know there are a number of online marketplaces for takeaway food options, but our mission is different. We deliver customers high quality food from their favourite local restaurants. We deliver meals not often associated with delivery – from tacos to falafels, sushi to pho, we even deliver gelato ice creams! By providing high quality restaurants with access to our own fleet of Roomen Deliveroo drivers, we are able to deliver proper food from establishments not previously associated with delivering food. This is one thing that sets us apart from the rest.


“Technology is at the heart of what we do as a company.”


Technology is at the heart of what we do as a company. Whether it be our intuitive, simple-to-navigate website, the tablets we install in all of our restaurants, the GPS tracking and time-stamping of our food orders, or the bespoke mobile app built for our delivery drivers – the technology we’ve built into our service ensures a hassle free service for everyone involved.

Finally, our customer service team work daily from 10am to 11.30pm monitoring all of the orders during the day. They are on the other end of the phone, ready to answer any customer or restaurant queries.

What Brighton and Hove restaurants are you currently working with? Which ones do you have in the pipeline?

We launched in Brighton in December 2014 with an exciting roster of restaurants and we are adding more all the time as we grow our footprint in the city and the surrounding areas. If you are a local restaurant looking to come on board, or a customer with a favourite local restaurant you’d like to see on Deliveroo – then get in touch and let us know!

Places I Eat Brighton favourite Carlito Burrito is available to order via Deliveroo.

Places I Eat Brighton favourite Carlito Burrito is available to order via Deliveroo.

We work with a diverse range of restaurants, from 42 Juice to a Japanese–favourite Moshimo and not forgetting the popular chains like Gourmet Burger Kitchen and Pho, stationed across Brighton.

These are the restaurants we currently serve in Brighton: 42 JuiceBig Eats CoBoho GelatoCafe All’AngoloCarlito BurritoDirty BlondeFilFil Falafel CoGoemon Ramen BarGourmet Burger KitchenH.en RestaurantLa ChozaLucky BeachMoshimoOki-NamiPhoPizzafaceLos AmigosMorelli Zorelli and Shandiz.

Where do you see Deliveroo in five years time?

We’re expanding across the UK at a rapid rate with big plans this year. We will soon be popping up in Manchester, Oxford and Reading to name a few. Further afield, Deliveroo will be opening in Dublin, Paris, Berlin and Dubai in the future – with a vision of being a large international business in 5 years time!