The Best Fish and Chips in Brighton

The Best Fish and Chips in Brighton

The Best Fish and Chips in Brighton is an accolade that chip shops and restaurants up and down the seafront would love to have. So, we visited some of the best and provided you with this handy guide to the Best Fish and Chips in Brighton.

For me, fish and chips has that clichéd, tacky feel to it but with a huge sense of childlike pleasure hanging about too. Visiting the chippie was always a treat for me every Friday night growing up, so when asked to find the ‘Best Fish and Chips in Brighton’, I jumped at the chance to fob off the gym for a week, expand my waistline, up my cholesterol and generally gorge myself on deep fried goodness.

The week I chose to fulfil my task was full of typical English summer; it hammered down with rain every day. Eating chips in the rain isn’t as fun as in the sticky sun, but I persevered, dragging my drenched person from restaurants to seaside chippies. Here’s what I found…

Third Place: Mr C’s Fish and Chips

My local chippie. I’ve been getting my fish and chip fix from here since I was old enough to handle solids. Situated in a suburb of Hove known as Hangleton, this fish and chip shop is everything and more you’d want from a fish and chip establishment. Dated, tacky, haven’t changed their prices since 1995 and a local favourite.

Their chips are the best I’ve had in Brighton, bar none. Slightly soggy, proper ‘chip shop’ chips, slathered in onion vinegar and salt – delicious. I always go for a large cod and a pineapple fritter chaser. The fish is thick, dripping in crispy batter and tastes fresh, salty and sublime.
If you live in the outskirts of Hove, this chippie is well worth a visit. Plus extra bonus points for those of you who spot the spelling mistake on their menu board.

Second Place: Bankers

Around for over 20 years, a father and son business, they cater for everyone from seniors, children, students through to tourists and locals. Situated on the main high street in Hove, Bankers is a traditional Fish and Chip restaurant.

I was luckily enough to spend time with one of the managers there, a lovely lady called Maria who bigged up Fish and Chips like it was going out of fashion. When asked what makes Bankers the best in town she replied “people know what they’re going to get – ask any taxi driver in Brighton the best fish and chips, they’ll say Bankers”. She wasn’t wrong.

Recently voted as the best fish and chip place in the South East of England, with a very proud 5 ‘scores on the doors’, Bankers is up there with the best of them. Clean, reasonably priced, original 1970’s decor (think wooden tables and laminated table cloths), Bankers is a delight.

Their food is pretty damn good too. Maria presents me with what is possibly the biggest portion of fish and chips I’ve seen in my life. The cod is fresh and thick, smothered in a crispy batter and not at all oily or greasy. Thick cut chips, coated in vinegar and salt, served with a homemade tartar sauce. Delicious and a very satisfying meal.

First Place (or should that be first ‘plaice’…. I’ll get my coat..) Bardsleys

Anyone who is anyone knows about Bardsleys. A long time Brighton establishment, this fish and chip shop has been sweating over hot oil since the 1920’s and has been at their current patch on Baker St, just off London Road since 1963. Another family run business, I walked in the hammering rain to take shelter and have a nice chat with former manager, Muriel.

It was clear the minute I entered the establishment that this was more than just another run of the mill fish and chip place. Inviting, friendly and just damn bloody nice were my first thoughts. I asked Muriel the secrets of her success and what put Bardsleys above the rest, she simply answered “we know our fish and chips”. Never has a more honest statement been made.

The food was excellent. The most varied menu I’ve seen in a chippie. Cod, haddock, scampi, seabass, plaice, skate, prawns, scallops, poached, grilled, battered. The options were endless. Completely sustainable, I could see Muriels son, Neil, prepping the fish in the corner of the fish bar. A nice touch.

I was served with a sample of cod, haddock and a small portion of chips. I haven’t had better. The fish was a good inch and a half thick and tasted as if it was straight off the boat.  Coated in a light, crispy batter and gorgeous with a pinch of lemon juice, I was in fish heaven. The chips were proper homemade chips, a sprinkle of salt and I had devoured the lot within minutes.

Overall though, it was the fish that won me over. I could have been eating in some fancy restaurant and I wouldn’t have known the difference. Yes, it’s a bit more expensive than the local chippie, but Bardsleys is certainly worth the extra pennies. A first class fish and chip shop, may its legacy continue.